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					               Colchester Rovers Cycling Club
                 Committee Meeting Minutes
                 19-30 ** Friday 2nd May 2008
    Boadicea Way Sports Pavillion, Boadicea Way, Colchester
1a List of Committee Members        T.Asplin, G.Keeble, E.Baker, N.Pears, J.Baker, K.Baker, D.Snowling, M.Hargreaves, G.McKee,
   Present                           D.Triggs, P.Newell, R.May, S.Green, T.Sheppard
1b Apologies for Absence            M.McDermott, H.Ward, N.Webber, C.White, J.Reed
2 Approval of the previous          Proposed by E.Baker
   Committee Minutes                Seconded by M.Hargreaves
3 Matters arising from the          Nil
   previous Committee Minutes
4 Treasurers Report                 May Report
                                    Current Account
                                    Income £1077.00
                                    Expenditure £1080.25
                                    Balance in Current Account £3209.26
                                    Deposit Account Interest £NIL
                                    Balance in Deposit Account £ 3853.91
                                    Balance at Bank £7063.17
5a General Secretaries Report       No Report
   and Correspondence
5b Membership Secretary             No Report
5c Time Trial Secretary Report      A high number of riders are entering the Wednesday Night Private 10 Mile Time Trials
                                                                               st         nd
                                     Keep a check on people who are not 1 Claim, 2 Claim or members of other clubs. All non -
                                     club members must join as temporary members.
                                    Signing on should not start until 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the events; this should
                                     hopefully try and reduce the number of riders who are warming up on around the finish area.
                                     The cancelled Club 25 (1) has now been rescheduled to take place on 22 June 2008.
                                    Open 50, went very well with only one incident being reported, that of L.Bark who was alleged to
                                     have taken the incorrect route at Weeley RAB. This is still being investigated.
                                    Catering from the event made £50-00 profit.
                                    E.Baker suggested confirming for future events that check cards be instigated.
5d Road Race Secretary Report       ECCA Weekend coming up soon.
                                    Look at increasing the number of TT Riders participating in the event.
                                    The is an increased number of marshals withdrawing from the Accredited Marshal System.
                                    A letter was sent to the Birch VH Committee regarding damage to the toilets refusing to pay a
                                     penalty clause.
                                    Look at purchasing additional roof signs, flashing amber beacons, and CB Radio’s for the road
                                     racing events
5e Grass Track Secretary             Track Booked from 12 May 2008 to August Bank Holiday.
   Report                           Booking covers Child Protection and First Aid Coverage
                                    Fuji Bikes are not suitable for the project, however Surley Bikes look a very good alternative, the
                                     price is around £400-00 each and the club should look at getting 3 of them.
                                    Ken Baker to ask the distributor if there is a discount available for 3 items rather than two items.
                                    Ruth Hooper from the main sponsor ”Clubs for Cash” want to come down for a photo shoot.
5f Cyclo Cross Secretary            Meeting to agree fixture for 2008/2009 season
5g Marshalling Secretary Report     Open 50 went very well with 12 marshals involved and 2 pushers off.
                                    J.Reed assisted in signage distribution.
                                     1 week away from interclub with Maldon, getting marshals sorted and will arrange collection of
5h Press Secretary Report           No Report
5i Social Secretary Report          Barbeque at Wrabness to be organised by Herman Ramsey will cost around £8-00 per person,
                                     starting at 14-00 and scheduled for a maximum of 35 people
5j Club News Letters Editor         Updated Labels Sent out to Hugh
5k Cycle Speedway Report            No Report
5l Coaching Report                  No Report
5m Club Captain Report             4 May Suffolk Event with a departure time of 09-00.
                                  Will still be trying to encourage members to ride club runs in “Club Colours”
                                   18 June 2008 during National Bike Week look at putting extra club runs on
6 The Delegates for National / No Report
  Regional Meetings Update
  and Reports
7 2007 Annual Dinner & Prize      No Report
  Presentation Review
8 Ratification of New Club          Club 25 Mile Team Record Solo Bicycle
  Records                           09/09/1923 E.Munson 1-09-21, W.Tiffin 1-10-52, A.Lissimore 1-14-06 Total Time 3-34-19
                                    Senior Veteran 30 Mile Team Record Solo Bicycle
                                    14/04/2008 J.Reed 1-14-16, K.Baker 1-17-38, E.Baker 1-24-09 Total Time 3-56-03
9 Private Events 2008 Update        Schedule for the 2008 season provided.
   Schedule                         Schedule to be reviewed again at the June Meeting
10 2008 AGM Ideas                   Due to changes in the CTT Rules, the Committee missed the hidden changes to the Club
   (Added every month create a       Events Levy for 2008 season, which increased this levy from 50p per rider to £1-00 per rider.
   an AGM portfolio of               This to be amended at 2008 AGM to be worded, as the Club Events Entry Fee shall be plus the
   projected Rule Changes)           set CTT Levy.
                                    Rename the Club Officials holding posts as Secretaries rather than Club Captain etc.
                                    An Official Job Description should be posted to try and encourage other members to become
                                     club officials.
11 Any Other Business               T.Sheppard said he thanked those involved in the clubs marshalling duties for the ECCA
                                    P.Newall suggested that we highlight Recycling Events during Bike Events Week.
                                    S.Green suggested that the club should champion locally the danger of potholes on the local
                                     and regional roads by highlighting them on the clubs website an other local cycling websites
12 Date of the Next Meeting          Friday 6 June 2008
13 Meeting Finish Time              21-06

                                      Please note ALL Committee Meetings are on Friday’s.

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                                        Committee Meetings Days
                                         Friday                              13 June 2008
                                         Friday                             1 August 2008
                                         Friday                         5 September 2008

                              Please Note the Venue and Date
                                   19-30 ** Friday 13th June 2008
    Boadicea Way Sports Pavillion, Boadicea Way, Colchester

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