ASUS G75VX-CV060P Graphics Notebook by electronicbazaar123


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									                    ASUS G75VX-CV060P Graphics Notebook

At just AU$2499.00, individuals can avail the brand new and feature-rich ASUS G75VX-
CV060P Graphics Notebook with GST Tax Invoice from Electronic bazaar AU.

All hail the new king of portable PC gaming. The uncompromising ROG G75VX breaks
performance barriers with the power of a third generation Intel Core i7 processor and an
NVIDIA GeForce GTX670MX GPU with up to 3GB of GDDR5 VRAM. It establishes
itself as the fastest notebook in the realm, delivering amazing top-tier gaming experiences
now and well into the future. The G75VX supports 2-second instant on resume when
equipped with solid state hybrid storage or SSD, which means no more delays on the path
to domination.
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