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PayGo Archiving
With unlimited, secure email storage from PayGo Archiving, you can solve the
most challenging aspects of email retention with one easy, affordable solution.

Email Backup
“We’re going to need a dedicated server just to store all of our old email.”
If the volume of your email messages is outgrowing your server space, it’s time
to step up to PayGo Archiving for infinitely scalable, cloud-based storage.
        §  Keep inboxes clean with emails automatically stored in eight data
            centers worldwide
        §  Reduce the amount of time you spend managing inbox folders
        §  Create a secure repository for corporate knowledge stored in email

eDiscovery & eRecovery
“The last time we were subpoenaed for emails, it took weeks to find and format
Don’t wait for a subpoena to realize the benefits of email archiving. Using
PayGo Archiving, you can comply with litigation requests faster.

          §    Saves a tamper-proof record of all pertinent aspects of inbound and
                outbound email including, metadata, body, and any attachments
          §    Find, format, and send requested files in minutes from an easy-to-
                use administrative control panel interface
          §    Access web-based control panel at work, at home, or anywhere
                there’s an internet connection

Email Retention/Compliance
“We need to create a compliance plan but we don’t know where to start.”
Start with PayGo Archiving. A strong email retention solution is an integral part
of a comprehensive compliance plan. Our hosted archiving solution is the first
step toward a well-balanced plan.
        §  Ready to use immediately with no setup costs or additional software
            to download
        §  Export archived mail to evaluate activity monitoring
        §  Set optional retention periods, save searches, and export data to
            monitor email policy adherence

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