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   The goal of this document is to show the steps for deinstalling an Oracle Home in an 11gR2 environment.

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   From 11gR2, de-installing Oracle Home should be done by deinstall tools provided separately. De-installation from 11.2
   OUI is desupported. Please note the following text taken from the 11.2 Installation guides under:

         Chapter7 Removing Oracle Database Software
         7.1 About the Deinstallation Tool

         When you run the deinstall command, if the central inventory (oraInventory) contains no
         other registered homes besides the home that you are deconfiguring and removing, then the
         deinstall command removes the following files and directory contents in the Oracle base
         directory of the Oracle Database installation owner:

         * admin

         * cfgtoollogs

         * checkpoints

         * diag

       * oradata       1/6
2/6/13                                                                Document 883743.1
         * oradata

         * flash_recovery_area

         Oracle strongly recommends that you configure your installations using an
         Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA) configuration, and that you reserve Oracle base and
         Oracle home paths for exclusive use of Oracle software. If you have any user data in
         these locations in the Oracle base that is owned by the user account that owns the Oracle
         software, then the deinstall command deletes this data.

   It is also suggested that before doing a deinstall on a server where more than one ORACLE_HOME exists there are a
   valid set of backups for the ORACLE_HOMEs, databases, and oraInventory.

   Official documentation presents two methods to remove Oracle Database software:

   1) External de-install utility downloadable from OTN ***Recommended method***

   It is advised to use the external De-install utility that is downloadable from OTN as currently there are some open bugs
   with the deinstall script.

   To get the external tool :

   Under Oracle Database 11g Release 2, click See All for the respective platform for which you want to download the De-
   install utility.

   If the intent is to deinstall or then you should use the latest version of the 11.2 deinstall utility, which
   would be version

   The De-install utility is available for download from the following links:

   Microsoft Windows (32-bit)

   Microsoft Windows (x64)

   Linux x86

   Linux x86-64

   Solaris (SPARC) (64-bit)

   Solaris (x86-64)

   HP-UX Itanium

   HP-UX PA-RISC (64-bit)

   AIX (PPC64)

   2) Deinstall script located inside Oracle Home (It is highly recommended not use the $ORACLE_HOME deinstall utility for
   versions and, Download an use the version):

     OAL_OEdisaldisal ui/iu ltom)
    $RCEHM/entl/entl (nxlnxpafrs

     OAL_OE\entl\entl.a wnos ltom)
    %RCEHM%disaldisalbt(idw pafrs

   3) It is possible to run the deinstall utility without doing the deinstall to confirm the deinstall will remove what is   2/6
2/6/13                                                                Document 883743.1
   3) It is possible to run the deinstall utility without doing the deinstall to confirm the deinstall will remove what is
   expected and allow any potential problems to be sorted out by running the following command:

      <ah o oain f entl tlt>disaldisal hm pt o RCEHM ht
    $/pt t lcto o disaluiiy/entl/entl -oe<aht OAL_OEta
     s o e eoe> cekny ui/iu ltom)
    i t b rmvd -hcol (nxlnxpafrs

      <ah o oain f entl tlt>disaldisal hm pt o RCEHM ht
    %\pt t lcto o disaluiiy\entl\entl -oe<aht OAL_OEta
     s o e eoe> cekny WNOS ltom
    i t b rmvd -hcol (IDW pafr)

   The logs can be found in one of the locations noted in the LOG LOCATION section below.

   This will also generate a parameter file that can be used with interactive or silent deinstall. The parameter file will be
   generated in the /<path to location of deinstall utility>/deinstall/response directory.

   De-installing Oracle Home using external de-install utility

   If Oracle Home deinstall script has some issue and you want to deinstall home then you can download separate de-
   install utility from OTN and use it.

   1. Download and unzip de-install utility in some folder outside Oracle Home.

   2. Go to the deinstall folder.

   3. Invoke deinstall utility with the -home option specifying the full path of the Oracle Home you want to deinstall.


      /entl hm u1apoal/rdc/120dhm_

   4. If you want to do a non-interactive deinstall you can use the -silent option with a parameter file.


     .disal hm u1apoal/rdc/120dhm_ sln pt o epne ie
    %/entl -oe/0/p/rcepout1../boe2-iet<ahfrrsos fl>

   An example response file is located in /deinstall/response/deinstall.rsp.tmpl. You can modify and use it.

   5. Check the logs created under <central_inventory>/logs folder for any issue.

   6. Check the inventory is updated properly.

   7. Check if Oracle Home folder is deleted or not. If not then you have to remove it manually.

   - deinstall tool creates logs as per this logic:

   a) If there are other oracle home (OUI based) in this Host except one which you are installing then it will create log
   under <central_inventory>/log folder.

   b) If this is last Oracle Home to be deinstalled then current central inventory will also get deleted along with deinstall ,
   therefore in this case it will choose log locations in the following order:

   - It will create log directory in current location where deinstall utility is launched.

   - If current folder is not writable or remotely mounted (permission issues ) then it will create user home directory
   (/home/oracle) as next option.

   - If all criteria above is not met then it will proceed to create log directory under user TEMP location (/tmp).   3/6
2/6/13                                                                Document 883743.1

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   Oracle Database Installation Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) Chapter 7
   NOTE:1351051.1 - Information Center: Install and Configure Database Server/Client Installations

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