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Inspirational and Motivational Quotes – Willy Wonka Pure Imagination by ChrisAtkinson4


“If you want to view paradise..Simply look around and view it...Anything you want to, do it...Want to change the world?... There’s nothing to it... There is no Life I know... To compare with Pure imagination... Living there you’ll be free" - Willy Wonka Inspirational and Motivational Quotes

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Inspirational and Motivational Quotes – Willy Wonka Pure
Chris T Atkinso n

        If you want to view paradise
        Simply look around and view it
        Anything you want to, do it
        Want to change the world?
        There’s nothing to it

        There is no Life I know
        To compare with Pure imagination
        Living there you’ll be free
        If you truly wish to be…
       - Willy Wonka -

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I am really enjoying writing the f ictional Article Series f or my new book “T he Affiliate Millionaire”…

It’s a wonderful thing writing… As it can help you create your own reality on so many levels…

T he imagination is a wonderf ul thing that can help to reprogram your mind and reality when you dwell on
positive powerf ul thoughts… Which is the cool thing about writing f iction… Because you can essentially
write your own lif e story with your imagination that can become reality…

I am aiming to have the next blog post done f or it in the next 48 hrs…

For anyone interested here who may be reading this… To bring you up to speed, the last blog post f or
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Watch this space f or the next blog post installment.. Hopef ully in the next 48 hrs…

Chris T Atkinson …


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Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

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happen you need long term inspiration not short spurts of motivation. And long term
inspiration happens when you are living an INSPIRED life on your
terms, living with purpose and doing what you love for a
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