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					Tips for writing better blog posts
Writing good blog posts is more than just the words.

#1 Use attention grabbing titles

Titles on blog posts are like titles on books. The better the title, the more itʼll grab the
attention of readers and the less likely theyʼll read what youʼve written.

Captivating and intriguing titles draw readers every time. Back that with a well written
post and you wonʼt look back.

#2 Use Short Paragraphs

Posts with really long paragraphs are really hard to read making it less likely for them to
be read and more likely your readers will miss the point of your post.

Itʼs really simple:

       Break your posts up with paragraphs
       The more paragraphs the better
       Short paragraphs are better than long
       If you need to make some paragraphs one or two sentences long so they are
       visually easier to read online then do it!
       Make the first sentence of each paragraph make your readers want to read the
       rest of the paragraph
#3 Use Headings

Use headings, and where appropriate bullet points and number lists, to break up the post
into manageable bit size chunks.

Creating a heading is as simple as:

1.Highlighting the text you want to change into a heading
2.Selecting the Heading Style you want to apply from the Advanced formatting toolbar
      (for most themes your best option is heading 3)
3.Previewing your post to make sure that headings youʼve used has broken your post
      into manageable chunks

#4 Remember to hyperlink

If you write about an article or another bloggerʼs post link to it! Why? Because your
readers often want to check it out in more details.

Linking is a really important part of being a blogger and linking isnʼt hard but a common
mistake of new bloggers is to forget to link!

Itʼs good blogging etiquette to link to:

1.A personʼs blog if you mention a blogger
2.The post if you are talking about a particular post on a blog
3.Articles and websites when you write about them
Hereʼs example of how you might hyperlink:

Creating a hyperlink is as simple as:

1.Highlighting the text you want to link to a website, blog or post
2.Clicking on the Insert/Edit Link icon in the standard formatting toolbar
3.Paste the link URL
4.Then click Insert
Adapted from post by Sue Waters–-beginner-–-

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