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									February 2013
                                                     Festival, VIP Glastonbury and the Oscars Vanity
WELCOME TO NEW MET STUDENTS                          Fair Party and, most recently, the high profile
Once again the department welcomes students          fashion fundraising gala 'Lingerie London'. For this
starting programmes in January and both ‘study       event they called on us to provide student
abroad’ students and those following Erasmus         volunteers on work experience and has now
programmes.                                          offered three paid graduate work opportunities.
And students will soon be recruited for the new      RESEARCH
International      Marketing      Communications
                                                      Dr Jithendran Kokkranikal, Senior
programme run jointly by ESCEM France Business
                                                     Lecturer in Tourism Management has
School at its Poitiers campus and the Marketing
                                                     two papers in publication.
team in the Business School. The programme
involves studying in both the UK and France and      Kokkranikal, J., Antony, J., and Kosgi,
successful candidates will be awarded two Masters    H., and Losekoot, E. (2013) “Barriers and
degrees - one from Greenwich and one from FBS.       Challenges in the application of Six Sigma in
                                                     Hospitality Industry: Some observations and
This international programme provides students
                                                     findings”. International Journal of Productivity and
with a competitive edge by demonstrating to
                                                     Performance Management.
employers their ability to cope with the practical
and academic demands of mobility and                 Chettiparambil, A., and Kokkranikal, J. (2012)
intercultural complexity in globalised business.     Responsible Tourism and Sustainability – the Case
                                                     of Kumarakom, Kerala, India. Journal of Policy
STUDENT SUCCESS                                      Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events; Special
Adetola Bella and Valentina Pietrangeli have just    Issue: Tourism Planning, Vol. 4 (3), pp. 302-326
completed the MA in Marketing Communications
                                                     Congratulations to Dr Samantha
and as a consequence now have full-time jobs.
                                                     Chaperon who has just had an article
Adetola spent a week with a specialist online
                                                     published in Annals of Tourism
agency, WebLiquid, as part of her course
                                                     Research, one of only two 4* rated
Communications in Context and was then offered
                                                     journals in the field. The paper
a fulltime position with the company in her native
                                                     ”Dependency       and    Agency     in
Nigeria. Valentina spent time with as part of her
                                                     Peripheral Tourism Development” was co-written
Media Planning & Buying Course and has already
                                                     with Professor Bill Bramwell from Sheffield Hallam
started as marketing manager there recently
                                                     and considers the notion of dependency in
visiting Greenwich to give the brief to the new
                                                     peripheral tourism development in relation to
Media Planning & Buying students!
                                                     human agency, strategic calculation and strategic
Azizul Hassan, recently graduated from the MA in     selectivity…all in the context of the Maltese
Tourism management had his dissertation              Islands.
research on facilities management in a World
                                                     Chaperon, S. & Bramwell, B. (2013) Dependency
Heritage site published in the journal Tourism
                                                     and      Agency   in     Peripheral   Tourism
Analysis. Azizul has also been accepted as a PhD
                                                     Development. Annals of Tourism Research. Vol.
student in the Anthropology department at
                                                     40: 132-154.
Queens University.
                                                                  Katia Iankova is acting as a reviewer of
BA Events Management graduate, Marcella
                                                                  heritage-related research papers for
Seegoolam, recently landed a job at Total
                                                                  the Tourism Management journal and
Management, a leading Event and Lifestyle
                                                                  book reviews for the Sustainable
Management company.
                                                                  Tourism journal and for the Canadian,
Total Management organises events at occasions       bilingual journal Anthropologica.
such as the Monaco Grand Prix, the Cannes Film
February 2012

         At the end of last term Philip Holden was       so help children attend school. The student team
         invited to contribute to the University of      producing the best plan will present to the
         Kent’s new postgraduate course on ‘The          Wonderbag UK Marketing Manager in March.
         Idea of Civil Society’. Philip is a member of
                                                         Once again, final year undergraduates following
         the Voluntary Sector Studies network
                                                         the Direct, Interactive and Digital Marketing
         (VSSN) and the International Society for
                                                         course will be entering the Institute of Direct and
Third-sector Research (ISTR) and presents on his
                                                         Digital Marketing (IDM) student competition. They
specialism in the social theory of Pierre Bourdieu.
                                                         have a lot to live up to as twice before Greenwich
Dr Kate Armstrong has had to defer the                   students have been runners up and one took the
presentation of her HEA funded research, MA              top prize.
Dissertation Supervision Best Practice Study and a
new date will be announced this year. The reason?        PUBLICATIONS
She gave birth to a bouncing baby girl – Lily – so       Not quite a year on from publication
congratulations!                                         and     the    new     book    Events
                                                         Management by Charles Bladen,
SOCIAL MARKETING                                         James Kennell, Emma Abson and
Undergraduate students studying Social Marketing         Nick Wilde is now the second best-
have been set a challenge to address the under-          selling book in the 400 strong Routledge Sport and
                     recruitment of Black and            Leisure section and the publisher is now keen to
                     Minority Ethnic (BME) donors        commission the second edition.
                     to the bone marrow register.
                                                         AND MORE EVENTS MANAGEMENT SUCCESS .
                     According    to    Chrystyna
                                                         The University of Greenwich has been chosen by
Chymera, the Trust’s Marketing Manager, White
                                                         the International Association of Conference
Europeans in the UK have around a 90% chance of
                                                         Centres ( to be its partner
finding a donor whilst BME patients only find a
                                                         institution in Europe. The IACC’s cooperation with
match in 40% of cases. The students will be able
                                                         Greenwich is, in part, based on the association’s
to present their solutions back to the charity and
                                                         recognition of the work of MET Senior Lecturers
along the way they will be helped by Senior
                                                         Rob Davidson (below centre) and Nick Wilde in
Lecturer in Marketing Philip Holden who is a
                                                         developing an innovative new course in Event
founder member of the European Social Marketing
                                                         Venue Management.
Association (ESMA) and visits from experts
                                                         As a result six
including Professor Jeff French, and Clive Blair-
                                                         students on the MA
Stevens, both founders of the National Social
                                                         Events Management
Marketing Centre and of ESMA.
                                                         programme         were
COMING UP                                                guests at the IACC
Last term MA Marketing Communications students           Europe Conference in
got the opportunity to help South African based          near Twickenham where Rob Davidson gave a
social enterprise Natural Balance develop a              keynote presentation. Future joint projects will
communications strategy for the UK market.               include research into the education and training
                                                         needs of conference centre managers.
Their Wonderbag product is a foam-filled bag that
enables meals to be cooked using far less fuel. For
each bag sold in the UK, another one is given to a       News and updates for the next edition of METanalysis
family in the developing world, helping to alleviate     should be sent to
poverty, reduce time and money spent on fuel and

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