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Alternative Education Proposal

                 January 11, 2011

               Jane A. Russo, Superintendent
 Dawn Miller, Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Division

  Nancy Diaz-Miller, Senior Director, Pupil Support Services
Edward Winchester, Director, Secondary Student Achievement
    Tony Wold, Ed.D., Director, Program Quality Analysis
                           Purpose of Presentation

• Goal of Alternative Education Program Proposal
• Current Program Offerings
• Students Served
• Administrative Structure/Supervisory Challenges
• Program Improvement Status
• Alternative Education Proposal & Budget
• Recommended Timeline
                 Goal of SAUSD Alternative
                    Education Proposal

Establish a common vision to
serve the needs of secondary
students who need alternative
     paths to graduation

                                   Current Alternative
                                  Education Programs
1. Community Day School (CDS)

2. Independent Study Program (ISP)
   2.1. Independent Study for Ultimate Success (ISUS)

3. Cesar Chavez High School

3. Lorin Griset Academy

4. Achievement Reinforcement Center (ARC)
                                        Students Served in
                                       Alternative Education
1400+ students currently served from the following categories:
 • Credit deficient
 • CAHSEE deficient
 • 12+ non-grads (Valenzuela)
 • Teen parents
 • Exceptional athletes/entertainers
 • Working students
 • Short-term medical placements
 • Expelled students/discipline issues
 • Students in need of an alternative setting

                                      Day School (CDS)
  Short-term placement for students who
  have been subject to disciplinary action

Staffing                              Student Population
12 - month Principal
(also leads Independent Study)              125 Students
6.5 Teachers
                                           The majority at the
12 - month School Office Manager       intermediate school level
District Resource Officer (DSO)
School Resource Officer (SRO)

                                                           Independent Study & ISUS
                                                    (Independent Study for Ultimate Success)

                                    CDS PRINCIPAL

   (6) Independent
      Study sites                           150*
                                         concurrent                        ISUS
                                          students                 300 + 12 grade non-grads
                                                                   • Santa Ana College
                                        6 teachers                • Graduate Success Program
                                                                   • Centennial Adult Center
                                        Prog. Spec
                                        Sr. Sec.

24 full-time students enrolled in Independent Study at this time                         7
                               Challenges of Community Day
                                School / Independent Study
Program Monitoring and Continuity:

• Duties of Independent Study require the Community Day School
  Principal to travel to six (6) sites

• Monitoring and maintaining maximum full-time enrollment
  throughout the school year

• Students require consistent, high-quality supervision and
  personalized interaction with the site administrator

• Students transition in and out of Community Day School
  throughout the year

                                     Cesar Chavez
                                 Lorin Griset Academy

Provide students opportunities for credit recovery
 in order to transition successfully back to their
           comprehensive high schools

                Staffing                        Student
11- month Principal   11- month Principal   312 Students (Chavez)
13.5 Teachers         15.5 Teachers         360 Students (Griset)

1.5 Counselor         1.5 Counselor
6 Classified          6 Classified

                                Challenges of Current
                               Chavez/Griset Programs

• Re-examine and adjust program definition and
  enrollment criteria to provide greater access

• Addressing needs of students at the earliest
  opportunity to eliminate credit deficiencies

• Maintaining maximum enrollment throughout the
  school year

• Establishing a common vision and support structure
                                            Program Improvement (PI)
Year 4 and 5 Program Improvement (PI) schools must
plan for and implement one of four possible changes
             PI – Year 4                                 PI – Year 5
     Cesar Chavez & Lorin Griset                       Community Day
Prepare plan for alternative governance of        July, 2010 replaced all or most
school. Select one of the following:              staff including principal
• Reopen school as a charter

• Replace all or most staff including principal

• Contract with outside entity to manage school

• State takeover

• Any other major restructuring

 (completed in 2009-10 at CDS)

                             Achievement Reinforcement
                                   Center (ARC)
    Short-term placement for students who are
               suspended or truant

Staffing                               Student Population
2 Teacher/Outreach Consultants
         (Grant site)                    Varies from day to day
District Resource Officer (DSO)
School Resource Officer (SRO)
(same as CDS staffing)

                                         Current Alternative Education
                                              Organization Chart

                                                                      Senior Director,
 Principal    Principal
                                         Principal 12 months           Pupil Support
11 months    11 months                                                   Services

  Cesar                     Community           Independent
             Lorin Griset   Day School             Study
                                                               ISUS        ARC

                   Alternative Education

 The Alternative Education
Proposal will result in improved
   program monitoring and
  increased ADA, ultimately
increasing service to students
         and revenue

                                                           Alternative Education
    Change the Supervision Structure of Alternative Education
                                        Principal IV 12 months,
                              Alternative Education & Independent Study

         AP IV               AP IV                                               AP IV
       12 months           12 months                                           12 months

      Cesar Chavez         Lorin Griset                 Community Day School               ARC

•   Common vision and mission under one leader

•   Consistent supervision, policy and practices at all alternative education sites

•   12 month positions include summer school responsibilities

                                       Alternative Education
  Consolidation of Alternative Education Program Facilities
                       moves                     Grant Site
Day Site           Independent Study

Advantages of Facility Consolidation:
• Consolidation of resources (School Resource Officer, District
  Safety Officer)

                                              Alternative Education
                                                 Program Budget
                   Proposed Change                         Budgetary Impact

Increase full-time Independent Study enrollment by 30-60   $156,120 - $312,240
    ADA (doubled from 2009-10 for budget purposes

      Savings from consolidation of ARC and CDS                      $120,000
                 (from 4 to 2 positions)

  Replace site Principals with AP IV (12 months); add 1             ($160,000)
  Principal IV (12 months) to oversee all Alternative Ed

      Increase site Office Managers to 12 months                     ($11,000)

  Add School Office Assistant Position and change Sr.                ($65,000)
                Secretary to Registrar

       Total Initial Savings from Restructuring             $40,120 - $196,240


• February, 2011 – Hire Alternative Education Principal
  and Assistant Principal positions

• March, 2011 – Begin planning with the new Principal
  for 2011-12 school year

• July, 2011 – Implement updated Alternative Education


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