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           河南省驻马店高中 2010 届高三摸底考试(英语)
  第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 20 分)


  第二部分:英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分)


  从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。共 15 小题;每小题 1

分,满分 15 分。

  21.—What did Mr Smith do in the middle of the night?

  —Well, I'm not sure, but he was often heard ___________.

  A.singing the same song                      B.to sing the same song

  C.sing a same song                           D.to be playing same song

  22.The number of registered participants in this year’s marathon was half                   .

  A. that of last year’s                       B. those of last year’s

  C. those of last year                        D. of last year’s

  23.—Has anything new been discussed on that problem so far?

  — __________, and more will follow, I think.

  A. Little        B. Much                C. Few               D. All

  24.—How much shall I pay for the phone call?

  —You ________. This is free of charge.

  A.shouldn't              B.can't             C.don't have to           D.mustn't

  25. was funny to see that the baby’s eyes immediately                   at the sight of its mother.

  A. showed up             B. fixed up         C. cleaned up             D. lit up

  26.—Oh, darling, you're wearing a new sweater today? It looks great on you.

  —Thanks, Tom, I'm glad you ________ . How nice!

  A. saw             B. minded              C. liked               D. noticed

  27.—When did Miss Wang leave the office?

  —She left ________ you turned back to write on the blackboard.

  A.the minute             B.a time            C.until                   D.unless
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     28. —My goodness! You                    wear slippers at work!

     —I’m sorry I forgot to change them for fear of being late.

     A. must                B. can                 C. should               D. may

     29. _________ that Tom got inside the room to see what was going on.

     A. So strangely did he feel              B. So strangely he felt

     C. So strange did he feel                D. So strange he felt

     30.—Would you like me ________ the radio a bit?

     —No, it's all right. I'm used to ________ with the radio _________.

     A.to turn up; work; on                        B.to turn down; working; off

     C.turning up; working; off                    D.to turn down; working; on

     31.As a result of the heavy snow, the airport has been closed up until further               .

     A. news                B. information         C. notice               D. message

     32.Walking and running are the oldest and newest, excellent _________ exercise for all ages

and fitness levels.

     A. bodies shaping           B. body shaping        C. bodies shaped            D. body's shape

     33.The computers made by our company sell best, but several year's ago no one could have

imagined the role in the markets that they ________.

     A.were playing         B.were to play         C.have played           D.played

     34.—I bought the dress at half the                price.

     —Well, it’s really a bargain.

     A. common              B. normal              C. ordinary             D. formal

     35.—Andrew won't like it, you know.

     —____________. I don't care what Andrew thinks!

     A. So what       B. How come             C. What if                D. How about

     第二节 完形填空:

     阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。

20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)

     American cities are      36       other cities around the world. In every country, cities show
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the 37       of the culture. Cities contain the very     38         aspect(方面) of a society: opportunities

for education, employment and so on. They also            39        the very worst parts of a society. Now

American cities are changing, just        40     American society. After World War Ⅱthe population

of    41     large American cities became smaller;             42      , the population in many Sun Belt

cities increased. Los Angeles and Huston are cities             43      population increased. That people

come into and out of the city shows the changing value of American society. During this time, in

the    44       1940s, the people of the city became wealthier and they had more children. They

need more        45 . They moved out to buy their own homes. They bought houses 46                 the city,

areas near a city where people live and there are not many offices or factories. During 1950s the

American "dream" was to have a house outside the city. Now things are changing. The children of

the people who       47        the cities in the 1950s are now adults. They       48     their parents want

to live in the cities.    49     continue to move to cities in the Sun Belt. Cities are becoming         50

and the population is increasing in        51     states as Texas, Florida and Californian. 52          are

moving to more established cities, such as Boston and Chicago. Many young doctors, lawyers and

bosses are moving back into the city. They prefer the city            53    the outside of it, because their

jobs are there; they are afraid of the oil shortage; or they just               54     the excitement and

opportunities which the city offers. A new class is moving into the cities—a wealthier and 55

mobile class.

      36.A.different from            B.similar to                        C.better than

      D.worse than

      37.A.value                B.worth                C.importance             D.expense

      38.A.well                 B.good                 C.better                 D.best

      39.A.content              B.get                  C.contain                D.include

      40.A.likely               B.as                   C.while                  D.when

      41.A.all                  B.most                 C.few                    D.much

      42.A.but                  B.and                  C.however                D.although

      43.A.its                  B.which                C.where                  D.that

      44.A.late                 B.later                C.lately                 D.latter
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     45.A.space             B.spots                 C.time               D.food

     46.A.beside            B.downtown              C.countryside        D.outside

     47.A.arrived           B.left                  C.reached            D.entered

     48.A.as                B.like                  C.dislike            D.unlike

     49.A.Some              B.All                   C.Several            D.Both

     50.A.big               B.noisy                 C.larger             D.wonderful

     51.A.such              B.these                 C.those              D.many

     52.A.The others        B.The ones              C.Peoples            D.Others

     53.A.than              B.better than           C.rather than        D.to

     54.A.win               B.enjoy                 C.earn               D.own

     55.A.very              B.and                   C.more               D.or

     第三部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题,每题 2 分,满分 40 分)

     阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。


     Are you worried by the rising crime rate? If you are, then you probably know that your house,

possessions and person are increasingly in danger of suffering from the great rise in the cases of

burglary and attack.

     Figures show an ever-increasing crime rate, but it is only too easy to imagine "It will never

happen to me". Unfortunately, statistics show that it really can happen to you and, if you live in a

large city, you run twice the risk of being a victim.

     Fortunately, there is something definite which you can do. Protect Alarms can help to protect

your house with a burglar alarm system which is effective, simple to operate and easily affordable.

     You must remember that owning a burglar alarm is no indication that your house is packed

with valuable possessions. It quite simply indicates to unwelcome visitors that yours is one house

they will not break into easily, so they carry on to an unprotected house where their job is made a

lot easier.

     Send now for our free leaflet telling you how we can Protect Alarm your house quickly,
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easily and cheaply. Complete and tear off the slip below and post it to us. Postage is free. Also,

telephone us on 327 6721 where we have a round-the-clock answering service. It costs nothing to

find out about Protect Alarms.

       56.According to the text, anyone who takes an interest in the crime rate will be aware

that                 .

       A. burglars are more at risk than they used to be

       B. more burglars are being caught than ever before

       C. homes are more likely to be broken into nowadays

       D. people have more possessions to worry about nowadays

       57.It seems that people who live in large cities             .

       A. think that the statistics are wrong

       B. are twice better protected than people living in other areas

       C. hold the view that burglars only rob unprotected homes

       D. are more likely to become victims than those living in other areas

       58.The writer of this text wants to give the impression that the protect alarm system

is               .

       A. free                B. everlasting          C. experimental      D. economical

       59.The article claims that possessing an alarm system will              .

       A. show burglars that you have something worth stealing

       B. discourage burglars from breaking into your house

       C. encourage burglars to try again another time

       D. make the burglars’ job less complicated


       Surprisingly, no one knows how many children receive education in English hospitals, still

less the content or quality of that education. Proper records are just not kept.

       We know that more than 850,000 children go through hospital each year, and that every child

of school age has a legal right to continue to receive education while in hospital.
                                            taoti.tl100.com                                     你的首
     Little wonder the latest survey concludes that the extent and type of hospital teaching

available differ a great deal across the country. It is found that half of the hospitals in England

which admit children have no teacher. A further quarter has only a part-time teacher. The special

children's hospitals in major cities do best; general hospitals on the country and holiday areas are

worst off.

     From this survey, one can estimate that fewer than one in five children have some contact

with a hospital teacher and that contact may be as little as two hours a day. Most children

interviewed were surprised to find a teacher in hospital at all. They had not been prepared for it by

parents or their own school. If there was a teacher they were much more likely to read books and

do math or number work; without a teacher they would only play games.

     Reasons for hospital teaching range from preventing a child falling behind and maintaining

the habit of school to keeping a child occupied, and the latter is often all the teacher can do. The

position and influence of many teachers was summed up when parents referred to them as "the

library lady" or just "the helper".

     Children tend to rely on intimate school friends to keep in touch with school work. Once

back at school, children rarely get extra teaching, and are told to catch up as best as they can.

     Many short-stay child-patients catch up quickly. But schools do very little to ease the anxiety

about falling behind expressed by many of the children interviewed.

     60.Which of the following statements is true?

     A. Every child in hospital receives some teaching.

     B. Not enough is known about hospital teaching.

     C. Hospital teaching is of poor quality.

     D. The special children's hospitals are worst off.

     61.It can be inferred from the latest survey that________.

     A. hospital teaching across the country is similar

     B. each hospital has at least one part-time teacher

     C. all hospitals surveyed offer education to children

     D. only one-fourth of the hospital have full-time teacher
                                             taoti.tl100.com                                   你的首

     62.In order to catch up with their school work, children in hospital usually turn to________.

     A. hospital teachers      B. schoolmates      C. parents      D. school teachers

     63.We can conclude from the passage that the author is________.

     A. unfavorable towards children receiving education in hospitals

     B. in favor of the present state of teaching in hospitals

     C. unsatisfied with the present state of hospital teaching

     D. satisfied with the results of the latest survey


     A single night of taking the drug Ecstasy(摇头丸)can cause serious brain damage and speed

up the start of Parkinson's disease, scientists say. Just two to three Ecstasy tablets-a quantity that

thousands of clubbers take during parties- can permanently destroy brain cells that affect

movement and reasoning, according to American research that links the drug to Parkinson's for the

first time.

     A study by a team at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, involving squirrel

monkeys and baboons(狒狒)found that both species suffered permanent damage to key cells

called dopamine neurons, which are lost in Parkinson's, after receiving three low doses of Ecstasy

at three-hour periods.

     The study is particularly significant because baboons are one of the best animal models for

the human brain. George Ricaurte, who led the research, said that widespread abuse of the drug

may already be claiming victims of such neurological(神经性的)damage. “The most troubling

result is that young adults using Ecstasy may be increasing their risk for developing Parkinsonism

as they get older.”

     Alan Leshner, a former director of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, said: “This study

emphasizes the multi-aspect damage that Ecstasy can do to users. We've long known that repeated

use damages brain cells. This study shows that even very occasional use can have long-lasting

effects on many different brain systems. It sends an important message to young people: don't

experiment with your own brain.”

     Janet Betts, the Essex mother whose daughter Leah died after a single Ecstasy tablet in 1995,
                                           taoti.tl100.com                                   你的首
said: “This comes as no surprise. People can't see the effects at first, and they’re in permanent

denial(否认), saying it's not going to happen to them. But we'll see the symptoms later, just as we

have with smoking.”

    64.The article is intended to               .

    A. explain the effects of the drug Ecstasy on many different brain systems

    B. warn youngsters of the risk of taking the drug Ecstasy

    C. convince people of the abuse of the drug Ecstasy

    D. tell us the links between the drug Ecstasy and Parkinson's disease

    65.According to the passage, Parkinson’s is                .

    A. the name of a scientist B. a kind of brain cell C. be name of an animal D. a kind of disease

    66.We know from the passage that low doses of Ecstasy                    .

    A. won’t cause serious brain damage             B. can permanently destroy one’s brain cells

    C. can’t show any effect in an experiment       D. may bring on Parkinson’s at once

    67.Why are squirrel monkeys and baboons involved in the experiments?

    A. Because their brain is similar to human being’s

    B. Because these animals usually take drugs.

    C. Because these animals will soon get well after the experiment.

    D. Because there is a model in the animals’ brains.


     "The days when the management in Western companies presented gold watches to

long-serving employees to thank them for loyal(忠诚的)service is now just a memory", says the

Educational and Training Support Agency.

    This new development in the shape and movement of the workforce throughout Western

businesses is partly a result of the way that layers of middle management are being removed,

leaving more workers responsible for their own development.

    "Having workers take responsibility for their own development might be dramatic, but it is

now the rule," says the Educational and Training Support Agency.

    "Today, not only are workers more mobile, they have to run to keep up with changes," says
                                            taoti.tl100.com                                    你的首
the Government-founded agency. "It is no longer enough for a worker to gain a set of skills.

Workers need the ability to react and get used to changes" This new system is also being pushed

along by the way that industry is looking to its workers to renew their own skills. In the United

States, some companies have contracts(合同) which repair their employees to show regularly how

they have their skills up to date.

     Contrary to this traditions of the past, employees in the West are now looking for autonomous

learners as recruits, people who can develop their own continuing education beyond the school

and university system. At the same time, businesses are developing the capacity for workers to

take up autonomous learning on site in workplace, so that the skills and abilities of all workers in a

business continue to improve and increase. "This, of course," says business theory, "will also

improve the productivity(生产率) of the workers and therefore the profits of the company."

     68.The management in western companies no longer presents gold watches to their

employees because ___________.

     A.they are not loyal to companies

     B.there is some to replace gold watches

     C.the way prove to be a failure

     D.setting down with a company for life is very rare for most employees now

     69.The western workforce frequently changes their jobs partly because _________.

     A.hoping from job to job has become a new trend

     B.employees are expecting to have more experiences in their life

     C.workers have to take more responsibility for themselves

     D.it is easy to complete themselves by doing so

     70.The passage seems to suggest that the present situation in society requires that workers


     A.show more loyalty to their companies

     B.try to develop the skill to deal with the unfamiliar and the unknown

     C.gain as many as sets of skills as possible

     D.be quick in changing their careers if there is the possibility
                                            taoti.tl100.com                                  你的首

     71.The phrase"autonom0us learner" in the last paragraph means __

     A.people who have received higher education

     B.people who study hard themselves

     C.people who learn things very quickly

     D.people who continue their study beyond regular education


     Beauty has always been regarded as something praiseworthy. Almost everyone thinks

attractive people are happier and healthier, have better marriages and have more respectable jobs.

Personal advisers give them better advice for finding jobs. Even judges are softer to attractive

defendants. But in the executive( 行 政 的 )circle, beauty can become a liability. While

attractiveness is a positive factor for a man on his way up the executive ladder,it is negative to a


     Handsome male executives were considered as having most honesty than plainer men; effort

and ability were thought to lead to their success.

     Attractive female executives were considered to have less honesty than unattractive ones;

their success was connected not with ability but with factors such as luck.

     All unattractive women executives were thought to have more honesty and to be more

capable than the attractive female executives. Interestingly, though, the rise of unattractive

overnight successes was connected more to personal relationships and less to ability than that of

the attractive overnight successes.

     Why are attractive women not thought to be able?

     An attractive woman is considered to be more feminine and an attractive man more manly

than the less attractive ones. Thus, an attractive woman has an advantage in traditionally female

jobs, but an attractive woman in a traditionally manly position appears to lack the “manly”

qualities required. This is true even in politics…….

     72. The underlined word “liability”(Para 1) may be replaced with ________.

     A. disadvantage     B. strength     C. wealth       D. uselessness

     73.In traditionally female jobs, attractiveness ______.
                                              taoti.tl100.com                              你的首
     A. makes women look more honest and capable

     B. often provides women a happier life

     C. may be a kind of shortcoming for women

     D. often enables women to succeed more easily

     74.It can be inferred from the passage that people’s view on beauty is often _____.

     A. selfish    B. reasonable     C. modern        D. one-sided

     75. Following the end of the passage, what will be written about?

     A. the disadvantage of attractiveness for men in another field

     B. the advantage of attractiveness for women in another field

     C. the disadvantage of attractiveness for women in another field

     D. the advantage of attractiveness for men in another field

     第四部分:书面表达(共两节,满分 35 分)

     第一节: 根据所给句子的意思,填上合适的单词,并注意其正确形式。首字母已给出。

(共 10 小题; 每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)

     ______________76. A good idea suddenly o_________ to me that we would go on holiday

in Beijing for a change.

     ______________77. More and more people are taking part in e ________sports nowadays to

challenge themselves.

     ______________78. It took a long time for him to r_________ from a bad cold.

     ______________79. The s                 of Robinson Crusoe, who had lived on the isolated

island for 27 years, was really a miracle.

     ______________80. We should take peaceful measures to solve the c___________ between

the two countries; otherwise we will suffer the consequences of war.

     ___________ __ 81. He t__________ up the letter and threw it into the waste paper basket.

     ______________82. When I saw him in the street, I stopped and smiled, but he i_______ me

and walked on.

     ______________83. Thousands of people in Indonesia were s___________ from hunger as a
                                           taoti.tl100.com                        你的首
result of the tsunami.

     ______________84. The young tennis player has often c___________ against famous

players, but so far he has always been beaten.

     ______________85. Beethoven, one of the greatest m______, set a good example to the


     第二节        写作(满分 25 分)


吁政府应当建立有效的医疗保障机制。请根据下面图画,以“Health Care”为题写一篇短文,



     1. 短文应包括图中所提供的主要信息,并做适当发挥,使短文内容连贯、完整。

     2. 词数:120—150。

     3. 生词:hospital discharge—出院

     Health Care
                                  taoti.tl100.com                       你的首


21.A.singing the same song

22.C. those of last year

23.B. Much

24.C.don't have to

25.A. showed up

26.D. noticed

27.A.the minute

28.C. should

29.C. So strange did he feel

30.D.to turn down; working; on

31.C. notice

32.B. body shaping

33.B.were to play

34.B. normal

35.A. So what

36—40: BADCB 41—45: BCCAA 46—50: DBDAC 51—55: ADDBC

56~59:CDDB        60~-63: BDBC     64~67:BDBA       68~71:DCBD    72-75: ADDC

76.occurred 77.extreme 78.recover          79.survival   80.conflict

81.tore         82.ignored 83.suffering    84.competed   85.Musicians


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