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					Bill S13-24                                                                 Pro-Tempore Wesley LeJeune
February 6, 2013

Whereas, the students of McNeese State University deserve in principle and in practice an
administration that is committed to a genuine exchange of ideas with the student body, keeps students
apprised of possible changes in time fashion, and approaches all decisions with complete transparency
of process;

Whereas, it is deemed the most fluent atmosphere for learning where students do not feel isolated,
marginalized and bypassed when proposals, considerations, and decisions are being made about their

Whereas, the students of McNeese State University are beholden to those who provide support to
their academic endeavors, scholarship regulations, and loan terms, they are not beholden to the
administration, but the administration to them;

Whereas, we understand the magnitude of meetings and initiatives that our administrators in the
University are working on, but we must not forget the fact that the faculty and the students together
sustain the University;

Whereas, many students are unaware of resources and academic services that could greatly benefit
them. Also, having a more collaborative university that includes students and faculty voices in
decisions will lead to a more sustainable university;

Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Student Government Association request and implement the
following items:

         1. That McNeese State University adopts policies that insure effective communication with
            the student population.

         2. That the University acquire student opinion and input on decisions regarding changes in
            current policy and induction of new policy within a reasonable time frame, allowing that
            students have academic and other obligations.

         3. Will create the A.S.K. committee made up of no more than 20 students, and no less than
            10 students. This committee’s function and purpose will be to seek input from the student
            body, and to advise SGA Leadership, the President of the University, Provost, and various
            committees on any policy that effect students. The committee shall be made up of the

           A. Two students from each academic college, including General and Basic Studies
           B. One student from each academic classification
           C. At least four Student Government Senators
           D. Student diversity should be sought and maintained
Davante Lewis      Josiah Eastman      Terence Delaine Jr.     Caleb Whalley          Maci Wilcox
 President          Vice-President      Senate Speaker           Treasurer             Secretary
Bill S13-24                                                                   Pro-Tempore Wesley LeJeune
February 6, 2013

        The appointment of the student members shall be made by the Student Body President and
        confirmed by the Student Government Senate.

         4. That Student Government creates an Ad Hoc committee charged with drafting a series of
            recommendations for the creation of greater efficiencies in non-academic areas of the
            University’s budget. This committee will work alongside the Faculty Senate.

             A. No more than five students shall be appointed. One senator shall be appointed by the
                Speaker of the Senate, and the remaining members by the Student Government

         5. That the Faculty Senate adopt a resolution to create at least one ex-official student member
            of the Faculty Senate. The selection process and powers of the student(s) shall be
            established by the members of the Faculty Senate.

         6. That the University create a communications page in the student portal that would be
            accessible to all students. Students will have the ability to give feedback on different areas
            of the University’s function. It shall include a section containing updates on current and
            future projects on campus, and a student life section containing updates on topics such as
            athletic events prior, and events that are taking place on campus.

         7. That the President include at least one student appointment to the Academic Advisory
            Council in order to add a student’s perspective to the committee.

         8. That the SGA Director of University Affairs and Student Body President draft a proposal
            creating College Councils for McNeese State University. They shall submit their proposal
            to the Faculty and Student Senate no later than April 3, 2013.

         9. That the University increase advertising detailing current academic services and policies to
            the Student Body. We would also request that changes be made to the university website
            in order to make it more efficient for accessing important information.

         10. That the President and the Provost occasionally attend Student Government Senate
             meetings and make presentations regarding the current and future status of the University.

Be It Further Resolved that, a signed copy of this Act be sent to the President of the University,
Provost & Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, President of the Faculty Senate.

_______________________                                            _____________________________
      Davante Lewis                                                        Terence Delaine Jr.
Student Government President                                          Speaker of the Student Senate

Davante Lewis       Josiah Eastman      Terence Delaine Jr.      Caleb Whalley          Maci Wilcox
 President           Vice-President      Senate Speaker            Treasurer             Secretary

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