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Travel & Leisure | By: anaimasharma (02/06/13)                                                                        Username:
The wildlife in India is blessed with exotic flora and fauna. India as a               Categories
country is a paradise for nature lovers. India has unique ecosystems that                                             Password:
support wildlife unique creatures.                                                       Arts & Entertainment         Remember
In the jungle of India one can find a number of beautiful birds and wild                 Business                     Me:
animals that will surprise visitors at most, like peacocks in India are the
most beautiful to be found anywhere in the world, while India C amel                     C ommunications                           Log in
represents the actual idea of the state of Rajasthan. But worst of all is that
there are many extinct animals in India. Although the government of India                C omputers
has taken many steps to save these species beneficial extinct in India,                                                  Signup to submit articles »
however, is incomplete without our efforts. India wildlife is the focus of the           Environment
adventure activities, where in addition to encounter wild animals and aves               Fashion
(birds) Indians also enjoy lots of other adventure sports and activities. The                                          Pages
National Park of India is perfect place for trekking and safaris and it takes            Finance
you a step closer to the nature.
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 Are you a curious aves watcher who loves to answer questions about it and
their habitats, to just watch them, or to enjoy your singing? If so, a holiday           Health & Fitness                A fee soon
birding in India is not to be missed. Birding in India can be an exciting                                                For academics
experience for nature lovers and aves watchers. From singing cuckoos to                  Home & Family
dancing peacocks, India has been rich in this species with pure dynamics                 Internet Business
and impressive diversity. You can go for tours in places like Bharatpur,
Sultanpur, Salim Ali, Kumarakom , Ranganthittu , Vedanthangal , Kaundinya                Other
, C hilka Lake , Mayani , Nal Sarovar, under a experienced tour guides and
travel experts who have better knowledge about this species. The most                    Product Reviews
popular species that can be observed during holidays in India are:
                                                                                         Reference & Education
 Indian Peafowl - Both male and female races Indian peacock has fun
shaped crest on the head. The most attractive of these is the fan or feather             Science & Technology
train runs on a bright blue background. This is India national bird and most             Self Improvement
colorful which looks more beautiful when it dance in the rain. You will get to
see it in almost every places but it can be found in large numbers in Kanha,             Society
Ranthambore National Park and Sariska Tiger Reserve. And more over
Ranthambore lies close to Delhi so it can be perfect weekend getaways                    Sports & Recreation
from Delhi where you can see it and many others colorful fowl.

Great Indian Bustard - Males are 120 cm long and females are generally 92                Travel & Leisure
cms long. The under parts and neck are white, brown back with a black                    Writing & Speaking
clown in the forehead. Abundantly found in Gujarat and some part of
Rajasthan, is easily distinguished from others.

Sarus C rane - It has good height of 200 cm with a wingspan of eight feet, is
as tall as a man. Red has long legs, head and upper neck red in color,
beautiful white crown green leather cover. It is the world's tallest flying and
it is mostly found in Sultanpur, Madhav, Bharatpur , Bhindawas.

Indian Roller - Also known as Blue Jay, it is 13 inches long with a large head
and short neck. C orona, wings and lower tail of it are green blue. It mostly
found India C orbett, Nagarhole, Kanha, Sultanpur, Rajaji etc. The incredible
atmosphere to write you calm greenery tied with a thrilling experience
during Birding in India.

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