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									                               Cheap Artificial Christmas Trees

An Artificial Christmas Trees are better option as it can be used over and over again every year
while still having the brand new look when it was first bought. Times are tough in this economy
so there is no need to buy a real tree every year and spend hundreds of dollars when an artificial
one can be recycled for use. An artificial tree is also cost effective as it does not need to be
watered and once bought it does not need to be transferred from place to place as with a real tree.
Artificial trees can be kept up as long as possible for those who are attached to the holidays but
real ones rot and may have to be taken down immediately after the holiday season.

Buying a fake tree is cost effective and the money saved can be used to buy more Christmas
presents for the family or even add more decoration to the home. Artificial trees are also adored
for not causing allergies like the real Christmas trees do. When buying fake trees, one does not
need to have a car with them.

If interested, we specializes in selling high quality artificial Christmas trees but we also sell a
small range of other Christmas products. We import our trees direct from China, hand picking
only the best quality and most innovative trees

Delivery to Ireland and Northern Ireland is a flat rate £20.00 for all orders (except advent
calendars that can go by Royal Mail). Customers in the Channel Islands can not order on line
because they do not pay VAT and the order process can not handle this. Irish, Northern Ireland
and Channel Island customers should phone us to order.

Orders arriving with us by noon (GMT) will usually be dispatched on that day and sent either by
the courier Interlink Express on their trackable next day home service. Visit Artificial
Christmas Trees UK website for more info.

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