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									St. Paul Pediatric Orthodontics Provider Unveils Five Favorite Snacks for
Patients to Enjoy

Dr. Jennifer, a St. Paul Pediatric Orthodontics Provider, reveals her five favorite snacks that
patients can safely sink their teeth and braces into.

St. Paul, MN, February 06, 2013 --( Patients wearing all types of braces are accustomed to
lengthy lists of forbidden treats. But Eagan and St. Paul pediatric orthodontics provider Dr. Jennifer
Eisenhuth is sharing five snacks patients can indulge in guilt-free.

Five foods that are safe to munch on during treatment include:

1. Fruits and vegetables
The key to eating fruits and vegetables is slicing them into small, bite-sized pieces. Attempting to bite
into a whole apple or corn still on the cob may result in the loosening of orthodontic appliances and
further discomfort for sore teeth.

"If the crunch of vegetables still causes some pain, try steaming your veggies, which softens them and
makes them easier to chew, especially if your braces were just tightened," says Eisenhuth, an Eagan
orthodontist who also provides Invisalign and Invisalign Teen treatments for patients.

2. Ice cream
A bowl of ice cream a day keeps the aches away. The coldness acts like an icepack and helps to relieve
soreness or swelling, providing a pretty sweet form of pain relief for patients.

3. Shakes and smoothies
When experiencing substantial discomfort, drinking a smoothie is a delicious and pain-free option over
chewing solid foods. Like eating ice cream, the cold provides a comforting, numbing sensation for aching
teeth and gums.

After drinking smoothies that contain berries, patients should use a soft pick or tooth brush to dislodge
any seeds that may have been wedged in their appliances.

4. Chocolate
Dark, white or milk chocolates are acceptable, as long as the patient thoroughly brushes afterward.

5. Fresh-baked cookies

It's ok to enjoy soft, homemade cookies if they don't contain hard candy pieces or nuts.

For Invisalign and Invisalign Teen patients, no foods are forbidden.

"Just remember that you still must brush and floss after snacks and meals," Eisenhuth says. "Also,

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aligners are effective only if you wear them as prescribed. Be sure to promptly brush your teeth and put
your aligner back in your mouth after meal and snack times."

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For more information about Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, visit her website:; or call
(651) 406-8100. Dr. Eisenhuth's office is located at 3340 Sherman Ct. in Eagan.

About Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth
Dr. Eisenhuth attended the University of Minnesota Dental School and graduated in the top of her class.
She is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.St. Paul pediatric orthodontics

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