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									                                   Diversified Support Services, Inc.
                                   3014 N. Hayden Road, Suite 121
                                      Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
                                            480.970.0744 fax

Welcome to the DSS family!

We are pleased to have you on board. The material included herein is designed to help orient you to DSS
policies and procedures and provide the initial documents required for assignment at Arizona Public
Service. This in no way is meant to discourage calls and e-mails from you, it is meant as a quick
reference guide.

Inside your New Hire packet, you will find the following information: (All forms and information can
be found at www.dsstemps.com.)

    1. Diversified Support Services Employee Handbook – Please read this in its entirety to ensure
       that you are as informed as possible.
    2. In Case of Accident/Emergency – DSS is contracted with Concentra Medical centers. In case
       of emergency, use this form to find a location closest to you.
    3. Corporate Procedures – APS internet use
    4. DSS Labor Alliance Checklist – This includes payroll, holidays, vacation, and insurance
    5. Direct Deposit form/ Chase Pay Card form – This can be faxed to 480-970-0744.
    6. You will also sign an Employment agreement, Ethics policy, and the last page of your
       employee handbook – This includes your hours of work and your hourly pay rate, as well as an
       acknowledgment of the standard business practices; you will receive a copy of all paperwork.
    7. APS “Doing the Right Thing” booklet – This is the Ethics Policy and Standards of Business
       Practices for all contractors working at APS. Please make sure you read this very carefully and
       abide by its guidelines AT ALL TIMES.

Submission of E-timesheet through Peopleclick:
Upon logging into your computer at work on your first day you should have received an e-mail from
Peopleclick. This e-mail will come directly from the time administrator for the website. This e-mail
will explain that:
    1. On your first day you will receive an email with: your User Name, Password, and Organization
    2. All time must be submitted NO LATER than Noon on Monday the following week. If your time is
       not submitted by then, you will not receive a paycheck until the next pay period.
    3. Your leader at APS will also receive an e-mail regarding Peopleclick that will explain that APS
       leaders must submit approval for contractor no later than Tuesday.
    4. The login site for Peopleclick is https://vms.peopleclick.com – you may access this site from both
       work and home.

       Peopleclick instructions:      **Everything is case sensitive**

       ►       User name: FirstLast (ALWAYS make sure the first letter of your first name and the first
                         letter of your last name are capitalized) Example: JoeSomebody

       ►       Password: This will be emailed to you.
                Once you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. Please
                choose something you will remember, if you forget, you will be locked out of the system
                and your password will have to be reset.

        ►       Organization ID: v7983 (ALWAYS be sure the letter v is in lower case)

                After you have set-up your log in information, go to the top right of the Peopleclick home
                page and click edit. You need to enter your 10-digit work phone number under the
                personal information tab in case someone working outside of APS needs to get a hold of
                you. Be sure all other information is entered correctly, change anything that may need to
                be changed, click submit.

        Entering Time:

        ►       Log into Peopleclick and select the Timesheet tab.

        ►       Select the work week you wish to enter time for by using the calendar drop down. (Make
                sure it is for pay period ending on SUNDAY of that work week.).

        ►       Your time sheet will be set up and will be all grayed out. Go to the bottom of the sheet
                and click on the icon + add a line. Select the appropriate Billing Rule (straight time,
                overtime, vacation/holiday pay), enter the appropriate Charge Number (it is critical that
                charge numbers be input EXACTLY as provided-with dashes and always in uppercase),
                enter the Unit Number, click ok. (If you have multiple Charge and Unit numbers, click
                add a line). Then you will have the ability to enter your time.

        ►       Be sure to always round your hours to the nearest 15, 30, 45 or one hour marks. When
                you are finished for the entire week, select SUBMIT.

        ►       Do not SUBMIT until all your time for the week has been entered. Enter the time worked
                each day. SAVE Time as a Draft.

        ►       Your leader will then get an email to approve your timesheet and then you are done!

        Keep in mind if you forget to enter your time at work, you can always log into Peopleclick from


DSS processes payroll on a weekly basis – with a Sunday week ending date. Payday is every Friday.
DSS offers automatic deposit and encourages all employees to use this option; if they do not choose auto
deposit, the second option is to receive your paychecks on a CHASE BANK pay card and can be used
just like any bank Visa card.

        Paychecks:       **Checks will be posted to the website eservices.paychex.com each week**.
                                        st               nd
        ►       Company I.D.: 0430 (1 box) – X559 (2          box)

        ►       User name: First initial of your first name and your entire last name
                       (Example: Joseph Bean = jbean)

        ►       Password: Your password is the first initial of your first name capitalized and your first
                          initial of your last name capitalized combined with the last four digits of your
                          social security number.
                      (Example Joseph Bean – social 044-55-6677 = JB6677).

        After logging in for the first time, be sure to change your password to something you choose.
Contact Information:

Our home office is open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.
        Diversified Support Services, Inc.
        3014 N. Hayden Road, Suite 121
        Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
        480.970.0732 office
        480.970.0744 fax

You can contact DSS representatives through email or phone the information is listed below:
        DSS Metro Phoenix Account Manager:
        Cathy Chiang (480) 760-5674             email: dsscathy@qwestoffice.net
        DSS Account Representative:
        Sara Carter (602) 677-0632              email: dsssara@qwestoffice.net
        DSS Administrative Manager:
        Marie Flores (602) 750-9026             email: dssmarie@qwestoffice.net

Cathy Chiang and Sara Carter are also available within the APS Phone and E-mail Directory.

        Chiang, Catherine L(ZP5610)

        Carter, Sara (ZP4106)

If you have any questions regarding the material included, please contact your DSS representative
immediately. We are here to help you succeed!

Cathy Chiang
Metro Phoenix Account Manager
Diversified Support Services, Inc.

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