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Travel & Leisure | By: anaimasharma (02/06/13)                                                                       Username:
The beautiful temple of Yamunotri is the source of river Yamuna is situated           Categories
opposite the Gangotri the main origin of Ganges, the holiest river of Hindus.                                        Password:
A trip to here takes to world of natural beauty and fell you lucky to visit it          Arts & Entertainment
once in a lifetime.                                                                                                  Remember
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The common Hindu belief says that one must thank Almighty in their varied               C ommunications                           Log in
and fruitful ways this is why even the rivers are revered in India. It's a
sweet sign through which devotees express their thanks to God to make                   C omputers
best use of water. Other technique to enter is via Yamunotri - Mussoorie -                                              Signup to submit articles »
Barkot. The enchanting sanctuary is located at a height of 3235 meters                  Environment
above sea level, and is also commonly known as one of the "4" dhams                     Fashion
pilgrimage in Uttarakhand. Most surprising of Yamunotri is the trekking trip                                          Pages
to be taken to get here. The place where the river Yamuna originates is 1               Finance
km ahead of the shrine and is a very difficult path to tread. The devotees
who visit the temple of Yamunotri offer prayers to the river Yamuna in the              Food & Beverage                 Old articles
temple itself. Another interesting aspect about it are the different hot springs                                        A fee soon
that are present near the temple, which are the perfect way to end your                 Health & Fitness
walk of 13 kms from Hanuman C hatti.                                                    Home & Family                   For academics

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The best time to visit Yamunotri is between the summer months of May and
June, and before the onset of cold winters in the months of September and               Other
November. The most important thing to consider about is that the Shrine
Yamunotri is normally closed from 3rd week of November until the 3rd week               Product Reviews
of April due to extreme cold weather that makes it very difficult for visitors
to hike back up their way to here. The summers are very mild while winters              Reference & Education
are exceptionally cold sometime even the temperature goes to minus                      Science & Technology
degree. The best of this place is that is well connected by air, rail and road.
If you would like to travel by plane to travel here, the nearest airport is             Self Improvement
Jolly Grant airport would be in Dehradoon from where you can take a bus
and head to Hanuman C hatti. If you are coming to here by road, there are               Society
many interstate buses at regular intervals to take tourists to all major cities
around here. The adjacent railway station is in Rishikesh about 248 km from             Sports & Recreation
here and is well linked by regular buses that connect to Rishikesh and
Yamunotri. The highlights of it are the temple dedicated to Goddess Yamuna              Transportation
and the holy thermal springs of Janki C hatti like in Gangotri in Gaumukh               Travel & Leisure
trek. The temple built by Maharaja Pratap Shah's order stands on the left
bank of river Yamuna. Hindus the river has risen to the stature of the divine           Writing & Speaking
mother because it played an important role in the promotion and
development of surrounding populations.

In your tour packages to here you can walk to high altitudes in the
Himalayas to reach the sanctuary of the goddess Yamuna. On reaching the
main temple is the full day trip from the towns of Rishikesh, Haridwar or
Dehradun and involves 13 km walk. This hike begins in a small town of
Hanuman C hatti where about 6 miles of walking in lush valleys takes you to
Janki C hatti. You can also go on the back of horses or ponies palanquin to
reach this little town like you get during Valley of Flowers trek .

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