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Commercial Property, Waiting for Development


Waiting for a savvy developer who can develop my 55 hectare of beautiful land, that i have just listed in Central Mexico.

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									                                                        Commercial Property, Waiting for Development

                                                        Waiting for a savvy developer who can develop my
                                                        55 hectares of beautiful land, that i have just listed in
                                                        Central Mexico. When I get a large parcel that has
                                                        been a family for decades it is exciting. Virgin land
                                                        never been touched really with trees over a hundred
                                                        years old, an old gold mine, a dried up river, a great
                                                        southeast slope. It is a set up for an experienced
                                                        developer to make it happen. The parcel varies from
                                                        commercial, fronting the main road, to residential
                                                        moving away from the road and up the slope.

                                                        I like to walk the land with the owner and get a feel
                                                        for the topography and learn anything else about the
                                                        trees, the vegetation and the run of the rain water.
                                                        Selling Mexico real estate is not just about having
inventory with you. It involves the history of the people, the area and what could the use be going forward,
to offer to the community and bring a valuable investment to the buyer. In this particular scenario, I see an
elegant, semi off-the-grid, housing community of affordable, one story homes, harvesting rain water,
catching the sun optimally to keep heat and cooling constant, building with vernacular of the area in white
stone. The elegance of a stone mostly indigenous to this area in Central Mexico can create long lasting,
romantic structures in contemporary flare or historic lines, both work well.

The point is international living and building a retirement dream home can be very rewarding in this part of
Mexico. The weather shines, warm and sunny in the day, and cool at night. The dry desert and mountain
terrain breathes big skies in all directions. If ever there was a place to honor the expansiveness of life, this
is it. No tumble weeds like Montana but the open vistas are just as magnificent. The lure of the Wild West
leaving the big city stress behind. A climate like that of Provence and France where lavender, rosemary
and sunflowers flourish.

Large parcels can be called commercial property for sale really only because of size. It does not
necessarily dictate a large sprawling building. Planning housing environments is very much a commercial
endeavor. It is my vision that Mineral de Pozos grow and grow well and responsibly. Housing in an
affordable range for one or two people seems to be the sweet spot under $225Kusd. This is very do-able
in Mexico. And the end product can be spectacular. Nowhere else can a person build a romantic stone
house for that price with 50% of the American population single and the boomers retiring and downsizing,
the numbers work with 25 hectares with 25 homes yields 2.2 acres per house with a 1200 sq.ft home for
under $225K usd. The fresh air, beautiful views, and gardening possibilities are endless. As a developer,
providing a quality life, respecting the landscape and environment and making a return between 15-20%
seems like a win-win scenario.

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