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                        American Health Lawyers Association
                         Programs Committee – FY05 Goals

            GOAL                                        STATUS

1. Improve Linkages between    During FY05, the Programs Committee will look at the
Programs and Practice Groups   current link between each program and practice group.
                               The “link” may vary from program to program, but
Rick Shackelford               possible links include:
Cindy Wisner                         1. having someone from PG leadership on
                               program planning committee
                                     2. having someone from program planning
                               committee contact PG leader
                                     3. having PG leader on first program planning
                               committee call

                               Additionally, members of the committee will draft a “job
                               description” for program chairs/committees that include
                               expectations for program chair/committee and PG

2. Plan 2005 Annual Meeting    The Programs Committee held a conference call in July
                               2004 to review the general evaluations from the 2004
All                            Annual Meeting.

                               We have issued a number of invitations for keynote
                               speakers. David Brailer spoke at the Long Term Care PG
                               lunch at the Long Term Care program and was extremely
                               well-received. Following the Long Term Care program,
                               we invited Dr. Brailer to speak at the Annual Meeting,
                               and he has accepted so we do have an opening
                               address. We are, however, still pursuing several other
                               possible keynoters. A letter of invitation to Arnold
                               Schwarzenegger has been forwarded to contacts that Al,
                               Peter and Tim Blanchard have in the Governor’s office.
                               We are still waiting to hear whether or not he is available.
                               Additionally a letter of invitation was sent to the new
                               Secretary of HHS, Michael Leavitt. We have heard from
                               Doug Hammer, who is our contact with Secretary Leavitt,
                               that the Secretary will be out of the country during the
                               Annual Meeting and he is not able to change his
                               schedule. We sent a letter of invitation to Pete Stark, but
                               have already heard from his office that he is not
                               available. Through contacts in North Carolina, we
                           approached Senator Edwards, but he also has a
                           previous commitment. We have also issued an invitation
                           to Representative Thomas and are waiting on a

                           In August, Al and Cathy, and Valerie and Anne went to
                           San Diego to tour the hotel and potential venues for the
                           Board Dinner and off-property reception. The Board
                           dinner will be held at the Hotel del Coronado and in
                           addition to the Past Presidents, the Fellows will be
                           invited to the dinner. The off-property reception will be
                           held at Sea World on Tuesday night. With the help of
                           Ross Stromberg, we have contacted our California
                           members and others members/leaders regarding
                           sponsorship of the event. Currently we have confirmed
                           over $30,000 in sponsorship.

                           The Programs Committee met on December 1 and 3 in
                           Nashville to make preliminary topic and speaker
                           selections. The Committee then had a conference call on
                           January 10 to finalize topic and speaker selections and
                           spent the rest of January, February and part of March
                           confirming speakers and finalizing session descriptions.
                           The Committee worked extremely hard to put together a
                           strong program. The brochure went to the printer on April

3. Develop Budget          Al, Peter and Anne met to have preliminary discussions
Assumptions for FY06       about initiatives to consider for the FY06 Budget
                           Assumptions. The Programs Committee met by
All                        conference call on February 15 to discuss and finalize
                           recommendations. The draft budget assumptions were
                           approved by the Finance Committee on March 3 and by
                           the Executive Committee on March 17.

4. Determine New Program   There are two topics that are currently not the subject of
Topic for Fall 2005        an in-person program, that have received consideration:
                                     o Labor and Employment
All                                  o Liability, Risk, Quality

                           As outlined in the budget assumptions, these topics have
                           been considered as possible subjects for “tracks” at the
                           Masters program, which will be held in the fall of 2005
                           (FY06). Ar this point, we are planning to do a Labor and
                           Employment Track at the Masters program. These topics
                           may be considered for stand-alone, in-person programs
                           at a later time.

5. Review Current In-Person   Throughout the year, the Programs Committee reviewed
Program Offering              AHLA’s in-person program offering. Particular attention
                              was given to:
All                              o    Fraud and Compliance – Al, Peter, Elizabeth
                                      Carder-Thompson, Jim Sheehan and Anne met
                                      by conference call to discuss whether to
                                      continue co-sponsorship with HCCA. The
                                      evaluations for the Fall 2004 program were
                                      quite good. One of the issues discussed by
                                      AHLA leadership is that more AHLA members
                                      attend the program than HCCA members. Peter
                                      has talked about this with HCCA’s CEO, Roy
                                      Snell, in the past and raised the issue with him
                                      again in conjunction with the agreement for the
                                      September 2005 program. The revenues and
                                      expenses have been split evenly in the past.
                                      Peter, however, negotiated a sliding scale with
                                      Roy for the FY2006 program so that the split
                                      would change based on the percentage of
                                      attendees that each organization draws to the
                                      program. The joint agreement has been
                                      finalized and we will begin planning the program
                                      within the next month.
                                 o    HIT – The budget assumptions include a
                                      recommendation that we consider holding a HIT
                                      track at the Masters program in Fall 2005. After
                                      meeting with the Fellows Workgroup for the
                                      Masters Program, it was decided to include HIT
                                      as one of the tracks.
                                 o    Pharma – During the budget assumption
                                      discussions, the Programs Committee approved
                                      the recommendation that we hold a 2-day,
                                      stand alone program on Pharmaceutical and
                                      Device law in FY06.
                                 o    Antitrust – Our agreement with the ABA Health
                                      Law Section and the ABA Antitrust Section will
                                      expire following the May 2005 program. We
                                      need to determine whether to continue co-
                                      sponsorship with the ABA. Although the budget
                                      assumption include a recommendation that we
                                      consider holding an Antitrust track at the
                                      Masters program in Fall 2005, the Fellows
                                      Workgroup did not select Antitrust as one of the
                                      topics for the Masters program..

6. Finalize Arrangement for   The Executive Committee approved a recommendation
2009 and 2010 Annual          at the February 11 meeting that the 2009 Annual
Meetings                      Meeting be held in Washington, DC. Staff will proceed
                              with negotiating the contract with the Marriott Wardman
All                           Park Hotel.
                                  Potential sites for the 2010 Annual Meeting were also
                                  discussed at the February 11 meeting. Although San
                                  Diego is the presumptive site for the 2010 Annual
                                  Meeting, Seattle rated higher on a survey that was sent
                                  to past Annual Meeting attendees. We are not yet sure
                                  whether there is a hotel in Seattle that is large enough to
                                  accommodate the meeting. The Executive Committee,
                                  therefore, will not approve the site of the 2010 program
                                  until after we are able to make this determination. .In the
                                  meantime, staff is checking with the San Diego Marriott
                                  and the Hyatt in San Diego to see if either or both have
                                  our preferred dates so that we can put space on hold.

7. Review and Provide Input on The draft Strategic Plan was sent to the Programs
Strategic Plan                 Committee. Committee members were asked to send
                               comments and/or questions to Kerry Hoggard for
All                            inclusion in the final Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan
                               was approved at the December 2004 Board of Directors
                               meeting in Nashville.

8. Increase Diversity of
Program Planning Committees
and Speaker Pool

Tom Coons
Anthea Daniels

9. Send Speaker Evaluations
within Two Months of Each

Anne Hoover

10. Enhance Volunteer             During FY05, the committee will be exploring ways to
Recognition                       increase the level of volunteer recognition for program
                                  planning committees and speakers
Elizabeth Carder-Thompson
Jane Conard

11. Develop Speaker Database      An interdepartmental staff team is working to develop a
                                  more comprehensive database that will include
Anne Hoover                       information such as evaluation results for speakers at
                                  both in-person programs and on teleconferences. The
                                  database will also allow us to track the activities of our
                                  volunteers by topic area as well as by type of activity. It
                                  will also allow us to track the diversity of our volunteers
                                  and potential volunteers. Currently, our Database
                                  Administrator is working on linking the current database
                                  to our membership database so that information can

                                more easily be kept up to date. Staff recently met to
                                further discuss the elements and fields needed and will
                                be reviewing a draft database in the next several weeks.

12. Assign Each Person on the   During the Programs Committee meeting on October 25,
Programs Committee as the       these assignments were made.
Liaison to an In-Person
Program Planning Committee


13. Continue to Explore         At the Fraud and Compliance program, limited materials
Options for Delivery of         were given to attendees in a binder and the full set of
Program Materials               materials were given to them on CD.

Louise Joy                      For the HIT Think Tank, no binder was provided. All
Cindy Wisner                    materials were posted on a Web site, which participants
                                could access prior to the Think Tank. Participants were
                                instructed to print copies o the materials and bring them
                                to the Think Tank, if they wanted to have materials to
                                follow during the Think Tank. Speakers who did not
                                submit their materials on time were asked to bring copies
                                for everyone with them to the Think Tank.

                                During the Budget Assumption discussions, the
                                Programs Committee approved a recommendation that
                                we provide materials electronically (either on CD Rom or
                                on a secure Web site) and in hard copy at programs
                                during FY06. We anticipate that we will try different
                                means of electronic delivery in order to determine what
                                our members prefer. We will be providing the materials
                                from the 2005 Annual Meeting on CD and in hard copy.

14. Coordinate with Public      Tim Blanchard and Rick Shackelford serve on both the
Interest Committee to Enhance   Public Interest Committee and the Programs Committee
Offering of Public Interest     and have served as liaisons between the two
Sessions at Programs            committees.

Tim Blanchard                   A proposal from the group of members working on “A
Rick Shackelford                Guide to Legal Issues in Life-Limiting Conditions” was
                                submitted for the Long Term Care program. The group
                                presented a plenary session at the Long Term Care
                                program and the checklist was submitted as the

                                A proposal was submitted for the Medicare and Medicaid
                                Institute on What Medicare is Doing (and Can and
                                Should Do) to Address Racial and Ethnic Disparities in
                                Healthcare. This session was held during breakfast and
                                will be labeled as a Public Interest Session.

For the Annual Meeting, we have confirmed 3 sessions
that will be under the category of “Public Interest
Dialogue.” The first will be a follow-up to the Colloquium.
The second is on limited English proficiency issues and
the third is on the role of lawyers in preparing clients for
healthcare emergencies. It is anticipated that the
Emergency Preparedness Checklist will be included as
part of the materials for the related session and that the
Life Limiting Conditions checklist will be included as a
supplement to the materials for the session on Ethical
and Legal Aspects of End-of-Life Treatment in the
Institutional Setting.

                      FY05 Programs Attendance Report
                             as of May 13, 2005

Fraud and Compliance Forum
Co-sponsored with the Health Care Compliance Association
September 26-28, 2004
Renaissance Harborplace Hotel
Baltimore, MD
Planning Committee:        Elizabeth Carder-Thompson, Esq. – Co-Chair
                           Reed Smith, Washington, DC
                           Daniel R. Roach, Esq. – Co-Chair
                           Catholic Healthcare West, San Francisco, CA
                           Kim Brandt, Esq.
                           Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Baltimore, MD
                           James G. Sheehan, Esq.
                           Associate US Attorney, Philadelphia, PA
Budgeted Attendance:       675
Paid Attendance:           602

Tax Issues for Healthcare Organizations
October 21-22, 2004
Washington Court Hotel
Washington, DC
Planning Committee: TJ Sullivan, Esq. – Chair
                    Gardner Carton & Douglas, Washington, DC
                       R. Todd Greenwalt, Esq.
                       Vinson & Elkins, Houston, TX
                       LaVerne Woods, Esq.
                       Davis Wright Tremaine, Seattle, WA
Budgeted Attendance: 125
Paid Attendance:     122

Fundamentals of Health Law
November 10-12, 2004
Palmer House Hilton Hotel
Chicago, IL
Planning Committee: Anthea R. Daniels, Esq. – Chair
                    Calfee Halter & Griswold, Cleveland, OH

                     David E. Matyas, Esq. – Vice-Chair
                     Epstein Becker & Green, Washington, DC
                     Lois Dehls Cornell, Esq.
                     Tufts Health Plan, Waltham, MA

Budgeted Attendance:      300
Actual Attendance:        316

Riding the Electronic Health Record Tidal Wave: An Exploration of the Potential
Legal Barriers to the Interoperable EHR
November 11-12, 2004
Palmer House Hilton Hotel
Chicago, IL
Planning Committee: Gordon J. Apple, Esq.
                       Law Office of Gordon J. Apple, St. Paul, MN
                       Robyn Meinhardt, Esq.
                       Foley & Lardner, Boulder, CO
                       Kristen Rosati, Esq.
                       Coppersmith Gordon Schermer Owens & Nelson, Phoenix, AZ

Unbudgeted Program
Estimated Attendance*: 38
*Please note: we limited the attendance for the Think Tank to a maximum of 40

Legal Issues Affecting Academic Medical Centers and Other Teaching Institutions
January 27-28, 2005
Ritz Carlton Hotel
Pentagon City
Planning Committee: Ivy Baer, Esq. – Co-Chair
                     Association of American Medical Colleges, Washington, DC
                     Nancy E. Forbes, Esq. – Co-Chair
                     Ropes & Gray, Boston, MA
                     Julia S. Faber, Esq.
                     Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
                     Edward B. Goldman, Esq.
                     University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Budgeted Attendance:      130
Actual Paid Attendance:   119

Physicians and Physician Organizations Law Institute
February 9-10
Westin La Paloma Resort
Tucson, AZ
Planning Committee: Alice G. Gosfield, Esq. – Chair
                    Alice G. Gosfield & Associates, Philadelphia, PA
                     Charlene L. McGinty, Esq.
                     Powell Goldstein Frazer & Murphy, Atlanta, GA
                     Michael Schaff, Esq.
                     Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer, Woodbridge, NJ
Budgeted Attendance:      150
Actual Paid Attendance:   159

Hospitals and Health Systems Law Institute
February 10-11, 2005
Westin La Paloma Resort
Tucson, AZ
Planning Committee: Gail P. Heagen, Esq. – Chair
                    Sentara Health System, Norfolk, VA
                     Jack S. Schroder Esq. – Vice Chair
                     Alston & Bird, Atlanta, GA
                     Maureen D. Mudron, Esq.
                     American Hospital Association, Washington, DC
                     Jesse A. Witten, Esq.

                      Jones Day Reavis & Pogue, Washington, DC
                      Ivan Wood, Esq.
                      Strasburger & Price, Houston, TX
Budgeted Attendance:       225
Actual Paid Attendance:    258

Long Term Care and the Law
February 23-25, 2005
Hotel del Coronado
Coronado, CA
Planning Committee: Harvey M. Tettlebaum, Esq. – Chair
                    Husch & Eppenberger, Jefferson City, MO
                      David M. Cade, Esq.
                      Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC
                      Dianne J. De la Mare, Esq.
                      American Health Care Association, Washington, DC
                      Alan Schabes, Esq.
                      Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff, Cleveland, OH
Budgeted Attendance:       375
Actual Paid Attendance:    325

Pharmaceutical Law Institute
March 15, 2005
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Baltimore, MD
Planning Committee: Elizabeth Carder-Thompson, Esq. – Chair
                    Reed Smith, Washington, DC
                      Committee to be appointed
Budgeted Attendance:       125
Actual Paid Attendance:     66

Institute on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Issues
March 16-18, 2005
Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Baltimore, MD
Planning Committee: Dennis M. Barry, Esq. – Chair
                    Vinson & Elkins, Washington, DC

                     Timothy P. Blanchard, Esq. – Vice-Chair
                     McDermott Will & Emery, Los Angeles, CA
                     Robert L. Roth, Esq.
                     Crowell & Moring, Washington, DC
                     Kathleen Scully-Hayes
                     Office of Hearings, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,
                     Baltimore, MD
Budgeted Attendance:      750
Actual Paid Attendance:   629

Law Conference for Health Plans, Providers and Insurers
Co-sponsored with AHIP
May 2-42005
Broadmoor Hotel
Colorado Springs, CO
AHLA Planning Committee Appointees: James Touse, Esq. – Co-Chair
                                    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee,
                                    Chattanooga, TN
                                      Gary Scott Davis, Esq.
                                      McDermott Will & Emery, Miami, FL
                                      Cynthia F. Reaves, Esq.
                                      Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn, Detroit, MI
Budgeted Attendance:            240
Estimated Paid Attendance:      189

Antitrust in Health Care
Co-Sponsored with the ABA Health Law Section and the ABA Section of Antitrust Law
May 12-13, 2005
Hotel Monaco
Washington, DC
Planning Committee: Robert F. Leibenluft, Esq.
                    Hogan & Hartson, Washington, DC
                     Toby G. Singer, Esq. (AHLA Appointee)
                     Jones Day, Washington, DC
                     Martin J. Thompson, Esq.
                     Riordan & McKinzie, Costa Mesa, CA
Estimated Paid Attendance:      140

In-House Counsel Program
June 26, 2005
Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina
San Diego, CA
Planning Committee:     Jeffrey M. Sconyers, Esq. – Co-Chair
                        Children’s Hospital of Seattle, Seattle, WA
                        Joseph V. Truhe, Jr., Co-Chair
                        Eisenhower Medical Center, Rancho Mirage, CA
                        William W. Horton, Esq.
                        Haskell Slaughter Young & Rediker LLC, Birmingham, AL
                        Maureen R.L. Mussenden, Esq.
                        SUNY Office of University Counsel, Buffalo, NY
                        Robert J. (Mike) Ryan, Esq.
                        MedStar Health Inc, Columbia, MD
                        Robert A. Wade, Esq.
                        St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Mishawaka, IN
Budgeted Attendance:     275
Attendance as of May 13: 177

Annual Meeting
June 27-29, 2005
Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina
San Diego, CA
Planning Committee: S. Allan Adelman, Esq. – Chair
                       Adelman Sheff & Smith, Annapolis, MD
                      Timothy P. Blanchard, Esq.
                      McDermott Will & Emery, Los Angeles, CA
                      Elizabeth Carder-Thompson, Esq.
                      Reed Smith, Washington, DC
                      Jane Reister Conard, Esq.
                      Intermountain Health Care, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT
                      Thomas W. Coons, Esq.
                      Ober Kaler Grimes & Shriver, Baltimore, MD
                      Anthea R. Daniels, Esq.
                      Calfee Halter & Griswold, Cleveland, OH
                      Louise M. Joy, Esq.
                      Joy & Young, Austin, TX

                       Richard L. Shackelford, Esq.
                       King & Spalding. Atlanta, GA
                       Cynthia F. Wisner, Esq.
                       Trinity Health, Novi, MI
Budgeted Attendance:     825
Attendance as of May 13: 399

                       ADR SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAMS

Advanced Mediation Training
November 11, 2004
Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, IL
Budgeted Attendance:       24
Actual Attendance:         24

Arbitration Training
November 12, 2004
Palmer House Hilton
Chicago, IL
Budgeted Attendance:       50
Actual Attendance:         50

Mediation Essentials Training
February 24-25, 2005
Hotel del Coronado
Coronado, CA
Budgeted Attendance:       24
Actual Attendance:         29

Arbitration Training
June 30, 2005
Marriott San Diego Hotel and Marina
San Diego, CA
Budgeted Attendance:        50
Attendance as of May 13:    50


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