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									               Kelowna Optometrist
                                                         Eye Care Specialists of Vancouver,
                                                         provides     eye     treatment     to
                                                         individuals of all ages. Solutions
                                                         range from vision examinations and
                                                         glasses prescriptions to treatment
                                                         of a battalion of ophthalmology
                                                         conditions including cataracts,
                                                         glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, dry
                                                         eyes, strabismus, amblyopia and
                                                         more. Medical services emphasis
                                                         on advanced cataract operation,
                                                         glaucoma procedures, strabismus
                                                         correction and eyelid lesions. Our
                                                         personnel and doctors put patient
                                                         satisfaction first, providing state -
of - the art solutions in a caring atmosphere. We are educated in the processes and newest
technologies and are dedicated to providing our patients the most up - to - date vision
treatment choices accessible.

At Vancouver Eye Doctors we use the most advanced technologies to run a series of eye tests
which will decide if you need glasses and lenses to improve vision. We also check pupillary
reactions and analyze your eye muscles for proper function. A comprehensive assessment will
be performed. Lastly, a dilated examination will be done to eliminate any problems with the
retina or optic neural.

Vancouver Vision Treatment provides the newest in cataract treatment-torsional ultrasound.
These new therapy alternative breaks away clouded lenses with a gentle sweeping motion,
patient safety and offering higher efficiency. Cataract patients' deteriorated lenses are changed
with a new generation of artificial lenses that obvious up cloudiness while rebuilding much of
the eyesight dropped to problems such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. You will
discover the greatest in ophthalmic hospital medical care at Vancouver Vision Care Surgery and
Laser Center.

Optometrists are major eye healthcare providers. We will be the doorway owners of eye health
and eye care, we measure your prescription, check your binocular vision and evaluate, manage
and treat any eye health problems that you may have that do not need operation. For that we
send you to the Ophthalmologist who is the eye surgeons. The optometrists do co - manage
cataract and laser surgery with the Ophthalmologist. So the Ophthalmologist are the eye
surgions. We refer you to them for all vision health problems that we do not handle or manage
such as cataract surgery, retinal operations, difficulties, these days corrective laser surgery such
as LASIK and PRK which are very well-known.

At Burnaby vision care facility - Doctors of Optometry, we take time to get to know you, your
eye care history and health. Our personalized strategy to eye care ensures that you receive the
guidance, greatest possible care and alternatives for the vision needs.

Our contemporary and fashionable dispensary carries top quality frames and lenses at
competitive prices. We welcome you to come see us and have any of our pleasant eye wear
experts for what is going to work best for you. For an unsurpassed visual expertise at your
Picture Burnaby Optometrists, your style will be also defined by you with your choice of vision
use from our impressive selection of exclusive boutique lines and premium label brands. Our
vision doctor Burnaby clinic has the entire name - brand frames plus a few original brands.

The vision exam Burnaby optician may use your fresh prescription to create the lenses for your
new spectacles and you will be good to go generally within a day or two. Our eye exam Burnaby
practice also dispenses all manufacturers of contact lenses including Visco brand Monthly
Silicone Hydro gel lenses. We also provide contact lens instruction for the new wearer. We
think you'll be pleasantly surprised by our employees, goods, and professional support.

Our mission is to enrich people's lives by assisting them to find out their finest and look their
finest. We utilize the newest technology and analytical equipment to supply top quality vision
care and attention wear. We have digital imaging and picture analysis of the retina (back layer
of the eye). We also have specialized devices for detection of glaucoma and other diseases. We
now have an on - site lens edger (cuts lenses to frames) to decrease time needed to make new
glasses. We've created a welcoming, friendly environment that is caring and educational. We're
committed to enhancing the eye and eyesight health of our individuals.

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