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					K I P S BAY B OY S & G I R L S C L U B
            2 0 0 8 A N N UA L R E P O R T

   December 19, 2008, 3:00 pm...going to the Boys & Girls the snow.

                          3:00 pm...a place to go
                 YOUTH-of-the-YEAR PROGRAM

          (l. to r.) Daniel Davila, Diamond Bayron, Briana Johnson, Joseph DeShields, Demi Torres, Tierra Hollins

The annual Youth-of-the-Year Program is an important event in our program year, serving as a character and
leadership building experience for the participants, and inspiring hundreds of younger club members to utilize their
Kips Bay years to be the best that they can be. The program is an expression of a youth-development strategy that
we employ throughout our curriculum -- to continually give opportunities for accomplishment and to recognize it in
ways small and impromptu as well as formally. Here are the finalists for the 2009 program. Joseph DeShields was
selected as Club Youth of the Year, who will represent Kips Bay in the state and national program.

                             MISSION STATEMENT
   The mission of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is to improve and enhance the
   quality of life for all young people, ages 6 to 18, with special emphasis on
   those who need us most. Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club exists to assist as many
   young people as possible to realize and achieve their potential for growth
   and development, and to attain the skills necessary to live and succeed in
   a complex world.

                                               visit us @ the new
President’s Message


In 2008 Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club completed its 93rd year of operation and 39th
year at its flagship Lucile Palmaro Clubhouse. Our membership of young people
totaled nearly 13,000, enrolled at eight sites in the Bronx and Camp Sebago in
Harriman State Park.

Kips Bay continues to make an enormous difference in the lives of many more
young people than we might have imagined a short ten years ago. At each service venue our professional staff sets a
high standard for after-school activities and fosters an environment rich in mentoring. On a daily basis we say to each
youngster: “Welcome, participate, make new friends and learn about yourselves, leaving as more capable, competent and
talented members of our vibrant society.”

When I first visited the clubhouse, there was a wood-working shop; it is now a dance studio. We have added a swimming
pool, the Bronx’ only ice skating rink, a gymnasium/performing arts hall, and even an air-supported dome for year-round
sports. Our programs offer more diversity and opportunity than ever in our history. Sports and social recreation are just
the beginning. Our scholarship awards now help 78 outstanding club members attend private high schools and colleges.
Our remarkable summer employment program places more than 1,000 teens. We sponsor both on-line and in-person
college visits. With the benefit of a 2008 federal grant secured by Congressman Joseph Crowley, we offer a pilot anti-obe-
sity program we call “Get Fit, Get Light.”

In late 2009 we will open a second clubhouse in the West Bronx Heights, an area of great need whose residents are eager-
ly awaiting a state-of-the-art Boys & Girls Club facility. In recognition of the generous support of the family of our recent-
ly deceased President of the Board of Trustees, Fritz Coudert, we are proud to name the new West Bronx facility the
“Frederic R. and Margaret Coudert Clubhouse.”

Looking ahead, our challenges are many and varied. Some of our traditional funding from municipal sources has already
been reduced. Foundation gifts are understandably down. The new Coudert Clubhouse will add to annual membership
by 3,000 youngsters and require one million dollars in annual operating costs.

I thank each of our professional staff members led by our Executive Director, Dan Quintero, for their dedication. I also
thank my colleagues on the Board of Trustees, supporting organizations and individual donors for their partnership, their
financial contributions and their confidence that our programs make a difference!

Thank you all.

Paul H. Ross
President of the Board of Trustees

Dear Friends of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club:

Yes, it’s tough. Fundraising from foundations, corporations, individuals, government -- all
down. But you knew that. If endowments are down, or sales, or a family’s income is
diminished or worse, charitable giving is affected.

What is to be done? In November of 2008 our finance committee met to reduce the
newly adopted FY 09 budget by 8%. We froze vacancies and that has reduced expens-
es further. We have reduced retirement contributions for staff, and reduced program-
ming hours for youngsters. More is on the table.

What has changed? In the most fundamental way, nothing! We are still the positive
place for kids. Youngsters still pursue a sports passion, get help in math, learn to
swim, enjoy a hot dinner while waiting for a working parent to come home, or join the
K-Company and perform at the circus…

At Kips Bay it is the Best of Times. And we ask for your partnership…again.


               (l. to r.) Daniel Quintero, Annie Dickerson, Paul Ross, Margaret Hoover, Tony Santiago

      Annie Dickerson, VP Singer Family Foundation, presents Daniel Quintero, Executive Director of Kips
      Bay Boys & Girls Club, with a munificent first-time gift of $50,000 on behalf of philanthropist Paul
      Singer. Paul H. Ross, President of the Kips Bay Board of Trustees, jointed Quintero in welcoming
      Dickerson and Margaret Hoover to the flagship Lucile Palmaro Clubhouse.

Kips Bay’s standing with Major League Baseball was demonstrated at this year’s All-Star game celebrations, promoted
through the City as “Fanfest.” Fifty (50) of our youngsters stepped off the red carpet parade of All-Stars in mid-town, and
our playground at the Palmaro Clubhouse was replaced compliments of Major League Baseball.

                         SUMMER DAY CAMP 2008
                                                                                Summer Day Camp remains a valuable
                                                                                staple of our wide-ranging youth program.
                                                                                Our camp offers working parents the
                                                                                assurance that their youngsters will be
                                                                                safe, supervised and stimulated from (as
                                                                                early as) 7:30 am to (as late as) 7:00 pm,
                                                                                while provided with breakfast, lunch and
                                                                                snack. One technique that makes Day
                                                                                Camp work is the groups we form, which
                                                                                quickly bond and stay together for the
                                                                                whole summer, and are attended by the
                                                                                same Summer Youth Employment worker.
                                                                                This group posed during an afternoon arts
                                                                                and craft class.

 We call it “Get Fit, Get Light,” and it is our new obesity prevention program funded with a Center for Disease Control and
 Prevention grand sponsored by Congressman Joseph Crowley. The program combines vigorous exercise in “life-long”
 sports with instruction in nutrition and healthy living habits. The national crisis in youth obesity is greatly accentuated in
 the Bronx, as shown in data from the Family Weight Management Program of nearby Jacobi Medical Center, which
 helped us to design the program.

                                                                                Rapper and “Law and Order” star Ice-T recently
                                                                                visited Kips Bay, courtesy of Rick Goings and
                                                                                Tupperware Corporation. Goings, Tupperware
                                                                                CEO and outgoing Chairman of Boys & Girls
                                                                                Club of America, frequently visits clubs with
                                                                                celebrity role models. Ice-T sat in on a session
                                                                                of “DJ Academy,” a new entrepreneurial teen
                                                                                program, in which 25 participants learn about
                                                                                the music industry and write and record their
                                                                                own songs. On this occasion, six lucky teens
                                                                                sang their own songs for Ice-T to critique.

                                                                                Touring the Palmaro Clubhouse, Ice-T came
                                                                                upon a group of club members from St. Joseph’s
                                                                                School for the Deaf (photo left) who taught him
                                                                                to sign “I love you.” Children from St. Joseph’s
                                                                                have attended Kips Bay programs for 25 years.

      Ice-T and youngsters from St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf.
                                                           Enjoying the
                                                           Bronx’ only ice
                                                           rink. Special
                                                           thanks to the
                                                           National Hockey
                                                           League Players’
                                                           Association for a
                                                           large equipment
                                                           and uniform dona-
                                                           tion from their
                                                           “Goals & Dreams”

         Dancing with the Stars

      Pajama day on Valentine’s Day    Move over, Minnesota Fats

                                                                               Photography: Edgar Pineda

        K-Company at the Circus           Kips Bay Mustangs
                                THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH
                                     SUPER CHAMPION - $500,000-$1,000,000

                                               Mr. & Mrs. Frederic R. "Fritz" Coudert
                                   New York City Department of Youth & Community Development
                                                    Charles Hayden Foundation

                                           CHAMPION - $100,000-$499,999
                  The After School Corporation                       New York State Department of Health
                  City of New York Department for the Aging          The Pinkerton Foundation

                                           GOLD CIRCLE - $50,000-$99,999
Benjamin Moore & Company                    French - American Aid for Children         O'Connor Capital Partners
Boys & Girls Clubs of America               HELP USA                                   The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation
The Clark Foundation                        Montague H. Hackett, Jr.                   Turn 2 Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York            Major League Baseball Charity              United States Office of Juvenile Justice
Electrolux Major Appliances                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Mott

                                           SILVER CIRCLE - $25,000-$49,999
The Bodman Foundation                       Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc.          Paul H. Ross
Crain & Ventolo Associates                  New York Design Center-Jim Druckman        Rose M. Badgeley Residuary Charitable Trust
Filomen M. D'Agostino Foundation Corp.      NYS Office of Children & Family Services   Washington Square Fund
Lan Doctors

                                           BENEFACTORS - $10,000-$24,999
Architectural Digest                        Mrs. Thomas Mellon Evans                    New York State Alliance of Boys & Girls Club
AXA Foundation                              Mark E. Fabry                               Promesa Foundation
Best Buy Children's Foundation              First Republic Bank                         Ronald McDonald House
Ms. Sarah L. Boles                          Mr. & Mrs. Henry Fownes                     Mr. Arthur M. Rogers, Jr.
Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation    Frederick C. Horner Trust                   SCO Family of Services
Charles Pavarini, III Design                GE Commercial Finance                       Seth Sprague Education & Charitable
Charlotte Moss Interior Design              GOYA Foods                                      Foundation
DavosPharma - Barry Robbins                 K.E.B. Pest Control, LLC - Edwin Beltran    Sims Metal Management Ltd. -Daniel W. Dienst
de Coizart Charitable Trust                 Mr. & Mrs. Curtis O. Minnis, Sr.            St. Joseph School For the Deaf
Dienst & Dotter                             Ray Negron                                  Travel+Leisure - Ed Kelly
Domingo Magazine                            The New Yankee Stadium Community Fund

                                                PATRONS - $3,000-$9,999
Artistic Tile, Inc.                         Cullman & Kravis, Inc.                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Loppolo
Avery Boardman, Ltd.                        The Dillon Fund                            Mr. & Mrs. Francois J. Maisonrouge
Baker Knapp & Tubbs                         Elle Décor                                 Mario Buatta, Inc.
Lawrence B. Benenson                        Extra Bases                                Metropolitan Home
Mr. & Mrs. Mario P. Borini                  Fairmount Insurance                        Profiles
Cablevision                                 Gagne' Development Co.                     RBC Dain Rauscher
Canard, Inc.                                Scott A. Gress                             The Robert Allen Group
Mr. & Mrs. W. Ward Carey                    GTL Construction, LLC                      Harry Slatkin
Celebrity Moving                            Mr. & Mrs. Dennis S. Hersch                The Stuart Foundation
Century Case Goods                          House Beautiful                            TD Bank
Cetra/Ruddy Incorporated                    JD Audio & Video Design, Inc.              United Way of New York
CIBC World Markets Corp.                    Mr. Peter L. Keane                         UPS Foundation
Clarence and Anne Dillon Dunwalke Trust     Kraft Hardware Inc.                        Velvet Touch
Crown Janitorial Products                   Anthony Lawrence-Belfair                   Mr. & Mrs. A. Manny Villafana
                            THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

                                         FRIENDS - $1,000-$2,999

All American Collectibles              Alyssa Bliss-Greenberg            Puerto Rico, U.S.A. Imports, Inc.
Mrs. Ectra Nippert Ames                Antonia M. Grumbach               Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Quintero
Angelica                               Healing Barsanti, Inc.            Regina Caterers, Inc.
AP Interiors                           Henry Laird Smith Foundation      Related
Barbara Ostrom Associates              Estate of Berenice Berke Hetkin   Richard Mishaan Design
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bauer               H.O.P.E. for Youth Foundation     RM General Contractor Corp.
Bed Bath & Beyond                      Hudson Bay Environments, Inc.     Robert Couturier, Inc.
Blair Design Associates, Inc.          James A. MacDonald Foundation     Ropart Asset Management, LLC
BP Architects                          Japanese Chamber of Commerce &    Rosita & Philippe Weissberg Center
The Brass Center                           Industry of New York, Inc.    Safeway Construction Ent., Inc.
Bronx Kids, Inc.                       John L. McHugh Foundation         Salsa Caterers, Inc.
Yvonne K. Brown                        Mr. & Mrs. Randy Jones            SB Schonfeld Fund Advisors, LLC
Bulkley Dunton Publishing Group        Kenneth Alpert Associates         Scalamandre
C. Stasky Associates                   Kim Eng Securities                Schering-Plough Research
Carole Gratale, Inc.                   Koonyeung’s Corporation           Mr. & Mrs. Charles Royce
Ciriello Manufacturing, Inc.           Stephanie Krieger                 Sara Story Design
Citadel Security Agency                Dr. Jeanne K. Lawrence            Frances Schultz
Ms. Janice Z. Clark                    Lee Angelakis                     Sempra Metals Services Group -Brian E.
Mr. Michael Clark                      Linda Ruderman Interiors               Flaherty
Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation          Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lindgren        Shelly Tile, Inc.
Cly-Del Manufacturing Company          Arthur Loeb                       Stark Carpet Corporation
Coca Cola Bottling Company             LOM Property Consulting           Stephen Miller Siegel Architects PC, Inc.
The Cozen O'Connor Foundation          Lona Design, Inc.                 Tepper Galleries, Inc.
Creative Source                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Luter           Tri-Ling Contracting Corporation
Crown Trophy                           Susan Lynch                       UFT Bronx Office
Darren Henault Interiors               Manhattan Shade & Glass Co.       United Brotherhood of Carpenters &
David Kleinberg Design Associates      Clare Elizabeth McKeon                 Joiners of America
David Netto Design                     The Meehan Group                  United Health Service, Inc.
Dessins, Inc.                          Merrill Lynch                     VBArchitect
Donghia Furniture/Textile, Ltd         Mikimoto America, Ltd             Verizon
Duce Construction                      Danielle Ann Millican             Verizon Foundation
Duke Farms Foundation                  Mr. Salvatore E. Moore            Walker Zanger
Duralee/Techstyle Multifabrics, Ltd.   Mr. & Mrs. Gary Moyer             W.B. Mason
Ms. Teresa Dziedzic                    Nancy P. Durr Living Trust        White Fleishner & Fino, LLP
Eve Robinson Associates, Inc.          Pfizer, Inc.                      William McIntosh Design, LLC
Fanuka Custom Cabinets                 Philip Gorrivan Design            Young & Rubicam
Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, LLC   P.L. Wire Tech, Inc.              Mrs. Maryann C. Zacharia
F.S.I. of New York, Ltd                PNC Bank

                  IN MEMORY

                                      The Bridge Builder

                                      An old man, going a lone highway,
                                      Came, at the evening, cold and gray,
                                      To a chasm, deep and wide,
                                      Through which there flowed a sullen tide.
                                      The old man crossed in the twilight dim,
                                      For the sullen stream had no fears for him,
                                      He turned when he reached the other side,
                                      And built a bridge to span the tide.

                                      "Old man," cried a fellow pilgrim near,
                                      "Why waste your strength with building here,
                                      Your journey will end with the ending day,
Frederic Coudert, President of        And you never again will pass this way,
Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club,
                                      You have crossed the chasm deep and wide.
passed away on December 5,
2008. He gave this institution 46     Why build you the bridge at the eventide?"
years of pure passion. He was
enormously generous, his spirit       The builder raised his old gray head:
unconquerable.                        "Good friend, on the path I have come,
                                      There followed after me today
He was truly the “Bridge Builder”     A youth whose feet will pass this way.
immortalized in Will Allen            This chasm which has been naught to me,
Dromgoole’s poem which hangs in       To that youngster may a pitfall be.
the Palmaro Clubhouse lobby, a
                                      He, too must cross in the twilight dim,
tribute to an earlier generation of
Kips Bay voluntary leadership,        Good friend, I am building this bridge for him."
which inluded Fritz as a young
man.                                                            -Will Allen Dromgoole

Our new Clubhouse is gratefully
named for Fritz and Margaret

                         GODSPEED, FRITZ
                   EVALUATING OUR WORK
A time of economic downturn, when donors and government funders must make hard decisions
regarding where they put their dollars, accentuates our burden to demonstrate that Boys & Girls
Clubs both enhance young lives and have long-term positive effects. For us the gold standard
in arguing for the value of our work is demonstrated in the three national alumni surveys con-
ducted for Boys & Girls Clubs of America by Louis Harris Associates, most recently in 2007.
Alumni reported that Boys & Girls Clubs continue to have both immediate and long-lasting
impact on their lives. Among the key findings:

   1. Up 5% from 1999, 57% of alumni said their Club literally saved their life.

   2. Overall, 91% are satisfied with their adult life.

   3. 61% became more committed to their education because of Boys & Girls Clubs.

   4. 28% would have dropped out of high school if not for their Club.

   5. Nationally, 21% of African-American males do not graduate from high school,
      while only 2% of Boys & Girls Club African-American males do not finish.

   6. 34% of African-American Boys & Girls Club alumni earned a 4-year degree,
      compared to the national rate of 16%.

   7. 51% achieved a higher level of education than they thought possible because
      they were inspired by their Club participation.

We believe that these results would be fully mirrored in a sample of Kips Bay alumni based
upon our observations, what our current Club members and alumni tell us, and the fact that
Kips Bay is universally recognized as one of the premier clubs in the national network.

Nevertheless the responsibility to continually assess and refine our outcomes is always pres-
ent. Accordingly, beginning in early 2008, Kips Bay began to work with consultant John La
Rocca of The Rensselaerville Institute to increase our skills in measuring outcomes from spe-
cific activities. We began with the pilot obesity-prevention initiative referenced elsewhere in
this annual report. With Mr. La Rocca’s assistance outcomes were identified and projected
outcomes were established. In the first pilot cycle of 60 participants we found that: 41%
achieved a satisfactory level of nutrition knowledge, 30% modified their eating behavior in
healthy ways, 67% exercised vigorously for 45 minutes twice a week for 8 weeks, and 83%
lost at least 2% of their starting weight. This outcome quantification will continue as an ongo-
ing priority.

Numbers of participants in activities also help to tell our story. For example, in program year
2008 1,013 teens were placed in summer jobs, 52 youngsters participated in the Bronx’ only
hockey instruction program, about 800 enrolled in some component of the baseball program,
1,400 got help with home work, 32 talented youngsters were members of the K-Company
touring dance and vocal troupe, and 78 (triple the number from 4 years ago) received our
scholarships to private high schools and colleges to cite just a few participation statistics.

                                               Paul H. Ross, President
         Mrs. W. Ward Carey, Vice President                         Montague H. Hackett, Jr., Vice President
         Ms. Cynthia Coudert, Vice President                        Curtis O. Minnis, Sr., Vice President/Secretary
         Scott A. Gress, Vice President                             Debralee Nelson, Vice President/Treasurer
Mario P. Borini                        Mark Fabry                               Mrs. Charles H. Mott
Steven L. Boyd                         Brian E. Flaherty                        Olivier Peardon
Gary Crain                             Jeffrey Pipes Guice                      Nicholas Radford
Daniel W. Dienst                       Gregory A. Hersch                        Barry Robins
James P. Druckman                      Ed Kelly                                 Michael L. Siden
Mrs. Thomas M. Evans                   Ms. Ketty Pucci-Sisti Maisonrouge        Hon. Leslie Crocker Snyder

                                               Honorary Trustees
Mr. E. Albert Berol                     Arthur M. Rogers, Jr.                    Manuel A. Villafana
Mrs. Henry Fownes                       Dennis Smith                             Mrs. Manuel A. Villafana
Harry Hinson                            John R. Suydam, Jr.                      Mrs. John G. Winslow
Peter L. Keane

                                           Women’s Committee
                                       Mrs. Victoria C. Lindgren, Chairman
                                     Mrs. John L. McWilliams, Vice-Chairman
                                       Miss Lorinda J. Laub, Co-Chairman
Mrs. Michael Nash Ambler               Mrs. Philip C. Gorrivan                  Miss Jodi Sandman
Ms. Valerie Bannon                     Ms. Susan Zises Green                    Miss. Kimberly Simonton
Mrs. Seymour W. Bernstein              Ms. Victoria Dayton Hansen               Mrs. Andrew Solomon
Mrs. Philip J. Bowers                  Ms. Deborah Kanabis                      Ms. Laurel Southworth
Mrs. William J. Brennan, Jr.           Ms. Natasha Kazmer                       Ms. Katherine Stephens
Mrs. W. Ward Carey                     Mrs. Robert LaBadie                      Mrs. Timothy J. Stone
Mrs. John W. Chappell                  Mrs. John L. Lesher, Jr.                 Mrs. Nancy Stratford-Jones
Ms. J. Robert Collins, Jr.             Mrs. J. Michael Loening                  Mrs. Michael J. Sullivan
Mrs. David Condo                       Ms. Stephanie Loomis                     Mrs. Herbert W. Swain, Jr.
Mrs. Kathryn M. Deane-Krantz           Mrs. William B. MacRae                   Mrs. Leith Rutherfurd Talamo
Ms. Susan DeAngelis                    Mrs. Frederick W. Martens, Jr.           Ms. Valerie N. Urry
Ms. Jacqueline Didier                  Ms. Mia Mayer                            Miss Stacy E. Waggoner
Mrs. Patrick Duval                     Mrs. Neil A. McConnell                   Miss Allison P. Wagner
Mrs. Thomas M. Evans                   Mrs. Charles H. Mott                     Ms. Matsi Walsh
Ms. Elizabeth Fallon                   Mrs. John S. B. Oler                     Mrs. Jeannette Warner-Goldstein
Ms. Fran Fields                        Mrs. Ingrid Henrichsen O’Neill           Mrs. Matthew Webster
Mrs. Jon J. Fields                     Miss Maria Parasugo                      Mrs. Marilyn White
Mrs. Brian E. Flaherty                 Miss Frances Pildes                      Ms. Jan A. Wysocki
Mrs. Henry Fownes                      Ms. Kelly Piper
Miss Mary B. Gallagher                 Mrs. Joseph Sambuco

                                            Board of Managers
Edwin Beltran, President               Fernando Brinn                           Jim Stone
Nick Albano, Vice-President            Debbie Del Franco                        Danixa M. Vega
Ron Lawson, Treasurer                  Scott Fowler                             Jonathan Williams
Eileen Cruz-Minnis, Secretary          Curtis O. Minnis, Sr.                    Dee Wingfield

                                                  Senior Staff
                                        Daniel Quintero, Executive Director
Yvonne K. Brown, Operations Director                             Jose Rodriquez, Director of Community Based Sites
Andrew McFall, Deputy Operations Director                        Tony Santiago, Foundation & Gov. Director
Harold Maldonado, Senior Director of Program Development         Jennifer Skoda, Special Events Director
Yolonda Brisbane, Unit Director                                  Yvette St. Just, Director of Administrative Affairs
Lynn Galvin, Director of Sponsorships & Corporate Relations      Robert K. Smits, Legal Counsel (pro bono)
                                   FOR YEAR ENDED SEPTEMBER 30, 2008

R EVENUE :                                                                                                   I NCOME S OURCES
                                                                                                  5% Camp Fees & Other        2% Corporations
                                                                                4% Rentals, Interest & Dividends                              17% Special Events
SPECIAL EVENTS:                                        $1,737,863
GOVERNMENT GRANTS:                                      3,176,666
FOUNDATIONS:                                            1,600,400
INDIVIDUALS:                                            2,387,941                          Individuals
RENTALS, INTEREST, DIVIDENDS:                             441,371
CAMP FEES AND OTHER SUPPORT:                              549,322
CORPORATIONS:                                             185,101                                                                                   32% Government Grants

                                      TOTAL:           10,078,664                                               16%

E XPENSES :                                                                                   P ROGRAM S ERVICE E XPENSES
                                                                                                                8%         5% Senior Center
EDUCATION:                                               3,939,300
CAREER AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT:                        1,176,674                                    8%
                                                                              Social Recreation & the Arts
SPORTS, FITNESS & HEALTH:                                  496,522
SOCIAL RECREATION & THE ARTS:                              567,012                                 7%
CAMP:                                                      557,579             Sports, Fitness & Health
                                                                                                                                                       55% Education
SENIOR CENTER:                                             372,433
                                        TOTAL:           7,019,520
                                                                                         Career & Character

S UPPORTING S ERVICES :                                                                              E XPENSE D ISTRIBUTION
ADMINISTRATION:                                          1,069,670
FUNDRAISING AND PUBLIC RELATIONS:                        1,021,520                                 11%
                                                                                          Fundraising &
        TOTAL SUPPORTING SERVICES:                       2,091,190                      Public Relations

                           TOTAL EXPENSES:            $ 9,200,710

ENDING NET ASSET BALANCE:                    $ 25,173,751
                                                                                                                                                 77% Program Services

The accounts of Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club Inc. for fiscal year 2008 have been examined
by Loeb & Troper, L.L.P., Certified Public Accountants. Detailed figures are available upon
request including figures on Investments and Capital Improvements. Annual operating
deficits, if any, are addressed with transfers from endowment resources.
                                                                Debralee Nelson, Treasurer
                                         THANKS YANKS!
                                                                              In 2008 the New York Yankees and Major
                                                                              League Baseball supported Kips Bay with a
                                                                              generous capital gift of $75,000 for our new
                                                                              Coudert Clubhouse, now under construction
                                                                              one mile north of Yankee Stadium in the West
                                                                              Bronx Heights. A second gift of $15,100
                                                                              came via the “New Yankee Stadium
                                                                              Community Benefits Fund.” At left Dan
                                                                              Quintero thanks Randy Levine in the now
                                                                              “old” Yankee Stadium “Great Moments

                                                                              Join us for this year’s Yankee game event in
                                                                              the magnificent new stadium. Tickets: 718-
                                                                              893-8600 x245         Corporate Sponsorship
                                                                              especially welcome.

Randy Levine (left) President, New York Yankees, and Daniel Quintero at 2nd
annual Yankee Stadium Evening.

                                     ANGEL IN AMERICA
                                                                              A quarter century ago Angel Feliciano played
                                                                              with Daniel Quintero on the Lehman College
                                                                              baseball team. A young man from the tough
                                                                              Hunts Point section of the South Bronx, Angel
                                                                              went on to a 20-year career on Wall Street
                                                                              where, he says, “God blessed me.” Wanting
                                                                              to use his expertise (technology) to help needy
                                                                              kids, Angel joined the non-profit Per Scholas
                                                                              computer recycling organization, where he
                                                                              reconnected with Dan at Kips Bay. Angel then
                                                                              joined ASI System Integration Services, on
                                                                              the condition that he could make computer
                                                                              donations to Bronx children. At left, Angel
                                                                              makes a fall 2008 visit with a donation of 20
                                                                              computers. Mr. Feliciano denies that Dan is
                                                                              holding pictures from those college days.

Daniel Quintero (left) Angel Feliciano
Executive Director’s Message

It is with great angst that I address you this year with the acknowledgement that
we are all not doing as well financially as we have in the past. That being said,
our experience during the tough economic times is that our services are needed
much more, and the demand becomes greater.

While we have taken steps as an organization to retool, retrench, and tweak how
we deliver our services, we’ve been fortunate thus far not to downsize what we
consider one of our most valued resources: our staff.

As we move forward, we are in the midst of concluding the construction on our new West Bronx site, while also imple-
menting many new and needed programs. These include: Obesity Prevention, Media Arts Workshops, and Passport to
Manhood. So while we have been fiscally conservative, we are still on the cutting edge of program development and meet-
ing the needs of our children.

In the 2009 program year we anticipate between 13,000 and 14,000 children. These children would not be able to take
advantage of our very comprehensive and diverse services, e.g., job readiness, citizenship and leadership programs, den-
tal services, technology, SAT Prep, and college readiness programs — along with our physical education and recreation
programs — were it not for our loyal institutional and individual donors. So many of you join us every year to take part in
and appreciate the biggest and best Show House in the nation. We are deeply grateful. Your attendance and ongoing
support of our organization is important. The work we do is life changing for youngsters 6 through 18 and we cannot
accomplish it without you.

So now more than ever we ask for your help to help our children. Please consider donating time, resources, and rela-
tionships to our shared mission. Times are hard but together we can develop this city’s youth so they can be prepared
for the challenges of tomorrow. The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club rests on the shoulders of so many individuals...just like you.

On behalf of the over 13,000 children in our programs, I thank you.

Daniel Quintero
Executive Director

                                                                                 Daniel Quintero playing baseball at Kips Bay.
                         Invest With Us
In Boys & Girls Clubs we often say that the most important thing that we, as administrators,
must insure is that, every day, each child who walks through the door is met by an adult pro-
fessional who cares.

For Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, this is an enormous responsibility, given that 2,200 youngsters
walk through our doors every day...more than 13,000 unduplicated Club Members this year.

This is our promise to you when you invest your dollars and your time with Kips Bay: We will
provide an environment, beginning with a talented and dedicated staff, that nourishes and
guides every child and young adult.

 Social Recreation director Danny Rivera exemplifies the commitment we live by every day:
     Each child who walks through the door is met by an adult professional who cares.

                                     CONTACT US

       Daniel Quintero, 718-893-8600 x240,

           Paul H. Ross, 212-867-8873,

          Tony Santiago, 718-893-8600 x242,

                               Thank You

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