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Sigma Tau Delta Appropriations


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                                      McNeese SGA Appropriation of
                                       Allocation Information Sheet

 General Information:
 Name of organization: Sigma Tau Delta—Pi Zeta Chapter
 Date submitted: February 5, 2013 Amount of funding requested from Senate: $ 1, 946.60
 Funds contributed by organization:
        1) Fundraising: $ 1, 867. 00
        2) Out of pocket: $ 633.00
        3) Donations/Sponsorships: $ 800.00
 Percent of total expenses provided by organization: 62.9%

Trip Detail:
Number of members attending: 5 Location: Portland, Oregon
Details of attending members (including classification, offices held within
organization, record of past participation in trip*): Megan Poole (Senior, President, Attended National
Convention in 2012); Eric Murnane (Graduate Student, Attended National Convention in 2012); Amanda
Ogea (Junior, Secretary, Attended National Convention in 2012); Maria-Josee Mendez (Junior); Danielle
Bercier (Junior)
Reason for trip: Students presenting research and creative writing pieces at the Sigma Tau Delta
International Convention.
Number of times of past participation: 1
Number of student participating directly (competitions, workshops and presentations): 2—Megan Poole
and Eric Murnane
Awards won and year received: The Pi Zeta Chapter in 2012 received recognition from Sigma Tau
Delta’s International office for it’s 55th year as an organization at McNeese State University.
In what ways does participation in this event benefit the organization and its members: At the
International Convention, students will have the opportunity to present their own work to other
scholars in their academic field. In doing so, students will demonstrate that the Pi Zeta Chapter
consists of a group of individuals interested in furthering the study of the English language and
literature while they also seek to promote the reputation of McNeese State University in this field.
Date: March 20, 2013 through March 23, 2013

Various Information:
Number of years organization has been in existence at McNeese: 56
Number of members in organization: 32
Organizations participation in the Senate for the current year and the previous year (attendance,
committees, legislation, etc): Maria Dupre has served as the organization’s Senator since the
beginning of the Fall 2012 semester. Joseph LeJuine served as SGA Parliamentarian and as a member
of the FBC and Rules Committee in the Spring 2012 semester.
Last time organization requested funds from the Senate and amount (to the best of your knowledge):
February 2012

 *If more space is needed, please attach another sheet.

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