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Abbey launches 10 Free shares campaign Santander Universities


									Abbey launches 10 Free shares campaign Santander Universities began its collaboration with the University of Leeds in 2007. Since then we have provided funds for: scholarships for Leeds University students to study in Latin-America and for LatinAmerican students to study here, entrepreneurship and non-academic awards and support for the Summer Research Programme. That's why your Abbey branch on campus wants to celebrate this partnership between Santander Universities and the University of Leeds. And to do that, we are giving 10 Free Shares to those of you who take on an Abbey product or are already an existing Abbey customer. Becoming a Santander shareholder has a lot of benefits such as monthly prize draws, invitations to exclusive events and more. This unique offer is available for a limited period only so hurry up and contact Charmaine at your Abbey university branch!
Please find below a summary of benefits that are exclusive to staff of Universities which are linked to the Santander University Network. 10 Free Shares           Your 10 Free Shares are allocated when you open a Santander Shareholder Account Dividends are used to purchase more Santander Shares Interest of 10% on balances up to £1000 £500 off booking fees on selected mortgages Free Valuation and Legal Fees 15% off Peace of Mind and Essential Policies Guaranteed premiums Preferential staff rates (subject to status) A new reward account is currently being designed specifically for university staff. Ease of opening a new bank account with just a current passport and a letter from the University proving employment status.

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