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									An ATT UVerse Coupon Code You Won’t Want to Miss!

If you’ve had your eye on AT&T’s new high speed Internet, phone and TV services, now's a
good time to get an ATT UVerse promotional code to get the service you want at an better
price. By using these discounts will not only enable you to get the largest discount on service
possible, but they will also provide you several added perks for sign up at the same time. Here’s
the info you ought to know.

What’s The Story With UVerse? What Exactly Is It?

UVerse is AT&T’s high-speed digital TV, phone and Internet service. It utilizes fiber optic
technology to give you blazing speeds and an unrivaled experience. UVerse is available in
several different download speeds, ranging between 3Mbps to 24Mbps, which lets you select a
plan that best fits what you want. You may also subscribe to the services individually or as a
bundled package, further increasing your customization options. Unfortunately, UVerse is not
yet available everywhere, so be sure to enter your zip code on their site to find out if it’s a
feasible choice for you before you get too excited. If UVerse isn’t yet available, don’t despair.
AT& T offers plenty of other high speed options (and discount codes!) as well.

What Type of Benefits Does AT&T UVerse Provide That I Can’t Get Elsewhere?

AT& T strives to provide very competitive deals and exceptional service. Signing up for their
UVerse service gives you several enticing benefits. For instance, the DVR they give you when
you sign up for TV service can store up to 233 hours of high definition content and can record
as many as four different shows simultaneously, with instant playback from anywhere in your
house. Thanks to their 100% digital service, you can experience over 170 HD channels with
instant channel hopping and absolutely no drag or delay. Joining UVerse will also mean you
have access to every AT&T Wi-Fi hot spot across the nation for free. Plus, it’s super convenient
to be able to pay just one bill for all your digital services and never even have to sign a contract!

So How About These UVerse Promo Deals? What’s the Scoop?

You’ll be pleased with the selection of promo offers AT&T is running right now for UVerse
service. For example, you can get their Triple Play phone, TV and Internet service for $89 a
month guaranteed for up to a year when you sign up online with the promo code you’ll find for
this deal on Coupon ShoeboxThis offer also includes 3 free months of HBO and Cinemax, a free
DVR and a $200 promotional giftcard to help sweeten the offer. Other offers include getting
UVerse TV and Internet for $59 per month or just TV for $29 a month. They are also running an
ongoing $5 discount if you sign up for any bundle. You’ll find all of the discount codes you need
to get your new UVerse service on!

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