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									                   Government of Jammu and Kashmir
                  Finance Department, Civil Secretariat.

                    Jammu, the 22nd December, 2011.

SRO 379. – In exercise of the powers conferred by section 74 read with
section 27-A of the J&K Stamp Act, 1977 (Act No. XL of 1977), the Government
hereby direct that in the Jammu and Kashmir Preparation and Revision of
Market Value Guide Lines Rules, 2011, the following amendments shall be
made, namely:-

1.   In rule 2 for clause (f), the following shall be substituted.—

     “Registering Officer means the officer appointed under the Registration
     Act, Samvat 1977 (XXXV of 1977).”

2.   In rule 3:- the word “Central” wherever occurring shall be substituted
     by the word “Divisional”, and for sub-rule (1) thereof, the following shall
     be substituted.—

     “There shall be Divisional Valuation Board for each division of the State
     which shall consist of:

       1) Divisional Commissioner                                Chair Person
       2) Chief Engineer, Public Works Department                     Member
       3) Additional Inspector General Registration                   Member
       4) Chief Town Planner                                          Member
       5) Director Land Records                                       Member
       6) Director Agriculture                                        Member
       7) Chief Conservator of Forests                                Member
       8) Dy. Commissioner of Stamps                              Convenor”
3.   In rule 4:
     (1)   In sub-rule (1), the designations appearing against S. No. 1 & 5
           shall be substituted by the designations “District Collector” and
           “Additional Deputy Commissioner” respectively.

     (2)   In sub-rule (2)
           (i)    In clause (a) for the word “complied” appearing in 2nd line
                     by the word ‘compiled” shall be substituted; and

           (ii)   For clause (c) the following shall be substituted.—

                     “send the provisional values for approval of the
                     Divisional Valuation Board and to notify the market
                     value guidelines and rates for different areas on

     (3)   For sub-rule (3) the following shall be substituted.—
           “Constitution of Sub-District Valuation Committee and its
           The Sub-District Valuation Committee shall comprise of the
           1 Sub Divisional Magistrate or Assistant Chairperson
                Commissioner Revenue
           2 Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar                             Member
           3 Assistant Executive Engineer, Public Health          Member
                Engineering Department
           4 Assistant Executive Engineer, Public Works           Member
           5 Executive Officer or any other officer not           Member
                below the rank of Secretary of the Urban
                Local Bodies
           6 Assistant Conservator of Forests or                  Member

           7 Sub Registrar concerned                             Convenor”
4.   Rule 5 shall be substituted by the following.—

     “The market value guidelines and rates under these rules shall be issued
     annually from 1st April, every year after appropriate review:

           Provided that annual statement of rates of immovable property
     already notified by the Divisional Commissioners of Jammu and
     Kashmir Divisions for the calendar year 2011 shall remain in force
     beyond 31st Dec 2011 upto the period ending 31st day of March 2012 in
     public interest.”

5.   In rule 7:

     i)     In the heading of column 4 and 5 of Form-I, the words “value of
            plot per square meter” shall be substituted by the words “value of
            plot per kanal”.

     ii)    In column 6 of Form-II, the words “as best as” shall be substituted
            by the word “asbestos”.

     iii)   In column 7 of form II, the word “Kabelu” shall be deleted; and

     iv)    In form-III against columns 3 and 4, the words “Irrigated and “un-
            irrigated” shall be added and the heading “value per hectare” shall
            be substituted by the head “value per kanal”.

            By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

                                           Principal Secretary to Government,
                                                          Finance Department

No. ET/ESTT/174/2010-II                                      Dated 22.12.2011

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