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									                                   ECE Junior Design Teams 2012

Team or project     Emergency turn off system for automobiles
Team Leader
Team members        Mohamed AlMoharbi
                    Saad Alshammari
                    AbdulRahman AlHarthi
                    Yassier AlHarbi
                    Moaied Alghamdi
                    Addullah Alshahrani
Brief Description   New cars turn on/off using a push button. Owners of these cars face a problem with
                    forgetting to turn off their car which causes it to lock while the engine is running while
                    unoccupied. We will develop a system that can recognize when the car is unoccupied and
                    running, and shut down the engine after a specified amount of time.
Product value       Cars usually don’t have this feature.

Team or project     Team Radio Raiders
Team Leader         Kyle Everly
Team members        Kyle Everly
                    Josh Polley
                    Anal Hathah
Brief Description   Create a touch screen interface for a Universal Software Radio Peripheral, using the GNU
                    open source software library. The touchscreen interface provides wireless connection
                    abilities as well.
Product value       Can be used to simplify the use of commercial or private radios in any type of environment.
proposition         (Aircraft, military vehicles, police vehicles, etc.)

Team or project     Autonomous Logistics Robot
Team Leader         Kyle Desrosier
Team members        Kyle Desrosier
                    Eric Santos
                    Denis Richard
                    Mike Sorrenti
Brief Description   Use two robots in unison and complete tasks for the IEEE SoutheastCon 2013 student
                    hardware competition.
Product value

Team or project     Battery powered coffee mug
Team Leader         Mutamem AlMuhaideb
Team members        Mutamem AlMuhaideb
                    Jianan Li
                    Ibrahim Alferaih
                    Alfarayh Fraih
Brief Description   We will build a mug that reduces heat loss and maintains a liquids temperature of for a
                    long period of time.
Product value       Our approach is more practical and effective than other approaches.

Team or project     Task Force 3-2-1
Team Leader         Juan Cearra
Team members        Juan Cearra
                    John Ernsberger
                    Benjamin Pittman
                    Dustin Hoffman
                    Patrick Hon
                    Stephen Rodriguez
Brief Description   We will build an RC vehicle that has a transmitter/receiver controller (voice/electrical
                    signal) that will also run autonomously. Sensors will also prevent collisions with
                    surroundings and may detect objects in the environment (by heat, color, or other signals).
Product value       Can be used in military, search and rescue and in space.

Team or project     Power transmission using RF waves
Team Leader         Robert Sheffield
Team members        Robert Sheffield
                    Mehrvash Gharbania
                    Jamie Bales
                    Robert Ritter III
                    Vince Scotti Jr.
                    Rob Mulligan
                    Erica Tollett
Brief Description   Deliver wireless power directly to a device using RF frequencies.
Product value       Can be used to have a completely wireless environment.

Team or project     Autonomous Sea Plane
Team Leader         Juan Pablo Leon
Team members        Juan Pablo Leon
                    Remy Schott
                    Joshua Goldfarb
                    Jason Dickey
Brief Description   This project is about developing the next generation in sea planes. We will construct a sea
                    plane following the patents of Lockheed Martin. The purpose of this aircraft is to land and
                    depart from a short distance. It will have a dual engine located one behind the other in a
                    diagonal position. Also, the floats are going to be designed with the idea to prevent waves
                    from generating excessive friction when landing.
Product value       Military or search and rescue.

Team or project     Autonomous Lawn Mower
Team Leader         Barry Dylewski
Team members        Barry Dylewski
                    Rafael Acevedo
Brief Description   A lawn mower that can be programmed to mow any kind of lawn without any assistance
                    from the user
Product value       Can eliminate the chore of mowing the lawn similar to a dish washer eliminated the chore
proposition         of washing the dishes. Can be used in the home environment, golf courses, and really
                    anywhere there is grass.

Team or project     Smart parking system
Team Leader         Li Li2
Team members        Li Li
                    Hongyi Xu
                    Zhenmin Ye
                    Li Zha
                    Lu Zhang
                    Haoxiang Chen
                    Yanhan Wu
Brief Description   Design of an autonomous parking sytsem for automobiles
Product value

Team or project     Vision-Based Parking Management System
Team Leader         Rayyan Alsharidah
Team members        Mosaed Alsharidah
                    Rayyan Alsharidah

Brief Description   We propose the design of a system for monitoring and managing a parking area using a
                    vision-based approach. The proposed system utilizes image processing and statistical
                    methods to analyze image sequences captured by cameras. The system determines the
                    availability of parking spaces and provides information for vehicle drivers via wireless
                    communication devices.
Product value       The system avoids the use of individual sensors for each parking space which significantly
proposition         reduces installation and maintenance costs. In addition, statistics can be collected to
                    provide useful information on occupancy, busy times, vehicle classification, etc.
Team or project     Integrating renewable energy sources with the smart grid system
Team Leader         Daniel Sonnenmark
Team members        Daniel Sonnenmark
                    Nicholye Balroop,
                    Plamen Ivanov
                    David Alvarado
Brief Description   We will use solar and wind generators located at the residential level to supplement the
                    power supplied by the national grid.
Product value       Our design will create an efficient, reliable, and economical system to meet the demand for
proposition         more electricity.

Team or project     Morphing Wing
Team Leader         Mete Guray
Team members        Mete Guray
                    Daniel Alvarado
Brief Description   The morphing Wing is new type of wing that transforms to the required shape by using
                    rubber muscles. In order to automate this process we will create software that pilot can
                    pick the specific degree for the flaps and the correct amount of air pressure will be pumped
                    to the rubber muscles that is located in the wing. Also some temperature and air pressure
                    sensors will be incorporated.
Product value       It is a unique design.

Team or project     Roller coaster project
Team Leader         Robert Casabona (ME)
Team members        Abhishek Barla
                    6 ME students and 2 AE students
Brief Description   Our vehicle design will encapsulate the passengers, using television screens to
                    create the ride experience.
Product value       Can be a revolutionary roller coaster project.

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