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Sub: Business Management                                                                Topic: Business Ethics

Consequences of Whistle Blowing

   1. What practical consequences may one face if he or she becomes a whistle blower? What role,
       if any, should those potential consequences play in the ethical analysis?
   2. What other consequences are likely to occur if the whistle isn’t blown? Should these likely
       consequences affect the ethical analysis? If so, how?

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Sub: Business Management                                                                Topic: Business Ethics

   1. When an employee becomes a whistle blower, he or she is normally dealt with as a turncoat
       by the organization. Not only the organization, even the fellow employees treated them as
       recluse for creating a difficult position for the organization. The treatment tends to be so
       intense that there are instances where the whistle blowers often leave the organization
       unable to withstand the retribution.
       These consequences make the situation very difficult for the whistle blowers and hence most
       of the employees prefer to take the stand of keeping quiet instead of fighting slack ethics and
       sagging corporate governance. The fact that the employee has to go through phases of insult,
       scorn, reprisal, and embargo and even job loss, prevent the employees from playing a moral
       part in ethical analysis.

   2. Employees blow the whistle to stop the wrongful activity that the organization is indulged in.
       If the whistle is not blown, the consequences that are likely to occur will have severe effects.
       The employee might not give his fullest to the job though he remains in the job. The conflict
       between his honesty and loyalty might prevent him from delivering his best and hence
       reduces the effectiveness of the organization.
       If the unlawful activity goes unnoticed or unquestioned, the organization tends to depend on
       those activities for its short term gains. Such a behavior will reduce the long term success of
       the organization, making the organization to fail. And also, the cost involved in this behavior
       on a long run proves to be very huge for the organization. The employer could not predict the
       behavior of the employees and has to run the organization always with a fear.

*The Homework solutions from Classof1 are intended to help students understand the approach to solving the problem and not for
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