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					The Way To Optimize Oscommerce
 refining a web-based trade program similar to oscommerce is really a must-do for anyone who really
wants to achieve a few presence over the internet. rEgretfully the standard osCommerce installation
will come in a new very search-engine-unfriendly form ;but handful of changes that gets perfectly.
So do you know the conditions that search engines like yahoo experience ? its certainly not running
this article ; oahu is the duplicate content material and your duplicate concept tags.
Duplicate content material is to have a similar web site look using several diferent web addresses , for
instance : and
These three web addresses tend to be totally diferent inside the eyes regarding search engines like
yahoo , but they almost all exhibit a similar merchandise web site. Currently that's not me gonna drill
down directly into exactly why identical content material is really a search engine marketing no-no; i
will only demonstrate how to correct this effortlessly using osCommerce:
1. Make use of mod_rewrite for you to reroute forever identical web addresses on the unique link :
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond%QUERY_STRING cPath=[0-9_]+&products_id=([0-9_]+) [NC,OR] RewriteCond
%QUERY_STRING manufacturers_id=[0-9_]+&products_id=([0-9_]+) [NC]
RewriteRule (. ) product_info.php?products_id=%1 [R=301,L]
Paste this directly into your .hteccess file located in the OSC listing. Make sure to copy the previous
file or shift virtually any content material through the old file if required.
This will assure which merchandise webpages offering cPath or manufacturers_id variables will
probably be sent straight on the reduced link which has only your products_id parameter.some tips i
similar to relating to this option would be it also redirects virtually any backlinks for you to thenew
solitary merchandise link , enhancing its pagerank.
2. An additional occurence regarding identical content material may be the session id that is passed
with the web addresses. That seems like this :
OsCommerce are able to keep treatment IDs possibly in cookies maybe in URLs, as well as web
addresses are set to fall behind. Whenever search results bumblebees start running , they too tend to
be designated a new treatment username , which means that these are running adifferent list of web
addresses every time they examine your site.
A simple as well as straighforward solution to correct this is simply move your force cookies
alternative through the administrative screen. Only go to options --> times and set pressure biscuits
for you to true. This may get rid of treatment username parameter inside the web addresses.
3. If your web site by now offers thousands of webpages indexed with all the osCsid parameter, it
may be recommended that you assist search engines like yahoo weed out those pages through
disallowing them coming from robots.txt:
user-agent: *
Disallow: /*osCsid=*
this may club almost all bages which contain this string.
But there is certainly much more for you to spiders.txt used for you to weed out webpages using little
worth and only leave with regard to crawlers what exactly is important :
Disallow: /*sort=*
Disallow: /*action=*
Disallow: /popup_image.php
4. Identical concept tag words : you have often seen precisely how unattractive your clips try looking
in seach benefits. Its all to easy to modify this using this contribution.

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