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With Your
GDL   Alcohol     Rules &     Road Test   Signs &
                              Questions              Random
       Drugs    Regulations               Markings

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300   300         300          300        300        300

400   400         400          400        400        400

500   500         500          500        500        500
The holder of a validated
 GDL Special Learner’s
 permit must not drive
  between what hours?

                            A 100
11:01 PM – 5:00 AM

                     A 100
At what age is the holder of a
GDL Special Learners Permit
  eligible to obtain a basic
       driver license?

                                 A 200
18 Years of Age

                  A 200
Any change of address must
be reported to MVC within
     what time period?

                             A 300
Within one week

                  A 300
During daylight hours when
raining, a provisional driver
     must turn on what?
         (2 Things)

                                A 400
   1.) Headlights
2.) Windshield Wipers

                        A 400
What requirements must the
holder of a validated GDL
 Student Learner’s Permit
meet to obtain a Provisional
        (3 Things)

                               A 500
    1.) Pass a road test
  2.) Be 17 Years of Age
3.) Have 6 months minimum
    of supervised driving.

                             A 500
Which of the following will
  result in an insurance

         Click for Choices

                              B 100
A.Operating Under the Influence of
B.Operating Under the Influence of
  Liquor/Drugs & Refusal to take a
 C.Refusal to take a breathalyzer
   D.All of the above situations

                                     B 100
If a person gets drunk in your
home and has a motor vehicle
  accident after leaving your
home, you could be involved

                                 B 200
Host be involved in a lawsuit.

                                 B 200
If under 21, NJ law states that
     you may be under the
    influence if your blood
    alcohol level content is

                                  B 300
Above .01% while operating
     a motor vehicle

                             B 300
If you drink and have reached
   a BAC of slightly above
.05%, the risk of your causing
a motor vehicle accident does

                                 B 400

          B 400
   After two to four drinks,
alcohol begins to impair your:
         (4 Things)

                                 B 500
1.) Reaction Time
2.) Coordination
3.) Balance
4.) Judgment

                    B 500
A single, solid white line
   across a road at an
  intersection means:

                             C 100
Stop behind the line for a
   traffic sign or light.

                             C 100
 The NJ Speed Limit in a
business or residential area,
unless otherwise posted, is
         ___ mph

                                C 200
25 mph

         C 200
When a pavement is marked
with 2 centerlines, 1 solid and
      1 broken it means:

                                  C 300
Passing is permitted only on
the side with the broken line.

                                 C 300
 Place A Wager
                 C 400
When making a left turn from
a two-way road, you should
       get close to:

                               C 400
The line nearest the center of
          the road

                                 C 400
When approaching or nearing
an uncontrolled intersection
       you should:
        (2 Answers)

                               C 500
1. Reduce Speed
2. Be ready to Stop

                      C 500
Why can’t you take your road
 test in a vehicle with any
  obstructions or consoles
   between the driver and

                               D 100
Because the examiner cannot
      reach the break

                              D 100
 If you sell your car (and do
not buy another) what should
    you do with the license

                                D 200
Return to MVC

                D 200
NJ law allows up to 3 points
 to be subtracted from your
driving record if you have no
moving traffic violations for:

                                 D 300
1 Year from the date of the
       last violation

                              D 300
  At the time of your Road
Test, what must you present?
        (3 Answers)

                               D 400
1. A valid vehicle registration
2. A valid insurance ID
3. A valid permit

                                  D 400
When you move into NJ from
 another state, you must have
your vehicle inspected within:

                                 D 500
Within 14 Days

                 D 500
What should be used when
changing lanes, turning, or
     slowing down?

                              E 100
Turn Signals

               E 100
A triangular shaped sign is

                              E 200
Yield Sign

             E 200
   When nearing a steady
   yellow or amber traffic
signal, what should you do?

                              E 300
   Stop before entering the
intersection, if you can safely
            do so.

                                  E 300
A diamond shaped sign is a
    __________ sign?

                             E 400
A Warning Sign

                 E 400
Before turning, you must
     signal at least:

                           E 500
100 feet before turning

                          E 500
The meaning of hand signal
 when a driver’s hand and
   arm is downward is:

                             F 100
Stop or Slow

               F 100
The meaning of a hand signal
when a driver’s hand and arm
        is upward is:

                               F 200
Right Turn

             F 200
Every vehicle registered in
 NJ must be insured for

                              F 300
Liability Auto Insurance

                           F 300
Under GDL law, when is a
person required to attend a
 remedial training class?
       (2 Answers)

                              F 400
1.)When you accumulate 4 or
       more points
   2.) If you have a DUI

                              F 400
Altering a driver’s license, or
 showing an altered driver’s
 license, may result in what:
         (2 Answers)

                                  F 500
1.) $200-$500 Fine AND/OR
2.) Imprisonment 30-90 Days

                              F 500
The Final Jeopardy Category is:

   Please record your wager.

                     Click on screen to begin
Altering a driver’s license, or
 showing an altered driver’s
 license, may result in what:
         (3 Answers)

                    Click on screen to continue
1. $1,000 Fine

2. 6 Months Imprisonment

3. Loss of License or Licenses

                     Click on screen to continue
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