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Type                Pub Code       Title                                                                                  Lead
Membership          003947         RCN Membership payment forms for cash renewals                                         Adam
Services/Products   003375         Library and Information Services leaflet                                               Adam
Membership          002650         Supporting your professional development A4 poster                                     Chris
Membership          002651         Voice of nursing A4 poster                                                             Chris
Membership          002661         Blank A4 poster (for your own message)                                                 Chris
Membership          003212         Caring for you while you're caring for others A4 poster                                Chris
Membership          003329         Whatever your specialty A4 poster                                                      Chris
Membership          003330         On your Side, By Your Side A4 poster                                                   Chris
Membership          003331         Professional development A4 poster                                                     Chris
Membership          003984         Generic membership leaflet                                                             Chris
Membership          002662         Blank A3 poster (for your own message)                                                 Chris
Other               003968         Reps t-shirt (xx large)                                                                Chris
Other               003967         Reps t-shirt (x large)                                                                 Chris
Other               003966         Reps t-shirt (large)                                                                   Chris
Other               003965         Reps t-shirt (medium)                                                                  Chris
Other               003964         Reps --shirt (small)                                                                   Chris
Reps                003340         Reps recruitment leafet                                                                Chris
Reps                003341         Reps A4 poster                                                                         Chris
Reps                003342         Reps A3 poster                                                                         Chris
Reps                003344         Reps employer leaflet (England only)                                                   Chris
Reps                003457         Learning Reps Poster - Red                                                             Chris
Reps                003458         Learning Reps Poster - Blue                                                            Chris
Reps                003459         Safety Reps Poster - Red                                                               Chris
Reps                003460         Safety Reps Poster - Blue                                                              Chris
Reps                003461         Steward Poster - Red                                                                   Chris
Reps                003462         Steward Poster - Blue                                                                  Chris
Reps                003368         Reps employer leaflet ( Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland)                          Chris
Reps                003978         Student information officer flyer                                                      Chris
Reps                003989         Five minute activist leaflet                                                           Chris
Reps                003993         Top Ten Resources for Activists                                                        Chris
Reps                003994         ROTY poster 2011 awards                                                                Chris
Reps                003995   ROTY nomination form 2011                                  Chris
Reps                003436   Stewards A4 poster                                         Chris
Reps                003437   Rep Roles Poster - Learning Rep                            Chris
Services/Products   002768   Interview techniques                                       Comms
Services/Products   002769   Tips for completing app forms and CVs                      Comms
Services/Products   003389   Diabetes flyer                                             Comms
Services/Products   003391   E health flyer                                             Comms
Services/Products   003547   The recognition and assessment of acute pain in children   Comms
Services/Products   003863   Principles of Nursing                                      Comms
Other               003443   History of the RCN - Book Order Form                       Gemma
Membership          003979   Student guide 2011-12                                      Juliet
Membership          003986   Student envelopes                                          Juliet
Membership          003480   Newly qualified Nurses                                     Juliet
Other               003976   Library Bags                                               Juliet
HCA AP              003902   HCA AP A6 benefits postcard                                Louise
HCA AP              003517   HCA AP CV tips leaflet                                     Louise
HCA AP              003518   HCA AP app form tips leaflet                               Louise
HCA AP              003516   HCA AP interview tips leaflet                              Louise
HCA AP              003502   HCA AP Network postcard with app form                      Louise
HCA AP              003900   HCA AP Network poster                                      Louise
HCA AP              003974   HCA AP app form
HCA AP              003950   First Steps A4 poster                                      Louise
HCA AP              003951   First Steps A5 flyer                                       Louise
HCA AP              003942   Accountability and Delegation A5 leaflet                   Louise
HCA AP              003944   Delegation checklist                                       Louise
HCA AP              003961   HCA AP values card                                         Louise
HCA AP              003960   HCA AP bag                                                 Louise
HCA AP              003949   HCA AP pen                                                 Louise
HCA AP              003954   HCA AP You can join A4 poster                              Louise
HCA AP              003955   HCA AP Valued A4 poster                                    Louise
HCA AP              003957   HCA AP Support A4 poster                                   Louise
HCA AP              003452   OU Flyer re Course K101                                    Louise
HCA AP              003987   HCA AP leaflet
HCA AP              004002   HCA subs A5 flyer
HCA AP              004000   HCS subs cut poster                                                  Louise
Services/Products   003506   Member Support Services poster                                       Louise
Services/Products   003510   Management and leadership for health and social care professionals   Louise
Membership          003973   Student application form 2011-12                                     Sam
Membership          003975   Student 3-for-2 application form 2011-12                             Sam
Membership          003985   Student crib cards                                                   Sam
Membership          003941   2011 Generic App Form                                                Sam
Other               003347   T-shirt small                                                        Sam
Other               003348   T-shirt medium                                                       Sam
Other               003349   T-shirt large                                                        Sam
Other               003350   T-shirt XL                                                           Sam
Other               003351   T-shirt XXL                                                          Sam
Other               003395   V neck T shirt S                                                     Sam
Other               003396   V neck T shirt M                                                     Sam
Other               003397   V neck T shirt L                                                     Sam
Other               003398   V neck T shirt XL                                                    Sam
Other               003399   V neck T shirt XXL                                                   Sam
Services/Products   003383   Learning Zone leaflet                                                Steve
Services/Products   003515   RCN Student Library leaflet                                          Steve
Services/Products   003925   L + D flyer for Students                                             Steve
Services/Products   003926   L + D flyer for HCAs                                                 Steve
Services/Products   003927   L + D flyer for full members                                         Steve
Services/Products   003930   L + D student e-library flyer                                        Steve
Services/Products   003931   L + D student library flyer                                          Steve
Services/Products   003932   L + D student learning zone poster                                   Steve
Services/Products   003933   L + D student placement toolkit poster                               Steve
Services/Products   003324   RCN Consultancy Service postcard                                     Steve
Services/Products   003390   Archives flyer                                                       Steve
Services/Products   003454   Virtual Enquiry Service A4 poster (new version)                      Steve
Services/Products   003430   Xtra - Member A4 Poster                                              Steve
Services/Products   003970   Member Energy RCN Xtra leaflet                                       Steve
Services/Products   003433   RCNXtra members' leaflet                                             Steve
Services/Products   003909   RCNXtra members' smiley leaflet                                      Steve
HCA AP              003503   HCA events postcard                                                  Victoria
Membership          003422   Midwifery Leaflet                                          Victoria
Membership          003991   Student midwife flyer                                      Victoria
Membership          003980   Nursing Home recruitment booklet                           Victoria
Membership          003981   Hospice recruitment booklet                                Victoria
Membership          003992   Practice Nurse/general practice recruitment flyer          Victoria
Other               003450   Inspire 'Get Involved' Flyer                               Victoria
Services/Products   003417   INSPIRE Flyer                                              Victoria
Services/Products   003511   Maximise the potential of your staff and training budget   Yasser
Services/Products   003934   Leaflet dispensers                                         Yasser
Services/Products   003959   RCND Online Advice leaflet                                 Yasser
Campaigns           003303   2010/11 NHS agenda for change payscales
Campaigns           004106   201/12 NHS agenda for change payscales
Services/Products   002711   Online learning
Services/Products   003507   Pursue your passion for learning                           Yasser
Services/Products   003508   A healthier outlook for your career                        Yasser
Services/Products   003509   Professional development for nurses                        Yasser

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