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									Little League Regarding Legends New Launcher Bypass
League involving legends brand-new Launcher ByPass
well, since riot released a brand new patcher.. Marine participants tend to be ruined.. Hahaha
coz these people altered their particular launcher..
While exploring the web.. Trying to find a brand new sidestep.. Good thing i found an individual
posted a brand new sidestep..and that i reposted it.. It's an individual named pokemonteam or
something.. My spouse and i didn't remember.. I'm sorry onslaught in which.. Okay here an individual
for might 5 next year brand-new patcher update
1. Go to your league involving legends file -> RADS -> assignments -> lol_launcher -> managedfiles -
2. Edit en_US.tra using your text manager.. Such as. Piece of paper. Or Wordpad

3. Find these lines :
tr "url_host_news" = "lmost all.leagueoflegends.nEt "
tr "url_path_news" = "/pages/launcher/na"

Then change it to be able to
tr "url_host_news" = "pastebin.nEt "
tr "url_path_news" = "/raw.php?i=BAYpxAWN"
Then help save.. nExt wide open the lol launcher as well as perform..
and the actual position will demonstrate 'Online'.

paste online

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