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ACADEMIC CALENDAR ASB offers two summer terms with intensive courses from mid July to late August. More information about the Summer University: The autumn semester begins in late August and ends in December. The spring semester begins in late January and ends in June. Summer University term 2008 15 March 2008 14 July – 1 August 4 - 22 August Autumn semester 2008 May 1, 2008 August 22 - 25 August 26 – 29 attendance compulsory September 1 October 8 -12 Late November - December 20 Spring semester 2009 November 1, 2008 January 16 - 19 2009 January 20 - 23 attendance compulsory January 26 April 1 - 5 April 6 - 13 Mid-May – June 30 EVENT Final deadline for On-line registration Summer University Term 1 Summer University Term 2 EVENT Final deadline for On-line registration Arrival weekend – expected arrival of all students Introduction week for exchange students Classes begin Study trip to Brussels Exam Period EVENT Final deadline for On-line registration Arrival weekend – expected arrival of all students Introduction week for exchange students Classes begin Study trip to Brussels Easter break Exam Period

REGISTRATION Students need to fill in an On-line registration form and a separate course registration form. Students will receive information by e-mail on how to register as soon the partner institution has informed ASB of their nomination. Final deadlines are May 1 (for autumn semester) and November 1 (for spring semester). RELEVANT LINKS Relevant information on staff, academic calendar etc. Relevant information on all international programmes Information on Aarhus Information on Denmark GENERAL LIVING EXPENSES Exchange students must have sufficient funds to cover their living expenses while studying in Denmark. In 2008 living expenses for the average student in main cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus are about DKK 5,500 per month (including housing) (app. EUR 740).

HOUSING Exchange students are automatically signed up for the housing programme when they have filled in the On-line registration form before the deadline. Cost Type The cost for housing will not exceed DKK 14,000 (EUR 1,880) per semester Like other educational institutions in Denmark, the ASB has no on-campus accommodation facilities. More than 90 per cent of the rooms available within our housing programme are located in so-called "kollegier" or halls of residence with usually 12-14 students living on each floor. Each student has his/her own room of 10-15 square meters. Almost all rooms have their own bathrooms and toilets. Up to 10 per cent of the housing is private accommodation in an apartment or in part of a house. COURSES Course descriptions can be found on: Business Administration App. 50-60 courses are each semester taught in English at Bachelor or Master level. Language requirements Good knowledge of English at least equivalent to 220 points in the TOEFL test. Language and Business Communication A variety of courses are each semester taught within the areas of modern languages, European studies and communication at Bachelor or Master level. Most courses are taught in English, but some may also be taught in German, French or Spanish. Language requirements Extensive knowledge of the language in question (beyond 220 points in the TOEFL test), e.g. from studies at home institution. Special courses and Danish course A few special courses are each semester offered only to exchange students (e.g. Aspects of Denmark) along with a crash course of the Danish language. INSURANCE Health Insurance If you are staying in Denmark for at least three months, you are automatically included in the Danish Health Insurance Scheme which gives you the right to free medical treatment by doctors and in hospitals. Please note however that you MUST take up insurance to cover for dental expenses and expenses regarding transportation to your native country in case of illness, as these expenses are not covered by the Danish Health Insurance Scheme. If you are a non-European student, you MUST ensure coverage of medical expenses up to 6 weeks after arrival as you are only covered by the Danish Health Insurance Scheme after a 6 weeks quarantine period. Liability and Home insurance You must take out a third party liability insurance and a home insurance to cover household effects and personal belongings. RESIDENCE PERMIT All students studying in Denmark for more than 3 months need a residence permit. However, only non-European students need to obtain a residence permit before coming to Denmark. All other students apply for a residence permit after having arrived in Denmark. NON-EUROPEAN STUDENTS Once you have been accepted at ASB, the form for residence permit and a letter of acceptance will be sent to you. Fill in the form and send the form and your letter of acceptance to your local Danish embassy or consulate. The application procedure may take more than 2 months.

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