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									Irrigation Department :

Master Plan for Lift Irrigation sites -

South east Rajasthan has flow of periniel         rivers, which have water
availability during rabi crop season also.

The water can be used for irrigation in Rabi season also, by lifting from
appropriate sites.

Under a special scheme organization sponsored project, using two season
satellite data site selection for suitable sites for Lift Irrigation was done.

Panchayat Samiti wise Master Plan of Lift Irrigation Sites prepared for 102
Panchayat Samiti blocks of the state.

This data base is being intensively used under community lift Irrigation

Sites Selection for Fisheries Development :

Identification and selection of suitable sites for fisheries development for
entire state done using multi - date satellite data.

Catchment Charactetrization of Major Dams :

It is a department of Irrigation sponsored project under the project catchment
characterization of 100 major and minor dams have been completed and
encroachment in catchment is also identified.

As per direction of Hon’ble Rajasthan High Court Catchment
characterization of Pichola and Rajsamand Lake also completed.

Besides the above, work on –
          o   Wet Land Mapping entire State.
          o   Biodiversity conservation in Wet Land.
          o   Integrated Resource Survey
          o   River course behaviour studies over a period
          o   Monitoring of surface water bodies
              also completed.

Agriculture Department :
Under Space Application Centre (SAC), Department of Space, Government
of India, Ahmedabad Collaborative Project.

Forecaste estimates of acreage and Preharvest Production, Wheat-22,
Mustard 16, cotton 2 and Village level study for two villages of Pali district
continuous since 1987 using analysis of satellite data through digital image
processing techniques.

Arable Land use / Land cover mapping – Completed for entire state.

Besides these work on
   •   Overview of Kharif and Rabi crops.
   •   Integrated Resource Survey
   •   Soyabean Acreage Estimation in CAD, Kota
   •   Panchayat Samiti wise Land Degradation studies also completed.

Drought Assessment studies –

Using multi-date satellite data, based on vegetation cover and water
availability in surface water bodies, drought assessment study was made at
the centre.


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