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Travel & Leisure | By: anaimasharma (02/06/13)                                                                     Username:
Himalaya touches the heart and striking views of the variety of nature offer        Categories
trekking options. If you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, there are                                         Password:
options for everybody. The Great Himalayan Ranges in Arunachal Pradesh &              Arts & Entertainment
Sikkim in the North- East, Kumaon, Spiti, Ladakh , Kangra, Garhwal are                                             Remember
best for weekend trek.                                                                Business                     Me:

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India is one of the most blessed countries in the world that is very blessed
to have so many beautiful places in her lap. The immensity of the                     C omputers
Himalayas offers many ways right from easy to very difficult and tiring. Its                                          Signup to submit articles »
numerous hiking trails offer impressive and stimulating opportunity to                Environment
discover the trails made by nature can also take pleasure in the local                Fashion
culture and learn about the lives of people in the mountains. Below are                                             Pages
popular trekking routes of Himalayan:                                                 Finance
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Dodital Trek - 3024 m It is well known for its magnificent natural lake
situated at a height of 3024 mts above the sea level in the Garhwal                   Health & Fitness                A fee soon
Himalayas bounded by dense forests of oak, pine, deodar and                                                           For academics
rhododendrons in all side. According to our epic it is said that it is the birth      Home & Family
place of Lord Ganesha son of Shiv and Parbati. Here in the midst of the               Internet Business
jungle you will find a beautiful temple of Lord Ganesha. This trekking rote is
one of the most east rote where beginners can go without any problem.                 Other
Being the birth place of Lord Ganesha it is frequently visited by thousands of
pilgrims who visit here to seek blessing on the way to Gangotri.                      Product Reviews
                                                                                      Reference & Education
Goecha La Trek - 4940 m Goecha is undoubtedly the most popular and best
weekend treks in Sikkim but in entire in India. It takes the hiker near a             Science & Technology
spectacular view of the mighty Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the            Self Improvement
world at 8589 m. You need to have especial pass to come here. Rupshu
Valley - 5300 m Opened to the public in the year 1994 is one of the highest           Society
and not much known places of Ladakh. A trip to here needs high level of
physical fitness. Although the roads are easy, but walking at a height of             Sports & Recreation
over 5000 m makes it very tiring and requires a good level of fitness. Trek
route passes through four flyovers, three of them over 16,000 feet.                   Transportation
                                                                                      Travel & Leisure
Shitidhar C limb - 5294 m Want to be a part of mountaineering well Shitidhar          Writing & Speaking
is best for located at an altitude of 18,000 ft above the sea level. The word
Shitdhar means “white peak” is located near Manali . The climb offers
breathtaking views of the high peaks that rise of Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba
and Indrasan.

Pangarchulla Peak - 4575 m This majestic peak is tucked near Kuari Pass
being situated in the low height it is favorite among hikers. The best time to
visit here is from the month of April to May for the after May it becomes bit
difficult. Well do not forget to take you camera along with you as it portraits
some of the majestic view which you can capture in your camera.

Kuari Pass Trek - 4268 m This popular trek is also known as C urzon trail
because in the year 1905 Lord C urzon the Viceroy of India came here. The
word Kuaripass means gate or doorway or the entrance. From here you can
get clear view of snow cover peaks namely Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri,
Trishul, Bertholi, Hathi Ghodi Parvat, Mana, and Neelkanth. It is one of the
most loved paths among European and American tourist and of the best
trails to trek in India.

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