Supporting Professional Development Using the VLE by pptfiles


									Supporting Professional Development
Using the VLE in the PGCE/Certificate
            in Education

      Case Study in E-Learning Practice
             Coleg Glan Hafren

    PGCE Team and Learning Centre Staff
   To support learners with Professional
    Development - target setting and ILPs

   Foster self-directed learning

   Involve in VLE
   Characteristics of our cohort

     Academic   rigours of the course
     Work load
     Varied needs

   Individual target setting
The Package
   Group sessions

   VLE package – resources and ILP

   Individual Tutorials
Group Sessions
 Induction to the VLE package and ILPs
 Induction to e-learning

                                   All usually
   Learning Centre sessions on:   need these
     Referencing
     Research   Skills
The VLE Package
Signposting resources on:

     Coleg Glan Hafren Intranet
     Coleg Glan Hafren VLE
     The University of Wales Newport Library
      Services website

   A copy of the ILP
The VLE Package
Using ILT             Giving Seminars
IT Applications       Research Skills
Academic Writing      Reading Strategies
Planning and          Referencing
 Paragraphs            Plagiarism
Time Management
The VLE Package

       The VLE Package
Individual Tutorials
   Reviewing ILP and Targets

   Normal Tutorial work
   Self-directed learning
   Example of ILT at work – transferability
   Flexibility
   Give ILPs a focus/link to progress on the course
   Emphasise the importance of target setting
   Aid reflection
   Engage students with the Learning Centre
   Time-consuming to upload

   Delay in receiving Athens log-ins

   Time-tabling of Learning Centre

   Negative attitudes to subject/ILPs
 Link with Learning Centre Staff - essential
 Students need to understand purpose
 Access to technology must be problem
 Support in making full use of VLE

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