Sigma Theta Tau Grant Proposal by Q7L7iYA7


                             ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER
                                CHICAGO, ILLINOIS


Title of Proposal:

Applicant’s Name:

Address (street, city, state, zip code):

Phone Numbers           Home:                   Work:                        Fax:

Email Address:

Chapter of STT membership:

Applicant’s Professional Status                Master’s Student              Doctoral Student
              (Please bold your reply)         Post-Doc Fellow        Practitioner       Faculty

Name of University / Institution:

Amount Requested
Anticipated Project Start Date
Anticipated Project Completion Date

Have you previously received a Sigma Theta Tau Research Award? Yes                            No
  (Please bold your reply)                                              Date:
Have you applied to another source for support of this proposed         No                   Yes
research? (Please bold your reply)
If yes, please identify the funding agency, dollar amounts, start & end dates, and outcome of the
submission (funded / not funded / pending / completed). in the space(s) below.
Agency                           $ Requested     $ Received Dates                    Outcome *

* Please notify the Research & Awards Committee, if Pending Awards are received following this
submission / issuance of award.

How do the above proposals differ from or complement this application?
                                           Signatures            Date

Advisor / Chair / Mentor
(Required only if applicant is a student
or post-doc fellow)

Submit the signed title pages to Susan Littau: room 608 College of Nursing.

Submit the entire application electronically, including appendices, via email to
                               ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER
                                  CHICAGO, ILLINOIS

                             RESEARCH GRANT AGREEMENT

If the Research and Awards Committee approve my proposal, I agree:

     1. To use the grant for the research project as described in the application and return any
        unused funds to the Treasurer of Alpha Lambda Chapter if the research is not finished by
        the projected completion date. Under certain circumstances, extensions may be obtained
        from Research and Awards Committee.

     2. To acknowledge the financial support from Alpha Lambda Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau,
        Inc. in presentations and publications from the completed research project. Please use the
        following phrase: This project [or presentation, publication, etc] was supported by the
        Alpha Lambda Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau, Inc.

     3. To give a Powerpoint presentation of the research findings at one of three Alpha Lambda
        Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau International, Inc. events: The Fall Scholars Program (usually
        in October), the Spring Scholars event (usually in February) or UIC’s Nursing Research
        Day (usually in March). A Powerpoint template will be provided. The presentation file
        must be submitted to the Research & Awards Committee Chair prior to the event.

Date _______________ Signed ___________________________________________

Submit this page to Susan Littau: room 608, UIC College of Nursing.

Modified 11/03/10
NOTE: Sections A through D are limited to 5 pages.

A. Specific Aims:

B. Background:

C. Significance:

D. Methods:

E. Human Subjects / Animals:


Budget: Please complete the table below. Be sure to list all costs of this study, then indicate the
amount requested from Sigma Theta Tau (cap is $2500).

           Items                Cost per        No.        Total Cost       Comments/Justification
                                 item         required

                                                       §   $
                          TOTAL for Research Study

          TOTAL requested from Sigma Theta Tau $

Biosketches: Please list below and insert here. Use the NIH format, found at

Appendices: Please list below and attach as a single document. Please limit appendices to study
instruments and any other information critical to evaluating the proposal (letters of support etc).
Do NOT use the appendices section to circumvent the page limitations. Please be aware that the
reviewers are not obligated to read all pages of the Appendices.

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