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BENEDICTINE HIGH SCHOOL   FALL 2006 / Honor Roll of Donors
     HIGH SCHOOL                                         ENEDICTINE                                                                                  From The Headmaster
                                                          FAMILY                                                                                      Class of 2006 Graduates; Earn more than $1,500,000
                                                                                                                                                         Congratulations to the Class of 2006! The graduation ceremony for them
          Headmaster                                                                                                                                  and accompanying reunion for the class of 1956 was a special evening. Cadet
      Mr. John B. McGinty               T A B L E                            O F     C O N T E N T S                                                  Patrick O’Grady, valedictorian, and Cadet Cameron Brammer, salutatorian did
                                                                                                                                                      excellent jobs addressing their classmates. Everyone enjoyed the memorable
    Associate Headmaster
   Mr. Michael A. Bumbulsky
                                                                             F E AT U R E S                                                           message to the graduates presented by Coach Jim Reid, head football coach at
                                                                                                                                                      VMI. We congratulate the class on a wonderful performance at the Figure and
                                     From The Headmaster.........................................................................1                    Graduation and wish them all the best in the future. Destinations of the out-
       Academic Dean
                                                                                                                                                      standing young men of this class are enclosed in this issue.
     Mrs. Alice C. Crowder           Alumni Spotlight - Jack Hanky ‘56 ....................................................5
            Chaplain                 It Was A Blast.....................................................................................8             Year of Remembrance
Rev. Adrian W. Harmening, O.S.B.                                                                                                                        Benedictine students, faculty and parents suffered the loss of their beloved
                                     Hyman Field .....................................................................................11              Latin teacher, Ms. Debbie Kaestner in November. The PTO Board created the
    Commandant of Cadets
                                     Graduation 2006...............................................................................12                 Debbie Kaestner Memorial Fund for Academic Excellence to perpetuate Ms.
    LTC Thomas A. Leonard
                                                                                                                                                      Kaestner’s memory and assist student and faculty study programs.
                                     “We Had All Come Home”...............................................................15
        Dean of Faculty                                                                                                                                  In April we suffered a second tragedy when junior Brooks Berry passed
       Ms. Carol A. Julian           Around Campus ................................................................................16                 away. Many friends of Benedictine and the Berry family created a scholarship
                                                                                                                                                      in his memory. The first Brooks Berry Music Scholarship was presented by his               STUDENT COUNCIL
     Director of Admissions          Class Notes........................................................................................19            parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Berry, at our Awards ceremony in May. Our prayers                  ELECTIONS
      Mr. Gregory J. Lilly                                                                                                                            continue to go out to the families of these two outstanding individuals.
                                     Alumni Spotlight - Mark Royster ‘83 ...............................................24                                                                                                                          Congratulations to the
    Director of Advancement                                                                                                                                                                                                                           following Cadets:
   Mr. Thomas J. Lukish Jr. ‘76      Honor Roll of Donors........................................................................27                   Memorial Day
                                                                                                                                                         My sincere thanks goes to Mr. Jack Reardon, class of ‘47, for helping us plan      SENIORS ‘07
     Director of Athletics
                                     BHS License Plate .....................................................Inside Back Cover                         the Memorial Day Program on May 25th. In addition to Mr. Reardon’s pre-               President:           Christian Dibert
    Mr. W. Barry Gibrall ‘64                                                                                                                          sentation, Mrs. Louise Teal, mother of Captain J. R. Teal, class of ‘90 and Mr. Joe
                                     Afternoon Formation .................................................Inside Back Cover                                                                                                                 Vice-President       Brooks Williams
                                                                                                                                                      Kelly, class of ‘54, addressed the Corps. During the program, Mr. Thurman
       Director of Finance                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sec/Treasurer          Patrick Dibert
                                                                                                                                                      Cash introduced his son Trip, class of ‘73, who presented in his mother Helen’s
        Mr. Karl Grotos                                                                                 ALUMNI BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                 BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2005-2006                                                                          memory, an updated plaque listing former Cadets who have died in combat. It           JUNIORS ‘08
                                                                                                  Mr. John Michael Muldowney ‘81 - President
                                              Rt. Rev. Patrick D. Moore, O.S.B. - Chairman                                                            was a stirring ceremony where Domenick D’Adamo, class of ‘37, received a              President          Michael Zacharias
      Director of Guidance                                                                        Mr. Charles D. Morehead ‘83 - Vice President
                                                    Mr. Jeffrey M. Gill ‘77 - President
       Ms. Nancy Barrett                                                                       Mr. Kevin D. Purnell ‘85 - Immediate Past President    standing ovation from the Corps for his receiving the Distinguished Flying            Vice-President        William Carter
                                               Mr. James J. Harenchar ‘82 - Vice President
                                                                                                                                                      Cross in World War II. The program concluded with thirty of our Cadets step-
                                                 Mr. Richard E. Dolan, Jr. ‘64 - Treasurer                ALUMNI BOARD MEMBERS                                                                                                              Sec/Treasurer     Frankie Krimowski
     Director of Technology                Rt. Rev. Benedict R. McDermott, O.S.B. - Honorary                                                          ping forward from formation as we remembered those former Benedictine stu-
                                                                                                          Mr. Stephen G. Adkins ‘93
     Mr. Nelson A. Franks                                                                                                                             dents who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.                              SOPHOMORES ‘09
                                                              TRUSTEES                                    Mr. K. Ruppert Beirne ‘83
                                                     Mr. Stephen K. Bannon ‘72                              Mr. J. Scott Carreras ‘88                                                                                                       President                 John Beres
                                                     Mr. Francis R. Boehling ‘90                        Mr. Thomas F. Cunningham ‘81                  New Faculty Members                                                                   Vice-President    Tommy Lukish, III
                                                       Mr. C. Fair Brooks, III ‘67                        Mr. Jerry C. Crews, Jr. ‘81
                                                                                                                                                        I am pleased to welcome the following new faculty members for the 2006-07
BENEDICTINEFAMILY                                  Rev. Theophile W. Brown, O.S.B.
                                                       Mr. Martin A. Donlan, Jr.
                                                      Mrs. Mary Sue Dougherty
                                                                                                         Mr. David A. Gallagher ‘92
                                                                                                         Mr. Peter A. Gambardella ‘92
                                                                                                             Mr. Brian E. Gates ‘94
                                                                                                                                                      school year:
                                                                                                                                                        Fr. Mark Purcell (Asst. Chaplain); Kelly Pace (English); Paulo Garcia (Math);
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sec/Treasurer          Alex Oplinger

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            FRESHMAN ‘10 - The names of these
                                                                                                         Mr. Robert L. Goodman ‘88
    is an official publication of                       Mrs. Ellen P. Fountaine                                                                       Craig Hamner (Math); Wallace Starke (Science); Chris Caramore (Social                 class officers were not available when
                                                                                                          Mr. Michael C. Hanky ‘98
     Benedictine High School.                     Rev. Adrian W. Harmening, O.S.B.                                                                    Studies); Erin Drumm (Science); and Marian Abbot (French). Additionally, we           we went to print. They will be elected
                                                                                                        Mr. Christopher M. Kiefer ‘83
  Questions concerning content,                          Mr. William T. Hupp                                                                                                                                                                during the fall.
                                                                                                              Mr. Ian P. Little ‘92                   will have a new school nurse, Mrs. Terri O’Brien. These educators will com-
 information for the next issue or                  Mr. James B. McKenna, Jr. ‘64
                                                                                                             Mr. John K. Loftus ‘81                   plement an already excellent faculty, and we welcome them to the Benedictine
    letters to the editor may be                     Mr. L. Reed O`Brien, Jr. ‘74
                                                                                                           Mr. Sean M. McGrath ‘81
  addressed to Benedictine High                      Bro. David R. Owen, O.S.B.
                                                                                                         Mr. Marshall D. Banks, II ‘89                School Family.
 School Advancement Office, 304                      Mr. Charles F. Plageman ‘86                         Mr. Patrick J. O’Connor ‘98
  N. Sheppard Street, Richmond,                        Mr. Kerry E. Powers ‘70                              Mr. John E. Outland ‘83
  VA. 23221, by calling 804-545-                  Very Rev. Donald F. Scales, O.S.B.                         Mr. Paul C. Smith ‘90
 5998. E-Mail to: cthomas@bene-                         Mr. Mark L. Smith ‘81                               Mr. Walter J. Stumpf ‘75
       dictinehighschool.org                           Mr. Brian S. Thomas ‘79                           Mr. R. Michael Valentine ‘89
                                                    Mr. Edward S. Whitlock, III ‘80                       Mr. J. Michael Williams ‘69                                                                                                                    HONOR ROLL           1
BENEDICTINE FACULTY                       Ms. Marian Abbott
                                           B.A. Institute for American Universities,
                                           Avignon, France
                                                                                       Mr. Nelson A. Franks, Technology
                                                                                        Coordinator, B.S. James Madison
                                                                                                                                                                          PTO 2006 - 2007
HEADMASTER’S OFFICE                                                                    Mr. Wallace Starke                            The mission of the Benedictine PTO is to promote the education and spiritual welfare of the students, encourage the
                                          Mr. Ian K. Bodkin                             B.A. University of Virginia,
Mr. John B. McGinty, Headmaster                                                                                                  ideals of Christian education and an active religious life, and foster an understanding of the mutual educational respon-
                                           B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University        M.S. University of Memphis
 B.A. University of Richmond,                                                                                                    sibilities of students, parents and faculty. The President is a member of the Board of Trustees.
 M.Ed. University of Richmond             Mrs. Karen D. Morano
                                                                                       SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT                     We are the volunteer force that provides support     EVENT COORDINATORS
Mr. Michael A. Bumbulsky,                  B.A. University of Richmond
                                                                                                                                 services for the school, hosts special events, and
 Associate Headmaster                                                                  Mr. E. Michael Jarrett, Chair                                                                          Athletics / Concessions - Terri Estes/Maria Zacharias
                                          Mr. David A. Savage                                                                    provides hospitality for school functions. These
 B.S. United States Military Academy,                                                   B.A. University of Richmond,                                                                          Registration / Book Day - Christine McKenna
                                           B.A. Elon College,                                                                    include:
 M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                                                  M.H. University of Richmond                                                                           Cafeteria Duty - Sherri Puccinelli
                                           M.Ed. University of Southern California
                                                                                                                                    * Academic Boosters - the Deb Kaestner                    New Family Picnic - Diane Bell
                                                                                       Mr. Chris Caramore
DEANS                                     MATHMATICS DEPARTMENT                         B.A. Washington and Lee University               Scholarship for Academic Excellence                  Mother / Son Dinner - Lynn Hargrove
Mrs. Alice C. Crowder                                                                                                               * Athletic Concessions                                    Grandparents’ Luncheon - Deborah Fulk
 B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University,   Mr. Robert W. Falkenbach, Chair              Ms. Carol A. Julian                          * Cadet Shop                                              Father / Son Dinner - Jen Fitzgerald/Linda Trumble
 M.A. University of Virginia               B.S. United States Naval Academy,            B.S. University of Virginia,
                                           M.S. U.S. Naval Post Graduate School                                                     * Registration & Book Day
                                                                                        M.M.S. Virginia Commonwealth                                                                          Benedictine High School would like to thank the PTO mem-
Ms. Carol A. Julian                                                                                                                 * White Uniform Sales
                                          Mr. Michael A. Bumbulsky                      University                                                                                         bers for the numerous contributions they make each and every
  B.S. University of Virginia,                                                                                                      * Cafeteria
                                           B.S. United States Military Academy,                                                                                                            day. They do so much work behind the scenes and cannot be
  M.M.S. Virginia Commonwealth                                                         Mr. Sean McAloon                             * New Family Picnic
  University                               M.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute                                                                                                           thanked enough.
                                                                                        B.S. Randolph-Macon College                 * Grandparents Day
                                          Mr. Paulo Garcia                                                                          * Father-Son Banquet
                                                                                       Mrs. Elizabeth B. Robinson
ART DEPARTMENT                             B.S. Randolph-Macon College                  B.A. University of Virginia,                * Mother-Son Banquet
                                                                                                                                    * Liaison with St. Gertrude
                                                                                                                                                                                               THE 2006-07 CORP OF CADETS BATTALION
Mrs. Cathyann L. Burgess, Chair                                                         M.A. Marshall University,
  B.S. Daemen College,                    Mr. Craig A. Hamner
                                                                                        J.D. The College of William and Mary        * Liaison with Richmond Parent Council                Battalion Commander            Lieutenant Colonel Brooks Williams
  M.S. Ed. Buffalo State College           B.S. United States Naval Academy
                                           M.P.A. George Washington University                                                                                                            Battalion Executive Officer                     Major Alex Craven
                                                                                                                                 ELECTED OFFICERS
Mrs. Elizabeth Scolaro                                                                 TECHONOLIGY DEPARTMENT                                                                             Battalion Liaison                             Captain Matt Griffin
  B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University   Mrs. Adrian S. Hogan                                                                      President - Eddie Whitlock ‘80                        Battalion Sergeant Major      Command Sergeant Major John Rivas
                                                                                       Rev. Adrian W. Harmening, O.S.B.,
                                           B.Ch.E. Georgia Institute of Technology                                                  1st Vice President (Programs) - Becky Combs           Special Staff
Mr. J. Thomas Wakefield                                                                                                             2nd Vice President (Volunteers) - Rosemarie                  Judge Advocate General              Captain Brandon Dixon
                                          Mr. Daniel A. Rolfe                           B.A. St. Benedict’s College,
  B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University                                                                                                  Schoepke
                                           B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and      S.T.B. Belmont Abbey Seminary,                                                                           Honor Captain                    Captain William McKenna
                                           State University                             M.Ed. University of Virginia,               3rd Vice President (Cadet Shop) - Cindy Padden               Chaplain                     First Lieutenant Patrick Dibert
ENGLISH DEPARTMENT                                                                      Hon. PhD. Belmont Abbey College             Secretary - Sue Dibert
Mrs. Alice C. Crowder, Chair
                                          MILITARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT                                                               Treasurer - Francine Spradlin                         Battalion S1
 B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University,                                                Mr. William J. Doran ‘92
 M.A. University of Virginia              LTC (Retired) Thomas A. Leonard               B.A. Christendom College                 EX-OFFICIO OFFICERS                                             Captain James Rivas
                                           B.S. James Madison University,                                                                                                                 Battalion S2
Mr. Joseph P. Arnold, Jr.                  M.ED George Mason University                Rev. Joseph M. Lukyamuzi, O.S.B              Abbot - Rt. Rev. Patrick D. Moore, OSB
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Captain Alex Cieslarczyk
 B.A. Virginia Military Institute                                                        B.A. Makerere University                   Headmaster - John McGinty
                                          SGM Bernard C. Branch                                                                                                                           Battalion S3
                                                                                                                                    Assistant Headmaster - Mike Bumbulsky
Mr. W. Barry Gibrall ‘64                    Army Instructor                            Rev. Mark A. Purcell, O.S.B.                                                                              Captain Joe Maguire
 B.A. University of Richmond,                                                            B.A, Ohio University                    COMMITTEES & LIAISONS                                    Battalion S4
 M.H. University of Richmond              1SG H. Clayton Plumley                         M.A. St. Vincent Seminary
                                                                                                                                    Academic Boosters Liaison - Becky Combs                      Captain Ben Havens
                                            Army Instructor
Ms. Julia C. Killian                                                                   Mr. Patrick White                            Advancement Liaison - Annie Williams                  Battalion S5
 B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University    SCIENCE DEPARTMENT                            B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University       Athletic Association Liaison - Cindy Conte                   Captain Lucas Combs
                                                                                                                                    Faculty Liaisons - John McGinty, Mike                 A Company Commander
Ms. Ann Miller                            Mr. Robert W. Falkenbach, Chair              LIBRARY                                           Bumbulsky                                               Captain Christian Dibert
 B.A. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College       B.S. United States Naval Academy,
                                           M.S. U.S. Naval Post Graduate School        Mrs. Sally C. Boykin                         Hospitality Co-Chairs - Christine McKenna,            B Company Commander
Ms. Kelly Pace                                                                           B.A. College of William and Mary,               Jeanne Albright, Denise Reardon,                        Captain Patrick Horsley
 B.A. University of Richmond,             Mr. Dennis M. Driscoll                         M.Ed. Virginia Commonwealth                                                                      C Company Commander
                                                                                                                                         Carol Kozak
 M.A. Virginia Commonwealth University     B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University         University,                                Military Liaison - Annie Williams                            Captain Savino Padrone
                                                                                         M.L.S. Catholic University of America      Parent Council Liaison - Margaret Piacentini          D Company Commander
FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT               Ms. Erin Drumm
                                           B.S. Virginia Commonwealth University                                                    Parliamentarian - Becky Combs                                Captain Joseph Cantafio
Mrs. Alice C. Crowder, Chair
 B.A. Virginia Commonwealth University,                                                                                             St. Gertrude Liaison - Diane Bell                     Headquarters Company Commander
 M.A. University of Virginia                                                                                                                                                                     Captain Kevin Estes
                                                                                                                                                                                          Honor Platoon Commander
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Captain Josh Beach
                                                                                                                                                                                          Band Commander
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Captain Josh Riding

 2 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                                                           HONOR ROLL               3
    MILITARY REGISTRY OF REMEMBRANCES HONOR ROLL                                                                                    CATCHING UP WITH JOHN J. “JACK” HANKY, JR. ‘56
    The following was submitted by Mr. Edward F. Sulzbach ‘82       From the Office of the                                      “I can clearly remember walking past Benedictine on the              Jean, Jack’s wife of thirty-three years, has also embraced
                                                                    Commandant                                               way to St. Benedict’s Parochial School and looking forward          the Benedictine way of life. She has been a parent volun-
    On July 1, 2006, one of our fallen brothers was honored at                                                               to the day I could attend,” said Jack Hanky. “It was 1950           teer, a member of the BCCC committee and recently com-
    a Healing Field in Lynchburg, Virginia. For the first four      Greetings Benedictine Alumnus,
                                                                                                                             and my cousin Frank Creery was the Cadet Colonel. I idol-           pleted six years of service on the BHS Board of Trustees.
    days in July, a healing field was erected in Lynchburg,                                                                  ized him and was awed by the athletes. I could not wait             Jack and Jean believe that family comes first. “We go to
    Virginia adjacent to Liberty University. An American Flag       Benedictine High School wishes to record the names
                                                                    of all Cadets who have served in the military services   until I was old enough to attend the school                                           great lengths to celebrate everyone’s birth-
    was placed on an eight foot staff for every American                                                                     I passed every day.” The Family News                                                  day, first communion, confirmation and
    Service member killed in the current action in Afghanistan      since the school was founded in 1911.
                                                                                                                             caught up with Jack this summer just after                                            graduation.” His sons, John III (Jay) ‘75 and
    and Iraq. As I walked among the 2,847 flags there, I            The purpose of the project is two-fold:                  his 50th BHS reunion.                                                                 Mike ‘98, both graduated from BHS, as did
    searched for one. Appropriately, it was set aside in a sec-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   grandsons Jayson Hanky ‘02, Anthony
    tion for Virginia’s sons and daughters that had made the        * To remember and honor those who have served                The only child of Loreine and Johnny                                              Marchetti ‘00, Jacob Marchetti ‘03 and
    ultimate sacrifice. A yellow ribbon was affixed to the            our country and given of themselves to preserve        Hanky, young Jack enrolled at BHS in the                                              Benjamin Marchetti ‘05. He has another
    staff, which read “J.R. Teal, killed in Baqubah, Iraq on          our freedom,                                           fall of 1952 and began a legacy that contin-                                          grandson, Jeffrey Gill in the Class of 2007.
    October 23, 2003”. Nearby, a mother, surrounded by fami-        * To invite those still living to any future school      ues to this day. Jack is known to many as                                             All have played varsity sports. Two more
    ly, wept for her fallen Virginia son. It was infectious. As I     events or ceremonies honoring our veterans.            “Ace”, “Hanky Panky” to classmates and                                                grandsons, Kevin Gill and Wyatt Haas have
    walked amongst those flags with my two daughters, I felt
                                                                                                                             Coach to others in addition to Dad,                                                   enrolled for this fall in the Class of 2010 and
    such anguish and sorrow. All of these flags represented         If you are a veteran, or if you know of a former         Granddaddy, and most recently Great                                                   seven more grandsons are in the pipeline.
    more than one individual. There were mothers, fathers,          Benedictine student who is, please send us the name      Daddy. For all of these past 54 years, he has                                         Last but not least, Jack’s first great-grand-
    husbands, sisters, brother, wives, sons and daughters.          and if still living, the current address. (We would
    Ultimately, I had gratitude for the sacrifice made by these                                                              dedicated himself to his own family while                                             son, Taegan Logan, will most certainly be a
                                                                    also like the names of deceased Cadets.)                 constantly working to further the                                                     Cadet since his father Michael Logan ‘00
    men and women. Though I never met J.R., Benedictine
    Class of 1990, he will always be my brother and my hero.                                                                 Benedictine tradition.                                  Jack Hanky as a Cadet         and his mother, granddaughter Whitney
                                                                    The following information would also be of interest:                                                                                           Lewis Logan, SGHS ‘02 share in the
    America truly is the Land of the Free, Because of the
    Brave.                                                                                                                       “It seems like everything I have done in                                          schools’ traditions.
                                                                    * Years attending Benedictine                            life, I’ve done ahead of time. I got married early, got into
                                                                    * Year of graduation from Benedictine                    business early and had children early.” He was married                  In addition to the above, Jack’s six daughters, Ginny,
    The Family News would like to thank Mr. Sulzbach for sharing    * Military service organization (i.e. Army, Navy,
    his thoughts about J.R. Teal and all the men and women who                                                               while still in high school, got his real estate license at age 19   Lori, Cindy, Bobbie, Jackie and Townley graduated from St.
                                                                      Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant              and had seven children by the time he was 23. “It has been          Gertrude’s as well as granddaughters, Whitney and Peyton
    protect our freedom.                                              Marines)                                               a pretty full life. I have been blessed!”                           Lewis, Emily Haas, and Allyson Gill. Cori Hanky will
                                                                    * Years of military service:                                                                                                 graduate in ‘07 with Amy Gill just around the corner. Jack
                                                                                                                                 Married at a young age, Jack had to leave BHS, go to            is also proud of his three cadet sons-in-law; Jeff Gill ‘77 who
                                                                    Any additional information you may wish to pro-          work and attend classes at Hermitage High School. He                is currently President of the BHS Board of Trustees (Cindy),
                                                                    vide would be welcome: (highest rank, experiences,
                                                                                                                             later told his parents that, “if I cannot graduate from             Ken Harvey ‘79 (Jackie) and Paul Marchetti ‘80 (Townley).
                                                                    campaigns, citations, etc.)
                                                                                                                             Benedictine, I would just as soon not graduate at all.” Hell-
                                                                                                                             bent on earning his diploma from BHS while working for                  “I may be the only Cadet graduate to have had a son
                                                                    Please forward this information to:
                                                                                                                             the C&O Railroad in Huntington, West Virginia, he took              (Mike) and grandson (Anthony) at BHS at the same time.
                                                                                                                             night classes and fulfilled the requirements set forth by           Benedictine is woven throughout our lives and I could not
                                                                    LTC (Retired) Thomas A. Leonard
                                                                                                                             Father Andrew and Father Christopher. It was this persis-           be happier. I think back to my days at Benedictine and
                                                                    Commandant, Benedictine High School
                                                                                                                             tent nature that served him well over the years. “Father            could not be any more proud than to see my sons and
                                                                    304 N. Sheppard Street
                                                                                                                             Christopher challenged me and then assured me that if I             grandsons attend the school that I love. They are now see-
                                                                    Richmond, Va. 23221
                                                                                                                             did my part, I could in fact graduate from BHS even though          ing the benefits of the ultra strong bonds that are developed
                                                                                                                             I was busy supporting my family.” His framed Benedictine            by the students and alumni. There is a connectivity that
                                                                    (804) 342-1307
                                                                                                                             diploma hangs prominently in his home today.                        will serve them well the rest of their lives. It is the leader-
                                                                    OR                                                                                                                           ship that they learned and the ability to count on others that
                                                                    Mr. Jack Reardon ‘47                                         Now the father of eight, grandfather of twenty-three,           sets Benedictine apart. As freshmen, we looked to the
                                                                    18104 Dogwood Trail Rd                                   and recently a great-grandfather, Jack continues to show            upperclassmen for guidance once we arrived on campus.
                                                                    Rockville, VA. 23146                                     his family the benefits of hard work, belief in oneself and         They set the tone for everything we did.”
                                                                    (804) 749-4129                                           persistency. “My father pointed me in the right direction
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              continued on page 6
                                                                                                                             and others have helped immensely along the way. My
                                                                                                                             mother was a gentle lady. I hope I learned how to care for
                                                                                                                             people the way she did.”

4    BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                                                             HONOR ROLL               5
                                                                  before starting his own land development business in 1974.
                                                                  The JJH Corporation continues to develop properties in
                                                                  and around Richmond. Now run by his son Jay, Jack is still
    Jack’s active connection to BHS athletics began in 1960.
 “Cadet football coach Bobby Ross ‘55 (current coach at
                                                                  very active in the company when not entertaining children
                                                                  and grandchildren at the river. “I could not be more proud
                                                                                                                                  FOOTBALL TO BE REVIVED FOR PAROCHIAL SCHOOL BOYS
 West Point) asked me if I would assist as a volunteer and I
                                                                  of what Jay has done with the company and I have enjoyed                                                                                 This coordinated initiative re-creates a “feeder” system
 jumped at the opportunity. I was a very young man just                                                                              It has been 24 years since area boys attending parochial
                                                                  mentoring Mike. Jay is the President and a steadying influ-                                                                           for Benedictine. Headmaster John McGinty believes “that
 back in Richmond and wanted to help the cadets any way                                                                           schools have been able to participate in youth football with
                                                                  ence. Mike has contributed high energy and creativity,          their schoolmates. Prompted to evaluate the sport by a                it will be a great opportunity for the youth and parents of
 I could. I did a little bit of everything. Being an assistant
                                                                  which has really jump-started the company. We are aggres-       tragic death, Bishop Walter Sullivan banned football in               our Catholic feeder schools to become familiar with our
 on the 1962 (Bobby Tyler-coached) undefeated team was
                                                                  sively pursuing a variety of new development opportuni-         1982. He stood by this decision until his retirement in 2003.         coaching staff and facilities at the Abbey while building
 and still is a football highlight of my life. I was especially
                                                                  ties. My son-in-law, Paul Marchetti, has been with the com-                                                                           memories of participating in a quality football program.
 proud that my two sons both served as co-captains of their
                                                                  pany since the early ‘80s and has also been instrumental in                                                                           This exposure can only be positive for our future enroll-
 respective football teams in ‘75 and ‘98, both winning sea-                                                                         Now, after more than two decades, youth football has
                                                                  our success. It is a joy to see your children succeed. I had                                                                          ment. I am excited and grateful for this effort on behalf of
 sons!”                                                                                                                           been revived, providing opportunity for parochial school
                                                                  a vision and they have built upon it beautifully.”                                                                                    the school.”
     Another young coach on that 1960 football team was                                                                           boys. Beginning in August 2006, Benedictine will sponsor
                                                                     Jack mentioned that Benedictine has played a major part
 Warren Rutledge. Little did they know at the time that this
                                                                  in his varied business interests, including significant rela-
                                                                                                                                  the Cadet Middie’s, a seventh and eighth grade team that                     “As a product of the Catholic school
 association would evolve into a 40-year friendship. “Rut                                                                         will combine boys from local Catholic schools: St.
                                                                  tionships with Herman Beckstoffer ‘56 (architecture and         Benedict’s, St. Bridget’s, St. Edward’s, All Saints, Our Lady                  football program, I am very proud
 asked if I would help with basketball and I jumped again.
                                                                  real estate), Frank Carpin ‘56 (stocks and bonds), Franklin     of Lourdes and St. Mary’s.                                                       to be able to bring this back,”
 I did not care if it meant sweeping the floor - I loved
                                                                  Williamson ‘59 (insurance), Richard Burke ‘61 (CPA), Jim
 Benedictine. We had some unbelievably great teams and I                                                                             A small group of alumni had spoken with Benedictine                                           SAYS   MR. GIBRALL.
                                                                  McKenna ‘64 (retail) and the late Monte Williamson ‘53
 felt privileged being a part of such a tremendous program.”                                                                      Athletic Director Barry Gibrall ‘64 about reviving the sport
                                                                  (insurance and real estate). “I think it is good to deal with
 Except for a sabbatical in the mid 80’s when he served on                                                                        for middle school boys. Mark Puccinelli ‘84 and others                   The Middie’s will play against Fork Union, St.
                                                                  competent people who share your values. I trust my
 Benedictine’s Board                                                                                                              took the lead approaching the Diocese, the parochial                  Christopher’s, Collegiate and others. Sixty boys began
                                                                  Benedictine brothers.”
 of Trustees, Coach                                                                                                               schools and others to turn the idea into a reality. Henry             practice in the late summer. They are working hard and
 Hanky sat beside the                                                Although Jack and Jean spend much of their time at           Berling ‘90, Frank Boehling ‘90, Scott Wilson ‘80 and Mark            seem excited to play with their classmates and those from
 legendary       hoops                                            their home on the Rappahannock River in White Stone,            have worked tirelessly to bring this vision full circle.              other Catholic schools.
 coach for nearly four                                            they are in Richmond quite a bit. “We love the water but        “There appears to be quite a bit of excitement,” says Mark.
 decades. “Rut was a                                              run to Richmond all the time to see the children and grand-     “I think this will provide an opportunity for parochial
 brilliant coach but                                              children. We are very proud of them and wish to share in        school boys and maybe for Benedictine. I had a great                     Note - Jack Cooksey ‘85 authored an in-depth article in the
 always looked to his                                             their lives as much as possible.” Jack declared that he was     experience playing at St. Bridget’s and hope boys today               May 2006 Richmond Magazine about the Middie football pro-
 assistants         for                                           at the hospital for the births of all twenty-three grandchil-   will enjoy the same.”                                                 gram.
 insights. He wel-                                                dren.
 comed suggestions
                                                                     We finally asked Coach what he hopes they will say
 on how the team
                                                                  about him another 50 years down the road. “I hope they
 could improve. I
                                                                  say that I was always there for my family and that I con-
 admired him as a
                                                                  tributed something positive to the success of Benedictine
 coach and as a per-
                                                                  High School.”
 son. We were the
 best of friends. I        Jack is joined by sons Jay, Mike and     It is clear that Jack’s lifelong love of BHS has produced
 was honored when                     grandson Jayson             quite a legacy. His is truly one to be recognized and
 the Rutledge family                                              remembered.
 asked me to give the eulogy at his funeral in 1999. I was
 equally honored when my grandson and namesake, John J.
 IV (Jayson), then a junior, got up and gave his eulogy from
 a student’s and player’s perspective.
    The Family News asked Jack what he learned from the
 winner of 949 high school games. “Rut taught me that with
 good organization, confidence in your teammates, execut-
 ing a game plan and always giving 100% to the end, you
 can overcome significant advantages in your opponent.
 His coaching philosophy and the foregoing `business plan`                                                                                                          Cadet coach Sean McAloon held his first basketball camp in June.
                                                                                                                                                                    Forty-five elementary and middle-schoolers participated. Counselors
 have served me well in business.” Jack rose to executive                                                                                                           included, assistant coach Ryan Stein, current Cadet players and
 level positions with two different mortgage companies                                                                                                              Vernon Hamilton ‘03.

  6 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                 Jack and Jean surrounded by their children at the river.                                                                                                              HONOR ROLL          7
                                             IT WAS A...                                                          THE 1911 HANDICAP
                                                                                                                  SPONSORED BY DIRECT IMPRESSIONS (MARK
                                                                                                                  SMITH ‘81 & MIKE MULDOWNEY’81) FEATURED:                                    Blast
                                                                                                                  * 94 Special - Andrew Bennett Morehead ‘94

2006                                                                                                              * Commiekickball - Pete Gambardella ‘92
                                                                                                                  * Big Joe - Scott Carreras ‘88
                                                                                                                  * Ambulance Chaser - Connor Johnson ‘90
                                                                                                                  * Stillacadet - Kris and Tom Lukish, Jr. ‘76
                                                                                                                                                                                  Gallagher ‘92, Stewart Hargrove, Todd Hoyle ‘92, Ian Little
                                                                                                                                                                                  ‘92, Cathy Monaghan, Lynette Musick, Joann Newhouse,
                                                                                                                  * Old Trusty 2 - BHS Board of Trustees                          John Newhouse, Christie Powers, Gary Powers ‘71, Kevin
The Benedictine community gathered on May                                                                                                                                         Purnell ‘85, Rose Schoepke, Linda Trumble, Kay White
6th for this year’s Blast, “A Day at the Races.”                                                                                                                                  and Annie Williams.
Nearly 300 alumni, parents and friends gath-
ered to watch Barbaro win the Kentucky Derby
                                                                                                                  THE MILITARY MILE
                                                                                                                  SPONSORED BY RPM GRAPHICS (CHARLES                              We also want to thank the following corporate sponsors:
prior to our “live racing” event. We want to                                                                                                                                      CSI, Digital Innovations, HandCraft Cleaners, H & H
thank Kirby Brooks ‘73 and Comcast for assist-                                                                    PLAGEMAN ‘86) FEATURED:                                         Mailing, JMJ Corporation and World Cup.
ing us with televising the “Run for the Roses”.                                                                   * Custom Kitchens - David Hendrick ‘73
Spectrum provided fabulous musical enter-                                                                         * Sunshine Boys - Joanne and William Dieter
tainment at the Children’s Museum of                                                                              * Digging up Gold - Digital Innovations Group
Richmond. Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers                                                                      * Spitshine - Mary Sue and Richard Dougherty ‘ 58
and supporters, almost $40,000 was raised. We                                                                     * Old Trusty 3 - BHS Board of Trustees
especially want to thank our event sponsors                                                                       * Seamus - Kelly O’Toole and Paul Howle
ServPro of Chesterfield (Cadet parents Theresa
                                                              The Cadets form a sabre arch to welcome everyone
and Andy Bahen) and Glory Days Grill (Cadet                                                                       The final race, the Benedictine Stakes, was sponsored by
                                                                                to the Blast
parents Susan and Mark Ferreri) for their gen-                                                                    ServPro of Chesterfield and Tri-Cities, Inc. It showcased
erous support. Barton Leahey III ‘86 claimed                                                                      the winners of the first five races and one wild card
the $5,000 1st prize in the raffle. Father Donald                                                                 (Norfleet) selected randomly. The Class of 2007 sponsored
Scales won the TV and current Cadet parent                                                                        this entry as a tribute to their classmate, Brooks Norfleet
Sue Dibert won the custom made “Richmond Bracelet”
from C.L. Ford Jewelers. We are already thinking about
                                                             THE ABBEY FUTURITY                                   Berry, who had died a month earlier.

the Blast 2007. Please give us a call if you would like to
                                                             SPONSORED BY PARENTS IN APPRECIATION OF THE          We also want to acknowledge and thank the many volun-
help support this important event.                           BHS FACULTY FEATURED:                                teers who worked on this event. Led by Cadet parent
                                                             * Green Machine - Margaret and Gary Piacentini ‘73   Lynn Hargrove, a number of dedicated individuals
Here is a listing of the race and horse sponsors:            * Mad McK - Madeline and James McKenna ‘64           worked tirelessly to ensure the Blast was a success. They                  Race winners present their trophies.
                                                             * Ruts Runt - Allison and Reed O’Brien ‘74           are: Lori Caldwell, Wendy Colbert, Sue Dibert,
                                                             * Charlie - Steve Goodman ‘71                        Susanne Dibert, Deborah Fulk, Selena Giannasi, David
THE SHEPPARD STREET SPRINT                                   * Old Trusty 1 - BHS Board of Trustees
SPONSORED BY GLORY DAYS GRILL FEATURED:                      * Ace - Cindy Hanky Gill
* PTO Cruiser - BHS PTO
* Advocate - Lynn and Stewart Hargrove
* H & H - Lynette and David Musick                           THE CADET CLASSIC
* Breakaway - Rebecca and David Maguire                      SPONSORED BY MARTIN, DOLAN (RICHARD’64)
* Doubletime March - Linda and Don Trumble                   AND HOLTON FEATURED:
* Virginia Winner - Pam and David Horsley
                                                             * VAS-Y - Wendy and Dan Schmitt
                                                             * Benchwarmers Avenger - Deborah and Brian Fulk
                                                             * Schoepke’s Sunchaser - Rosemarie and
                                                               Richard Schoepke
                                                             * Kilted King - Joann and John Newhouse
                                                             * Norfleet - The Class of 2007
                                                             * Zac Attack - Lori and Bill Caldwell
                                                                                                                                 Cadet fathers Richard Schoepke, Stewart Hargrove and Hugh
                                                                                                                                                 Dibert enjoying the festivities

 8 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                                            HONOR ROLL              9
GREG LILLY NAMED NEW ADMISSIONS DIRECTOR                                                                                                   BENEDICTINE DEDICATES HYMAN FIELD
   John McGinty announced in July 2006 the hiring of Mr. Greg       Benedictine offers a great education and a life-changing oppor-
                                                                                                                                             The Cadets will now play baseball on Hyman Field fol-
Lilly as the new Admissions Director. Greg came to Benedictine      tunity. We have a great story to tell and I plan on telling it
                                                                                                                                           lowing a dedication on May 12th.
a year ago to teach history and coach football. He will continue    often.”                                                                  Haywood B. “Huddy” Hyman, Jr. ‘70 and his wife
to coach while taking on his new responsibilities.                      A Captain in the United States Marine Corp who served two          Claudette were joined by their children Haywood, III ‘03,
   A native of the Washington, D.C. area, Greg arrived in           tours in Iraq, Greg respects the military aspect of Benedictine. “I    Thomas ‘04, Virginia, St. Gertrude ‘07, family and friends
Richmond in 1988. A product of a Catholic high school               believe the military component of BHS challenges boys. It pro-         for a ceremony at Mary Mother of the Church Abbey. Also
(Gonzaga), he “walked on” to the University of Richmond foot-       vides leadership opportunities at an age when they are building        present on the field were “Huddy’s” sister Mary Carter
ball team and finished his career as a three-year starter at QB     the foundation that will frame the rest of their lives. The Marine     Hyman and nephew Henry Skiba ‘06.
(Atlantic 10 player of the year - ‘92) with a degree in Economics   Corp taught me the value of having faith in your fellow man.
(‘93). “I was just an ordinary guy working to get the best out of   This is strengthened at Benedictine by the military, the core            Sitting beside the Bobby Ross (‘56) football Stadium on
my abilities. I was fortunate to interact with many good coach-     Christian values and athletic opportunity. I have only been here       River Road, Hyman Field is a beautiful addition to one of
es and teachers.”                                                   for a year but can clearly see the ‘brotherhood’ so often referred     the finest athletic complexes in the city. The state-of-the-
   Mr. McGinty states that, “Greg really is very much like the      to by students and alumni.” Greg quickly adds that every boy           art scoreboard in left-centerfield provides the perfect back-
type of young man that we are trying to attract to Benedictine.     can participate in athletics, clubs or extracurricular activities if   drop for high school baseball.
As a graduate of a Catholic high school, Greg has experience in     they choose. “The non-academic aspect of Benedictine is an
the type of college preparatory program we have at                  important component of this very unique experience. It is the            Athletic Director Barry Gibrall ‘64 kicked off the ceremo-
Benedictine. His recruiting experience as an assistant at U of R    perfect complement to what is taught in the classroom.”                ny by welcoming everyone to the picturesque facility.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             The Cadets did not have a chance to play the game
will serve him well. He will have a lot of contact with the             Greg has begun developing and implementing a strategy              Abbot Patrick Moore blessed the new home of the Cadets
                                                                                                                                                                                                           against Notre Dame Academy due to the inclement weath-
Middie football program which should help his knowledge             that will reach out to alumni, the Catholic schools, the parishes      prior to comments from head coach Sean Ryan,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           er that held off just long enough for a ceremony. Rain pelt-
base of future students and their parents.”                         and others. “A focus will be to make sure the community                Headmaster John McGinty and Huddy. Coach Ryan pre-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           ed the field just moments after Huddy thanked his friends
   Greg always wanted to work with high school boys. “I am          knows what we have to offer,” adds Greg.                               sented Huddy with a #1 Cadet jersey and then handed the
                                                                                                                                                                                                           in attendance and all those who made gifts to improve the
attracted to the opportunity to make a difference in their lives.       “We need to tell more people about our strong faculty, the         microphone to Mr. McGinty. Mr. McGinty thanked Huddy
                                                                                                                                                                                                           athletic fields at the Abbey.
They are very impressionable and eager to learn. I hope to pass                                                                            and Claudette and presented them with a framed print of
                                                                    honors level course offerings, the importance of Christian val-
on what I have learned to impact their development. I had met                                                                              Benedictine High School.
                                                                    ues and how Benedictine provides a foundation for success. I                                                                             The Cadet community would like to thank Huddy and
Mr. McGinty as a parent (daughter Maryclare was at UR with          wish every 8th grader could see the bond that exists within our                                                                        his family for their generosity and providing the leader-
                                                                                                                                             Huddy then addressed the fans hoping to see baseball
Greg) and trusted him. He offered me the opportunity to coach,      student body. They truly care for each other.”                                                                                         ship necessary for our Cadets to excel. Hyman Field is
                                                                                                                                           played at the new facility. “I am pleased that Claudette
teach and influence young men on a daily basis. This excited            Greg continues by saying, “the graduation in June over-                                                                            truly one of the finest fields in the area. Go Cadets!
                                                                                                                                           and I are able to support the Cadets,” says Huddy.
me. In Admissions, he has entrusted me to help shape the            whelmed me. You could see the excitement in the eyes of this           “There were lots of individuals supporting these out-
makeup of a tremendous institution.”                                year’s graduates. You could just tell that they understood what        standing facilities. We are honored today and hope the
   Coach Bobby Ross ‘55 was very pleased when he heard of           they had experienced the past four years. They had received a          rain will hold off so the Cadets can play ball.” Thomas
the hiring of a new Director. “I have known Greg and his            very good education while forming friendships that will last a         Hyman then threw out the first pitch at the request of
family for thirty-five years. Benedictine is very fortunate to      lifetime. What a great experience for these young men.”                his father.
have a person like Greg leading this effort. He has served our          Greg has been offered multiple opportunities to return to the
country, which should give him credibility attracting young         college sidelines but has turned them down to remain at BHS.
men to BHS. He is a people person which will be invaluable          “Although I have been flattered with some attractive opportu-
in this role.”                                                      nities, Benedictine is a great school with wonderful students.
   Our new Admissions Director looks at the strengths of the        This is the place for me. Like Gonzaga, the University of
school and believes more boys should be giving BHS serious          Richmond and the Marines, Benedictine is special. I see lots of
consideration. “We have a lot to be proud of and need to com-       boys trying to get the best out of their abilities. I can relate to
municate the positives. We have unbelievable tradition, out-        them and understand how Benedictine will impact their future.
standing leadership and a vitally important mission. The            With a student / teacher ratio of 8 to 1, Benedictine can chal-
Cadets benefit from an extremely capable, energetic and com-        lenge the outstanding student while not leaving the ‘ordinary’
mitted faculty who value the chance to educate young men.           guy behind.”                                                                                                                               Friends of Huddy and Claudette look on! Pictured
The academics are strong with average SAT scores above 1,100.           My parents laid the groundwork. They valued education,                                                                                 are; John Cates ‘70, Rick Kastelberg ‘70, Donnie
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ross ‘70, Bruce Jones ‘70, Kerry Powers ‘71, Robert
Some of our graduates leave with double-digit college credits       Christian values and a respect for others. It is no different here                                                                         Beckstoffer ‘70 and Timmy Cates.
due to the academic opportunity at BHS. Our biggest chal-           at Benedictine. I can vividly remember the impact teachers had
lenge is to convince 8th graders and their parents that                                                                                                    “Huddy” addressing the crowd.
                                                                    on me in high school and can see the same relationships hap-
                                                                    pening here. I am excited about the future.”

 10 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                                                                     HONOR ROLL                11
                                                                                                                    Alex O’Toole receives
                                                                                                                    his diploma. He is the
                                                                                                                    son of James O’Toole Jr.    CLASS OF 2006 EARNS OVER $1.5
THE CLASS OF 2006 RECEIVES THEIR DIPLOMAS                                                                           ‘77.
                                                                                                                                                MILLION IN MERIT-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS!
   The Cadet Class of 2006 was joined by the Class of 1956 at           Cayce Craddock ‘81 and son
this year’s graduation ceremony. Benedictine has a long-            Cayce Jr. ‘04 congratulate Jarrett                                          The sixty-five young men in the class of 2005 distinguished themselves
standing tradition of inviting back the graduating class from            after receiving his Diploma                                            in many ways. Preferring primarily to remain in state for post sec-
50 years ago to sit front and center as the current graduates                                                                                   ondary education, most of them battled thousands of other Virginia
receive their diplomas. This year’s exercise featured VMI                                                                                       seniors for a limited number of spots in our state colleges and univer-
Head Football Coach Jim Reid. Coach Reid not only gave an
                                                                                                                                                sities. Not only were they accepted to the colleges they chose, the class
enthusiastic and poignant talk, he was able to take a look at
                                                                                                                    Gary Powers ‘71 could       of 2006 was offered $1,542,000 in academic and athletic scholarships.
nine Cadets who will be Keydets in the fall. He spoke of lead-
                                                                                                                    not be happier as his son   Our graduating seniors will continue their education at the following
ership, effort and persistency and then directed a brief com-        James Lee Gill Jr. ‘69 presents a
ment to senior Jarrett Craddock who will play football in                                                           heads off to Wake           colleges and universities:
                                                                   Benedictine High School diploma
Lexington for Coach Reid.                                                                                           Forest, having graduat-
                                                                   to his son James III. Jamie is the
                                                                                                                    ed from BHS. Matt           The University of Alabama             University of Mississippi
  Cadet Brian Patrick O’Grady, son of Henry “Clancy”                latest in a long line of Gills who
                                                                                                                    accepts the diploma
O`Grady, III ‘72, offered a beautiful Valedictorian address.              have graduated from BHS.                                              University of Alaska-Fairbanks        Newberry College
                                                                                                                    with John McGinty
Cameron Brammer was the Salutatorian, in addition to have                                                           looking on.                 Barton College                        Old Dominion University
been recently recognized as the Richmond Times Dispatch                                                                                         Bridgewater College                   Pennsylvania State University
Scholar-Athlete from Benedictine. Nick Sirica was awarded                                                                                       Catawba College                       Point Park University
the Bill Pascoe Memorial Award for the senior class.
                                                                   Robert Morley Jr. ‘82 is all smiles                                          The Catholic University of America Radford University
  The senior class awaited the spinning of the plate to set off     as his son Robert III accepts his                                           College of Charleston                 Randolph-Macon College
                                                                                                                     Randall Weeks ‘74 con-
the tossing of the hats. This traditional conclusion of the cer-        diploma. Abbot Patrick and                  gratulates his son          Chowan College                        Richard Bland College
emony had to wait so they could inform Mr. McGinty that                      Father Adrian look on.                 Andrew. Andrew’s            Christendom College                   Roanoke College
their gift to the school was a portrait of Father Adrian
                                                                                                                    great-grandfather Louis
Harmening.                                                                                                                                      Christopher Newport University        Shepherd University
                                                                                                                    J. Saady graduated from
                                                                                                                    BHS in 1932.                The Citadel                           University of South Carolina
  The Class of 1956 enjoyed a weekend of reunion festivities,
which included golf, graduation and a reception on Friday,                                                                                      Coastal Carolina University           St. Andrews Presbyterian College
and brunch and a Mass celebrated by classmate Johnny, now                                                                                       DePaul University                     St. John’s University
Monsignor Williams, on Saturday. Twenty-five members of                                                                                         Drexel University                     Villanova University
the remaining thirty-four 56ers were in attendance on June 9,      Henry “Clancy” O’Grady III                                                   East Carolina University              Virginia Commonwealth
2006.                                                               ‘80 presents a diploma to his                    Leo Wellhouse ‘73          Ferrum College                          University
                                                                     son and class Valedictorian,                   shakes the hand of his
                                                                                                                                                Hampden-Sydney College                Virginia Military Institute
                                                                           Patrick. Looking on is                   son Palmer Joseph “PJ”.
                                                                      Patrick’s brother Henry IV                                                J. Sargeant Reynolds                  Virginia Tech
                                                                   ‘02. Patrick is a third gener-                                                  Community College                  Virginia Wesleyan College
                                                                     ation graduate following his                                                                                     University of Virginia
                                                                                                                                                James Madison University
                                                                           father and grandfather
                                                                        Henry “Pat” O’Grady Jr,                                                 Longwood University                   Wake Forest University
                                                                                    Class of 1940.                                              Louisburg College                     West Virginia University
                                                                                                                                                Lynchburg College                     West Virginia Wesleyan College
                                                                                                                                                Marian College                        Wingate University
                                                                                                                     Benedictine graduate
                                                                                                                                                Marquette University                  College of William and Mary
                                                                                                                    and Theology teacher
                                                                                                                    Pat White ‘72 congratu-     University of Mary Washington         Xavier University
                                                                                                                    lates his son and Senior    University of Miami
                                                                                                                    class President, Chris.

                                                                                                      d Jim Reid
                                                                                       John McGinty an
 12 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                      HONOR ROLL               13
                                                                                           MY BENEDICTINE DAD
THE CLASS OF 1981 “RAISES THE BAR”                                                             My father, Thomas Filmore Rayfield, passed away on December
                                                                                           17, 2005, at age 94. I believe he was the last living member of the
                                                                                                                                                                    “I FELT WE HAD ALL COME HOME”
   The Class of 1981 celebrated their 25th reunion the week-                               Class of 1929. I asked Benedictine if they would share my thoughts,         Fifty years is a long time, but they fell away as I              I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to leave the group
                                                                                           as the school was so important a part of his life.                       watched the Benedictine High School graduation Class of          for whom I felt such kinship, such affection. Here, I really
end of May 19-21, 2006. Activities included a golf tourna-
                                                                                               From an early age he developed a love of tradition, the military,    2006 receive their diplomas. The group of sixty-five was         belonged. Each person I talked with was, like myself, a
ment on Friday morning at Providence GC, with a cocktail
                                                                                           and the environment that Benedictine created. It was Richmond of         larger by twenty-three than our class of forty-two, twenty-      product of fifty additional years of life. If only we could
party that evening in the BHS cafeteria. Current Cadets pro-
                                                                                           that time, the 1920s, and he was a cadet at Benedictine.                 six of whom came back for our fiftieth class reunion. Eight      talk with the Class of 2006 and share with them a lifetime
vided a tour of
                                                                                               As a 14-year-old living in Chester, he began what would be the       had passed away, so only eight did not show up for this          of lessons, learned from our failures and our successes. If
the school and
                                                                                           next four years of his life. He devotedly commuted in uniform by         once in a lifetime event.                                        only they could proceed, armed with views for their future
Headmaster John
                                                                                           streetcar to school at Benedictine every morning and evening. His
McGinty made                                                                                                                                                                                                                         actions, obtained from listening to us. But it doesn’t work
                                                                                           senior year he lived with a family in Richmond in order to be total-         It was easy to remember our night fifty years ago,
some remarks. A                                                                                                                                                                                                                      that way.
                                                                                           ly engaged in the activities of the school. Growing up in Miami, I       because the gymnasium has not changed. What has
number of alum-                                                                            heard stories of Benedictine throughout my life. Although he             changed dramatically is the way I feel about my class-              They stand in the road of life, and look outward, and
ni were last seen                                                                          spoke of its academics and athletics, football and crew especially, it   mates. I felt we had all come home ... from fifty years of       see many, many different roads to travel from which they
trying to find                                                                             was the military aspect of Benedictine that captured him and cre-        life, lived in varying circumstances, we had come home, to       can select, and their optimism is unbridled. We stand in
access into the                                                                            ated his most enduring memories. Always displayed was the
                      ‘81 grads Andy Rich, John Loftus, Paul Mitchell, Bob Hill and Sean                                                                            an institution and an evening in which we
B e l l - t o w e r.  McGrath break out their Cadet gear.                                  pride the corps of cadets had in their school. He remembered the         felt joy to look again at those faces who have
Inquiries made to                                                                          dedication ceremony of the Christopher Columbus statue in Byrd           weathered fifty years, but nonetheless see in
their success remain unanswered. Saturday kicked off with                                  Park, which occurred on one of the coldest days in memory.               each other the same person we knew.
a “Pub-run” which set the tone for the day that concluded                                  Cadets, too proud to step down, passed out while standing in for-
with a party at the Science Museum. St. Gertrude’s cele-                                   mation. This pride surged in the cadet corps when they marched              I believe I speak for all of us when I say
brated their 25th and joined the Cadets and their spouses.                                 in the Confederate Memorial Day Parade accompanied by the                nothing else mattered Friday evening and
                                                                                           Knights of Columbus Band playing Dixie every other tune. It was          Saturday morning, except that we were all
   The Cadet Class of 1981 began discussion months earlier                                 all a place in time for him.                                             together again, and all feeling like we had
about a giving campaign to raise a significant amount of                                       He was the B Company commander his senior year. Company              arrived at a distant goal none of us knew had
money for the school. The “Drive for 25” reunion gift initia-                              A traditionally included older cadets and Company B, the                 been charted for us in the first place. For me,
tive raised in excess of $35,000. Over $30,000 was directed to                             younger, less experienced cadets. The event of the year was the          the reunion with my remaining classmates
the Annual Fund with another $5,000 earmarked for the                                      competition for Best Drilled Company held at the Richmond Blues          gave me a feeling of peace and security
newly formed “Middie” Football program.                                                    Armory. In 1929, it was his night: For the first time in the compe-      which I had not felt since I stopped being a
                                                                                           tition’s 18-year history, Company B won it. The victory was a            child.
   “I am proud of our classmates and their willingness to                                  result of having the highest score ever recorded. This was testa-
rise to this challenge (“Drive for 25”) and help BHS, says                                 ment to the company’s continued drill practice on the streets                On Friday evening, the ninth of June 2006,
Mike Muldowney. Our hope was to do two-fold ... to use                                     around Benedictine.                                                      the Class of 1956 was invited to
our 25th reunion event as a way for our class to give back to                                  I remember visiting Richmond one summer as a child. My               Benedictine’s 94th commencement exercises                 Father Adrian and Father Donald join the 56ers for a photo
BHS, and to try and establish a “fund raising bar” for future                              father showed me through Benedictine, and I saw the loving cups          as guests of honor. We paraded in, just                                 after lunch at the Westwood Club.
classes. We have succeeded on one, only time will tell on the                              engraved with his name: the News Leader Trophy, “The Best                ahead of the distinguished guests and grad-
                                                                                           Drilled Company of Benedictine College, Richmond, Virginia;”             uates, and were seated in the first rows, after
                                                                                           and the Benedictine Alumni Cup, “Best Drilled Company, Won by            all the family guests were in their seats. There was stand-      the road of life, and look backward and see many, many
                                                                                           Company B, Rayfield, 1929.” I remember feeling his tremendous            ing room only. Afterward, a reception was given, just for        different roads traveled, merging with ours, into one road,
                                                                                           pride in having been a cadet at Benedictine and his love for the         our class, in the cafeteria below. Such a spread I have not      which appears to go ahead ... into the mist. So our visions
                                                                                           school that never diminished and forever remained in his heart.          seen except at some the finest wedding receptions.               will appear more historical to them than current, and more
                                                                                               I accompanied him to his 50th class reunion as an adult, and                                                                          stilted than daring. So it was with me ... when I was a
                                                                                           again saw his pride. I could not have been more proud myself. He             On Saturday morning next, classmate Johnny Williams,         member of the Class of 1956.
                                                                                           traveled from Seattle to the reunion, and there was a certain appre-     now Monsignor Williams, conducted an 11 AM Mass, after
                                                                                           ciation expressed in the special applause for him in the gym that        which we went to the Westwood Club for a celebratory                 It was a weekend I will treasure forever. It was a week-
                                                                                           night by those in attendance. He told me, “It was almost like the        brunch. It was excellent. A photo was taken of the class,        end I would not have missed ... for anything.
                                Mr. McGinty visits with 1981 grads and their               night I won the Drill Competition.” I thought it was as if those
                                     wives at a Friday night gathering.
                                                                                                                                                                    and a separate photo taken of the wives. I expect we will
                                                                                           watching could read in his heart his love for Benedictine and            be given an opportunity to obtain prints.                            Harry Edwards ‘56
                                                                                           appreciate that love in their own hearts. My father is gone but I
                                                                                           will never forget the love he felt for BHS. He was a Cadet!
 14 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                         Steven E. Rayfield - August 2006                                                                                                                                      HONOR ROLL             15
                                                                                                         NEWS & NOTES AROUND CAMPUS
                                                                       The Spring Fling was held at the Abbey on June 16th.          Jeff Gill, Alex Craven, Charlie Keever, and Clay Fulk
                                                                   This is a free party for Alumni, parents and friends           are enrolled in a University of Richmond Global
                                                                   attracted 250 people from the Cadet community. Food            Economics course next year. The course addresses topics
                                                                   was generously provided by O’Toole’s Restaurant (John          such as the foreign exchange market, developing nations,
                                                                   O’Toole ‘80).                                                  the European Economic Community, the Asian business
                                                                                                                                  climate and the former Soviet economy. Only 60 area high
                                                                      Dr. John Franko ‘74 accompanied Mr. Dennis Driscoll         school students are selected.
                                                                   to class on May 11, 2006. In an open forum, Dr. Franko            __________
                                                                   addressed questions on careers in medical fields, science,
                                                                                                                                    Cathyann Burgess (Art) pursued professional develop-
                                                                   Benedictine in the 70’s, and his college experiences.
                                                                                                                                  ment with an activity called “Paint Richmond.”
                                                                   During lunch, John fielded questions from students and
                                                                   faculty in the library.
                                                                                                                                    Steve Cheney (Mathematics) spent a week in Gulfport,
                                                                                                                                  Mississippi, assisting with Hurricane Katrina relief.

                                                                                                                                    Dennis Driscoll (Science) returned to BHS after a 20+
                                                                                                                                  year stay in the private sector. When not teaching, he is
                                                                                                                                  writing a novel.

                                                                                                                                     Adria Hogan (Mathematics) and our Robotics team did
                                                                                                                                  a good job this year at nationals in Atlanta, Georgia.
                                                                                                                                  Twenty-six students and seven mentors traveled via char-
                                                                                                                                  tered bus and joined over 300 other high school teams
                                                                                                                                  from around the world. They finished 45th out of 84
                                                                                                                                  teams in their division. Mrs. Hogan reports that they
                                                                                           Dr. Franko                             “had no mechanical breakdowns and won their last three
                                                                                                                                  matches.”      They were also finalists for the
                                                                                                                                  Entrepreneurship Award. In addition, Mrs. Adria Hogan
                                                                      After graduating from Benedictine in 1974, Dr. Franko
                                                                                                                                  has been nominated for the Virginia Mentoring
                                                                   entered University of Notre Dame. In his freshman year,
                                                                                                                                  Partnership Mentor Award. The Robotics program is five
                                                                   majoring in pre-medicine, Dr. Franko played football for
                                                                                                                                  years old at BHS and involves 10% of the student body. It
                                                                   the famed Ara Parseghian (two National Championships -
                                                                                                                                  is the only academic program combining students at
                                                                   1966 and 1973), with Joe Montana (MVP in three Super
                                                                                                                                  Benedictine and St. Gertrude.
                                                                   Bowls), and Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger (1993 movie Rudy).
                                                                     FBI Special Agent Charlie Price ‘78, ex-head of the FBI’s
                                                                   Hostage Rescue, joined Mr. Driscoll on May 23, 2006 and
                                                                   spoke with his Science classes.
                                                                      Elizabeth Scolaro and Carol Julian taught a section on
                                                                   aboriginal art as part of the unit on Australia for ninth
                        Challenging Academics                      grade world geography classes in April. In addition to
                                                                   classroom lessons, the class took a field trip to the Kluge-
                         Athletic opportunity                      Ruhe Museum in Charlottesville. This museum has one of
                                                                   the finest aboriginal art collections outside of Australia.
                                                                   Ms. Julian recently was awarded her third Fulbright
                          Discipline through leadership training   scholarship.
                               Energetic learning environment         Summer internship program - Alex Craven is working                         The Robotics team in Atlanta.
                                  Traditional Christian values     with an investment banker and Brooks Williams is work-
                                                                   ing with Ryan Warren doing chemistry-related research.

16 BENEDICTINE FAMILY               Serving the community                                                                                                        HONOR ROLL            17
                             NEWS & NOTES AROUND CAMPUS (CONT)                                                                                                                                                                       Class Notes
  Michael Jarrett (Government) has given 43 years to         Metro honors: Cameron Brammer, Zach Morgan and Zach
Benedictine but never stops trying to increase his knowl-    Poole.
edge. He attended a conference at William and Mary’s
School of Law about the Supreme Court.
                                                                * Cameron Brammer, salutatorian of his class and cap-
                                                             tain of the soccer and lacrosse teams, was named the
                                                             Times-Dispatch / Sports Backers Scholar Athlete of the
                                                                                                                            Class Of
                                                                                                                            Frank O. Brown was named the 19th
                                                                                                                                                                        Class Of
                                                                                                                                                                        Kevin Huennekens was appointed the          Class Of
   David Savage (Spanish) spent his summer ‘05 working                                                                      recipient of the VSB Tradition of           new federal bankruptcy judge for the
                                                             Week and The Lexus Pursuit of Excellence Scholar /                                                                                                     Kenneth L. Caravati and his brother
for Habitat for Humanity in Ecuador.                                                                                        Excellence Award, presented annually        US Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern
                                                             Athlete of the Week.                                                                                                                                   Michael ‘79 have established a scholar-
                                                                                                                            by the Virginia State Bar Association.      District of Virginia. Kevin is a 1975
   Cadets Zach Schultes ‘06 and Reid Stelly ‘06 recently                                                                                                                graduate of the College of William &        ship at Benedictine in their father’s
                                                                * Basketball - the team went to the quarter-finals of the   The award recognizes a Virginia attor-
presented at the State Model Judiciary competition before                                                                                                               Mary and a 1978 graduate of the col-        name. Their father, Charles E. Caravati
                                                             State Independent tournament.                                  ney who has dedicated time and effort
the Virginia State Supreme Court. We were one of only                                                                                                                   lege’s Marshall-Wythe School of Law.        graduated in 1942.
                                                                                                                            to activities that assist the community
two private schools in the state to win. The other was St.      * Wrestling - Lance Long broke the all time career wins     while improving the standing and            Kevin is a partner in the firm of Kutak
Gertrude.                                                    record.                                                                                                    Rock. In 1992, he successfully argued       Colonel Norvell V. Coots has been
                                                                                                                            image of general practice attorneys in
                                                                                                                                                                        the case of Patterson v. Shumate before     assigned as the Commander at the
                                                                                                                            the eye of the public. Mr. Brown was
   Pete McKenna ‘06 was one of eight students chosen            * Baseball - Davis Hewett made second team All State                                                    the United States Supreme Court.            Keller Army Community Hospital in
                                                                                                                            the first chair of the VSB Senior
throughout the state to participate in the “Poetry out       and will play at the next level at LaSalle University.                                                                                                 West Point, New York.
                                                                                                                            Lawyers Conference, which undertakes
Loud” competition at the Library of Virginia.                Taylor Buran, a sophomore, made first team All State and

   Awards Day was held May 26th. Many Cadets were
recognized for their efforts in the classroom. Thirty-one
                                                             second team All Metro. Taylor also earned the Times-
                                                             Dispatch Athlete of the Week award. Freshman Mike
                                                             Goldberg was named first team Academic All State.
                                                                                                                            projects to help lawyers age 55 and
                                                                                                                            older to pass on their experience to
                                                                                                                            younger lawyers.
                                                                                                                                                                        Class Of
                                                                                                                                                                        John D. Kuester has joined the NBA’s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Thomas C. Wright and his wife Joey
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    celebrated the birth of their sixth child,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Michael Anthony, on the 30th of May.
members of the Class of 2006 have received merit-based                                                                                                                  Orlando Magic as an assistant coach.
scholarships totaling $1,542,000. Congratulations to the
scholarship winners. With great respect for all the award
winners, here are a few of the recipients:
                                                                * Track and Field - Chris White won the shot put in the
                                                             State Independent and State Catholic meets. Chris also
                                                             won the discuss at the State Catholic meet.
                                                                                                                            Class Of
                                                                                                                            George Shaheen was featured in the
                                                                                                                                                                        John has spent the past sixteen years in
                                                                                                                                                                        the NBA, most recently with the
                                                                                                                                                                        Philadelphia 76ers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Class Of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    C. Michael Caravati and his brother
  Alton E. Lewis ‘48 Award - Chris White ‘06                                                                                Richmond Times Dispatch Sports page
  The Siewers Family Scholarship - Matt Rhyne ‘08
  Robert A. Martin, Jr. ‘71 Scholarship - Matt Powers ‘06
  Father Donald Scales Scholarship - Jake Jackson ‘07
  Herman J. Beckstoffer, Sr. ‘27 Scholarship -
                                                                The Benedictine PTA Bowlers League was founded in
                                                             September of 1966. They met on Thursday mornings at
                                                             the AMF Sunset Bowling Lanes. The teams of three mem-
                                                             bers filled one side of the alleys with a few teams on the
                                                                                                                            on December 1, 2005. A great article
                                                                                                                            was provided highlighting George’s
                                                                                                                            stellar football and basketball career at
                                                                                                                            BHS before he entered William and
                                                                                                                                                                        Class Of
                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Cornelius O. Barlascini, Director of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Ken ‘76 have established a scholarship
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    at Benedictine in their father’s name.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Their father, Charles E. Caravati gradu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ated in 1942.
        Alexander T. Craven ‘07                              other side. Some mothers brought their preschoolers with       Mary. He transferred to RPI after his       the Institute for the Study of Medicine,
  Brooks N. Berry Memorial Scholarship -                     them and all had a good time. FORTY years later, a small-      freshman year where he scored 1,332         has published his first book. This work
        Parrish E. Ruffin ‘07
  Darryl W . Harman, Jr. Memorial Scholarship -
        Erwin Johnson, Jr. ‘09
                                                             er but dedicated group still meets.

                                                               The League has always supported Benedictine by
                                                             donating a portion of their “fees” to a scholarship fund.
                                                                                                                            points in three years. Mr. Shaheen
                                                                                                                            spent 24 years with the Federal
                                                                                                                            Government before retiring. He has
                                                                                                                                                                        entitled The Human Veil Poetry and
                                                                                                                                                                        Prose takes a step away from the typical
                                                                                                                                                                        research conducted at the institute and
                                                                                                                                                                        looks to a larger audience. The book is
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Class Of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Andras Bality and his wife Maja cele-
        Farbod F. Azari ‘09                                                                                                 spent the past 16 years in real estate                                                  brated the birth of Branko Andras
                                                             Over the years they have donated over $60,000. Now a                                                       a collection of poems and prose that        Bality on April 30, 2006.
  Coach Warren S. Rutledge Scholarship -                                                                                    with Virginia Properties.
                                                             much smaller group manages to remember Benedictine                                                         takes as its theme the relationship
        Kevin M. Estes ‘07
                                                             with $500 a year.                                                                                          between man and God. The author uses        Manuel Mendez was featured in the
  Lt. Paul A. Ambrogi ‘84 Memorial Scholarship -
        Brooks B. Williams ‘07                                 There are three original members of the 1966 group still
                                                             bowling with us: Mary Conron, Edith Moses, and Dot
                                                                                                                            Class Of
                                                                                                                            Abbott Placid Solari (David Solari) cel-
                                                                                                                                                                        mythology, philosophy, science, and the
                                                                                                                                                                        Western tradition to elucidate and
                                                                                                                                                                        explore this relationship.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    December 29, 2005 Times Dispatch. A
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    graduate of VCU, Manny is co-owner of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kuba Kuba Restaurant.
STUDENT/ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS                                  Kopecko. We applaud their forty years of dedication to
                                                             Benedictine. We had 45 members in 1994 but are now             ebrated his 25th Anniversary of             Dr. Barlascini received his BA and MD
                                                                                                                                                                        from the University of Virginia. He is      Lawrence Spencer has been hired as an
                                                             down to only 24 active members and four substitutes.           Ordination on September 18, 2005 at
   * Football - Three Cadets will play at the next level:                                                                                                               certified in Internal Medicine as well as   Environmental Scientist for the South
                                                                                                                            Belmont Abbey.
Jarrett Craddock at VMI, Jason Dosh at JMU and Ty Wood          We are actively recruiting for more moms, dads (this                                                    in Endocrinology. He also has a doctor-     Florida Water Management district in
at VMI. Jason was the MVP for both Basketball and            year we added men to our rolls) grandparents and friends.                                                  ate from the University of Pisa (Italy).    West Palm Beach.
Football.                                                    You can make up your own team of three, or come as a sin-
   * Henry Skiba was nominated for the NFL student /         gle person. We are a friendly group and would welcome          **** INSERT PHOTO (27) OF FR. KIER-                                                     Tracy M. Woodson has been named the
athlete scholarship.                                         you with open arms. We have members with an average of         NAN AND ABBOT SOLARI ****                                                               head Baseball coach at Valparaiso
                                                             185 and most with 115. Please contact Anna Mae                                                                                                         University. He and his wife Lisa have
  * Soccer - The team went to the semi-finals of the state   Rosendale at 288-5077 if you are interested.                                                                                                           two children.
championship game. Three Cadets earned first team All

                                                                                                                            Abbot Placid, Jayne Myers Smith (SGHS’70)
18 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                      and Fr. Kieran                                                                   HONOR ROLL               19
                                                                                                                                   Barry J. Gooden, Jr. married the former

Class Notes                                  Class Of
                                             Jeffrey V. Dale married the former
                                                                                         Class Of
                                                                                         Mark E. Abbott is engaged to Jodi
                                                                                                                                   Englash Ra Redmond on April 15, 2006.
                                                                                                                                   Barry is a graduate of Virginia Tech and
                                                                                                                                   works for the U.S. Patent and
                                                                                                                                                                                 stationed at Fort Benning Georgia,
                                                                                                                                                                                 where he is in the infantry Officer
                                                                                                                                                                                 School. Jamie
                                             Beverly Caldwell Stone on April 29,         Anne Pentecost. A March 2007 wedding      Trademark Office. They reside in              majored in Arts,
                                             2006. A graduate of VCU, Jeffrey is         is planned. Mark has a B.S. from          Alexandria.                                   Philosophy and                                                 Henrico County Attorney's Office.
                                             employed by the Commonwealth of             Radford University and is employed by                                                   Literature, with                                               After the graduation ceremony, both
Class Of
            1982                             Virginia.                                   Henrico County Public Schools.            Del G. Smith has been hired as the
                                                                                                                                   linebacker coach for Wagner College.
                                                                                                                                   He served one year as an assistant foot-
                                                                                                                                                                                 a minor in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Christopher and his parents attributed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                his academic achievement to the study
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                habits learned in his four years at
John Wilson Graziano married the for-
mer Amanda Brooks Curry on October
7, 2005. John is the VP for retail media
for New-Ground based in St. Louis.
                                             Class Of
                                             Thomas J. Fleck married the former
                                                                                         Class Of
                                                                                         Daniel T. O’Connell, Jr. is engaged to
                                                                                                                                   ball coach at his alma mater West
                                                                                                                                   Virginia Wesleyan before moving to the
                                                                                                                                   Staten Island, New York school. Wagner
                                                                                                                                                                                 Engineering at
                                                                                                                                                                                 West Point.                                                    Benedictine. Christopher also credits
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Fr. Adrian with keeping him on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “straight and narrow”!
                                             Valerie Dawn Lewis in May of 2006.          Kelly Paige Thornton. Daniel received     is a member of the 1-AA North East
                                                                                         a B.A. in History from VMI in 2002.
Jeff Lukish and his wife Donna cele-
brated the birth of their sixth child.
James Paul joined brothers Nicholas,
John and Peter and sisters Danielle and
                                             Tom is employed by Home Care

                                             Brian T. Ford welcomed his second
                                                                                         Daniel returned from Iraq in 2005
                                                                                         where he served as a Marine and is
                                                                                         employed by the city of Richmond. An
                                                                                                                                   Football Conference.

                                                                                                                                   Carl Sundin received a 4-year Army
                                                                                                                                   ROTC scholarship to Hampden-Sydney
                                                                                                                                                                                 Class Of
                                                                                                                                                                                 Vernon Hamilton broke the career
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Class Of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Reid Augst was named the Big South
                                             child, Sarah Jordan Ford, into the world    August 2006 wedding is planned.                                                                                                                        freshman basketball player of the week
AnnaMarie on March 6th. Jeff is a                                                                                                  College and graduated in ‘05. He              record for steals at Clemson University.
                                             on June 10, 2006. Sarah joins big brother                                                                                                                                                          for the week of December 12, 2005.
Commander in the Navy and the                                                                                                      received his commission as a 2nd Lt on        A three-year starter, Vernon was on
                                             Austin who turns four in October.           1st Lt Gregory C. Wheal is currently at                                                                                                                The UNC-Asheville guard capped his
Division Chief of Pediatric Surgery at                                                                                             Dec. 16, 2005 and graduated from The          campus this past summer assisting
                                             Brian is married to Stephanie Toler         Thule Air Base, Greenland as an                                                                                                                        week with a career high 13 points
Walter Reed Medical and the National                                                                                               Combat Arms Officer Basic Course at           Coach McAloon with the Benedictine
                                             Ford, SGHS ‘88.                             Operations Officer with 821st Security                                                                                                                 against Brevard. Reid left Benedictine
Naval Medical Center.                                                                                                              Ft. Knox, KY on June 16, 2006.                basketball camp.
                                                                                         Forces Squadron.                                                                                                                                       as the all-time leading scorer in Cadet
Class Of
Michael Toler recently had published
                                             Class Of
                                             Michael Woodson was named Athletic
                                                                                         Class Of
                                                                                                     1999                          Class Of
                                                                                                                                   James W. Hickman, graduated from
                                                                                                                                                                                 Christopher B. Ferguson graduated
                                                                                                                                                                                 from the Henrico County Division of
                                                                                                                                                                                 Police 42nd Basic Police Recruit
                                                                                                                                                                                 Academy on June 5th. Christopher was
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chris Harris will continue his educa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                tion as a student/athlete (basketball) at
an article “Literature, Art, and a Country   Director at St. Gertrude’s. Mike had        Wesley W. Brooks is currently Director                                                                                                                 the United States Naval Academy.
                                                                                                                                   the United States Military Academy at         the recipient of the "H. Albert Nance Jr.
in Crisis: An Interview with Aïssa           most recently worked with VCU after         of Women’s Basketball Operations at                                                                                                                    Chris spent the past year at Fork
                                                                                                                                   West Point on May 27th and was com-           Memorial Award" for having achieved
Khelladi and Marie Virolle of Algérie        three years with the Special Olympics       West Virginia University.                                                                                                                              Union Military Academy where his
                                                                                                                                   missioned as a Second Lieutenant in the       the highest grade point average at the
Littérature / Action” which appears in       and before that the YMCA. He is in                                                                                                                                                                 play drew interest from a number of
                                                                                                                                   United States Army. Jamie is currently        academy. This award was presented to
the July-August 2006 issue of World          charge of 17 teams in 12 sports.            Joshua H. Hillsman is engaged to                                                                                                                       schools. He chose to become a
                                                                                                                                                                                 Christopher by Ellen Fulmer of the                             Midshipman.
Literature Today as part of a special sec-                                               Virginia Brooke Barbour. Joshua
tion on the Maghreb (North Africa).                                                      received a B.A. in History from VMI.
Michael received his Ph.D. in compara-
tive literature and translation in 2005.
                                             Class Of
                                             Andrew D. Allen married the former
                                                                                         An August 2006 wedding is planned.

Class Of
Paul D. Becker married the former
                                             Kelly Elizabeth Webb on July 15th,
                                             2006. Andrew is a graduate of
                                             Hampton-Sydney College
                                                                                         Class Of
                                                                                         Bryan R. Mangas received a B.A. in
                                                                                         Political Science from Hampden-Sydney
Stephanie D. Clough in June of 2005.         Justin M. Green, was married Sunday,        College.
Paul is an engineer with Trimech             July 23rd in St. Petersburg to Jeannie L.
Solutions. They reside in Richmond.          Friedrich. Justin graduated from JSRCC      Peter W. Strauss married the former
                                             with an Associate’s in Social Sciences      Meghan Lee Durham on April 8, 2006.
Benjamin J. Lambert IV was featured          and is currently working on a degree in     Peter is a graduate of James Madison
in the April 16, 2006 issue of Style         Broadcast Journalism at VCU’s School        University and is currently a client
Weekly Magazine. Benjamin discussed          of Mass Communications.                     manager analyst for Bank of America.
his political plans. He and his wife live
in Ginter Park.
                                                                                         Class Of
                                                                                         Patrick B. Estes married the former
                                                                                         Lauren Michelle Taggart on July 15th.                                        John McGinty, past graduates and spouses at the Benedictine Society Luncheon. This
                                                                                         Patrick is a graduate of the University                                        luncheon is held annually for all graduates who matriculated 45 years ago or more.
                                                                                         of Virginia and an offensive lineman
                                                                                         with the San Francisco 49ers of the
 20 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                   NFL.                                                                                                                                                                                       21
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             HONOR ROLL
                          Class Notes (cont)            THE CADET COMMUNITY
 IN MEMORY                                              SAYS GOODBYE TO A                                                THE 6TH ANNUAL “RUT”GOLF TOURNAMENT
    We will keep the following alumni and their fami-
 ly in our prayers:
                                                        “UNIVERSAL FRIEND”                                                    This event honoring Coach Rutledge was held October 17, 2005 at the         A dinner was held afterwards with Warren Rutledge Scholarship
                                                           Cadet Brooks Norfleet Berry ‘07, age 17, died on April         Dominion Club and Hunting Hawk golf courses. One hundred and                recipient Jason Dosh thanking everyone for his or her support. We
   George H. Ackerman ‘42 - October 20, 2005                                                                              sixty-eight players joined in the festivities.                              would especially like to thank all of our sponsors. The 2005 Rut golf
                                                        9, 2006 from a fatal head injury. Survived by his par-
   William R. Arnette ‘71 - March 31, 2006              ents, John F. “Jack” Berry and Katherine Norfleet Berry                                                                                       sponsors were:
                                                                                                                              Warren S. Rutledge taught and coached the Cadets for 43 years. He
   William C. Bannister ‘48                             and brother John Norfleet Berry, Brooks will be truly             was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame (2001) and has been
   Harold N. “Kelly” Bazemore ‘55 -                     missed. He was a “universal friend” to all that knew              recognized by the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts.    * A & C Utilities Inc. - Mike Augst ‘69
          February 22, 2006                             him according to Benedictine Headmaster John                      In addition to leading the Cadets to 949 basketball wins and 200+ base-     * Augie Lange Realty - Augie Lange ‘59
                                                        McGinty. He was active in sports having played on the             ball victories, Coach “Rut” was a superb math teacher. He spent his         * Automatic Leasing SVC - Scott Carreras ‘88
   Frank H. Boehling Jr. ‘41 - March 30, 2006
                                                        JV basketball, football and baseball teams as well as the         entire career teaching life lessons to the Cadets in the gym, on the dia-   * Benedictine Athletic Department - Barry Gibrall ‘64
   Robert J. Brasington ‘69 - January 20, 2006          Varsity tennis team. He loved his Benedictine family,             mond and in the classroom.                                                  * Bennett Funeral Home -
   Frank G. Bucher ‘35 - February 21, 2006              and that love was and continues to be returned in innu-
                                                                                                                              Coach was also an avid golfer with a tremendous knack for making                   Charles D. Morehead ‘ 83, Robert P. Morehead ‘85
   Paul D. Cahill Jr. ‘ 73 - October 31, 2005           merable ways. A gifted musician, Brooks played the
                                                                                                                          putts when they mattered most. Many are familiar with how Coach                         & Andrew Bennett Morehead ‘94
   J. Phillip Carreras Sr. ‘34 - February 4, 2006       guitar, recorded and sang music with his brother and
                                                        friends. Brooks grew up in Ashland and had friends                could knock in a long putt or get up and down from the “junk”, sending      * Breeden & Collier Company - Greg Harmon ‘ 72
   William L. Carreras ‘61 - January 15, 2006                                                                             his opponent home with a few less dollars in his pocket. In fact, Coach     * Cap Centers LLC - Gary Piacentini ‘73
                                                        from Beaverdam to Brandermill and everywhere in
   David S. Cahoon ‘80 - October 1, 2005                between. Bringing joy to everyone he touched, Brooks              sank a “long putt” on the 18th hole in his last match at Shoal Creek in     * Century 21 Select - John Daylor ‘76
   Guy J. Creed ‘62 - April 8, 2006                     was unburdened by rules and brought out the goodness              Alabama to win all the money. Coach Rutledge was simply a winner!           * Class of 1966 - Gerald Augst, John Farrell, Jim Hotze
   Thomas V. Dagenhart ‘50 - January 12, 2006           in every person he met. He was kind, caring and shared                This event was created seven years ago to establish a scholarship in               & Harry Morrow
   Matthew B. Fleck ‘94 - July 22, 2005                 his boundless love with everyone. He was unique on                his name at Benedictine. The Warren S. Rutledge Scholarship recipient       * Colortree of Virginia, Inc. - Kyle Martin ‘78
                                                                                         the planet. His way of           for 2005-06 was Jason Dosh. Jason will continue his education at James
   Ellis P. George ‘37 - January 27, 2006                                                                                                                                                             * Communication Specialist of Virginia - Mr. Ron Pusey - ‘08 parent
                                                                                         life was guided by               Madison University and will be switching from QB to tight end when
   E. Atwill Gilman ‘40 - August 16, 2005                                                                                                                                                             * Digital Innovations Group - Mr. Scott Goldberg - ‘09 parent
                                                                                         God.                             football begins in late August. We wish Jason well.
   Roland C. Hegamyer Jr. ‘59 - March 13, 2006                                                                                                                                                        * Direct Impressions - Mike Muldowney ‘81 & Mark Smith ‘81
   Robert P. “Bert” Lord ‘46 - July 13, 2005                                                                                 The Hunting Hawk division was won by the foursome of David               * Dixie Sporting Goods - Ken Caravati ‘76 & Michael Caravati ‘79
                                                                                              Alexandra Biele, John
                                                                                                                          Craven ‘80, Ken Harvey ‘79, Cary Kitchen ‘79 and Mark O’Brien ‘80.          * Bruce Ganey ‘72
   Ronald R. Luffsey ‘65 - August 23, 2005                                                    Berry, Brooks Berry,
                                                                                                                          They shot 60 to take top honors in the Captains choice format.              * HandCraft Cleaners - Jay Nichols ‘74, Keith Nichols ‘77
   William D. McCarthy ‘30 - January 23, 2006                                                 Katherine Berry and Jack
                                                                                              Berry (Thanksgiving            The formidable team of Mike Augst ‘69, Mike Kelly ‘72, Ricky Poh ‘66                & Jeff Nichols ‘82
   Robert B. McDonald ‘39 - March 3, 2006
                                                                                              ‘05)                        and Paul Strauss ‘66 added another trophy to their collection by shoot-     * Insurance Advocacy Group - Mr. Stewart Hargrove - ‘08 & ‘09 parent
   William H. Miller ‘34 - December 23, 2005                                                                                                                                                          * JJH Corporation - Jack Hanky ‘56, Jay Hanky ‘75, Paul Marchetti ‘80
                                                                                                                          ing 57 at The Dominion Club.
   Julian A. Moroni ‘58 - February 17, 2006                                                                                                                                                                       & Mike Hanky ‘98
   Lawrence J. Myers ‘49 - September 26, 2005                                                                                                                                                         * Mulligan’s Golf Shop - Mark Farley ‘72 & Chris Farley ‘73
   Thomas F. Rayfield ‘29 - December 17, 2005                                                                                                                                                         * Positive Vibe Café - Garth Larcen ‘69
   James A. Rea ‘44 - December 3, 2005                                                                                                                                                                * Royal Chevrolet - Del Mugford ‘81, David Mugford ‘82
   James M. Rooney ‘64 - October 10, 2005                                                                                                                                                                        & Drew Mugford ‘86
   Cicero A. Tennant ‘53 - March 20, 2006                                                                                                                                                             * RPM Graphics - Charles Plageman ‘86
   Emmett E. “Skee” Wirt Jr. ‘45 -                                                                                                                                                                    * S & S Body - Richard Scott ‘74
          December 3, 2005                                                                                                                                                                            * Siewers Lumber & Millwork - Fred Jr. ‘48, Johnny ‘55, Fred III ‘75,
   William K. Zacharias ‘52 - January 17, 2006                                                                                                                                                                   Richard ‘81 , & Michael Siewers ‘89.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      * State Farm Insurance - Steve Goodman ‘71
    We sincerely apologize if we have not included an                                                                                                                                                 * T. Rogers & Associates - Todd Rogers ‘83
 alumnus in our prayers or memorial notes who has                         Mr. Berry speaking with Cadets                                                                                              * Village Exxon & Village West Shell - Jack Hanky ‘56
 passed away during the past year or if we have iden-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 & Jim McKenna ‘64
 tified an inaccurate date. We don’t always see the
 notice in the newspaper and have reported informa-       The Berry family has asked that we share the follow-                                                                                        * Worth Higgins & Associates - Mr. Rick LaReau
 tion as it was shared with us. Please alert us when    ing. “Please express our deep appreciation for all the
 an alumnus passes on so we may remember him in         love and support offered to us from the Benedictine                                                                                           We would also like to thank Steve Nelson (‘09 parent) and Maximon
                                                                                                                               We look forward to seeing everyone on October 2, 2006 as we gather
 our prayers.                                           family. Brooks’ tragic death has left a huge hole in the                                                                                      Tobacco for providing the Cigars.
                                                                                                                               for a day of what Coach Rut truly enjoyed —- golf, fellowship and
                                                        world but we hope to maintain lasting relationships                     lots of fun. It is never too late to enter your team. See you then.
                                                        with all of Brooks friends. He would want that.”
22 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                                                                     HONOR ROLL                  23

CATCHING UP WITH MARK R. ROYSTER ‘83                                                                                                                                                         over four years before attending Benedictine. It is not so
                                                                                                                                                                                             much their game as watching them mature into young
                                                                                                                                                                                             men, hopefully attending BHS. There is something about
  The Family News caught up with Mark over the sum-           for pointing him in the right direction with the Military.                                                                     Memorial Gymnasium that can influence a boy’s decision
mer and asked him to reflect on Benedictine, his experi-      “Matt was a great leader and set the tone for all of us. The                                                                   about high school. It happened to me, and many others. I
ences and what he is doing now.                               Military was an important part of the experience and for                                                                       was fortunate to have played in the league and now watch
                                                              the most part, we all bought into why it was valuable.”                                                                        others do the same. It is still a great thrill to watch these
   The son of John and Elizabeth Royster, Mark followed in
the footsteps of his brothers Michael ‘77 and Geoff ‘79 and      “My fondest memory of BHS is a tough one to nail                                                                            young boys grow, compete and have fun.”
enrolled in Benedictine after graduating from St. Paul’s.     down ... I have so many. Primarily, we focused on repre-                                                                           Mark, what about BHS today? “There are so many pos-
“My brothers attended and I got hooked on Cadet football      senting the school correctly. All my memories involve my                                                                       itives starting with a much stronger curriculum.
and basketball. I also don’t think my parents or brothers     classmates and we continue to tell tales of the great times                                                                    Ultimately, the Cadets shape the school. They dictate how
gave me an option,” says Mark. He also has a sister Terry     we had ... nearly a quarter of a century later. On a per-                                                                      we are viewed in the community. They determine if we
who graduated from St. Gertrude’s in 1986.                    sonal note, it would have to be the success we enjoyed                                                                         are disciplined, well mannered, hard working and pro-
                                                              playing hoops for the Cadets ... it was a great experience.”                                                                   ductive. It is the school’s responsibility to set the structure,
   Coach Royster (as we call him around Benedictine) and
                                                              Mark was a valuable member of two BCCC and two State                                                                           the Cadets’ focus to pursue a great education and the
his wife Kathleen have two boys: Jared - 9 and Luke - 7,                                                                        “Coach Rutledge was brilliant in so many areas. He
                                                              Catholic title teams. He was named to the all tournament                                                                       alumni to support. The common goal for BHS should be
and seven daughters; Brooke and Shana - 22, Erin - 19,                                                                       prepared us for every conceivable situation but allowed us
                                                              teams in the 1982 BCCC and 1983 State Catholic. Mark also                                                                      to develop, nurture and coach young men to be produc-
Kara - 16, Carson - 11, Hollyn - 10 and Olivia - 7. He is                                                                    the freedom to play within his framework. He always did
                                                              played on the golf team.                                                                                                       tive members of society. I think this is a worthy goal.”
starting his 18th year at Loving’s Produce in Richmond,                                                                      a super job of adjusting to the players he had on the roster.
responsible for sales and personnel.                                                                                         As his assistant, I got to see how much he enjoyed teach-
                                                                 When asked what BHS provided to him and his class-                                                                              Mark says he is often asked why he went to BHS and
   Mark will also begin his sixth year heading up the boys    mates, Mark states, “Benedictine offered so much in the        ing fundamentals, the competition of the game and the           what made it so special. “As I said earlier, although I
parochial basketball league. He considers this “an oppor-     way of personal growth. The education was very good            pleasure he felt when his teams succeeded.”                     wanted to go, I had very little choice. There are many
tunity to spend more time in the gym watching kids devel-     but we learned so much more that was not in the text-                                                                          good options today for education so you have to want to
                                                                                                                                Mark went on to say that Coach demanded two
op and to get an early peek at future Cadets.”                books. Father Adrian and Colonel Caine trusted us to run                                                                       go to Benedictine. It is a very special place if you want to
                                                                                                                             things from his players ... to think and to play hard. “He
                                                              the school. From our first day on Sheppard Street until                                                                        be there. Cadets don’t really understand the uniqueness
   When asked about his personal accomplishments as a                                                                        would not compromise these principles. He certainly
                                                              graduation, we were preparing for life. We made mistakes                                                                       until they are gone. They are so caught up in reaching the
Cadet, Mark quickly deflects to his class. “We were proud                                                                    had mellowed when I think of when I played for him
                                                              but learned from them and grew as individuals. I was                                                                           end. After you leave, you understand the bond that was
to be Cadets and did not allow the reputation of the                                                                         and then coached with him. Nevertheless, he had a
                                                              taught how to interact with people and this has been                                                                           created and feel blessed. When it is all said and done, it is
school to be compromised. We felt a sense of pride and                                                                       burning desire to win and to instill this fire in his teams.
                                                              invaluable in my adult life.”                                                                                                  the friendships that matter the most. My class built these
always valued the school, the alumni and our school-                                                                         Win or lose, he always did it with class. This I will never
                                                                                                                                                                                             friendships and they continue today. This is hard to
mates. We tried to do everything to the best of our abili-       A graduate of East Carolina University, Mark is begin-      forget. He taught me so much from when I first attend-
                                                                                                                                                                                             explain but there is a closeness that I don’t see or hear
ty.”                                                          ning his second stint as the head assistant for the Cadet      ed his camps until his passing. I am proud he consid-
                                                                                                                                                                                             about in other schools. The process was tough at times but
                                                              Varsity Basketball team. He assisted Coach Rutledge from       ered me his friend.”
  A 2nd Lieutenant in 1982-83, Mark credits Matt White                                                                                                                                       the rewards have been immeasurable.”
                                                              1994-2000 and now is the right hand for Coach Sean                We asked Mark how the game has changed. “I believe
                                                              McAloon as they continue the great tradition of Cadet                                                                             We concluded our visit by asking Mark what he hopes
                                                                                                                             the 3 point line has allowed some players to compete who
                                                              hoops. Although he was out of coaching following Coach                                                                         they say about him in 20 years.
                                                                                                                             do not have a well rounded game. Players are much bet-
                                                              Rutledge’s retirement, Mark has always been a “gym rat”        ter physically but not as strong fundamentally. The game
                                                              and returned to the Cadet sidelines in 2005. “Coach                                                                               He said, “I hope they say I did not sit on the sidelines ...
                                                                                                                             has changed strategically because of the arc and some
                                                              McAloon will do a great job and I was pleased when he                                                                          that I was involved. My family, my business, my friends
                                                                                                                             players struggle to run plays effectively.”
                                                              asked me to join his staff. Like many others, I bleed green                                                                    and BHS need my participation. Benedictine needs as
                                                              and want to help these young players to be the best they          “The biggest challenge coaching is trying to juggle all      many alumni as possible to roll up their sleeves. We have
                                                              can be.”                                                       the interests kids have today. Our players have so many         a great school and need everyone to do their best to con-
                                                                                                                             more options today. This can often lead to tough decisions      tinue the tradition. Ultimately, I hope I have contributed
                                                                 With a deep passion for Benedictine, the Cadets and the     for coaches. AAU is a big deal today and adds a whole           to this effort. I just want to know that I gave it my all.”
                                                              basketball program, the Family News asked Mark to              new variable to the equation.”
                                                              speak about each.                                                                                                                 Anything else Mark?
                                                                                                                                Mark has also refereed in the BHS youth league for the
                                                                                                                             past 11 years. This is his sixth year running what a lot of
                                                                                                                             people know to be the parochial league. “One of the great          “Yea, Go Cadets!”
                                                                                                                             joys is watching 5th graders and the progress they make

  24 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                                                       HONOR ROLL                25
                                                                                                                                 HONOR ROLL
                                 Thank You...Thank You!                                                                                                          Alumni Giving
$288,060 IS A RECORD                                         We wish to thank our 2005-2006 COACHES CLUB                                                         Edgar A. Duffy 1930            John J. Allen     1952      J. Patrick Keith 1958       Frank J. Stumpf 1965
                                                            members for their ongoing support of Cadet athletics.                 Percentages By Class           James C. McCarthy 1930         Tim Finnegan       1952     David D. Plageman 1958      James J. Vergara 1965

YEAR FOR ANNUAL GIVING                                                                                                                                           Paul K. Klotz      1931        Charles H. Smith 1952       W. Edward Riley 1958
                                                                                                                                                                                                John M. Timberlake 1952                                 Gerald W. Augst 1966
                                                                                                                                 of living graduates making a                                                               David R. Ryan       1958    W. Russell Byrne 1966
                                                                                                                                                                 William F. Holzgrefe 1933      William H. Beckstoffer 1953 Richard B. Smith 1958
                                                                                                                                        gift in 2005-2006                                       William E. Dvorak 1953
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Frank J. DeGaetani 1966
                                                                                                                                                                 J. Phillip Carreras 1934                                   Philip J. Bagley 1959       John E. Farrell 1966
   I am thrilled to report that the Cadet community                                                                              1930-14.3%     1971-21.2%       William H. Miller 1934         Charles M. Hudson 1953      Ed C. Eck         1959      James B. Hotze 1966
                                                                                                                                                                 James R. Sowers 1934           Bernard H. Koster 1953      Augie F. Lange 1959         Robert P. Mathewson 1966
responded to our requests and exceeded the previ-                                                                                                                                               Stephane F. Turner 1953     John J. Meagher 1959        R. Wood Northup 1966
                                                                                                                                 1933- 9.1%     1972-13.8%       Frank R. Kelly 1935                                        Valmont R. Ouellette 1959   Paul J. Strauss 1966
ous record for charitable giving to the Annual Fund.                                                                                                             Charles E. Kelly 1936          August J. Bain 1954
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            W. G. Schaefer 1959         Roy J. Ward        1966
Unrestricted gifts ranging from $10 to $10,000                                                                                   1934-20.0%     1973-12.5%                                      James T. Brunot 1954
                                                                                                                                                                 Ellis P. George 1937           George O. Crone 1954        J. Peter Thompson 1959      John Amrhein         1967
allowed us to exceed our goal of $260,000 and estab-                                                                                                                                            William A. Fastabend 1954   Frank J. Wallmeyer 1959     Albert J. Anderson 1967
                                                                                                                                 1935-20.0%     1974-14.9%       Robert E. Strauss 1938         Joseph A. Kelly 1954        Robert J. Belton 1960       Paul S. Bliley 1967
lish a new level of charitable support. These gifts                                                                              1936- 9.1%     1975-12.5%       Benjamin G. Hanson 1939        Robert E. Lattanze 1954     Henry A. Berling 1960       C. Fair Brooks 1967
are the foundation of our charitable efforts. Your                                                                                                               George J. Kelly 1939           Louis J. Marroni 1954       Persse K. Deverell 1960     Richard S. Burke 1967
                                                                                                                                 1938-14.3%     1976-26.3%(10)   Harry T. Stebbing 1939                                     Frederick J. Holzgrefe 1960 Joseph Holzgrefe 1967
generosity facilitates our ability to improve the                                                                                                                Frank J. Stumpf 1940                                       Jerry T. McMurtrie 1960     Robert A. Leahey 1967
opportunity Benedictine High School provides,                                                                                    1939-50.0% (1) 1977-11.8%                                                                  D. Wayne O’Bryan 1960       Gerald A. Masini 1967
                                                                                                                                                                 Thurman S. Cash 1941           PERCENTAHE OF O. Ralph Puccinelli 1960 Alfred E. Pollard 1967
while keeping tuition affordable.                                                                                                1940- 6.7%     1978-12.2%       Charles H. Duff 1941
                                                                                                                                                                 Andrew J. Metz 1941
                                                                                                                                                                                                 CLASS GIVING               Benjamin P. Scafidi 1960
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            O. Martin Shorter 1960
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Michael J. Williams 1967
                                                                                                                                                                 Joseph F. Spinella 1941                                    Ferdinand J. Tramont 1960   J. Michael Amrhein 1968
  On behalf of Benedictine High School, its Cadets,                                                                              1941-33.3% (3) 1979-13.3%       Nicholas A. Spinella 1941
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Benedictine High                                       Charles L. Eichhorn 1968
                                                                                                                                                                                               School received gifts        Nicholas M. Bliley 1961     Peter B. Grinnell 1968
the Faculty and Staff and Board of Trustees ...                                                                                  1942-31.3% (6) 1980- 9.4%       James W. Boehling 1942                                     John R. Burke       1961    William G. Kennedy 1968
THANK YOU!                                                                                                                                                       Charles E. Caravati 1942     from 524 graduates in Jack C. Cook               1961     Thomas M. Lange 1968
                                                          * A & C Utilities                    * JJH Corporation                 1943-25.6%     1981-40.0% (2)   John A. Hadley 1942           the past year totaling       William C. Daffron 1961     John G. McNally 1968
                                                                                                                                                                 John A. Nichols 1942        $593,944. We are grate- Robert M. Howard 1961         1961 Dana M. Roussy 1968
  I am equally pleased to share with you that our         * Advanced Orthopedic Centers        * Stephen L. Jordan               1944-25.0%     1982- 8.5%       Gordon P. Williams 1942                                    John R. McDonald            August J. Wallmeyer 1968
overall giving approached $1,000,000. Gifts to                                                                                                                   Stewart B. Foulke 1943        ful to each and every        Frederick B. McNeil 1961    Robert A. Wilkins 1968
                                                          * Awad Concrete Construction, Inc.   * Karen’s Diner                   1945-30.8% (7) 1983-15.9%                                   one of them. The lead- Ernest A. Mooney 1961               Dennis D. Williams 1968
scholarships and sponsor support for events also                                                                                                                 William T. Goodwin 1943                                    James R. Pickens 1961
                                                          * Beckstoffer-Welsh, Inc.            * V. F. Lanasa Produce                                            Robert W. Kusterer 1943     ing classes by year are: Eric S. Seidel 1961               Michael J. Awad 1969
allow us to continue with our mission of providing                                                                               1946- 7.4%     1984- 7.7%       Michael J. Masotti 1943                                                                Emil J. Bialkowski 1969
                                                          * Benedictine High School PTO        * Augie Lange Realty                                              David G. Nolte 1943                                        Francis T. Eck 1962         Thomas D. Burke 1969
the Cadets with a first class experience.                                                                                        1947-13.2%     1985-13.7%       Frank A. Solari 1943           1. 1939 - 50.0%             Otto J. Gragnani 1962       D. Kevin Dolan 1969
                                                                    and Cadet Shop             * Martin, Dolan & Holton, LTD
                                                                                                                                                                 William T. Stubbs 1943        2. 1981 - 40.0%              Malcolm L. Slovic 1962      T. Bernard Fox 1969
  We have set $330,000 as a realistic Annual Fund         * Bennett Funeral Home               * Meade Gregory                   1948-30.8% (7) 1986-10.1%                                                                  Emil Smigo         1962     Peter J. Gaglio 1969
                                                                                                                                                                 William E. Boyle 1944         3. 1941 - 33.3%              R. Pinkney Sowers 1962      Rodney F. Ganey 1969
goal for 2006-07. In addition, we have recently           * Bunkie Trinite Trophies            * The Noonan Company              1949-20.0%     1987- 7.6%       Andrew M. Dreelin 1944                                     Donne M. Storino 1962       James L. Gill     1969
added an online form to our website www.bene-                                                                                                                    Alfred L. Haboush 1944        4. 1956 - 33.3%                                          Richard D. Goodman 1969
                                                          * Carey Burke Carpets, Inc.          * O’Brien Associates              1950-10.0%     1988- 8.3%       George M. Saady 1944                                       Jerry L. Biedrycki 1963
dictinehighschool.org for your convenience. The                                                                                                                  Frank J. Wyatt 1944           5. 1964 - 32.8%              Brawner Cates       1963    Mark C. Hobart 1969
                                                          * Thurman S. Cash, Jr. & Son         * O’Toole’s Restaurant                                            Charles B. Bliley 1945                                     Thomas M. Daly 1963         Garth B. Larcen 1969
community has asked for this opportunity and we                                                                                  1951- 9.1%     1989-13.0%                                     6. 1942 - 31.3%                                          Christopher B. Power 1969
                                                                    Insurance Agency           * Margaret and Gary Piacentini                                    Thomas B. Grasberger 1945                                  Joseph A. Dart 1963
are pleased to tell you that it is now available. This                                                                           1952-14.8%     1990- 14.3%      William N. Gregory 1945
                                                                                                                                                                                               7. 1945 - 30.8%              Julius M. Dubovsky 1963     Robert L. Beckstoffer 1970
                                                          * Comcast                            * Puccinelli & Associates, Inc.                                   Russell P. Knightly 1945      8. 1948 - 30.8%              Ralph A. Elmore 1963        John B. Cates      1970
will allow our donors to make gifts online through                                                                               1953-13.9%     1991- 2.2%       Bernard L. Kusterer 1945                                   R. Bruce McDonald 1963      Davis W. Durrett 1970
                                                          * Communications Specialists         * Richmond Electric Supply                                                                      9. 1954 - 30.4%              John B. McGinty 1963        S. Lee Gibbs       1970
a secure system if they choose. I am hopeful this                                                                                                                William J. Melvin 1945                                     Stephen A. Northup 1963     Haywood B. Hyman 1970
                                                          * Custom Kitchens, Inc.              * River City Bank                 1954-30.4% (9) 1992- 7.8%       Gregory S. Shuart 1945        10.1976 - 26.3%              P. Graham O’Neil 1963       Bruce W. Jones 1970
will allow us to continue the momentum.                                                                                                                          Gildo Louis Suffredi 1945
                                                          * Diamond Springs Water              * Royal Chevrolet                                                                                                            Thomas J. Sheehy 1963       William F. Kastelberg 1970
                                                                                                                                 1955-21.1%     1993- 8.5%       Charles A. Mink 1946                                       Kevin J. Soden 1963         Kerry E. Powers 1970
  Thank you for remembering Benedictine High              * Dibert Valve & Fitting             * Mark Royster                                                    John M. Timberlake 1946                                    Paul A. Williams 1963       Donald S. Ross 1970
                                                                                                                                 1956-33.3% (3) 1994-22.6%                                       K. Ray Augst       1955
School. Every charitable gift helps keep the spirit                                                                                                              Thomas K. Barrett 1947          Jake Berman          1955  Ronald A. Beckstoffer 1964  Harry W. Tinsley 1970
                                                          * Direct Impressions                 * S & S Body Shop, Inc.                                                                                                                                  Christopher C. Williams 1970
alive.                                                                                                                           1957-19.1%     1995 - 2.9%      Frank J. Gerwin 1947            Richard R. Cunningham 1955 Edward J. Burke 1964
                                                          * Dixie Sporting Goods               * Saturn of Richmond                                              Robert B. Heeke 1947            R. William Dunne 1955      Richard E. Dolan 1964       Thomas C. Burke 1971
                                                                                                                                 1958-19.4%     1996- 2.3%       William A. Heeke 1947           Leo A. Kramer        1955  Edward M. Ford 1964         Steve T. Goodman 1971
  We are sincerely sorry if we have left your name        * Extra Billy’s Barbecue             * Servpro of Chesterfield                                         Roger W. Staley 1947            Barry R. Page       1955   W. Barry Gibrall 1964       Robert M. Gregory 1971
off our Honor Roll of Donors. Please call me so I         * First National Brokerage Corp.     * Siewers Lumber & Millwork       1959-17.8%     1997-3.9%                                        Blaise C. Plageman 1955    W. Scott Huzek 1964         John D. Helfert 1971
                                                                                                                                                                 James E. Beck        1948       Robert J. Ross 1955        Nevin Isenberg 1964         Kevin R. Huennekens 1971
can thank you personally.                                 * Glory Days Grill                   * Sinnott, Nuckols & Logan, PC                                    Thomas J. Bliley 1948           Augustine T. Williams 1955 Dennis J. Kopecko 1964      Paul Joseph Loehr 1971
                                                                                                                                 1960-14.1%     1998-3.3%        Thomas J. Boehling 1948                                    Bernard W. Lange 1964       Dennis G. McDonald 1971
                                                          * George and Jane Garner             * Spotts-Fain                                                     Richard D. Goodman 1948         Robert J. Baughan 1956
 God Bless you and your loved ones.                                                                                              1961-15.2%     1999-3.4%        Francis D. Gragnani 1948        Herman J. Beckstoffer 1956 James B. McKenna 1964       Kevin M. McGowan 1971
                                                          * HandCraft Cleaners                 * Frank J. Stumpf                                                 F. Vernon McCracken 1948        Jon H. Betts       1956    Robert W. Newcomb 1964 James J. McNally 1971
                                                                                                                                 1962-11.1%     2001-7.6%        William H. Perrin 1948          Frank D. Carpin 1956       Anthony J. Puccinelli 1964  Matthew J. McNally 1971
 Thomas J. Lukish Jr. ‘76                                 * Lynn and Stewart Hargrove          * Tascon Group, Inc.                                              Robert A. Preston 1948          Harry J. Edwards 1956      Thomas R. Scanniello 1964   James J. Meehan 1971
                                                                                                                                 1963-20.4%     2002 - 4.2%      Benny R. Sepulveda 1948         John J. Hanky       1956   Gerald H. Schepker 1964     James A. Murphy 1971
 Director of Advancement                                  * Havana Connections                 * Village Exxon                                                                                   Joseph F. Hasbrouck 1956   Anthony E. Smith 1964       Gary S. Powers 1971
                                                                                                                                                                 Frederick W. Siewers 1948                                  Charles A. Smith 1964       Charles L. Sweeney 1971
 Go Cadets!                                               * Hill City Chop House               * West End Anesthesia Group       1964-32.8% (5) 2003-2.8%        Edward C. Trexler 1948          E. Fred Kahwajy 1956
                                                                                                                                                                 Bernard F. Wittkamp 1948        Luis W. Morales 1956       Denis F. Soden 1964         Stephen K. Bannon 1972
                                                          * Hopewell Builders Supply           * World Foreign Car Service                                                                       John J. Muldowney 1956     Randolph A. Sutliff 1964    Thomas D. Cafferty 1972
                                                                                                                                 1965-13.6%     2005-3.6%        J. Gerard Boehling 1949         John J. Williams 1956      Lester A. Wagner 1964
                                                                                                                                                                 Richard L. Boehling 1949                                   John T. West       1964     Steven C. DeLaney 1972
                                                                                                                                 1966-14.8%     2006-1.6%        John W. Butler 1949             J. Ben Birindelli 1957     Thomas G. Zincone 1964      Dennis M. Donahue 1972
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Frank J. Doherty 1957                                  D. Mark Farley 1972
                                                          The new practice field under construction at the Abbey                 1967-17.5%     Total-13.43%
                                                                                                                                                                 A. Lawrence Harvey 1949
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Charles M. Ewell 1957      T. Michael Briggs 1965      Bruce P. Ganey 1972
                                                                                                                                                                 Jack B. Harvie 1949                                        Michael A. Dixon 1965       J. Patrick Gill 1972
                                                         was made possible by the generosity of the BHS Class of                                                 Earl A. McKnight 1949           Joseph A. Lange 1957
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Eugene D. Donner 1965       P. Christopher Guedri 1972
                                                                                                                                 1968-16.1%      Thank you       Maurice L. Phillips 1949        William A. Malanima 1957
                                                         1955.                                                                                                   Jerry L. Pugh       1949        Gerald V. Poh       1957   Ralph K. McNeil 1965        Joseph A. Jackson 1972
                                                                                                                                 1969-14.8%       Cadets!                                        Warren L. Rose 1957        William B. Murphy 1965      Thomas J. Monaghan 1972
                                                                                                                                                                 Albert R. Chiocca 1950          Michael K. Worsham 1957 John F. Rothert 1965           Robert F. Pecht 1972
                                                                                                                                 1970-12.0%                      William P. Schubmehl 1950       Arthur J. Zohab 1957
                                                                                                                                                                 John J. Hughes 1951             James P. Carreras 1958
26 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                            William A. Strauss 1951         Richard E. Dougherty 1958                           HONOR ROLL                        27
                                                                                                                                                                 A. Gregory Toler 1951
HONOR ROLL                                                    Christopher M. Kiefer 1983
                                                              Patrick J. McKeon 1983
                                                                                            George E. Gaulding 1990
                                                                                            D. Matthew Gelletly 1990
                                                                                                                            2006 Cornerstone                             The General’s Society
                                                                                                                                                                         ($1,000.00 + )
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. Nicholas A. Roupas
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. Dana M. Roussy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Communications Specialists of Va., Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Terence D. Cover
                                                              Charles D. Morehead 1983      Timothy O’Connor Johnson 1990
                                                                                            Derek R. Poh        1990
                                                                                                                            for the Future                               Mr. Anthony F. Ambrogi                   Shoney’s of Richmond, Inc.              Mr. Thomas F. Cunningham
                                                              Todd D. Rogers 1983                                                                                                                                 Mr. Richard J. Siewers                  Delta Automation, Inc.                                                          Mr. J. Gerard Boehling Jr.
                                                              Mark R. Royster 1983          John R. Saunders 1990           The Abbot’s Circle - ($5,000.00              Appendix R Solutions, Inc.                                                                                                 Rev. Neal A. Nichols
                                                                                            Paul C. Smith      1990                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Terrence M. Bagley          Dr. and Mrs. Alphonse E. Sirica         Mr. Michael D. DeNoia                     Mrs. Jeane O’Brien                    Mr. James H. Boehling
Gerard J. White 1972          Attila P. Bality 1978           Matthew D. Smith 1983                                         Mr. and Mrs. Franco Ambrogi                                                           Dr. R. Pinkney Sowers III               Mr. Ed C. Eck Jr.
Patrick J. White 1972         Gregory T. Cheely 1978          Kevin R. Snow       1983      Henry B. Wallmeyer 1990         Anne C. & Walter R. Robins Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bailie                                                                                              Mr. P. Graham O’Neil, Jr.             Mr. James W. Boehling
                              Sean P. Costello 1978                                                                                                                      Mr. Martin J. Bannon, Jr.                Mr. William P. Sowers                   Mr. Douglas W. Farley                     Mr. Alfred J. Owings, II              Mr. Richard L. Boehling, Sr.
Terrence M. Bagley 1973                                       Stephen M. Tooker 1983        Benjamin T. Calkins 1991        Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Bagley, III                                                    Mr. Frank J. Stumpf, Jr.                Mr. John E. Farrell
                              James S. Cremins 1978           Thomas L. Williams 1983       Jason R. Davis 1991             Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bahen                    Benedictine Alumni Board                                                                                                   LCDR Stephen J. Panchyshyn            Dr. and Mrs. L. Paul Bosher
Hilaire E. Beck 1973                                                                                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Stumpf           Mrs. Ellen F. Fountaine                                                         Mr. James Boykin
G. Kirby Brooks 1973          Hugh T. Dibert 1978                                           David R. Fleck 1991             Mr. Stephen K. Bannon                        Benedictine PTO                                                                                                            Mr. John G. Ragsdale, II
                              Alan J. Makowsky 1978           Donald F. Chandler 1984       Gregory A. Hill 1991                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Berling            Mrs. H. Regina Toomey                   Fox-Rowden-McBrayer, Inc.                 Reliable Constructors, Inc.           Ms. Sharon T. Boyle
Richard O. Bunce 1973                                         Curtis M. Irby 1984                                           Mr. Herman J. Beckstoffer, Jr.                                                        Ms. Helen A. Tremblay                   Mr. Nelson A. Franks
Christopher S. Farley 1973    Kyle A. Martin 1978                                           Vincent J. Wright 1991          Mrs. Patricia A. Berlin                      Bradley Electro Sales Corp.                                                                                                Mr. Andrew J. Rich                    Mr. Frank B. Bradley, III
Mark G. Guedri 1973           J. David Meyer 1978             Michael P. Kehoe 1984                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Kirk V. Brammer             UPS Foundation, Inc.                    Mr. Edwin Keith Galloway                  Mr. David T. Richardson               LTC. Donald E. Bradshaw, USAR
                              Raymond A. Yerly 1978           Willis L. Rash 1984           David A. Gallagher 1992         Mr. C. Michael Caravati                                                               Mr. and Mrs. August J. Wallmeyer        Mr. Rodney F. Ganey                                                             Mr. Mark S. Bradshaw
James H. Loughridge 1973                                                                    Peter A. Gambardella 1992       Mr. Kenneth L. Caravati                      Mr. T. Michael Briggs                                                                                                      Mr. Donald S. Ross
John W. Murphy 1973           C. Michael Caravati 1979        Joseph A. Sabatini 1984                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. C. Fair Brooks, III         Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Wallmeyer         Mr. Timothy J. Gill                       S & S Body Shop, Inc.                 Mr. Morris W. Branch
                                                              Michael A. Toler 1984         Todd C. Hoyle       1992        Mr. James P. Carreras, Jr.                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Williford       Mr. and Mrs. John R. Gobble IV
Gary T. Piacentini 1973       William D. Carli 1979                                         Ian P. Little   1992            Catholic Diocese of Richmond                 Mr. John D. Burke                                                                                                          Dr. Craig A. Sandoski                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Branch
David T. Richardson 1973      Christopher J. Enroughty 1979                                 John P. Morris 1992                                                          Mr. Charles E. Caravati                  Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Zacharias      Mr. Steve T. Goodman                      Mr. Michael L. Sawyer                 Brandywine Realty Trust
Charles W. Ward 1973                                          John P. Carpin 1985                                           Mr. Overton D. Dennis Jr.                                                                                                     Mrs. Ethelene Hanky
                              Kenneth H. Harvey 1979          Chris Chalkley 1985           Luke O. Puccinelli 1992         Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Dibert                Mr. Frank D. Carpin                                                                                                        Ms. Helen Scott                       Mr. Robert Branner Jr.
Thomas E. Ward 1973           J. Gregory Holzgrefe 1979       Scott D. Csaky 1985                                                                                        Mr. J. Phillip Carreras Sr.              The Colonel’s Society                   Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hannah                 Mr. Malcolm L. Slovic                 Braswell Insurance Agency, Inc.
                              Cary R. Kitchen 1979                                          Anthony F. Ambrogi 1993         Mr. and Mrs. William G. Dieter, Jr.                                                   ($500.00 + )                            Mr. Douglas M. Harley                                                           Mr. Joseph M. Brower
Jeffrey D. Bramer 1974                                        David F. Ferguson 1985        Paul A. DeTrana 1993            Mr. D. Kevin Dolan                           Mrs. Launa H. Carreras                                                                                                     Smith Reproduction
Stephen W. Gerloff 1974       Neal A. Nichols 1979            Michael J. Galli 1985                                                                                      Catholic Woman’s Club                                                            Healthcare Communications, LLC              & Renovation, Inc.                  D. Brown
                              Thomas H. Norris 1979                                         Brian S. Lambert 1993           Mr. Richard E. Dolan, Jr.                                                             A & C Utilities Supply Co., Inc.        Mr. Robert A. Hill, III
Charles W. Giovannetti 1974                                   Anthony L. Giovannetti 1985   Kevin D. Murphy 1993            Mr. Francis T. Eck                           Class of 1981                            A & J Electric Company, Inc.                                                      Mr. Kevin R. Snow                     Mr. Richard O. Bunce Jr.
Kevin L. Harvey 1974          W. Geoffrey Royster 1979                                                                                                                                                                                                    Mr. Harry F. Hoffmann, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stahling, Sr.     Mr. and Mrs. Randy Burcham
                              Stephen L. Slaughter 1979       Christopher E. Kane 1985      Brian E. Gates 1994             Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Eichhorn, II         Mr. John F. Daylor                       ACE Electric Company
A. Brooks Hock 1974                                           John P. Puccinelli 1985       Christian A. Mason 1994                                                      Diamond Springs Water                    Advest, Inc.                            Mr. Frederick J. Holzgrefe, Jr.           Mr. Robert E. Strauss                 Mr. John R. Burke
Paul L. Kitchen 1974          Michael P. Straus 1979                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Ferreri                                                                                                  Mr. Joseph Holzgrefe
                              Brian S. Thomas 1979            Kevin D. Purnell 1985         Edward J. Maynes 1994           Mrs. Marie D. Franko                         Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T. Dibert              Mr. Gerald W. Augst                                                               Mr. William A. Strauss Jr.            Mr. Richard S. Burke
William J. Kuhn 1974                                                                        Michael S. Maynes 1994                                                                                                                                        Mr. James B. Hotze                        The Positive Vibe Cafe                Mr. Thomas C. Burke, Jr.
Thomas J. McNally 1974        Mark J. Weber       1979        Linwood I. Rogers 1985                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Gill                 Dibert Valve & Fitting Co.               Mr. K. Ray Augst, Jr.
                                                                                            Andrew B. Morehead 1994                                                      Mr. Richard E. Dougherty, Jr.                                                    Mr. J.D. Hudson                           Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas              Mr. Thomas D. Burke
Willard P. Milby 1974         David B. Craven 1980            Dietrich A. Berling 1986      Brandon T. Owens 1994           Mr. Mark G. Guedri                                                                                                                                                                                            Burnham Commercial
William T. Morse 1974         David A. Davenport 1980                                                                       Mr. John J. Hanky, Jr.                       Mr. Edgar A. Duffy                                                                                                         Mrs. Helen Toomey
                                                              Richard R. Gill 1986          James A. Shaban 1994                                                         DuPont Inc.                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Toomey Sr.     Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Butt
L. Reed O’Brien 1974          Paul A. Marchetti 1980          David A. Hulcher 1986                                         Mr. and Mrs. Haywood B. Hyman, Jr.
John E. Pacer       1974      Timothy J. McGranahan 1980      Terrence W. Kerner 1986                                       Jane F. Simmons Trust                        Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dvorak, Jr.                            TOP 10 AREAS                                                Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Trumble, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Byrd, Jr.
Richard M. Scott 1974         Mark B. O’Brien 1980                                          TOP 10 CLASSES BY               Mr. William J. Kuhn                          Electrical Equipment Company                                 FOR GIFTS RECEIVED                                            Mr. and Mrs. Edward Villanueva        Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Byrd
William J. Shepherd 1974                                      Timothy E. Kiefer 1986                                                                                                                                                                                                                Mr. Lester A. Wagner                  Dr. W. Russell Byrne, M.D.
                              Stephen G. Reardon 1980         Barton G. Leahey 1986          DOLLAR AMOUNT                  Mr. John R. McDonald                         Mr. Charles M. Ewell, Jr.
Michael P. Spinella 1974      Vincent P. Schultz 1980                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. McKenna              Fire Protection Equipment Co.                    The Benedictine community generously                                      Mr. John T. West, IV                  C. E. Towler, Inc.
                              Ralph V. Toomey 1980            Drew S. Mugford 1986                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Edward S.                Mr. Thomas D. Cafferty
Andrew T. Brower 1975                                         Charles F. Plageman 1986      The alumni generous-            Monsignor John J. McMahon Charitable         Frank H. Nott Foundation Fund                    donated $989,871 to the school in 2005-
William M. Costello 1975      Eugene H. Walter 1980
                                                                                                                              Trust Fund                                 Mr. Mark D. Franko                                                                                                            Whitlock, III                      Carey Burke Carpets
                              Edward S. Whitlock 1980         Philip L. Wyatt 1986           ly donated $593,944                                                                                                                    2006. Thank you!                                                Rev. Msgr. John J. Williams           Mr. and Mrs. William D. Carli
Roy B. Goodman 1975                                                                                                         Mr. John A. Nichols                          Mr. I. Virt Frick, III
John J. Hanky       1975      Andras J. Bality 1981           James H. Boehling 1987        during the past year.                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Fulk                                                                                                 Dr. Dennis D. Winters                 Mr. Charles Carreras
David B. Harvey 1975                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. L. Reed O’Brien, Jr.                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. William T. Carreras
                              Victor J. Bernet 1981           Richard E. Dougherty 1987      Thank you to all the           Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Piacentini              Mr. Frank T. Gadams                             1.  Unrestricted gifts to the Annual                                       Mr. W. Morison Wood III
James G. Kelly 1975           Cayce G. Craddock 1981          Jason Flippo       1987           Cadets helping                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Gaunt                       Fund -                     $288,060                                    Mrs. Elizabeth S. Wright              Ms. Stuart S. Carter
Jordan T. McGuire 1975        Thomas F. Cunningham 1981       Brian T. Ford      1987                                       Mr. David D. Plageman                                                                                                                                                                                         Mr. Brawner Cates, III
                                                                                                   Cadets!                  Richmond Electric Supply Co., Inc.           Greygate, LLC                                                                                                              Mr. Frank J. Wyatt Jr.
John B. Myers       1975      Stephen M. Drew 1981            Joseph T. Jordan 1987                                                                                      Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Grover                   2. Restricted for Scholarships -                                                                                 Mr. John B. Cates, Sr.
Philip A. Noonan 1975         David Dunivan       1981        Mark A. Lange       1987                                      Mr. Robert J. Ross                                                                                                          $268,797                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Dean Caven
Keith M. Oley      1975                                                                                                     Servpro of Chesterfield & Tri-Cities, Plus   Mr. James T. Guthrie                                                                                                       Headmaster Associate
                              Douglas W. Farley 1981          David W. Powers 1987           1. 1962 - $104,225                                                          Hand Craft Services                                                                                                        ($100.00 + )                          Mr. Chris Chalkley
Frederick W. Siewers 1975     Mark D. Franko 1981                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Settlage                                                              3. Charles E. Caravati Scholarship
Walter J. Stumpf 1975                                         Charles A. Smith 1987           2. 1968 - $ 52,250            Mr. Mark L. Smith                            Mr. William F. Holzgrefe                            Fund-                       $50,000                                    Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Agee             Mr. and Mrs. Ramon E. Chalkley Jr.
                              Edwin Keith Galloway 1981       Creed O. Spriggs 1987                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Chris G. Chapin
W. Douglas Warren 1975        Timothy J. Gill 1981                                                                          Constituent Name                             Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Howard, Sr.                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. David W. Albright
                                                              Christopher E. Thomas 1987      3. 1976 - $ 43,467                                                         Mr. Andrew C. Hulcher                           4. Coaches Club -               $37,500                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. J. Clarke Chase
Donald E. Bradshaw 1976       Thomas L. Gorman 1981                                                                         Mr. Frank J. Stumpf, Sr.                                                                                                                                                Colonel and Mrs. Charles R.           Mr. Albert R. Chiocca
John D. Burke        1976     James R. Hennig 1981            Thomas Q. Benedetti 1988        4. 1981 - $ 37,482            The Community Foundation                     Hutcheson & Company                             5. Darryl W. Harman Jr. Memorial                                             Alexander, Jr.
                              Robert A. Hill 1981             J. Scott Carreras 1988                                        Ms. Catherine M. Toomey                      Mrs. Mary Frances C. Kastelberg                                                                                            Altria Employee Involvement           Mr. and Mrs. David S. Christian
Kenneth L. Caravati 1976                                                                     5. 1970 - $ 31, 375                                                                                                             Scholarship Fund -          $35,001                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R.
John F. Daylor 1976           Kenneth J. Hurst 1981           Robert W. Ferguson 1988                                       Ms. Elizabeth Toomey                         Mr. William F. Kastelberg, IV                                                                                                Programs
J. Donald Etz      1976       Henry F. Lange 1981             Patrick M. Gibrall 1988         6. 1969 - $ 30,800            Toomey Land Co. Inc.                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kehoe                   6. Blast sponsorships -         $31,100                                    Mrs. Ruth M. Ambrogi                    Cieslarczyk
I. Virt Frick    1976         Joseph J. Loehr 1981            Robert L. Goodman 1988                                        Ukrop Foundation                             Knights of Columbus #6189                                                                                                  Mr. J. Michael Amrhein                Class of 2007
                              John K. Loftus 1981                                             7. 1955 - $ 27,675                                                                                                         7. Restricted to Athletics -    $28,888                                                                          Classic Home Mortgage, Inc
David W. Gragnani 1976                                        David A. Graziano 1988                                        Virginia Eye Institute                       Mr. Bernard H. Koster Jr.                                                                                                  Mr. John Amrhein, Jr.
Douglas M. Harley 1976        Thomas S. Longan 1981           David K. Kelley 1988            8. 1979 - $ 27,104                                                         Mr. Robert W. Kusterer                          8. Brooks Norfleet Berry Music                                                                                   Ms. Matilda Cochet-Bowden
                              Sean M. McGrath 1981                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. Albert J. Anderson                Mr. John V. Cogbill, III
Richard F. Hendrick 1976                                      Kevin R. Laing 1988             9. 1972 - $ 21,497            The Trustee’s Circle                         Mr. Robert A. Leahey                                Scholarship Fund -          $26,272                                    Mr. Dennis Ashcraft
Harry F. Hoffmann 1976        Matthew K. McNeil 1981                                                                                                                     Mr. R.B. Lewis                                                                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Colbert, Jr.
                              George C. McRoberts 1981        David J. Mason 1988                                           ($2,500.00 + )                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Farhad Azari
John S. Holmgren 1976                                         Matthew M. Nuckols 1988        10. 1956 - $ 20,476                                                         Mr. Frank G. Louthan Jr.                        9. Athletic Complex -           $25,000                                    Mr. August J. Bain                    Mrs. Custis L. Coleman
Andrew C. Hulcher 1976        Edwin W. Mugford 1981                                                                         Mr. Michael S. Beall                                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Donald W.
Sidney S. Hyman 1976          John M. Muldowney 1981          Philip B. Rose 1988                                                                                        LRIG SE Chapter                                 10. The Blast Raffle -          $19,500                                    Mr. Andras J. Bality
                              Thomas S. O’Bryan 1981          Patrick L. Sanford 1988                                       Mr. Emil J. Bialkowski, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lukish Jr., Jr.                                                                                                                              Coleman, Sr.
Mark T. Leonard 1976                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Bliley, Jr.                                                             11. Rut Classic Golf -          $19,200                                    Mr. Attila P. Bality                  Ms. Colleen Collins
Thomas J. Lukish Jr. 1976     John G. Ragsdale 1981           Richard E. Smith 1988         Matthew T. Lambert 1995                                                      Mr. and Mrs. David T. Maguire                                                                                              Mr. Marshall D. Banks, II
                              Andrew J. Rich 1981                                                                           Mr. Francis R. Boehling                      Marvel Collections, Inc.                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Collins Sr.
John S. Massad 1976                                           Brian T. Andrews 1989         Matthew G. Kennedy 1996         Mr. William A. Butcher                                                                                                                                                  Ms. Nancy Barrett                     Colortree of Virginia, Inc.
Manuel G. Mendez 1976         Richard J. Siewers 1981         Marshall D. Banks 1989                                                                                     Mr. John S. Massad, Jr.                                                                                                    Mr. Thomas K. Barrett
Larry J. Mills 1976           Mark L. Smith       1981                                      Zachary E. Harrison 1997        Mr. J. Scott Carreras                        Mr. James C. McCarthy                                                                                                                                            Concepts Direct Inc
                              William A. Thomas 1981          Karl W. Berling 1989                                          Direct Impressions, Inc.                                                                                                      Mr. Kenneth J. Hurst                      Mr. Robert J. Baughan, Sr.            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Conte
Warren C. Moore 1976                                          Robert M. Bradley 1989        Charles M. Morrison 1997                                                     Mr. John B. McGinty                      Automatic Laundry Service of VA, Inc.                                             Mr. James E. Beck
Paul H. Nolte      1976       Charles F. Wade 1981                                                                          Estes Express Lines                          Mr. James B. McKenna, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Hilaire E. Beck, III       Mr. Haywood B. Hyman Sr.                                                        Mr. Jack C. Cook Jr.
                              James B. Wilkinson 1981         Frank T. Gadams 1989          Michael C. Hanky 1998           Mr. Bruce P. Ganey                                                                                                            Illumination Concepts & Sales             Mr. Ronald A. Beckstoffer
Charles H. Norris 1976                                        David M. Hess       1989      Paul E. Vance      1998                                                      Mr. John J. Meagher, Jr.                 Mr. Thomas Q. Benedetti                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Bednarz        Mrs. Mary Margaret Corbett
Christopher F. Romeo 1976     Dennis D. Winters 1981          Reese D. Murdaugh 1989                                        Mr. Richard R. Gill                          Col. William H. Miller, USAF(Ret.)       Benedictine PTA Bowling League          Mr. Nevin Isenberg                                                              Mr. Sean P. Costello
Nicholas A. Roupas 1976       Tracy M. Woodson 1981                                         Jonathan L. Gleason 1999        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gottwald                                                                                               J F Schoch Building Corp.                 Mr. K. Ruppert Beirne, Esq.           Mr. William M. Costello
                                                              Alfred J. Owings 1989                                                                                      Mr. Edwin W. Mugford, III                Bennett Funeral Home                                                              Mr. Robert J. Belton
Craig A. Sandoski 1976        Patrick E. Caine 1982           Stephen A. Plageman 1989      Daniel Scott Moffett 1999       Mr. James J. Harenchar                       Mr. and Mrs. John J. Muldowney           Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Berling           J.C. Driskill, Inc.                                                             Mrs. Christie Boehling Cox
William P. Sowers 1976        James J. Harenchar 1982                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Stewart R. Hargrove                                                                                              Mr. Timothy O’Connor Johnson              Mr. Wayne L. Benninghove              Mr. and Mrs. Cayce G. Craddock
                                                              Matthew O. Puccinelli 1989    Patrick B. Estes 2001                                                        Mr. R. Wood Northup                      Mr. and Mrs. John F. Berry                                                        Mr. Dietrich A. Berling
Christopher J. Weir 1976      Jeffrey R. Lukish 1982          Kenneth C. Puryear 1989       Matthew A. Gray 2001            Mr. William T. Hupp                          Mr. Mark B. O’Brien                      The Honorable Thomas J. Bliley Jr.      Knights of Columbus 6546                                                        Mr. David B. Craven
                              Robert E. Morley 1982           Gerald L. Roberts 1989        Charles K. Stokes 2001          Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Marroni                                                                                                 Mr. John K. Loftus                        Mr. Jake Berman Jr.                   Mr. S. Christopher Craven, CPA
Joseph M. Brower 1977                                                                                                                                                    Dr. and Mrs. George A. Oley, III         Mr. Thomas J. Boehling                                                            LTC Victor J. Bernet, M.D.
William A. Butcher 1977       Stephen J. Panchyshyn 1982      John A. Sabatini 1989         Shore A. Stokes 2001            Martin, Dolan & Holton, LTD                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Oplinger            Breeden & Collier Company, Inc.         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Lukish                                                   Mr. Barry D. Crawford
Samuel C. Dibert 1977         John P. Ripp       1982         Michael B. Siewers 1989                                       Miscellaneous Tommy Collins                                                                                                   Mr. Sean M. McGrath                       Mr. and Mrs. John F. Berry, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Artie B. Cray, Jr.
                              Patrick B. Rupertus 1982        Michael L. Thurman 1989       Richard L. Brammer 2002                                                      Owens & Minor                            Mr. Edward J. Burke, III                                                          Mr. Jon H. Betts
Thomas F. Giannasi 1977                                                                     James L. Timberlake 2002        Mr. John M. Muldowney                        Mr. Barry R. Page                        Mr. and Mrs. Bill Caldwell              Mr. Patrick J. McKeon                                                           Mr. James S. Cremins, Sr.
Jeffrey M. Gill 1977          David C. Stumpf 1982            James E. Welsh 1989                                           Mr. and Mrs. Valmont R. Ouellette                                                                                             Dr. Andrew J. Metz                        BHS Class of 1975                     Mr. James S. Cremins, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                         Patient First                            Capital Center, L.L.C.                                                            Mr. J. Ben Birindelli
Bruce R. Kitchen 1977         K. Ruppert Beirne 1983          Brian W. Adkins 1990          Charles A. Giovannetti 2003     Paul H. Pusey Foundation                                                              Capital Electrical Conctractors, Inc.   Mr. John Miller                                                                 Mr. Charles F. Crone
Charles J. Maurer 1977        Greg R. Boehling 1983                                         Stephen C. Prugh 2003                                                        Mr. Charles F. Plageman                                                                                                    Mr. Jay Birsch
                                                              Henry H. Berling 1990                                         Philip Morris USA Matching                   Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Preston            Capital Equipment Sales & Service Co.   Miscellaneous Rut Golf                                                          Mr. George O. Crone, Jr.
Michael A. McGranahan 1977    Carmack W. Demonbreu 1983       Francis R. Boehling 1990      James J. Neville 2005             Gifts Program                                                                                                               Mr. Luis W. Morales                       Mr. Charles B. Bliley, Jr USAF(R)     Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Crowder
James L. Thomas 1977          Peter G. Fagan 1983                                                                                                                        Mr. O. Ralph Puccinelli, Jr.             Capital Interior Contractor, Inc.                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas M. Bliley
                                                              Mark S. Bradshaw 1990         Richard A. Schoepke 2005        Mr. Kerry E. Powers                                                                   Mr. John P. Carpin                      Mr. Andrew B. Morehead                                                          Mr. and Mrs. William E. Croxton
Robert B. Woodward 1977       Patrick B. Franko 1983          S. Christopher Crave 1990                                                                                  Mr. Kevin D. Purnell                                                                                                       Mr. Greg R. Boehling, Sr.
                                                                                            Robert C. Brammer 2006          Mr. and Mrs. John T. Riding                  Ms. Martha Rawlins                       Mr. Thurman S. Cash, Jr.                Mr. Daniel H. Murphy                                                            Mr. Scott D. Csaky
                                                              Christopher S. Cray 1990                                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Schoepke                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. David P. Musick
                                                                                                                                                                         Reco Foundation                          Chappell Agency, Inc.
                                                                                                                            Siewers, R. A., Inc.                         Mr. Todd D. Rogers                       Chevron Texaco Matching Gift Program    Mr. and Mrs R. Edward Nance
   28 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Tellmann                Mr. John F. Rothert                      CityCelebrations                        National Folk Festival                                                    HONOR ROLL                          29
                                                                               Jefferson Hotel                        Mr. George C. McRoberts                 Mr. Gerald L. Roberts Jr.              Dr. and Mrs. Charles Thedieck Jr.      Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Roy Allison, Jr.   Mrs. Denise P. Dickerson
HONOR ROLL                                                                     JMJ Corporation
                                                                               Mr. Richard Johnson
                                                                                                                      Mrs. Patricia A. Melka
                                                                                                                      Mr. William J. Melvin, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roberts
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. James E. Robertson
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mr. Brian S. Thomas
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Thomas Harris & Co., Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. Joseph Amory
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Andrews
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Phillip L. Dickerson
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Ms. Julie Doering
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Yancey S. Jones           Meteor Graphics Gallery                 Mr. Christopher F. Romeo               Mr. James L. Thomas, Jr.               Anonymous                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dolbeare
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Stanley K. Joynes, III    Dr. Willard P. Milby, III               Mrs. Marilyn C. Rooney                 Mr. William A. Thomas                  Ms. Eileen S. Appelrouth              Dominion Foundation Matching Gift
                                                                               Mr. E. Fred Kahwajy                    Miller & Anderson, Inc.                 Mr. Thomas M. Rose                     Mrs. Alice J. Thompson                 Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Arrighi            Program                                 Mr. and Mrs. Derwood F. Harrison Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Lance P. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cummins                Mrs. Odiegene M. George              Mr. Christopher E. Kane                Mr. and Mrs. J. William Miller          Mr. Warren L. Rose                     Mr. Edward C. Thompson, Jr.            Mr. L. Ray Ashworth                   Mr. Dennis M. Donahue                   Mr. Zachary E. Harrison                 Mr. and Mrs. R. Joseph Long
Capt. Richard R. Cunningham               Mr. Stephen W. Gerloff               Mr. J. Patrick Keith                   Mr. Jerry E. Miller                     Royal Chevrolet Company                Mr. J. Peter Thompson, Jr.             Mr. Bob Atack                         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Donohoe         Mr. A. Lawrence Harvey                  Mrs. Carolyn Loupassi
Custom Kitchens, Inc.                     Mr. Frank J. Gerwin Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Kelleher Sr.   Mr. Larry J. Mills                      Royal Olds, Isuzu and Suzuki           Tidewater Block, LLC                   Mr. Douglas M. Atkins                 Mr. Richard E. Dougherty, III           Mr. Jack B. Harvie                      Master Thomas J. Lukish III
Mr. Robert J. Dahlstedt                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Giannasi      Mrs. Marie K. Kellehe                  Mr. Charles A. Mink                     Mr. Mark R. Royster                    Mr. John M. Timberlake                 Automated Properties                  Ms. Rebecca G. Draper                   Mr. and Mrs. William D. Havens          Ms. Alice C. Lynch
Mr. Thomas M. Daly Jr.                    Mr. W. Barry Gibrall                 Mr. David K. Kelley                    Miscellaneous Annual Fund               Mr. W. Geoffrey Royster                Mr. John M. Timberlake                 Management, Ltd.                      Hon. Charles H. Duff                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Haynes             Ms. Sandra J. Lynne
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Loyal D.                Mrs. Betty W. Gill                   Mr. F. Robert Kelly, III               Miscellaneous Blast                     Mr. Patrick B. Rupertus                Mr. Harry W. Tinsley                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Awad Sr.      Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Duggan           Ms. Lynn S. Headley                     Major Alan J. Makowsky
  Daubenspeck                             Mr. and Mrs. James L. Gill, Jr.      Dr. Frank R. Kelly, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Moffett           Mr. and Mrs. John K. Russell II        Dr. A. Gregory Toler, Jr.              Ms. Suzanne Bachman                   Mr. Mark R. Duncan                      Mr. William A. Heeke Jr.                Mr. William A. Malanima
Mr. David A. Davenport                    Mr. Gregory J. Gilligan              Mr. James G. Kelly, Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Monaghan         Mr. Kevin B. Russell                   Mr. Stephen M. Tooker                  Bagby Electric of Virginia            Mr. and Mrs. Randy S. Earley            Mr. and Mrs. John P. Henderson, Jr.     Mr. Robert A. Martin
Mr. William B. Dawson                     Mr. George H. Ginn                   Mr. Joseph A. Kelly                    Mr. Ernest A. Mooney, Jr.               Rx South Pharmacy                      Mrs. Nancy W. Tooker-Duley             Mr. Rino E. Balducci                  Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Eddins, Jr.        Mr. David M. Hess                       Mr. Gerald A. Masini
Mr. Frank L. Daylor, Jr.                  Mr. Anthony L. Giovannetti           Dr. Allen Awad and Ms. Mary Jo Kelly   Mr. Warren C. Moore                     Mr. Frank S. Ryburn                    Tradewinds Electric                    Bandito’s                             Mr. Adam J. Elu                         Mrs. Charles E. Hock, Sr.               Mr. Christian A. Mason
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Deaton               Mr. Charles W. Giovannetti           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Kelly           Mr. and Mrs. William K. Moriarty        Mr. George M. Saady                    Mr. Stephane F. Turner                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Beasley        Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Emroch           Ms. Juliana Hodapp                      Mr. Robert P. Mathewson
Mr. Steven C. DeLaney                     Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Goldberg       Ms. Rhoda Marie Kennedy                Mr. and Mrs. Patrick V. Morris          Mr. David A. Savage                    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ukrop            Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beckstoffer    Dr. and Mrs. Frederick I. Ende          Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hodges             Mr. and Mrs. James W. Mayhall
Mr. Paul A. DeTrana                       Mr. Richard D. Goodman               Mr. William G. Kennedy IV              Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Morrison, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Scafidi       Mr. Robert S. Ukrop                    Mr. William H. Beckstoffer            Mr. Christopher J. Enroughty            Ms. Arlene Hoffman                      Mr. and Mrs. James T. Mayne
Col. Persse K. Deverell, III              Mr. Richard D. Goodman Jr.           Mr. Terrence W. Kerner                 Mr. Charles M. Morrison, III            Very Rev. Donald F. Scales OSB         Unilux Advanced Manufacturing          Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Belcher       Mr. Patrick B. Estes                    Mr. and Mrs. Mike Holberg               Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Maynes
Digital Innovations Group                 Mr. Robert L. Goodman                Mr. and Mrs. Corey L. Kerstetter       Mr. William T. Morse                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Schaaf          USTA Richmond Weekday Tennis           Benevolink Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Etheridge, Jr.   Ms. Mary Ellen Holland                  Mr. Edward J. Maynes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dunn Dillard              Mr. Roy B. Goodman                   Mr. Timothy E. Kiefer                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mosier              Mr. W. G. Schaefer, Jr.                Mr. Paul E. Vance                      Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Beres, III    Mr. J. Donald Etz                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie S. Hollins          Mr. Michael S. Maynes
Dinkin, Purnell & Johnson                 Mr. David W. Gragnani                Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. King            Mr. Drew S. Mugford                     Mr. John S. Schiavo                    Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M.                Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Beres, Jr.    Exxon Mobil Corporation                 Mr. J. Gregory Holzgrefe                Mr. Eugene W. McCaul Sr.
Dixie Sporting Goods Co., Inc.            Mr. Francis D. Gragnani              Mr. Bruce R. Kitchen                   Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Murphy         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Schmitt, Sr.      VanFossen                            Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Berndt             Ms. Tracy Fabricant                     Honeywell Matching Gifts Program        Tracy K. McCauley
Mr. Michael A. Dixon                      Mr. Otto J. Gragnani                 Mr. Cary R. Kitchen                    Mr. James A. Murphy                     Mr. William P. Schubmehl               Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Vargas              Ms. Cassandra W. Berry                Mr. Peter G. Fagan                      Mr. E. D. Hovis                         Ms. Carol W. McEvoy
Mr. Frank J. Doherty Jr.                  Grand Metro Builders, Inc.           Mr. Paul L. Kitchen                    Mr. William B. Murphy II                Mr. Richard M. Scott                   Mr. James J. Vergara Jr.               Mr. Jerry L. Biedrycki                Mr. and Mrs. William C. Farmer          Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Howe            Ms. Margaret J. McFadzen
Dominion Payroll Services, LLC            Mr. Gordon E. Granger Jr.            Mr. Russell P. Knightly, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Musick, Jr.      Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Seitz           Verizon Foundation                     Ms. Kim L. Blair                      Mr. David F. Ferguson                   Mr. and Mrs. David L. Howe              Mr. Thomas J. McGranahan
Mrs. Margaret Donlan                      Mr. Thomas A. Grant                  Mr. Dennis J. Kopecko, PhD             Ms. Marty F. Myers                      Major Benny R. Sepulveda USMC, Ret.    Virginia Fire Protection, Inc.         Ms. Mary Conner Bland                 Mrs. Darien Fisher-Duke                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Howe                  Mr. Timothy J. McGranahan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Donlan, Jr.        Ms. Katherine E. Graziano            Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Kosakowski     Mr. James J. Neville                    Service Electrical Contractors, Inc.   Virginia Group Benefits Insurance      Ms. Karla W. Boughey                  Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Fitz-Hugh, Jr.        Mr. Edwin N. Hower, Jr.                 Mr. Betts W. McGurn
Mr. Eugene D. Donner                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gregory       Mr. Leo A. Kramer, Jr.                 New Irish, LLC                          Ms. Judith Shahriari                   Consultants                            Ms. Matilda C. Bowden                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Fleck            Ms. Mary E. Hoy                         Mr. Earl A. McKnight
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Dougherty, Jr.    Mr. Robert M. Gregory                Mr. Jack M. Kreuter                    Mr. and Mrs. R. John Newhouse           Mr. Steve R. Shannon                   Virginia Title Company                 Boy Scouts of America Troop 700       Mr. Brian T. Ford                       Mrs. Virginia N. Hudert                 Mrs. Mary McMahon
Mr. Andrew M. Dreelin, III                Mr. William N. Gregory, Jr.          Mr. Bernard L. Kusterer                NewMarket Services Corporation          Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Shelton        W. W. Whitlock Foundation              Mr. William E. Boyle                  Mr. Patrick B. Franko                   Mr. Charles M. Hudson                   Ms. Eleanor H. McNally
Mr. Stephen M. Drew                       Mr. Peter B. Grinnell, CPA GFM       Mr. Kevin R. Laing                     Mr. Michael W. Newton                   Mr. William J. Shepherd                Wachovia Foundation Matching           Mr. Jeffrey D. Bramer                 Ms. Dearing G. Gaddy                    Mr. Kevin R. Huennekens                 Mr. James J. McNally
Mr. Leo C. Drozeski, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Guman        Mr. Matthew T. Lambert                 Mr. David G. Nolte                      Mr. John Sherman, Jr.                    Gifts Program                        Mr. Richard L. Brammer, II            Mr. Peter J. Gaglio                     Mr. John J. Hughes Jr.                  Mr. John G. McNally
Mr. Julius M. Dubovsky, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Guy            Mr. Augie F. Lange Jr.                 Mr. Paul H. Nolte, Jr.                  Mr. O. Martin Shorter III              Mr. Charles F. Wade                    Mr. Robert Cameron Brammer            Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone A. Gaines           Mr. Michael J. Hyland                   Mr. Matthew J. McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Billy B. Duesing             H & H Mailing Company                Mr. Bernard W. Lange, Jr.              Mr. Charles H. Norris                   Mr. Gregory S. Shuart                  Mr. Henry B. Wallmeyer                 Ms. Rose T. Brinson                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Gallagher        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Isaacs          Mr. and Mrs. John L. Meacham, Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Duley              H. W. Owens, Inc.                    Mr. Henry F. Lange                     North Landing Corporation               Mr. Frederick W. Siewers, Jr.          Wal-Mart Foundation                    Ms. Katherine M. Brockel              Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gallo           J & W Seafood of Virginia, Inc.         Mr. James J. Meehan
Mr. David Dunivan                         Mrs. Lori Haas                       Mr. Joseph A. Lange Jr.                Mr. Stephen A. Northup                  Mr. Frederick W. Siewers, III          James Waltrip                          Mr. and Mrs. G. Kirby Brooks, III     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Gallo            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Jackson, Sr.     Ms. Suzanne Melzig
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Dunn                Mr. Alfred L. Haboush                Mr. Thomas M. Lange                    Mr. and Mrs. Channing M. Nuckols        Mr. Stephen L. Slaughter               Mr. Roy J. Ward Jr.                    Mr. Andrew T. Brower, CPA             Mr. Michael Gangeri                     Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jarvis             Mr. Manuel G. Mendez
Major R. William Dunne                    Mr. Barry A. Hackney                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Lannon          Mr. Matthew M. Nuckols                  Mr. Anthony E. Smith                   Mr. W. Douglas Warren                  Mr. David A. Brown                    Joseph P. Gardner                       Mr. and Mrs. W. Stanley Jennings, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. Manuel N. Mendez
Mr. Davis W. Durrett, III                 Mr. John J. Hanky, III               Mr. Brent A. Lantz                     Mr. D. Wayne O’Bryan                    Mr. Charles A. Smith, III              Mr. and Mrs. Wade C. Warren            Ms. Suzanne H. Brown                  Mr. Brian E. Gates                      Mrs. Beth Johnson                       Mr. and Mrs. John Meybin III
Mr. and Mrs. Sean K. Easter               Mr. Michael C. Hanky                 Mr. Garth B. Larcen                    Mr. and Mrs. Frank O’Connor             Mr. Charles A. Smith, Jr.              Warren, Whitney, Sherwood &            Mr. W Bruce Browning                  Ms. Genevieve M. Gauvin                 Mr. and Mrs. David L. Johnson           Ms. Helen W. Meyer
Mr. Harry J. Edwards, Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Hardin        Mr. Robert E. Lattanze                 Ms. Kelly G. O’Toole                    Mr. Charles H. Smith                     Company                              Ms. Hilda D. Bruce                    Mrs. Elaine R. Gazzara                  Mr. and Mrs. Grayson S. Johnson         Mr. J. David Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. G. Randy Ellington, III      Ms. Betty Harmening                  Ms. Mary Chase Layman                  Mr. Hugh W. Owens                       Mrs. Delos Smith                       Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L. Way             Ms. Sharon L. Bruce                   Kelly George                            Ms. Sarah B. Johnson                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Meyers
Mr. Ralph A. Elmore III                   Mr. Jason Harper                     Mr. Barton G. Leahey, III              Mr. Demus Oxford                        Mr. Paul C. Smith                      Mr. Mark J. Weber                      Mrs. Nancy Bruni                      Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Gerdes            Mr. Bruce W. Jones                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Estes             Ms. Mary E. Harrison                 Mrs. Ann C. Legnaioli                  Mr. John E. Pacer                       Mr. Richard B. Smith Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Weinstein           Mr. James T. Brunot                   Mr. S. Lee Gibbs, Jr.                   Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd C. Jones             Miscellaneous Brooks Berry
ETEC Mechanical Corporation               Mr. David B. Harvey                  Mr. Mark T. Leonard                    Mr. John Paroli Jr.                     Mr. and Mrs. William A. Smith, IV      Mr. Christopher J. Weir                Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Bunnell        Mr. and Mrs. T. Christopher Gibbs       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Jones            Mitchell, Wiggins & Company
Mr. Christopher S. Farley                 Mr. Kenneth H. Harvey                LTC. and Mrs. Thomas A. Leonard        Mr. and Mrs. Preston L. Parrish         Ms. Eleanor C. Snellings               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Weir            Ms. Elinor M. Burns                   Dr. and Mrs. J. Patrick Gill            Mr. and Mrs. William B. Jordan, Jr.     Mr. Daniel Scott Moffett
Mr. D. Mark Farley                        Mr. Kevin L. Harvey                  Mr. Ian P. Little                      Mr. Robert F. Pecht, III                Mr. and Mrs. David B. Snider           Wellpoint, Inc- Midwest DBA Group      Mr. John W. Butler                    Ms. Alice G. Gilleece                   Ms. Carol Julian                        Mr. Alexander G. Monroe
Mr. Michael Scott Farrar                  Mr. Joseph F. Hasbrouck              Mr. Joe Lobred                         Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine LLP     Mr. John R. Sniffin                    Mr. Rich G. Welmering                  Mr. Patrick E. Caine                  Mr. and Mrs. Lester M. Gillenwater      Julian’s Restaurant                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Mooney
Mr. William A. Fastabend                  Ms. Anna M. Hedgepeth                Mr. Joseph J. Loehr, III               Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Peeler          The Honorable Denis F. Soden           Westminster Canterbury                 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Call III       Mr. Thomas C. Gilman                    Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Juran              Mr. and Mrs. James T. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Feehely                Mr. Robert B. Heeke                  Ms. Kimberly A. Loehr                  Mr. James V. Pellicane                  Dr. Kevin J. Soden                     Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. White           Mr. William H. Camp                   Miss Anna Giovannetti                   Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kammeter           Mrs. Karen D. Morano
Mr. Sidney Feldstein                      Mr. John D. Helfert                  Mr. Paul Joseph Loehr                  Mrs. Vicki L. Peranski                  Mr. Frank A. Solari, Jr.               Mr. James B. Wilkinson, Jr.            Dr. and Mrs. Francis F. Carr Jr.      Mr. Charles A. Giovannetti              Mr. and Mrs. Wesley B. Kaufman          Mr. Charles D. Morehead, Jr.
Financial Accounting Services, LTD        Mr. Richard F. Hendrick              Mr. Thomas S. Longan                   Mr. and Mrs. Marc A. Petock             Mr. James R. Sowers                    Mr. Christopher C. Williams            Ms. Terri H. Carr                     Mr. Jonathan L. Gleason                 Lt. Col. Charles E. Kelly, USAF(Ret.)   Mr. and Mrs. M. Jeffrey Morgan
Mr. Tim Finnegan                          Mr. James R. Hennig                  Mr. James H. Loughridge, III           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Petrick            Mr. Michael P. Spinella                Mr. and Mrs. Dennis D. Williams        Mr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Carroll         Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Gliebe           Mr. George J. Kelly                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Morley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. FitzGerald, III   Henrico Doctors’ Hospital            Mr. R. Bruce Lucas                     Mr. Maurice L. Phillips                 Mr. Creed O. Spriggs                   Mr. Michael J. Williams                Mr. S. William Carroll Jr.            Ms. Reba H. Goffigon                    Mr. Matthew G. Kennedy                  Ms. Patricia S. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Fitzgerald, III   Herman W. Allen, Inc.                R Lugo                                 Mr. James R. Pickens                    Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Spriggs         Mr. Paul A. Williams                   Ms. Evon Carson                       Mr. William T. Goodwin, Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Kern            Dr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Mullins
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Fitzpatrick       Mr. Milton A. Hess                   Dr. Jeffrey R. Lukish                  Mr. Blaise C. Plageman, Jr.             St. Joseph Catholic Church             Willow Oaks 18-Hole Ladies Golf        Ms. Diane G. Cartner                  Mr. Thomas L. Gorman, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Kiefer      Mr. Reese D. Murdaugh
Mr. Edward M. Ford                        Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hill             Mrs. L.B. Lyon, Jr.                    Mr. Stephen A. Plageman                 Mr. Roger W. Staley                       Association                         Cavalier Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc   Mr. Thomas B. Grasberger                Kirby & Associates, CPA                 Mr. John W. Murphy Jr.
Lt. Col. Stewart B. Foulke, USAF(Ret.)    Hirschler Fleischer                  M.H. West and Company, Inc.            Mr. Gary J. Plummer                     Mr. and Ms. Thomas J. Stanton          Willow Oaks USTA 4.0 Women’s           Mr. Donald F. Chandler, II            Mr. Matthew A. Gray                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerome W. Klasmeier        Mr. Kevin D. Murphy
Fountainhead Development                  Mr. Mark C. Hobart, IV               Mrs. H. J. Maddock, Jr.                Mr. Derek R. Poh                        Mr. Brian Staples                      Weekend Team                           Ms. Kathy Charles                     Mr. and Mrs. John T. Green              Ms. Josephine L. Klotz                  Mr. John B. Myers
  Group, LLC                              Mr. A. Brooks Hock                   Mr. and Mrs. James E. Maguire          Mr. Alfred E. Pollard, PE               Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stepanian          Mr. and Mrs. William A. Winfree, III   Mr. Gregory T. Cheely                 Ms. Anne Gordon Greever                 Mr. Paul K. Klotz                       Ms. K. R. Naoroz
Mr. T. Bernard Fox                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Hogan          Mrs. Joan G. Mahan                     Power Flame Incorporated                Mr. Charles K. Stokes                  Dr. Bernard F. Wittkamp Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Clark            Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Grotos             Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Klotz, Jr.            Ms. Lillian B. Neal
Mrs. Robert M. Freeman                    Mr. John S. Holmgren                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Malek          Mr. Christopher B. Powers               Mr. Shore A. Stokes                    Mr. Kevin T. Wood                      Mr. and Mrs. John M. Claytor          Mr. and Mrs. P. Christopher Guedri      Mr. and Mrs. George L. Koebel           Ms. Lisa Neeley
Ms. Barbara E. Frey                       Mr. Charles E. Holsinger, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Marchetti Sr.     Mr. David W. Powers, Jr.                Mr. Donne M. Storino                   Mr. Tracy M. Woodson                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cleary           Mr. and Mrs. Morton B. Gulak            Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Kozak           Mrs. Martha C. Nesmith
Mr. Virt Frick                            Mr. and Mrs. David L. Horsley, Sr.   Mr. and Mrs. Carl V. Marrillia         Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Powers             Dr. and Mrs. Frank D. Straus           Mr. Robert B. Woodward, Jr.            Ms. Susan K. Coggsdale                Mr. John A. Hadley                      Mr. and Mrs. Bill LaDu                  Mr. James J. Neville
Ms. K. Dale Fuller                        Hotel Roanoke                        Mr. Kyle A. Martin                     Precision Power Inc                     Mr. Michael P. Straus, CPA             Mr. Michael K. Worsham                 Mr. and Mrs. Elliott G. Cole          Mr. and Mrs. Frederic B. Hall           Mr. Brian S. Lambert                    Mr. Robert W. Newcomb, Jr.
Ms. Katherine Fuller                      Hourigan Construction Corp.          Mr. Michael J. Masotti                 Dr. Robert A. Preston                   Mr. Paul J. Strauss                    Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc.       Colony Management Corporation         Mr. and Mrs. Brenton S. Halsey          Mr. and Mrs. Richard Landers            Mr. and Mrs. John W. Newell
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fulton               Mr. Robert M. Howard Jr.             Mr. Charles J. Maurer, III             Mr. J.E. Prillaman                      Mr. Richard E. Strauss                 Mr. E. Alvin Wright, Jr.               Mrs. Rebecca C. Combs                 Ms. Margaret J. Hamer                   Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan M. Langhorne      Ms. Sallie Nolte
Mrs. Helen Galea                          Mr. Todd C. Hoyle                    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mayne             Mr. Anthony J. Puccinelli               Mrs. F.H. Stringfellow                 Mr. Vincent J. Wright                  Commonwealth Catholic Charities       Ms. Jane U. Hamilton                    Ms. Nancy F. Langston                   Mr. Philip A. Noonan, Jr.
Mr. David A. Gallagher                    Mr. David A. Hulcher                 Mr. Edward Mazzetta                    Mr. Matthew O. Puccinelli               Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Strollo       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Wulf            Mr. Christopher S. Cray               Ms. Stephanie Hamlett                   Ms. Jada Lavin                          Mrs. Mary Gail Norfleet
Mr. Michael J. Galli                      Hundley & Johnson                    Mr. F. Vernon McCracken, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Puryear           Mr. David C. Stumpf, CFA               Mr. and Mrs. John M. Wyatt, IV         Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crews               Mr. and Mrs. Spence Hamrick, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. John A. LaVoie Sr.         Mr. Thomas H. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J.                   Hurst Boiler & Welding Co., Inc.     Mr. Dennis G. McDonald                 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Reardon         Mr. Gildo Louis Suffredini             Mr. Raymond A. Yerly, Sr.              Mrs. William R. Crews, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hancock          Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Lepper              Northeast Solite Corporation
    Gambardella, Jr.                      Mr. W. Scott Huzek                   Mr. R. Bruce McDonald, Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. Linwood K. Regensburg      SunTrust Mid- Atlantic                 Mr. Arthur J. Zohab Jr.                Mr. and Mrs. Leroy R. Crocker         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Hanley Sr.       Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Lessels         Northern Hills Neighborhood
Mr. Peter A. Gambardella, Esq.            Ms. Mary Carter Hyman                Ms. Morgen McElroy                     Mr. and Mrs. Hunter G. Rhodes             Matching Gifts Program                                                      Ms. Barbara Hunt Crow                 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hannah                 Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Lewis             Association
Dr. and Mrs. Edward D.                    Mr. Sidney S. Hyman, Jr.             Mr. Kevin M. McGowan                   Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Rhyne           Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Sutliff         Taking a stake in Benedictine -        Mr. William C. Daffron Jr.            Mr. Benjamin G. Hanson, Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Locke           Ms. Carol L. Obendorf
  Gardner, Jr.                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Innes         Mr. Michael A. McGranahan, FICF        Richmond Chapter of Credit Unions       Mr. Randolph A. Sutliff                ($1.00 + )                             Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Dart, III      Mrs. Doris P. Hanson                    Loehr Lightning Protection Co.          Mr. Thomas S. O’Bryan
Mr. D. Matthew Gelletly                   CDR. Curtis M. Irby                  Mr. Jordan T. McGuire                  Mrs. Eunice Riley                       Mr. Charles L. Sweeney Jr.                                                    Paris Dedeian                         Mr. Stephen A. Hanson                   Ms. Suzanne F. Loehr                    Mr. and Mrs. Tim Oksman
                                                                               Mr. Jerry T. McMurtrie                 Mr. W. Edward Riley, III                Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.         Mr. Terry Bateman and                  Mr. Frank J. DeGaetani Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Harenchar                                               Mr. and Mrs. Keith M. Oley
Col. Ellis P. George                      Mr. and Mrs. E. Michael Jarrett                                                                                                                              Ms. Melissa Abell                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Lohr
                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McNally, Sr.    Mr. John P. Ripp                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Tangard                                               Mr. Carmack W. Demonbreun             Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Hargrove, Sr.     Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Long, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. John D. O’Neill
                                                                               Mr. Frederick B. McNeil                Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Rivas            Target                                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ackerman           Mr. and Mrs. Charles Denman           Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Hargrove, Jr.
                                                                               Mr. Matthew K. McNeil                  Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey S. Roberson III     The Metropolitan Business League       Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Addison         Mr. and Mrs. Howard A. Deskin         Ms. Lisa S. Harr
                                                                               Mr. Ralph K. McNeil                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Roberts         The Tri Club Woman’s Club              Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Adelaar         Mr. Christian H. Dibert               Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R. Harris, Jr.
  30 BENEDICTINE FAMILY                                                                                                                                                                              Mr. John J. Allen, Jr.                                                                                                                               HONOR ROLL                          31
HONOR ROLL                               Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Skunda
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Slaughter, Jr.
                                                                                                                    BE A                                                                                 BHS L ICENSE P LATE

Ms. Sheila T. Ott
                                         Mrs. Mary Ann Slaughter
                                         Mr. Emil Smigo Jr.
                                         Smith Barney Citigroup
                                         Mrs. Beth B. Smith
                                                                                   Cadet Athletic Booster                                                           Have you ever noticed all the JMU, UVA, U of R, Va. Tech and William and Mary license plates around Richmond?
                                                                                                                                                                    Virtually every college or university in the state has such a plate.
                                                                                                                                                                    A number of individuals have inquired over the past two years about a Benedictine plate. We have conducted some
Ms. Elizabeth Ouellette
                                         Ms. Grace L. Smith
                                         Mr. Matthew D. Smith
                                                                                   Your Family Booster Pass is the easiest way to                                   research and have begun the process of making a BHS
Mr. Brandon T. Owens
Ms. Sandra W. Owings
                                         Mr. Frank Soden                                see all Cadet athletic home events.                                         license plate a reality. If we can get moving, we may well
                                         The Honorable Joseph F. Spinella                                                                                           be the first high school in the state to have such a plate.
Ms. Chasa Park
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Parrott
                                         Mr. Nicholas A. Spinella                     Pass is good for all home games except
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Pellock
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Chip Spitzer, III
                                         Mr. and Mrs. William D. Spradlin, Jr.
                                                                                            tournaments & invitationals                                             We will need to deliver to the DMV the names of 350
Ms. Robbie Lou Pendergraph               Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Stallard                                                                                             people who will purchase the plate. Once this occurs,
Ms. Linda Perna-O’Mara                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Starke               Everyone in your family will receive a pass                                    the Virginia legislature is asked to approve the applica-
Mr. William H. Perrin                    Mr. Harry T. Stebbing, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Peterson         Mr. and Mrs. A. Jackson Stewart Jr.          This year we will have booster meetings                                       tion. We have provided for your review a draft of what
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Piaoan
Pitney Bowes -Employee Giving Programs
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ted Stewart                                    & socials                                                      the plate may look like. We believe only the
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Stiles                                                                                              Benedictine “B” will be shown, not the complete BHS
LTC. Gerald V. Poh
Porter Properties
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Sam S. Stollenwerck
                                         Senator Walter A. Stosch
                                                                                                        FAMILY MEMBERSHIP                                           logo to the left of the numbers, and that the tower in the
Positive Vibe Cafe
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Powell
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Layden L. Stroud, Jr.
                                         Mr. William T. Stubbs
                                                                                                                   $125                                             background may not be approved.
Mr. Stephen C. Prugh                     Sun Trust Bank                                                                                                             We had this created for our Spring Fling and there was
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Puccinelli, Sr.     Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Sundin               Name ______________________________________________________________
Mr. Jerry L. Pugh                                                                                                                                                   quite a bit of interest.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Purcell Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. John A. Szeker               Mailing Address ____________________________________________________             Your application process is quite easy:                             We will then write one check to the DMV and wait
Mr. Kenneth C. Puryear                   Mr. and Mrs. Brian Szlachta
Ms. Lethia N. Quarles                                                                                                                                                                                                                   for the approval process. I think this will take a num-
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Thalhimer           ____________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                    1. Visit the DMV website at www.dmvnow.com
Mr. Lane B. Ramsey                       Mr. Robert L. Thalhimer                                                                                                                                                                        ber of months so please be patient.
Mr. Willis L. Rash, Jr.                                                                                                                                             2. Go to publications and forms
                                         The Bank of Richmond
Stewart F. Reid
Retail Merchant Association of
                                         The Hartford Insurance
                                         Mr. and Mrs. John R. Thomas
                                                                                   ____________________________________________ Zip ____________________            3. Scroll down to VSA 10
                                                                                                                                                                    4. Complete the application
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Go Cadets!
  Greater Richmond                       Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Thorpe Sr.
Richmond Metropolitan Authority/                                                   Phone: ( _______ ) __________________________________________________                 Additional instructions can be picked up at BHS main office if needed
                                         Mr. Robert L. Thurman
   Stadium Operat                        Mr. James L. Timberlake                                                                                                    5. Mail it to Benedictine with a check for $25 payable to BHS
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Riddle                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Titus                   Email: _____________________________________________________________
Riverside Council of Co-Owners           Dr. Michael A. Toler, Ph.D.                                                                                                        We will receive a $10 benefit for each plate once 1,000 people have purchased the plate.
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Roberson Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Ralph V. Toomey
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Robinson                                                     Names of family members:__________________________________________
                                         Mr. Ferdinand J. Tramontin
Mr. Linwood I. Rogers                    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin B. Trent
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Rollston         Mr. Edward C. Trexler, Jr.                ____________________________________________________________________
Ms. Betty Romano                         Mr. and Mrs. Dick Tucker
Mrs. Eileen Romano                       Mr. and Mrs. Brian Turnage                ____________________________________________________________________
Mr. and Mrs. James Romano
Ms. Christine P. Root
                                         United Way
                                         Valley Boiler Inc.                                                Send To:
                                                                                                                                                                                               G REAT G IFT I DEA O N S ALE
E J. Roper                               Mr. Bart Vaughan
Mr. Joseph Rossie                        Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Foundation              W. Barry Gibrall, Director of Athletics                                   As they have since 1911, Cadets stand in formation to honor our country.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rupel, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wade, Jr.                          Benedictine High School
Mr. David R. Ryan                        Mr. and Mrs. John G. Wallace, II
S.B. Cox, Inc.                           Mr. Eugene H. Walter                             304 N. Sheppard Street, Richmond, VA 23221                                Chris Weir, BHS Class of 1976, created this spec-
Mr. John A. Sabatini                     Mr. and Mrs. Clayton L. Walton
Mr. Joseph A. Sabatini, II                                                                                                                                          tacular rendering of our school. He has captured
Sabot Culinary
Sam Ash Music Corporation
                                         Mr. Charles W. Ward
                                         Mr. Thomas E. Ward                                   Thanks For Your Support!                                              the Corps of Cadets with Father Adrian oversee-
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Warren, Jr.                                                                                            ing “his boys” from the steps. Not much got past
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Saunders II         Mr. and Mrs. Maxcy P. Watson III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Scanniello        Ms. Sharon W. Wenger                                                                                                       Father Donald as he notices a Cadet running to
Mr. and Mrs. William Schemel
Mr. Gary Schemmel
                                         Mrs. Deborah D. Wengrovitz
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. White
                                                                                             Has your address changed?                                              avoid being late. Coach Rutledge with ball in
Mr. Gerald H. Schepker III               Mr. and Mrs. Horace P. Whitworth          If you have moved, relocated, graduated, etc., please fill out the information
                                                                                                                                                                    hand is anxious for practice to begin. And there
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schlageter           Ms. Judith D. Wientzen                    below so you can keep fellow alumni and Benedictine informed. There is also
                                                                                   a space for Class Notes if you have any information you would like to provide.
Mr. Richard A. Schoepke                  Mr. Robert A. Wilkins                                                                                                      are the “Gertie Girls” waiting for their brothers at
Mr. Matt J. Schon, III                   Mr. Gordon P. Williams, Sr. Esq.                                                                                           the end of the day.
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Schultheis         Mr. Thomas L. Williams                    Name _____________________________________________________
Mr. Vincent P. Schultz                   Mr. Augustine T. Williamson
Mr. William C. Scott                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Williamson
Ms. Catherine Seib
                                                                                   Address ___________________________________________________                      Limited edition signed prints can be purchased
                                         Mr. and Mrs. David E. Williamson, Sr.
Mr. Eric S. Seidel                       Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Willis                                                                                                  for $50. Chris has generiously commited to donate
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Seidenberg           Willow Oaks- Clevedon Civic Association
Mr. R. Ray Sells, II 2008                                                                                                                                           a large percentage of the proceeds to the Annual
                                         Mrs. Mary Anne C. Wood
Ms. Nancy B. Sensabaugh                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wortham           Email: _____________________________________________________                     Education Fund.
Mr. James A. K. Shaban                   Mr. Philip L. Wyatt, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Leon Shadowen, Jr.       Ms. Patricia B. Younkins
Mr. Thomas J. Sheehy, Jr.                Mr. Thomas G. Zincone                     Class Notes: _______________________________________________                     This may be the perfect gift for someone special.
Ms. Linda G. Sheppe
Mr. Bryan Sheridan                                                                 __________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                    Call Tom Lukish (342-1313) if y6ou would like to
Ms. Marcia Shields                                                                                                                                                  have one for yourself, a loved one or a friend.
Mrs. Rosemary B. Sinclair                                                          __________________________________________________________
Ms. Mary Jo Sisson-Vaughan and Mr. Bob
                                                                                   Return to: Benedictine Advancement Office                                                                                               NOTE: The clarity of the print is consideranly “sharper” than what
                                                                                              304 N. Sheppard Street
                                                                                              Richmond, VA 23221                                                                                                           we have been able to reproduce for the Family News magazine.
                   CALENDAR BRIEFS
                         Mark your calendars:
  2nd - The “Rut” Classic Golf Tournament at The Dominion Club and
         Hunting Hawk ($100 per player). Please call Tom Lukish at
         342-1313 or Lynn Hargrove at 342-1311 if you would like to reserve
         a spot for your foursome or sponsor a hole.
  20th - The 14th annual Tommy Collins party
  21st - Homecoming Football game against vs. Randolph Macon
         Academy (2:00)

  27-30 - The 41st annual Benedictine Capital City Classic (BCCC)
  28th - “The Gathering” reception immediately before the Cadets’ first
          round BCCC game. Food, fun and fellowship!
  31st - Last day to make a charitable gift for 2006 tax planning purposes

  17th - The Benedictine Society welcomes all graduates from 1962 or earlier
  for a special Mass and Luncheon.

  TBA 2007 - The annual Benedictine Blast. More details will be sent later in
        the school year. Please contact Lynn Hargrove (342-1311) if you
        would like to assist with Benedictine’s one major fund raising
        event of the year.

  15th - Please plan on bringing your family and joining the Cadet
                                                                                 Help us to keep you informed. If you would like to receive
                                                                                 first alerts to important events, please send your e-mail address
         community for the annual Spring Fling picnic at the Abbey.              to cthomas@benedictinehighschool.org. Carla will update your
                                                                                 record, allowing us to notify you of important events on the
  30th - Last day to make a gift to impact the current school year.              Cadet calendar and information about BHS via our first of the
                                                                                 month e-mail newsletter.

304 North Sheppard St.
                                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
Richmond, Virginia 23221-2400                                                                                                 RICHMOND, VA
                                                                                                                               PERMIT #539

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