Robert Williams IQ Test _ the Dove Counterbalance by fjzhangweiyun


									                                     Robert Williams IQ Test
                                     (Time Limit: 10 minutes)

Directions: This is a vocabulary test. Circle the letter in front of the correct meaning.

1. Alley Apple                                        8. Deuce and a quarter
   a. Brick                                              a. Money
   b. Piece of fruit                                     b. A car
   c. Dog                                                c. A house
   d. Horse                                              d. Dice

2. Black Draught                                      9. Do Rag
   a. Winter’s cold wind                                 a. The hair covering
   b. Laxative                                           b. The shoes
   c. Black soldier                                      c. Washing
   d. Dark beer                                          d. Tablecloth

3. Bull Dagger                                        10. The Eagle Flies
   a. A woman who carries a knife                         a. The blahs
   b. A woman who walks with a switch                     b. Movie
   c. Good looking woman                                  c. Payday
   d. Woman who likes women                               d. Deficit

4. Cat                                                11. Gospel Bird
   a. A man about town                                    a. A pheasant
   b. A sneaky person                                     b. A chicken
   c. A thief                                             c. A goose
   d. One who is trustworthy                              d. A duck

5. Clean                                              12. H. N. I. C.
   a. Just out of the bathtub                             a. He Never Intended Colored
   b. Very well dressed                                   b. Head Nigger in Charge
   c. Very religious                                      c. Having Nothing in Common
   d. Has a great deal                                    d. He Needs it Constant

6. CPT means standard                                 13. Hog
   a. Time                                                a. Bad person
   b. Tune                                                b. A car
   c. Tale                                                c. Animal
   d. Twist                                               d. A whisky still

7. Crib                                               14. I Know You Shame
   a. An apartment                                        a. You don’t hear very well
   b. A game                                              b. You are a racist
   c. A job                                               c. You don’t mean what you’re saying
   d. Hot stuff                                           d. You are guilty
15. Jackleg Preacher                         23. Sapphire
    a. A preacher with a wooden leg              a. Black preacher
    b. A preacher from the South                 b. Black woman
    c. A preacher from the North                 c. Dish of soul food
    d. A preacher without a church               d. Hair style

16. Jump Sharp                               24. Short
    a. Well dressed                              a. An automobile
    b. Angry                                     b. A dollar bill
    c. Bitter                                    c. One shoe
    d. Get the point                             d. A shirt

17. LD                                       25. Shucking
    a. A car                                     a. Talking
    b. A drug                                    b. Thinking
    c. A drug addict                             c. Train of thought
    d. Lay dead                                  d. Waste of time

18. Main Squeeze                             26. Stone Fox
    a. To prepare for battle                     a. Bitchy
    b. A favorite toy                            b. Pretty
    c. A best girlfriend                         c. Sly
    d. To hold up someone                        d. Uncanny

19. Mother’s Day                             27. T. C. B.
    a. Black Independence Day                    a. That’s cool, baby
    b. A day when mothers are honored            b. Taking care of business
    c. A day the welfare checks come in          c. They couldn’t breathe
    d. Every first Sunday in church              d. Took careful behavior

20. Nose Opened                              28. To Peck
    a. Flirting                                  a. Travel
    b. Teed off                                  b. Dominate
    c. Deeply in love                            c. Agitate
    d. Very angry                                d. Eat

21. Pigeon Drop                              29. To be put in a trick bag
    a. Losing a weapon                           a. Losing your mind
    b. Being cheated out of money                b. To be made a fool of
    c. A bird’s droppings                        c. Put a bag on your head
    d. Knocking someone unconscious              d. Have a Halloween gag played on you

22. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder are both   30. Vaseline is used for all but one of the
    great musicians, they are both               following:
    a. Deaf                                      a. Greasing ashy legs
    b. Dumb                                      b. Dressing hair
    c. Blind                                     c. First aid for minor bruises
    d. Crippled                                  d. Relief for chest colds
Explanation: Robert Williams scored 82 on an intelligence test and was advised that he should not go to
college. He chose not to follow this advice and went on to earn a doctorate degree. He believed that the
intelligence test he took was culturally biased. The terms on the vocabulary test above were common
expressions in his African-American culture and inner-city neighborhood—people there did not speak Standard
American English. He felt he scored lower on the test, not because he had a lower ability to learn, but because
he was not as familiar with the vocabulary as people who grow up speaking Standard American English in their
homes and neighborhoods. He also believed that these culturally biased tests could be used to keep people of
other backgrounds from succeeding because of self-fulfilling prophecy—the test provides a prediction of the
student’s future success and the student fulfills this prophecy by not aspiring any higher than the test suggests
he can. The Dove Counterbalance Intelligence test that follows was created by Adrian Dove, a social worker
assigned to the Watts section of LA back in the 60s.
(Note: I got these tests and the answers from my cooperating teacher in 1987—I have never researched to see if
they are correct, and because I have seen other excerpts from these tests, I know that there were more questions
on these tests than I have here. These work for making the point.)

Possible Discussion Questions/Topics:
How would you feel if you believed this test was going to determine your intelligence?
Would you feel it was an accurate measure of your intelligence? Why or why not?
Are there some questions that have more than one possible answer? What if the phrase in your cultural
background had a different meaning than in the cultural background of the test maker?
Can you explain now what a culturally biased test is?
Why is it not a good idea to give every student an intelligence test and share their results with them?
What are some other examples of self-fulfilling prophecy that come to mind?
What was the neighborhood like that Robert Williams lived in? (One can make assumptions from some of the
terms and their answers.)

I have been giving these tests in my classroom since 1987. We always calculate scores at the end, and I have
noticed that the average score keeps improving. Students used to get only 5 or 6 correct, and now I have
students getting 15-18 correct. We are becoming more culturally aware. Generally, the African American
students do better than the other students, though there is not as big a gap in scores as there used to be.

Answers to the Robert Williams test

 1.   a
 2.   b
 3.   d                                                                 15.   d
 4.   a                                                                 16.   a
 5.   b                                                                 17.   d
 6.   a (Colored People Time)                                           18.   c
 7.   a                                                                 19.   c
 8.   b                                                                 20.   c
 9.   a                                                                 21.   b
10.   c                                                                 22.   c
11.   b                                                                 23.   b
12.   b (If students have seen the movie Lean on Me about the           24.   a
         principal, Joe Clark, he refers to himself as the H.N.I.C. )   25.   a
13. b                                                                   26.   b
14. d    (I had an African American student once who argued that        27.   b
           the answer is c—that’s what it meant in her family.)
                                                                        28.   b
                                                                        29.   b
                                                                        30.   d
                                  Dove Counterbalance Intelligence Test
                                        (Time Limit: 5 minutes)

Directions: Circle the letter in front of the correct answer.

       1. T-Bone Walker got famous for playing                  5. Bird or Yardbird was the jacket jazz
          what?                                                    lovers from coast to coast hung on
          a. trombone
          b. piano                                                a. Lester Young
          c. t-flute                                              b. Peggy Lee
          d. guitar                                               c. Benny Goodman
          e. “hambone”                                            d. Charlie Parker
                                                                  e. Birdman of Alcatraz

       2. A “gas-head” is someone who has a
          ________                                              6. A “handkerchief head” is:

          a. fast moving car                                      a. a cool cat
          b. stable of lace                                       b. a porter
          c. “process”                                            c. an Uncle Tom
          d. habit of stealing cars                               d. a hoddi
          e. long jail record                                     e. a preacher

       3. If you throw the dice and 7 is showing on             7. Jet is _________.
          the top, what is facing down?
                                                                  a. an East Oakland motorcycle club
          a. 7                                                    b. one of the gangs in West Side Story
          b. snake eyes                                           c. a news and gossip magazine
          c. boxcars                                              d. a way of life for the very rich
          d. little Joes
          e. 11
                                                                8. “Bo Diddly” is a _________.

       4. Cheap chitlings (not the kind you                       a. game for children
          purchase at the frozen-food counter) will               b. down-home cheap wine
          taste rubbery unless they are cooked long               c. down-home singer
          enough. How soon can you quit cooking                   d. new dance
          them to eat and enjoy them?                             e. Moejoe call

           a. 45 minutes
           b. two hours                                         9. Which word is most out of place here?
           c. 24 hours
           d. one week (on a low flame)                           a. splib
           e. one hour                                            b. blood
                                                                  c. gray
                                                                  d. spook
                                                                  e. black
10. If a pimp is uptight with a woman who     13. If a man is called a “blood,” then he is a
    gets state aid, what does he mean when        _____________.
    he talks about “Mother’s Day”?
                                                 a. fighter
   a. second Sunday in May                       b. Mexican-American
   b. third Sunday in June                       c. Negro
   c. first of every month                       d. hungry hemophiliac
   d. none of these                              e. red man or Indian
   e. first and fifteenth of every month

                                              14. What are the Dixie Hummingbirds?
11. How much does a “short dog” cost?
                                                 a. a part of the KKK
   a. 15¢                                        b. a swamp disease
   b. $2                                         c. a modern gospel group
   c. 35¢                                        d. a Mississippi Negro paramilitary
   d. 5¢                                            strike force
   e. 86¢ plus tax                               e. deacons

12. Many people say that “Juneteenth” (June   15. The opposite of square is ___________.
    10th) should be made a legal holiday
    because it was the day when:                 a. round
                                                 b. up
   a. the slaves were freed in the U. S.         c. down
   b. the slaves were freed in Texas             d. hip
   c. the slaves were freed in Jamaica           e. lame
   d. the slaves were freed in California
   e. Martin Luther King was born
   f. Booker T. Washington died
        Answers to the Dove Counterbalance Intelligence Test

1. d

2. c (I believe it refers to a “hair-do.”)

3. a

4. c

5. d

6. c

7. c

8. c

9. c (All the rest mean “black.”)

10. c (the day the welfare checks came)

11. c

12. b

13. c

14. c

15. d

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