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Travel & Leisure | By: anaimasharma (02/06/13)                                                                         Username:
India one of the most popular country in the world whose fascinating                    Categories
destinations offers best excursions, muscular mountains, challenging                                                   Password:
weather and some real fun which one always look in a holiday trip. Places                 Arts & Entertainment
like Leh-Ladakh, Sikkim, Garhwal and the burly Himalayan Mountains                                                     Remember
provide an environment for setting limits on game. Mountain biking is                     Business                     Me:
becoming one of the most popular adventure sports that every youngsters
like to experience their venture preferences and a challenge for physical.                C ommunications                           Log in
Especially northern part of India is home to and a treat for those who love
venturing out in the mountains. The Himalayan Mountains which stand tall in               C omputers
the northern side offers steep paths and test time to practice mountain                                                   Signup to submit articles »
biking at the best level.
Throughout the year i.e. 365 days and across the twelve month the places                                                Pages
like Garhwal, Ladakh, Himachal and Uttarakhand remain crowded by these                    Finance
lovers. Since Himalayas are full of long and exhausting downhill slopes
which is great for biking. Its fast-paced dirt tracks all together contribute to          Food & Beverage                 Old articles
bone chilling mountain biking experience. There is a little something for                                                 A fee soon
riders of all initiations, besides dirt roads and single tracks only.                     Health & Fitness
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Heart Beating Experience in Indian HimalayasIf you are looking for the                    Internet Business
fervor of challenging climbs and some of the best sliding for mountain biking
in the world after the Himalayas extends in India is the answer for you.                  Other
Tucked in ever-changing countryside scenery and thriving splendidly beauty
offers some perfect tracks in places like Chopta , C handrashila etc. A trip              Product Reviews
to here will certainly chill your bone and heart but at the end of the trip you
will really love to be a part of it.                                                      Reference & Education
                                                                                          Science & Technology
Unearth the Real Spirit in the Trans Himalayan RangesTrans Himalayan                      Self Improvement
region of India especially the Garhwal and Kumaon is an appropriate and
perfect destination to endeavor your caliber in mountain biking tours. Its                Society
sharp mountainous terrain routes and valleys offer amazing routes to lift
your adventure sprit.                                                                     Sports & Recreation
Uncover the Unnerving Experience in the Lap of KanchenjangaMotor biking
in Sikkim i.e. in the lap of Kanchenjanga elevation can be very enjoyable                 Travel & Leisure
that you will really love to be a part of it. Adventure sports in Sikkim takes            Writing & Speaking
you through verdant rainforests subtropical gardens right on the higher
ground of the earth and the quaint fields, rural villages and incredible hill
slopes. Furthermore, the rider will be clever to see the prominent view of
Rumtek, Pemayangtse and Dubdi.

Exploring in the amazing Kangra Valley A motor trip to here will give you a
unique opportunity to experience the real fun that you always loved for. It
is, a small helmet town placed 17 km from Dharamshalas and presenting
the majestic view of Ban Ganga as it gush through the valley down to the

Thus an adventure tours in India let’s you to spend and enjoy ever lasting
memories that you will feel lucky to a part of it in your entire life. There are
numbers of travel agencies that can give you excellent package for you and
your other team member.

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