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					June 2011   
   June 2011

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                  Cricket Devoted to

      16          Providing Simple and
                  Affordable Services for
                      Matt Stoiber is the vice president and
                  general manager of devices for U.S.
                  operator Cricket Communications. He has a
                  deep understanding of customer needs and
P16               unique views on the future development
                  of terminals. He is also knowledgeable

P09               about cooperating with partners in the new
                  competitive environment.

      Information Roundup                               03

      Showcase                                          06

      Flair                                             09

      Product Snapshot
      ZTE E821                                          12
      Great Wisdom in the Qwerty Keyboard Phone
      The Simple Beauty of ZTE Libra                    14

      ZTE Light Tab Lands in Indonesia                  20
      ZTE Joins Hands with Telefónica                   21
      to Unveil Light Pro

                                        June 2011        

    Keywords in UI Design                                    22
    Blade: All About User Experience                         24
    F111: The Angel for Children                             26
    Hi! Skate Boy                                            28

    Smart Gadgets
    The Way Forward for Operators in the
    Mobile Internet Era                                      29
    Mobile Phone Services                                    32
    Extending Your Sensing Abilities

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                                Vol. 4 No. 2 (lssue 13)

               June 2011
                                                            INFORMATION ROUNDUP
                           ZTE Forecasts Sales of 12 Million
                                 Smartphones in 2011
    ZTE announced it will sell 12 million
smartphones (including tablets) in 2011. The
terminal strategy announcement was made at
a press conference held in Beijing and shows
that ZTE is expanding its innovative line of
smart devices to the masses.
    Driven by market and corporate
development, ZTE has focused on smart
terminals as one of its major brand strategies
in the immediate future. ZTE terminal
shipment volumes increased to 46.6%, with
22 million terminals shipped in Q1 2011 and
sales revenue up 51.4% year on year.                He Shiyou, executive vice president of ZTE, speaks at the news conference

     ZTE’s top industry partners, including Qualcomm, Google, Marvell, NXP and other telecom operators, attended the event and
demonstrated their long-term support for strengthening a smart terminal strategy with innovation and personalized smart terminal devices
for the global market. (Source: ZTE Corporation, April 26)

  ZTE Smartphone Wins Industry                                                                                 ZTE Launches
Achievement Award                                                                                           an Award-Wining
    ZTE announced that its R750                                                                             Smartphone in
3G smartphone won the prestigious                                                                           Indonesia
“Industry Achievement Award—                                                                                      ZTE and SmartFren Telecom launched
Innovation in Mobile Consumer                                                                               an award-winning Android smartphone
Products” from CDMA Development                                                                             called ZTE Wide at the Indonesian Cellular
Group (CDG) at the 2011 CDMA                                                                                Show in Jakarta. Joining users in the U.S.,
World Forum. This is the first time ZTE                                                                     U.K., Japan and China, as well as 20 other
has been recognized by CDG for its                                                                          European countries, Indonesian users can
consumer products.                                                                                          enjoy the new Android smartphone that
    ZTE’s award-winning R750 is                                                                             has received rave reviews in more than 35
based on the Android platform and                                                                           markets around the world.
is designed for middle to high-end                                                                                ZTE Wide is known as ZTE Blade in
users. The phone’s high-end hardware                                                                        most markets, San Francisco in the U.K.
combined with powerful ability to                                                                           and Libero in Japan.
access mobile networks makes it a                                                                                 Specially designed for CDMA
favorite of business and recreational                                                                       800/1900MHz in Indonesia, ZTE Wide is
                                          ZTE representative (R) recieves the award
users. R750’s brand-new 3D user                                                                             a value-for-money CDMA smartphone to
interface, coupled with the phone’s Qualcomm 7627 high-performance processor, has taken                     support EV-DO Rev.A technology. (Source:
visual and 3D gaming experiences to a new level. (Source: ZTE Corporation, June 20)                         ZTE Corporation, June 8)

                                                                                                                                   June 2011              
      ZTE representatives and invited guests open the ceremony


                                                                                                                             1.Yang Berhormat Dato’ Joseph Salang Anak
                                                                                                                             Gandum, the Deputy Minister of Information,
                                                                                                                             Communication and Culture, Malaysia, speaks
                                                                                                                             at the conference
                                                                                                                             2.New products with showgirls

                                       ZTE Announces Smart Terminal
                                            Strategy in Malaysia
          ZTE announced its global smart terminal development strategy                     launched were: Blade, Racer and Skate Android smartphones as
    in Malaysia. Meanwhile, it has announced cooperation with the                          well as the Light Tab and Light Tab 2 (including WiMax only version)
    distributor Dancom Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.                         Android tablets. ZTE also launched MF60, MF668A, MF680 and
    Dancom is a 26-year old Malaysian company with more than                               MF23 mobile broadband devices.
    10,000 dealers nationwide. The strategic partnership between ZTE                            Mr Forest Huang Zheng, president of ZTE Malaysia, said:
    and Dancom is an example of a good collaboration between China                         “ZTE especially considers Malaysia as a high-potential market
    and Malaysia.                                                                          for ZTE’s execution of its smart terminal development strategy.
           ZTE is aiming to be one of the top three tablet PC                              Previously, through mobile phone distributors, many ZTE’s
    manufacturers, and one of the top five manufacturers of Android                        products have appeared in Malaysia and attracted much customer
    smartphones. Malaysia is considered a key market in ZTE's smart                        attention.”
    terminal development strategy.                                                              “From now on, we will directly offer our customers the best products
          To kick start the smart terminal development strategy                            with ZTE brand via Dancom Telecommunications (M) Sdn Bhd, our
    in Malaysia, ZTE launched new smart devices as part of its                             official distributor, who has an extensive and professional distribution
    international “Light your smart world” campaign. The devices                           network,” he added. (Source: ZTE Corporation, June 8)

                                                                   Telefónica, ZTE Unveil the First Mass
                                                                 Market Tablet
                                                                      ZTE and Telefónica unveiled the new Light Pro tablet, which combines Wi-Fi and
                                                                 3G connectivity with impressive multimedia capabilities at an appealing price.
                                                                     The ZTE Light Pro, a 7-inch tablet which runs on the Android 2.2 (Froyo) operating
                                                                 system, is the first of a series of high-quality products at competitive prices with which
                                                                 Movistar is aiming to popularize tablet use and raise awareness of the possibilities they
                                                                 offer for all kinds of applications.
                                                                     The launch gives tablets a prominent position in Telefónica’s portfolio and
                                                                 underlines the pivotal role they will play over the coming years in the online devices
    Light Pro was unveiled at a news conference
                                                                 market. (Source:ZTE Coporation,May 4)

                June 2011
  ZTE and Vodafone Win Award for Feature
Phone That Enables Social Networking
      ZTE and Vodafone have won the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2011. This
was awarded for consumer service innovation in an SNS application made available to Vodafone
customers in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech and Hungary.
     The SNS application on the Vodafone 547i feature phone manufactured by ZTE allows
access to Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger so
that users can communicate with friends and family anytime, anywhere from a single application.
     Social networking and IM services are usually only supported on smartphones. So the 547i
feature phone brings high level social networking capabilities to a much wider audience. ZTE has
already shipped more than 100,000 Vodafone 547i devices and expects the handset’s popularity
to continue to grow. (Source: ZTE Corporation, June 9)

  T-Mobile Launches                                                               ZTE Breaks into the Cloud
Rocket 3.0 42Mbps USB Modem                                                      Recognizing that the telecom sector will plateau over the
     T-Mobile has released the Rocket 3.0 modem stick with                   next decade, ZTE has expanded its presence in the IT sector by
speeds of up to 42Mbps. The operator is launching the service                setting up a cloud computing unit, the company’s third major
across many U.S. cities that will provide each city with faster access       division after wireless and wireline.
to the HSPA+ 4G network. 4G networks had previously                               “The industry won’t be able to support the 25% annual
provided a maximum speed of only 21Mbps, but with the                        growth we've seen over the past 25 years, so we need a new
new Rocket 3.0, T-Mobile will provide higher download                        area to drive growth. We see cloud computing and IT as a
speeds of up to 42Mbps.                                                      strategic growth area for the company, with lots of opportunity
      Rocket 3.0, manufactured by ZTE, is a USB                              for innovation,” said Wang Wei, ZTE’s vice president of cloud
modem for laptops and has a flip out arm that plugs                          computing and IT operations.
into the computer. It will be bundled in a contract for                          The company expects the newly formed division to generate
$100, but it can be purchased without the contract                           more than $2 billion in revenue this year from cloud-related offerings
for $200. (Source: techieask, May 24)                                        for the enterprise market. (Source: telecomasia, June 3)

     The “Iron Man”
   Wa n g K a n g f ro m
   ZTE’s industrial
   design department
   in Shanghai goes to
   work in a homemade
   Iron Man suit and a
   large crowd follows
   him. Without any
   DIY experience, he
   spent three months
   building his version of
   the Mark I after being
   inspired by the Iron
   Man movie. He has
   received wide media
   coverage for his DIY
   creation. (Source:
   ZTE Corporation,
   June 3)

                                                                                                                          June 2011                   


    New Choices of                                                                                                           R228
    2G Phones

                       Although the 3G era has come, the traditional 2G market has not died away as there is still
                       a large number of users worldwide who are using 2G mobile phones. With the release of
                       N285 and R228, ZTE offers greater choice of quality 2G phones.

                       N285                                                R228
                       N285 is a bar phone detailed with red edges.        R228, available in champagne gold or black
                       It sports a 2.8-inch touchscreen with resolution    and red, is targeted towards young people.
                       of 240×320 pixels. With the dimensions of           It is a slim candy bar phone that supports
                       98mm×55mm×13mm, it weighs only 85g.                 background music playing, bluetooth
                       The small, exquisite body and color design          transmission, and a 1.3 megapixel camera
                       make N285 a suitable phone for female users.        with video recording. R228 is currently sold in
                       The phone is now available in Brazil.               Brazil and Panama.
                       •Standard    GSM/GPRS •Camera 1.3 megapixels        •Standard GSM/GPRS •Camera 1.3 megapixels•
                       • Screen   2.8 inches, 240×320 pixels, TFT TP   •   Screen 2 inches,176x320 pixels •Dimension 108mm

                       Dimension 98mm×55mm×13mm •Weight 85g                ×46mm×11mm •Weight 85g

          June 2011
                                                                                                  Light Tab 2


                                                                                                                3G Handset for
                                                                                                                the Masses
                                                                                                                ZTE F953 is not a
                                                                                                                smartphone but uses
                                                                                                                WCDMA 3G networks. Its
                                                                                                                dimensions are 103.5mm
                                                                                                                ×55mm×12.9mm, it has a
                                                                                                                3.2-inch resistive touchscreen with resolution of
                                                                                                                240 x 400 pixels, expandable memory of up to
                                                                                                                16GB and 900 mAh battery. These features fully
                                                                                                                meet the requirements of mass-market users.
                                                                                                                •System     GSM/GPRS/EDGE •Camera 2 megapixels, 3

                                                                                                                megapixels (optional)•Screen 3.2 inches, 240×400 pixels, TFT
                                                                                                                •Dimension 103.5mm×55mm×12.9mm •Weight 93.8g

     ZTE Light Tab
     Comes Back

                                                                                                                      Blade N880

Light represents the lightness, grace, and the pursuit of a simple and easy life.
This is how ZTE’s Light Tab got its name. Behind the lightweight body is the
                                                                                                                Ready to Take off
                                                                                                                Last year, the Blade smartphone
integration of high quality, new technology and full service. This has led to the
                                                                                                                was a great success in the
hot sales of Light Tab. Users are expecting follow-up products. Now, Light Tab 2
is coming.                                                                                                      European market. Initially a
                                                                                                                GSM/UMTS dual-band version,
                                                                                                                it now has CDMA version
Light Tab 2
Faster, stronger and higher are every sportsman’s goals. They are also applicable to the                        N880. N880 features a 3.5-inch
second generation of ZTE Light Tab. Light Tab 2 is based on WCDMA. It comes with                                touchscreen and a 5-megapixel camera that can
HSDPA (14.4Mbps) and Wi-Fi to ensure high-speed wireless connection. It packs a                                 shoot HD 720p videos. It will be an important
1 GHz processor, runs the new Android 2.3 system, and supports 5 point multitouch                               handset model for the CDMA network and
and dual cameras for video calling. In terms of hardware and functions, Light Tab 2 has                         continues Blade’s success.
reached the standards of mainstream Android tablets. Its thickness is still 12.6mm and                          •System CDMA2000 1X EV-D0 •OS Android 2.2 •Camera
its weight 389g with all those changes.                                                                         5 megapixels •Screen 3.5 inches, 480 × 800 pixels, TFT •

•CPU   MSM8255 1GHz •OS Android 2.3 •Screen 7 inch 1024×600 pixel 5 point multitouch capacitive                 Dimension 114mm×56.6mm×11.7mm •Weight 120g
touchscreen •Memory 512MB RAM+8GB ROM •Dimension 190mm×110mm×12.6mm •Weight 389 g

                                                                                                                                         June 2011                             
              MF656A                                                                                                                 Rocket 3.0



                                                              Rooted in CWID

                                    In the rapidly changing wireless Internet era, users expect safe, advanced high-speed networks as well as a humane
                                    operation interface. These are the essence of ZTE’s mobile broadband business, represented by CWID. CWID is the
                                    combination of HSPA+ continuous packet connectivity (CPC),Web UI, IPv6 and DriverFree technologies. It makes Internet
    The advantages of CWID:         connection safe and as simple as a few mouse clicks. In the newest series of CWID products, MF668A, MF656A, MF50 and
    1. Internet connection          MF683 are particularly outstanding. MF50 is a Wi-Fi router that supports digital TV signals, and MF683 is a 4G data card
                                    capable of peak download speeds of up to 42Mbps.
    within 15 seconds, which
    saves 90% of usual
    connection time                 MF656A                    MF668A                      MF50                            Rocket 3.0 (MF683)
    2. Simple software              MF656A, manufactured      MF668A, with a hidden       ZTE’s new Wi-Fi router is       T-Mobile’s first 4G mobile broadband
    installation                    using a matte material,   USB stick, has mirrored     white and rounded, making       stick, Rocket 3.0, is made by ZTE. It
                                    feels comfortable in      plastic shell. The body     it the best partner for Apple   can provide users with blazing-fast
    3. Web UI for different
                                    your hand. The USB-       is red and attracts         products. Capable of            speeds on T-Mobile’s 4G network. It is
                                    shaped white shell is     attention. It can support   receiving digital TV signals,   equipped with a rotating swivel USB and
    4. Minimum Internet
                                    decorated with a small    download speeds of up       it allows you to watch TV       is available in cobalt blue, dark violet, and
                                    red flower on the top,    to 28Mbps when MIMO         on laptops, tablets and         matte black. With dual-carrier technology,
    5. Enhanced security            making MF656A a           is deployed.                phones via Wi-Fi.               it can realize download speeds of up to
                                    simple design.                                                                        42Mbps.
                                                              HSPA+21M/28M/CPC,           HSPA+14M/CPC/IPv6/Web
                                    HSPA+14M/CPC/IPv6         MIMO/Quad band, IPv6        TV:ISDB-T/DVB-H(T)              HSPA+42M/CPC/IPv6

                  June 2011

          You are used to flowers and
          Under the spotlight, you have
          always been the focus of attention of
          thousands of spectators.
          At your side, however, there is
          always a low-key but attractive
          ZTE Libra, with a simple and stylish
          design, is special.
          A versatile choice to mix’n’match, it

ZTE Helper in
          helps you gain more attention.

A Great
Life                  By Hu Yangyi

                     June 2011              
FlAIR            Behind your shining appearance,
                 There are always many helping hands.
                 Some offer care, some tenderness, some
                 But your hands,
                 Only need to hold ZTE Libra,
                 As it will tell you,
                 What the information age is,
                 In an easy way.

0   June 2011
Internet surfing,
Is no longer the privilege of laptops;
High-speed and expandability,
Are also in the name card of smartphones.
With ZTE Libra,
We can connect the whole world.
It can be turned into a wireless access point
anywhere and anytime,
To add wings to laptops.
Or you can throw away your laptop,
As the smartphone Libra,
Can provide anywhere Internet connection,
Not to mention in a car.

                    June 2011            

ZTE E821
Great Wisdom in the Qwerty
Keyboard Phone
         he trend in mobile phones may be
         towards smartphones, but is this
         your only choice? The answer is
no. There is a variety of great handsets on
the market that are not smartphones, and
ZTE’s E821 with Qwerty keyboard and 3G
is one that captures attention.

           June 2011
Thunderbolt Input
     With a plain black shell, ZTE’s E821
may come across as understated. But those
who know Qwerty phones will appreciate its
uniqueness. The E821’s keyboard is backlit
with a white light that is a foil to the keyboard.
The raised and rounded keys are like glittering
and translucent pearls neatly arranged for easy
typing. The green dial key and red hang-up key
are located above the translucent keyboard,
creating a stylish impression. Because it does
not run a smart OS, the E821 does not need
multitouch functions. So the E821 adopts a
2.4-inch TFT resistive touchscreen with 240 ×
320 pixel resolution. This is suitable for a phone     the E821 is not a smartphone, it has many           worry that your friends won’t be able to open
that is 110mm × 61mm × 12.4mm.                         capabilities. Its inbuilt functions meet the        videos because of a video format problem. The
     The Qwerty keyboard appeared long before          essential communication needs of users. You         MMS and video mail functions let you choose
the touchscreen. Why does the phone return             can open the E821's mailbox to read greetings       the shooting mode so that you can quickly share
to Qwerty when touchscreens are all the rage?          from the ends of the earth. Apart from email, the   today’s joys with others via WCDMA networks.
Touch control is like a double-edged sword.            E821 also has SNS functions like Facebook and           The memory in E821 can also be expanded
It can make the design of the phone body so            Twitter. You can see your friends’ updates and      to 8G, which provides ample space for storage.
simple that the phone’s limited area can be            also send messages to them wherever you go.         Photography enthusiasts can record video and
used to the greatest possible extent. But it is not        Life has its surprises and moving moments       download as they wish. Playing a movie on the
the most accurate way of inputing data. When           that need to be recorded. The 2 megapixel           E821 will help you kill boredom. Battery drain
we used a keyboard in the past, we would not           camera comes with advanced camera features.         is always a headache for iPhones and Android
delete the entire message because of faulty            The auto-fill light and automatic light control     phones. However, E821 has a long-life 900 mAh
operation, or lose the whole game because              functions guarantee photographic effects. The       battery, which can keep being used even after a
of an inaccurate click. The E821 with Qwerty           camera can also produce black and white and         long recording.
keyboard and touchscreen combines two kinds            sepia photos using the photo modes. E821                E821 is designed with an understanding
of input methods, thus increasing its target user      provides five shooting modes: camera, portrait,     of what users want. E821 is not just a Qwerty
groups.                                                video, MMS and video mail. You can save the         keyboard phone, it epitomizes the wisdom of

Rich Capabilities                                      video in 3GP or MP4 mode with no need to            conciseness and convenience.

     The advantages of a Qwerty keyboard
plus touchscreen are many. Even though

     The 2 megapixel camera is located in the middle        3.5mm earphone jack on the top for easy plug       The Qwerty keyboard, like the Blackberry, is the
     of the back cover                                      in and out of earphones                            symbol of E821. Small and rounded keys are
                                                                                                               comfortable to press

                                                                                                                                  June 2011                       

The Simple
Beauty of ZTE Libra
                        n this smartphone era, choosing
                        the right smartphone can be tricky.
                        They are either high-end and
                   expensive or low-end and low quality.
                   ZTE Libra, however, strikes a balance. It
                   is simple, stylish, and affordable. With an
                   Android OS, it is high performance at an
                   affordable price and a great phone for the
                   average user.

   June 2011
Seeing Blade Again
     ZTE’s Blade smartphone has gained
widespread popularity with its unique bladelike
design. This has naturally become one of the design
styles for ZTE mobile phones and can be seen in
the appearance of Libra. Libra is another important
WCDMA handset model for ZTE and is made
thin so that it can easily slip into your pocket. At
                                                                                                                                   •Standard GSM/WCDMA •Frequency Band 2G:GSM
12.6mm thick and weighing only 115g, it is highly
                                                                                                                                   850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G:UMTS 850/2100MHz •Network
portable and convenient. The phone is covered                                                                                      Supported GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA •
in a black matte material and has a wide 3.5-inch                                                                                  Operation System Android 2.2 •Camera 3 megapixels
touchscreen. The black edges around the screen                                                                                     •Battery 1250 mAh •CPU Qualcomm MSM7227 600 MHz •

are kept to a minimum. The phone has a resolution                                                                                  Memory        512M RAM + 512 ROM    •Built-in Storage
                                                                                                                                   150MB     •Screen    3.5-inch 480×800 pixel LCD capacitive
of 480×800 pixels, which is the same as that of
                                                                                                                                   screen   •Weight 115g •Wi-Fi Supported •Headphone
Google’s first Android phone, Nexus One. However,
                                                                                                                                   interface 3.5 mm
the Nexus One has a 3.7-inch screen, so Libra is
better in terms of display exquisiteness.
     Libra has a similar design to Blade and comes
                                                                   Gmail contracts with their Android phones.                          When speaking of Android applications,
with smooth lines and edges. It also has simple
                                                                   With Google Calendar, users can arrange                        Libra’s hardware must be mentioned. The
keys. On the front of the device, there are only three
                                                                   their life and work and set email notifications                Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz processor
usual Android keys for home, menu, and back.
                                                                   to remind themselves and others of important                   keeps up with the mainstream configuration.
The screen takes up most of the available space
                                                                   dates. Buzz on Google Maps allows users to                     When combined with 512MB RAM and
available, so the keys are located at the bottom of
                                                                   communicate with one another, and they can                     512MB ROM, Libra can handle applications
the phone. Considering both cost and practicality,
                                                                   receive replies via Gmail.                                     well. With such hardware configuration,
ZTE designed physical keys instead of touch
                                                                         Apart from Gmail, Google Maps and                        users are provided with a satisfying Internet
sensitive keys for Libra.
                                                                   Android Market are also very important.                        surfing experience using the embedded
Android Powered                                                    Google Maps provides basic map positioning                     browser. Moreover, Libra is embedded with
     Libra is an Android smartphone and                            and navigation functions. It is now updated to                 a 3D graphics accelerator, which enables an
is embedded with Google’s most popular                             version 5.x for more accurate positioning and                  enhanced gaming experience. Multitouch
applications, including Gmail, Google Talk, Google                 richer geographic information. By logging into                 controls are also supported. There is no big
Maps, and Android Market. Libra with Android                       Google Maps using a Gmail account, users                       performance difference between Libra and the
2.2 allows users to share the phone’s Internet                     can sync their mobile’s map information with a                 average high-end Android phone.
connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices.                       PC. Android Market is a necessary source of                         While providing reasonable hardware
Applying for a Gmail account is the first step to                  Android applications. Although there are many                  configuration, it keeps the default setting of
use Android system because many functions                          third party sources, such as Amazon’s Android                  the Android system. It is sure to win favor
extend from Gmail functions. For example, using                    App Store, the Android Market is most reliable                 with users because of its high quality and
Exchange ActiveSync, users can quickly sync                        and richest App Store.                                         affordability.

   The home, menu, and back keys are at          Libra has a standard USB port              The bladelike profile is impressive                The power button at the top is next to the
   the bottom of the phone for more precise                                                                                                    3.5mm headphone jack
   control. The black keys are in harmony with
   the black phone body

                                                                                                                                                         June 2011                     
Cricket Devoted to
Providing Simple and Affordable
Services for Customers
Reporter: Zhao Lili

              att Stoiber is the vice president and general manager of devices for U.S. operator Cricket
              Communications. On a sunny afternoon in Shenzhen, China, he received our interview with a
              warm and easy-going manner. Matt has more than 25 years management experience and 14 years
 experience in telecommunications. He has a deep understanding of customer needs and unique views on the future
 development of terminals. He is also knowledgeable about cooperating with partners in the new competitive

                                            Cricket aims to provide            have national coverage in the U.S. We own and operate our network
                                            simple and affordable              for about a third of the total population of the United States. In the U.S,
                                            wireless solutions.                we have a roaming agreement that covers the remainder. So you can
                                            Simple is not low-end,             actually use a Cricket phone anywhere in the U.S on both voice and data.
                                            and affordable is not              Journalist: Cricket aims to provide simple and affordable wireless
                                            cheap. Cricket provides            solutions. Could you explain Cricket’s definition of “simple” and
                                            high quality wireless              “affordable?” What is the difference between "simple and affordable”
                                            products and services              and “low-end and cheap”?
                                            at great value for its             Matt Stoiber: There is a big difference. Simple is, for us, rate plans that
                                            customers.                         include everything. Simple means if your rate plan is US$ 45, it includes
                                            Journalist: First, could you       all taxes and fees except sales tax. It is the same every month. You have
                                            introduce your company and         unlimited use. So, our service is never complicated—it is all-inclusive,
                                            its business?                      and we call it “a great plan”. It includes everything, so there are no
Matt Stoiber: Cricket Communications is a wireless carrier in the              surprises in the bill.
U.S. based on a prepaid model that offers our customers an unlimited                That’s the affordable part as well. We are very competitively, almost
use of their phones for a flat-rate with no contract. So it is very easy for   disruptively, priced against the other carriers. It means we have better
customers to buy our services without signing a contract. It is a value        value than the other carriers in the market place. That would be a
segment of the business, so it’s very much a high-volume mass market           predictable bill. It is not low-end or cheap. We believe our customer
situation. Cricket is very customer focused and we have to earn our            demographics are all those customers who want value, and that’s
customer’s business every month as they don’t sign a contract. We              basically the mass market in the U. S. We don’t sell a lot of expensive
have to make it a quality experience for them, so they pay the bill every      add-ons, we keep it simple.
month.                                                                         Journalist: Simple also means to provide a simple life for
    We were based on feature phones initially. And in the last year,           customers?
we started launching smartphones. We have our new unlimited                    Matt Stoiber: Sure. We really feel like we bring a handset line-up that
download music service called Muve Music on our phones, which will             helps customers with their lives. Whether it is a smartphone or a feature
be launched in two ZTE phones this year. We also have broadband                phone, we think we have solutions that help people manage their way
services, so we have the USB connectors for broadband as well. We              through their lives.

                 June 2011
                                                                                                                                               An interview

    Being very customer focused, we talk to our customers a lot. We           largest sales (penetration) of smartphones. We are broadening our
conduct focus groups, especially about devices. Every time we launch          portfolio of smartphones. It was three last year. By the end of this
a phone, we go to different cities in the U.S. and conduct focus groups       year, it will be six or seven. So, that’s quite a bit more.
with those customers that bought the phone to see what they like about            We have a small portfolio of devices. We’ll have 40 percent of
it, what they don’t like, how it is enriching their lives and what value it   our mix in smartphones. You know it has another benefit. As you sell
is bringing to them. We do that so we can continue to improve on the          smartphones, customers tend to stay longer. They like the phone. If you
devices that we sell to them. And that’s for the feature phones also.         offer them choices and migrate the customers, they’ll stay longer.
                                                                                  What do I mean by “migrate” the customers? In past, we had
Smartphones have been the future development                                  only feature phones. Customers came to buy feature phones. Typically
trends of terminals.                                                          they left our services. They left to go to a post-paid carrier, sign a
Journalist: According to IDC, nearly 100 million smartphones were             contract and get a nicer phone. Now, we offer customers a progression
sold last quarter, up 80% over the same period last year. We see              of devices, a bar phone, a clamshell, a QWERTY, a touch phone,
that the smartphone market is booming. How do you see this trend?             and several different Android phones with different screen sizes and
How did Cricket prepare for this trend?                                       processor speeds. So customers can work their way through and buy
Matt Stoiber: It’s a great question. A year ago, we had only features         progressively better devices, and stay on our services without leaving
phones. We had no smartphones. In August last year, we launched               to go to a post-paid carrier. So we call it managing the life cycle of the
our first two smartphones—a BlackBerry and an Android device. We              customers by giving them the devices that they want in their life.
launched the second Android device in the fourth quarter of 2010.             Journalist: As smartphones get more popular, do you think the status
Between the fourth quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, we          of feature phones will change?
migrated 20 percent of our base, 20 percent of our six million customers,     Matt Stoiber: It’s already changed for us. A year ago feature phones
to smartphones. So it’s a very significant trend. In the first quarter of     comprised our entire business. Now, we have smartphones. That’s not
2011, 40 percent of all the customers who came in our stores bought           all incremental new Cricket customers because some people would
smartphones. That trend is continuing. We expect it to grow in the            typically buy a feature phone and then buy a smartphone. As we have
second half of this year.                                                     40% of our news customers buying smartphones in the first quarter of
    How are we preparing for it? We are preparing both on the                 this year, there is significantly less volume on the feature phones.
network side (infrastructure) and on terminals. So we are making                  It’s interesting because it is very much the phones that are close to
sure that we have the capacity in our network. We are having the              the smartphones that have the most compression, meaning they lost

                                                                                                                           June 2011                 

     the most velocity, for example, touchscreen phones. People that used to have a feature
     phone would typically buy a smartphone. Feature phones with touchscreens will continue
     to be in our line-up but in smaller numbers. Our branded Muve Music platform, which
     has unlimited music and unlimited download included in the rate plan, is sold now on a
     touchscreen. So we’ll have that in the feature phones and touch. We’ll have a selection of
     QWERTYs and clamshells, but a smaller selection than we had last year. So, we will have a
     smaller selection of feature phones but a broader selection of smartphones including ZTE
     Journalist: Could you tell us Cricket’s efforts in handset differentiation?
     Matt Stoiber: There are several things we do. For the feature phones, we do have a user
     interface through BREW with Qualcomm that we do differentiate with applications that are
     designed for our customers for ease of use.
         In smartphones, we intentionally began launching smartphones for the very open
     access network. So, customers can go to the homescreen and hit the global icon and
     go right to the Internet or right to Google. We are intentionally not walled in. We let it very
         And at the same time, we offer value-added services both from Google and Cricket.
     You can go to the Cricket market place or Android market place. So we offer both.
         The Muve Music platform which is the first big differentiator for us is available on a
     feature phone and will soon be available on smartphones. Muve Music is built into the rate
     plan (minutes are unlimited) and features millions of songs. You can download as many as
     you want with no extra charge. It’s all included. It’s a very unique music service in the U.S.

     Not only Cricket is continuing to grow, but also it is very open in
     cooperation with other partners, including network roaming and
     applications.                                                                                     data services across the U.S. In those markets,
     Journalist: As the number of Cricket subscriber increases and the business grows,                 we don’t have it ourselves because we do own
     other big operators may consider Cricket a threat. What do you think about this?                  and operate a 3G data network. We just use
     Matt Stoiber: Well, it hasn’t happened yet. Six million subscribers is small when                 Sprint to help make sure we have the national
     compared with the top three U.S. carriers that are much larger. You know, sometimes, the          coverage for all our customers. We recently
     biggest compliment you can get from a competitor is that they think you are a threat to them.     announced an LTE roaming agreement with
         I think we project a very important image for customers: We continue to grow as we            LightSquared in the U.S.
     get more mass-market type customers on network. Eventually they may consider us a                     The biggest opportunity we have is with
     threat. But it is really for them to decide. For us, it is continuing to grow and making our      our Muve Music product, which we own the
     model better for the customers. That’s what we’ll do with the competition in the U.S.             intellectual property, the actual property, with
     Journalist: How does Cricket cooperate with other partners such as operators or                   developers and builders. That is the platform
     service provides?                                                                                 for our new portfolio of value-added services.
     Matt Stoiber: We have many roaming agreements for voice and text, over 20 different               We do offer a collection of other applications.
     roaming agreements across the U.S. Those providers have a very good national coverage             We have an internal group that manages a lot
     for the core voice and data business. And then we do have an MVNO agreement with                  of vendors. We work quite a bit with importers
     Sprint for data. That’s very important for us. Smartphone customers will be able to use the       and with the application developers.

               June 2011
Journalist: ZTE began cooperating with               globally, not just in the U.S. That meets some         to develop smartphones.
Cricket in 2010 on handsets. How do you              of our customers’ needs, and gives us the              LTE?Certainly, Cricket will build its
evaluate the cooperation between both                opportunity to, maybe, buy devices that aren’t         own LTE network.
parties? And what’s your expectation for             launched in the U.S. but launched in Europe,           Journalist: Could you please tell us Cricket's
future cooperation?                                  China, or somewhere else that have done                plan about network evolution from CDMA to LTE?
Matt Stoiber: I can say it’s just been a year.       well for a customer segment. That’s a very             Matt Stoiber: We have an investment in EV-
It’s been a very beneficial year for Cricket. It’s   high-level of cooperation that we don’t always         DO (3G). We’ll continue to utilize EV-DO for a few
been a year of learning how both companies           get from other OEMs. That’s the beginning of a         years. We are testing an LTE network this year.
work, ZTE and Cricket, and a great level             long-term partnership. Meeting our customer’s          We have a test market already built. Beginning
of collaboration and cooperation has been            needs is the most important thing for us. ZTE’s been   in the first quarter of 2012, we’ll begin our
created between the two companies by                 very interested and helpful, giving us specific        phased deployment of LTE. I can’t really tell you
sharing ideas and directions.                        devices for our customers.                             the details of the schedule. It begins in the first
    A great example of that is sitting down              We’ll partner on future devices and new            quarter and will progress through building out
with the ZTE team and describing what our            technologies both on smartphones and on                our markets over a period of time. We’ll follow a
customers’ needs are, and the ZTE team has           LTE devices. Currently we are working on the           methodical and measured path in building our
been very open about talking about devices           roadmap for LTE for next year with ZTE to try          LTE network.

                                                                                                                               June 2011               
                                              2                                               3                                                            4

                                                                                              5                                                           6

1                                                                                             7                                                           8
    1.ZTE representatives take questions from the media                                     5.Liu Lin, vice general manager of ZTE's mobile broadband product line, introduces Light Tab
    2.Susanto Sosilo, director of ZTE Indonesia Devices Division, introduces to the media   6.Light Tab is shown to the public.
    ZTE’ terminal strategy in Indonesia                                                     7.ZTE Light Tab roadshow, held in a shopping mall, attracts many consumers
    3.ZTE representatives showcase ZTE Light Tab with a dancer in the background            8.Triana, Kevin and Natalia (L-R) from ZTE's handset branding team in Indonesia take a rest as
    4.The ballroom for the press conference                                                 the event wraps up

    ZTE Light Tab
    Lands in Indonesia
          Light Tab has been successfully launched in several countries, and
                                                                                                                                                                By Kevin Liu Guoxin
                                                                                                      A month before Light Tab hit the market on April 12, it was reviewed
    now it has finally been launched in Indonesia. Indonesia is the fourth                        in Selular, a widely-read mobile phone magazine in Indonesia. A series
    most populous country in the world. With steady economic growth in                            of activities were also run on Facebook and Twitter. Light Tab became a
    recent years and an open market, it is an important strategic market for                      talking point on the Indonesian market.
    manufacturers. Major mobile phone manufacturers are all competing                                 On April 12, ZTE held a press conference to launch Light Tab. The
    fiercely for the Indonesian market. The ZTE brand, through years of                           press conference was held at the Grand Indonesia in downtown Jakarta,
    cultivation, has rapidly increased in popularity and has become one of                        and 120 journalists were present. Light Tab was launched by Fan
    the major brands in the Indonesian market.                                                    Xiaoyong, managing director of PT ZTE Indonesia; Liu Lin, vice general
           Before Light Tab was released, the market already had a slew of                        manager of ZTE's mobile broadband product line; and Susanto Sosilo,
    tablet PCs. But ZTE's Light Tab has its own advantages. It has a very                         director of ZTE Indonesia Devices Division. As many as 200 Indonesian
    good cost-performance ratio, a long battery life, and enhanced stereo. It                     and Chinese media reported this event, which significantly helped in
    is also light and ultra-thin. With all these features, Light Tab is poised to                 getting the message out.
    become a popular device on the market. So that Indonesian consumers                               Coinciding with the launch conference, a week-long Light Tab
    can become fully acquainted with the product, ZTE has planned its                             exhibition roadshow was held at Grand Indonesia. The roadshow then
    market release in detail.                                                                     moved to Mall Ambassador and Kelapa Gading Mall. The first batch of
          The old adage "a good wine needs no bush" certainly does not hold                       1000 Light Tabs originally planned for the 20-day roadshow sold out in
    true in today’s telecommunications markets. Especially in Indonesia,                          only 10 days. So an emergency shipment of Light Tabs was made.
    where manufacturer brands dominate, a manufacturer should promote                                 With careful market analysis in the early stages, practical planning,
    their products directly to consumers (B-C marketing). This is different                       rigorous implementation of activities, and sincere cooperation between each
    in Western countries where consumers are ready to accept operator-                            team, the activities that coincided with Light Tab’s market release were a
    branded ODM products.                                                                         great success and further cemented ZTE’s brand in the Indonesian market.

    0                  June 2011
 (L-R) Fernando Fernández de Lis, commercial offer director of Telefónica;
 Lin Qiang, president of ZTE's handset business in Europe; and the Spanish
 tennis star, Carlos Moya, unveil Light Pro

                                                                                                                          ZTE's Light Pro promotion team takes a photo Li Na

                                                                                                                                                    ZTE's Light Pro promotion team takes
                                                                                                                                                    a photo with Carlos Moya

ZTE Joins Hands
with Telefónica                                                                                                Russian tennis star Maria
                                                                                                                                         Sharapova at the Mutua

to Unveil Light Pro
                                                                                                                                          was showcased
                                                                                                               Open where ZTE Light Pro

By He Xinyu

    After launching its smart terminal strategy at a press                   Fernando Fernandez de Lis, commercial offer           guests in the VIP boxes were free to use Light
conference in Beijing on April 26, ZTE joined hands with                     director of Telefónica; and Spanish tennis star,      Pro to take pictures, access information on
Telefónica to promote a brand-new product called Light Pro.                  Carlos Moya, unveiled Light Pro. As many              the tournament, and play games.
Light Pro is a new kind of tablet PC designed for the mass                   as 100 media outlets covered the event,                     In the semi-final of the Open, Light
market, and it represents the first step in ZTE’s smart terminal             including Television Espanola (Spain), which          pro was used by spectators watching the
transformation.                                                              broadcasted the news conference and an                popular Chinese tennis player, Li Na. After
    On April 28, ZTE held a news conference at the Mutua                     interview with Lin Qiang.                             the match, ZTE's Light Pro promotion team
Madrid Open, where about 70 journalists were present.                             ZTE was the technology partner of the            played tennis and took pictures with Carlos
Lin Qiang, president of ZTE's handset business in Europe;                    Mutua Madrid Open, an ATP World Tour                  Moya and Li Na.
                                                                             Masters 1000 event that commenced on                        A series of follow-up promotional

Light Pro in the VIP box at the Mutua Madrid Open                            May 1. An application specifically developed          activities for Light Pro have begun. In-store
                                                                             for the tournament was incorporated                   and SNS promotions are being run, there
                                                                             into Light Pro to provide statistics, player          is an advertising campaign underway, and
                                                                             information, and match schedules in real              people calling directory assistance can go
                                                                             time. Sports enthusiasts, reporters, and              into a draw to win a ZTE Light Pro tablet.
                                                                             commentators have an ally in the new                  Since it was released at the Mutua Madrid
                                                                             Light Pro, which can supply information               Open and throughout these follow-up
                                                                             instantaneously and keep them up to                   promotional activities, Light Pro has been a
                                                                             date with tournament news. Carlos Moya                much-talked-about product. By joining hands
                                                                             attended the ZTE Light Pro news conference            with a high end operator, ZTE get its product
                                                                             and tried the product. During the tournament,         to end users and enhance its brand image.

                                                                                                                                                   June 2011                   

Keywords in UI Design
By Wang Chuan

          s well as physical design, a phone's interface, icon style and operational experience are critical when
          buying a handset. Android 3.0 Gingerbread with enhanced UI has been released. iPhone OS 4.0
          allows users to define their own UI, and the Windows Phone 7 homescreen adopts dynamic squares or
rectangular tiles. UI sometimes matters more than the phone shell. It is important and also interesting.

               June 2011
 Keyword 1: Dynamic
      Handsets with dynamic UI are more attractive than those with
                                                                                                          Mifavor UI
 static UI. The dynamic UI may even become an important symbol of a                                       By Xiang Huasheng, Ma Lian
                                                                                                              As the UI becomes a more important
 mobile phone. As naked-eye 3D display technology matures, dynamic                                       part of a mobile device, many handset
                                                                                                         manufacturers have created their own UI.
 3D display will be the next hot topic.                                                                  ZTE has seen rapid growth of its global
                                                                                                         handset business in recent years and has also
                                                                                                         formulated its own UI designs so that the basic
                                                                                                         interface of handset can be consistent and
                                                                                                         users have a more human experience.

                                                          Keyword 4: Simulation
                                                                                        When it comes
                                                                                     to simulation,
                                                                                     people may think
                                                                                     of iPad’s iBooks.
                                                                                                                         Mifavor UI widgets
                                                                                     The iBooks
Keyword 2: Spatial Sense                                                             interface is               ZTE’s UI design concept, Mifavor (also known as
                                                                                                         my favorite), is created from user requirements. Aimed at
     Many handset UIs have three-dimensional                                         designed to look    young white-collar professionals, it is intended to appeal
                                                                                                         to their daily work, life, and aesthetic requirements. This
elements that give people a strong sense of                                          like a realistic-   is the fundamental starting point for Mifavor design.
                                                                                                                Mifavor UI optimizes the original interface and
depth. These elements, make the interface look                                                           procedure of the mobile OS in terms of usability.
                                                          looking wooden shelf where books are           In addition, Mifavor UI makes the handset more
cool and luxurious and can highlight important                                                           humanized. By memorizing user habits, it presents what
                                                          neatly displayed by thumbnail covers.          the user wants and brings the user a pleasant surprise
content. iPhone has the CoverFlow feature—a                                                              and fantastic experience.
                                                               Simulated things in UI design can                The key to Mifavor UI design can be summarized
3D interface for navigating the music library via                                                        as:
                                                          lessen the distance between users and
                                                                                                         Intuitive operation: operating the phone with little
the album, and this gives users a more intuitive                                                         effort, naturally and easily. Users don’t need to think a
                                                          products and give users a totally immersive
                                                                                                         lot. Each step of operation is easy and comfortable
experience.                                                                                              Personal customization: providing a platform that
                                                                                                         allows users to show themselves off, to make them feel
                                                                                                         conformable and free
                                                                                                         Amazing pleasure: fitting in with user habits and
Keyword 3:                                                                                               giving them what will make them feel warm and intimate.
                                                                                                                Mifavor UI, based on Android, depicts the user’s

Transparent/Translucent                                   Keyword 5: Icon                                working and entertainment scenarios, and integrates
                                                                                                         functions such as notebook, calendar, weather
                                                               Smartphone users have the most            forecast, alarm clock, Internet, and music into a
     The special                                                                                         single handset. The visual images and operating
                                                          contact with icons. Well-designed icons        procedures of commonly used tools are simplified,
Areo effects of Vista                                                                                    and commonly used functions are incorporated into
                                                          can decorate the UI and can create a good      the standby screen. This empowers users to get
and Windows 7 are                                                                                        organized.
                                                          impression for users in today’s homogenized
popular with users.
Many mobile phone
manufacturers have been inspired by Aero and
have added similar transparent and translucent
effects into their UIs to give them a fresher look.
     Transparency is another development                                                                    1                   2
                                                                                                         1.Unlocked solution
trend for mobile screens. It will become a more                                                          2.Dynamic weather wallpapers
                                                                                                                The design of Mifavor UI refers to the principles of
mainstream design style for the screen and the UI.                                                       ergonomics and psychology. For example, the interface
                                                                                                         is designed to be unlocked when you slide up and
                                                                                                         down with one hand, using your thumb. The movement
                                                                                                         in a curve fits the natural habits of people and conforms
                                                                                                         to ergonomics principles. Take the dynamic weather
                                                                                                         wallpaper as another example. The wallpaper updates
                                                                                                         weather information automatically. This does not cause
        Symbian enthusiasts and Blackberry fans like to design and use themes, which allows              big changes in the desktop layout, while also providing
                                                                                                         real-time weather information for users.
    them to customize various aspects of the UI. It is also a type of UI design that appeals to the              Mifavor UI shows that ZTE’s UI design has
                                                                                                         entered a new stage.
    users and should be taken into consideration during UI design.

                                                                                                                               June 2011                        

All About User
By Ying Ben, Zhao Xinxin

       urope is the birthplace of GSM and WCDMA and is known for its high
       market access threshold. If ZTE smartphones are to make a difference,
they must be successful in Europe.
     In 2009, ZTE entered Europe’s smartphone market with several Windows
Mobile smartphones. But in 2010, demand for Android-based smartphones
was booming. How could ZTE expand its market share in Europe and make a
breakthrough with major European operators? The only way was to develop a
key handset model.
     Thus, Blade was born. It was first marketed by Orange UK and then by
Bouygues Telecom and T-Mobile Hungary. To date, it has been sold in over 30
countries, including the UK, France and Greece. Blade was ZTE’s star handset
in 2010. What made it successful?

Scheme: Finding Opportunity                                                         recognition of some mainstream European operators.
                                                                                         However, Racer's 2.8-inch screen is a little small for the Europeans, and
in the Market                                                                       the QVGA is not good enough for Android. A product with a larger screen and
     Statistics on Android mobile phones in early 2010 found that the Android       higher resolution was needed. Products with a 3.5-inch screen and WVGA
phone market was clearly divided. At one end of the spectrum were phones            resolution on the market usually have a Cortex-A8 processor. If ZTE could also
with high-end processors and high-resolution screens (QSD8250+WVGA),                make such products, it still wouldn’t have a cost or branding advantage.
and at the other end were phones with low-end processors and low-                       Still the good performance of 7227 in Racer made ZTE realize that
resolution screens (MSM7225+QVGA). ZTE’s research found that in most                7227 could be the trump card. Replacing QSD8×50 with MSM7227
situations, the processors in high-end products aren’t fully utilized. In low-end   proved correct. It saved greatly on cost, and the WVGA resolution
products, MSM7225 has no 3D acceleration chip, and it could not meet the            supported by 512MB memory looks good. There is hardly any difference
increasing needs of gaming on an Android phone.                                     between it and QSD8×50.
     It would be a good breakthrough if MSM7225 was combined with a 3D
acceleration chip.
     Qualcomm's 7227 processor caught ZTE’s attention. The 600 MHz                  ID: Blade Style
frequency and ARM11 framework can handle most applications, and the                     Blade is designed mainly for those in pursuit of fashion, individuality, high-
integrated Adreno 200, which is more powerful than the 3D acceleration chip         end technology. Smooth lines are used to create a sense of speed. Metallic
in QSD8250, makes the processor even better.                                        materials are used, and surfaces are curved to fit the hand. The physical
     Racer features MSM7227 and QVGA resolution and has gained the                  design of the mobile phone draws on minimalist style and the wafer-thin profile

                   June 2011
                                                                                    Structure: Thin but Firm
                                                                                        Blade has a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen and is less than 12mm
                                                                                    thick. To meet the industrial design requirements and pass the operator's strict
                                                                                    structure tests, ZTE decided that Blade's structure should not be designed
                                                                                         The first question was how to create a blade-like profile that did not
                                                                                    exceed 12mm thickness. This is really the phone's soul. After deliberating
                                                                                    and evaluating, we decided on a parallel layout for the core components.
                                                                                    The motherboard is on the top, the battery in the middle, and the keyboard
                                                                                    underneath, and the larger components share space with the antenna
                                                                                    underneath to make full use of every millimeter of space. The wall thickness
                                                                                    of the structure components is the thinnest possible, and the minimum safety
                                                                                    gap is maintained. In the end, the thickness of the whole mobile phone was
                                                                                        When a mobile phone is ultra-thin, the space available for components
                                                                                    and the physical robustness of the components often decreases. The
                                                                                    operator required the phone undergo the same drop test as any other
                                                                                    mobile phone. With structural and technology engineers, we decided on
                                                                                    a magnesium alloy frame between the front and back shells. Magnesium
                                                                                    alloy is light and rigid. The magnesium alloy frame rigidly houses the LCD,
                                                                                    motherboard and batteries so that they pass the strict drop test.

                                                                                         The widely acclaimed Blade smartphone has an innovative scheme,
                                                                                    ID, structure, software, and hardware. In the Blade mobile phone, creativity
of two intersecting blades of light.                                                fuses with technology perfected through years of experience. This phone
•Inspiration                                                                        prepares ZTE for the development of medium to high end smartphones.
      Blade’s inspiration comes from the profile created as two blades of
light cut across each other. This is the profile of Blade, and it leaves a deep
     Different mobile phone shapes are popular in different markets. But Blade
must be unique if it is to be accepted globally. The whole design must be fresh
and alluring. These qualities are embodied by the lines and the curved surface.
It took quite some time to deliberate over the lines and surfaces.
     When a prototype takes shape, what is left is details. Design is not only
about modeling but also about user experience, psychology, and emotional
exchange. It is important to pay meticulous attention to the details. The overall
feel of the keyboard and phone in the hand are tested again and again, and
continuous tweaking is done until it is perfect. By communicating with users,
an extraordinary product can be born.

                                                                                                                                  June 2011                

The Angel
for Children                                                                                                                 By Wang Yifeng

             here isn’t a parent alive who wouldn’t be anxious about        of our business partner, Softbank, failed to exhibit the Japanese
             their child losing their way or encountering a dubious         aesthetic value because the Japanese have a different understanding
             stranger.                                                      of products from the Chinese. Japanese culture is represented by Muji
     Why not get a phone for your child? It’s seems an easy solution,       (the Japanese “no-brand”), which taps into the idea of less-is-more.
 but could a new gadget affect their learning? There are phones for         Unnecessary decoration is avoided, and functionality is elevated.
 adults and even seniors. Why shouldn’t there be a phone for children?          The design
     ZTE’s fundamental design philosophy is that every trivial detail in    process was made
 life can be the inspiration for innovative design. And innovative design   easier after the Muji design
 can make users feel moved in life. Keeping such a philosophy in mind,      style was pinned down, and the
 ZTE created a cell phone for children—F111. It is the latest member in     product mockup was highly recognized
 ZTE’s handset portfolio.                                                   by Softbank. Afterwards, we met
     Of course, the design process of a brand new product is                challenges in structure and technology
 never smooth. It is a rigorous process in which obstacles in product       but always solved them by collaborating
 positioning, industrial design, structure, technology, hardware and        with the project team members. What
 software need to be overcome.                                              started out as challenging work became
      Take the product style as an example. Because this product            enjoyable.
 is designed for the Japanese market, it is important to learn about            Following are our initial ideas about
 Japanese children and Japanese aesthetic values. We prepared a             F111’s functionality, which have been
 series of cute style sketches, which, despite winning the recognition      realized in the present handset model.

             June 2011
                                                                                                                                           Care for Children, Care for Their Future
                                                                                                                                           A Study of Children’s Mobile Phones
                                                                                                                                           By Yu Guochao
                                                                                                                                                 Nowadays, the fast pace of life eats
                                                                                                                                           away at the amount of time parents spend
                                                                                                                                           with their children. Needless to say, parents
                                                                                                                                           are most concerned with their child’ safety.
                                                                                                                                           So to help children and their parents, the
                                                                                                                                           children's mobile phone has emerged and a
• Portable and not easy   •Waterproof         • A child can pull the cord when in danger. A lound buzzer is     • A single-button device   market has developed. In a two-parent family
to lose                                                                                 s
                                              activated and SMS messages with the child’ location are sent to   with no need for extra                                       s
                                                                                                                                           with one child, 1/3 of the family’ spending is
                                              the parents                                                       guidance                   on the child. But the number of mobile phone
                                                                                                                                           models especially designed for children is
    For parents                                                                                                                                                     s
                                                                                                                                           very small. Children’ mobile phones are
                                                                                                                                           an untapped market. To develop children's
                                                                                                                                           mobile phones, the characteristics and
Real-time positioning: Parents are constantly aware of their child’s safety. They can use the customized map                               demands of target users must be studied.

service to connect to F111, which gives the real-time location of the child.
                                                                                                                                           1.Parents decide whether to buy their
Real-time calling: Parents can make a call and their child can recieve it without pressing any key.                                        children mobile phones
                                                                                                                                                 Children use the phone but are not the
No interfering with school work: The handset has a single button, which allows a child to send a help message                              purchasers. It is their parents who buy the
                                                                                                                                           phones. Therefore, the requirements of parents
to their parents—who can then follow up with a call. This helps bridge parents and child, and at the same time, keeps                      should be met first. The main reason parents
                                                                                                                                           buy their children a phone is to ensure their
the child from being distracted by games or other functions on a traditional cell phone.                                                   children are safe; and at the same time, the
                                                                                                                                           phones must have low radiation.

                                                                                                                                           2.Children are energetic and restless
                                                                                                                                                 Children are naturally energetic and
                      For kids                                                                                                             restless. So children's mobile phones need to
                                                                                                                                           be dustproof and waterproof and also shock
                                                                                                                                           and shatter-resistant. Phones should not be an
               What to do when you get lost? Primary school kids like to go on adventures, but what would they                             obstacle to children participating in sports. So
                                                                                                                                           they must be portable and not easy to lose.
               do if they got lost? It could be a while before they found someone who could help them. Now they can
                use F111 to send an SOS message to their parents for immediate help and comfort.                                           3.Children are strongly influenced by
               What to do when running into strangers? A child can pull a strap on the F111 phone and a                                          Entertainment products have enormous
                                                                                                                                           influence on children, especially cartoons.
               security buzzer is sounded. This also sends an alarm to the parents and the school so they can locate                       Incorporating some of these elements into
                                                                                                                                           children's mobile phones may win the favor of
               the kids and come to their rescue.                                                                                          children.

                                                                                                                                           4.Children are curious and eager to learn
                                                                                                                                                 Curious about the outside world,
                    F111 won Germany’s Red Dot design award for 2011 and is one of Softbank’s Top-10                                       children explore the world in their own way.
                                                                                                                                           Driven by a desire to learn, they often break or
               bestsellers. It is now set to be introduced into new markets. With a user-centered approach, ZTE is                         destroy things. So, children's mobile phones
                                                                                                                                           must be not easy to break.
               making more humane and successful products.

                                                                                                                                                 June 2011                        

By Huang Lu
                                                                             Skate Boy
      A youngster on the light and thin skateboard looks vigorous. The skateboard is
 the symbol of youth, speed and courage.
      I always feel there is a vigorous soul inside the skateboard. I am attracted by the
 concave curves at the skateboard ends and wonder why such a simple design is so
 popular among youngsters.
      The essence of a skateboard is energy and speed in a simple shape, and this
                                                                                                 Highlights in Skate’ user experience

                                                                                              General appearance:The curved profile
                                                                                              adds style and vitality to the phone. The ultra-slim
                                                                                              design makes it comfortable to hold. The 4.3-inch
                                                                                              screen makes watching videos and browsing
                                                                                              pictures comfortable and enjoyable.
 is the inspiration for the Skate handset design. Curves at both ends distinguish the
                                                                                              Display: The screen is crisp and clear.
 4.3-inch phone from the traditional business style and give it fashion and vitality. Users
                                                                                              Touch control: The touch control is very
 can hold the phone comfortably when it is horizontal. As for the keypad, it continues
                                                                                              sensitive, and you can move fluidly between
 the upward style and has a raised knuckle line so that it feels comfortable in the hand.
                                                                                              different home screens.
      A 3G smartphone is a tool for people to surf on the net and communicate,
                                                                                              Input method: The XT9 predictive input
 which conveniently brings fast and new information. This is what I expect Skate
                                                                                              method makes inputting text easy and
 to become. With it, users can enjoy smooth and fast Internet surfing just as the
 youngsters that easily skate through the crowd.
                                                                                              Photo shooting: With Skate, you can shoot
       As big-screen phones become popular, designers have to distinguish their
                                                                                              photos without using an SD card. The shooting
 phones from others. The room for design is limited as the big screen already
                                                                                              speed is also fast.
 occupies the majority of the handset. However, the Skate handset, inspired by a
                                                                                              Performance: The Android 2.3.4 operating
 skateboard, puts unlimited design spirit in a limited space, and exhibits great vitality.
                                                                                              system and an 800MHz processor guarantee
      I hope that one day I could see a sunny boy surfing the net with Skate and say
                                                                                              smooth operation.
 to him “Hi! Skate boy”.

              June 2011
                                                                                              SMART GADGETS

  The Way Forward for
  Operators in the
  Mobile Internet Era
   By Wang Yong, Zhang Jian

                                                      manufacturers, chip manufacturers, and mobile         telecom network is no longer an exclusive
New Pattern: Mobile Internet                          phone manufacturers are all speeding up their         resource. As Internet access methods become
Enters Golden Era                                     progress towards mobile Internet. There are two       more diverse, terminals are now less dependent
    Global 3G penetration hit 20% in 2010, and        models for this transformation:                       on the network. People no longer care about
this was an important turning point in the mobile          1) cloud + terminal. Applications running        whether access is 3G or Wi-Fi as long as the
telecom market. In 2011, a growing number of          on PCs are now transferred to mobile Internet         connection is fast. Mobile phones, which used to
operators are upgrading their mobile networks to      terminals such as smartphones, MP4 players,           be communication terminals, have fundamentally
42Mbps or are deploying 4G LTE networks, and          and laptops so you can get Internet on the go.        changed. Internet browsing, smartphone OS,
there is an obvious trend of mobile broadband              2) software and hardware integration.            operation experience, better applications and
replacing fixed broadband lines. Mobile Internet      Existing products are reformed or new products        content are now the priority factors for users.
is the fifth major technology cycle in the past       are developed so that the Internet experience can          Operators are at the risk of being reduced to
50 years, following the era of mainframe,             be integrated on different terminals.                 a dumb pipe.
minicomputer, personal computer, and desktop               For whatever model, the ultimate purpose is           With the traditional 3G user development
Internet. Every new cycle expands the number of       to enable users to enjoy the Internet content and     model, operators weaken their profitability
users and devices by a factor of ten.                 services regardless of their location or equipment.   and market influence. In a traditional 3G user
    Because mobile Internet has great business                                                              development model, customized terminals
opportunities, traditional Internet enterprises, IT   Dilemma: Operators at                                 and packages are used along with terminal
enterprise, and computer manufacturers as well        Risk of Becoming a Pipe                               subsidies to develop a user base. This has failed
as digital home appliance manufacturers, game              In the mobile Internet revolution, a mobile      to generate profit in the age of mobile Internet.
                                                                                                                                 June 2011                    
“Homogenized” competition increases marketing and terminal                       Internet access center
subsidy costs. Tariff price wars decrease ARPU, and the boom of                       An operator’s share of pipes determines its market place.
application stores further encroaches on the profitability of operators.         Constructing an Internet access center and activating existing terminals,
     The walled garden business model previously adopted by                      such as iPad, PSP and TV, can help operators rapidly and economically
operators is being replaced by a new model that combines good                    attract more 3G users.
terminal experience, abundant third-party applications, and content                   Typical products, such as data cards, 3G mobile hotspots, and
and application stores.                                                          wireless home gateways, will gradually evolve from having single
                                                                                 terminal access to multi-terminal access.
  New Way to Develop Users                                                            For pipe products, ZTE takes the initiative to use CWID technology.

  Rapidly and at Low Cost                                                        This provides easier mobile Internet access. Using a data card is as
     As operators face the risk of becoming a pipe, they need to                 easy as a mouse click and managing equipment and service usage
consider how to rapidly and economically develop a 3G or even 4G                 can be done on a browser. CWID is an initialism for four technologies:
user base.                                                                       continuous packet connectivity (CPC), Web UI, IPV6 and driver free:
     Smartphones are more closely related to Internet services. This             • CPC allows operators to improve overall network efficiency, avoid
leaves little room for operators to play a part, and there is a need for         network traffic jams, and reduce network delay to ensure smoother

them to expand their horizons.                                                   web browsing

     In fact, apart from mobile phones, more and more mobile                     • Web UI enables management of terminal Internet connection, security
broadband devices have Wi-Fi, which means that a 3G user base                    setup, and access to SMS and phonebooks via a browser. Operators
can be developed rapidly with mobile broadband terminals.                        can also customize the UI for online update and promoting network

     ZTE believes the focus should be on Internet access within the              services

10 meters of user terminals. So a "3+2" mobile broadband product                 • IPV6 technology. To cope with the imminent IP address shortage,

solution is proposed. This solution is aimed at three specific consumer          ZTE’s pipe products adopt IPV6 technology in order to facilitate

groups. Two centers are constructed to activate existing terminals               IP-based Internet access in the future

and improve Internet service experience. This is the optimal path for            • driver free. Data cards are plug-and-play devices and there is no need

developing a 3G or even 4G user base.                                            to install a driver. Users can be connected to the Internet in 15 seconds
                                                                                 Internet service centers
                                                                                      Innovative Internet service terminals such as tablets and Internet
                                                                                 boxes ensure better user experience and longer usage time, and this
To meet the needs of individuals, families and businesses,                       enhances operator revenue.
ZTE is developing different mobile broadband product
                                                                                      With a 7-inch screen and only 12.6 mm
                                                                                 thick, ZTE Light Tab tablets are compact
 Target groups                       Product solutions                           and portable. Light Tab features 3G
                    Data cards: for providing custom browser-based life          + Wi-Fi, Android OS and an open,
                    services such as weather, traffic and news; telecom
  Personal          services such as chatting, short messages, contact           localized content and service platform
                    management; mini web games, site navigation and a
  users             link back to personal bookmarks. Extended functions for      that includes e-book reader, online
                    downloading songs and playing MP3s
                                                                                 games, streaming video and e-mail. It
                    New-generation uFi products that support HSPA+high-          is suitable for trendy digital buffs, families,
                    speed Internet access, CPC, IPV6, 11b/g/n Wi-Fi (1x1
                    11n), up to 8 Wi-Fi devices, and Web UI without the need     and commercial users.
                    to install a driver. These can be used for mobile Internet
                    access at home within the last 10 meters and for sharing
                    Internet access between several outdoor terminals
                                                                                      ZTE will launch its Light Tab products with three standards
  Family                                                                         and in different forms to meet the demands of various network
                    Wireless home gateways support 3G data card, wired           environments. Standards cover WCDMA, EV-
                    broadband and Wi-Fi access as well as Wi-Fi output. These
                    are suitable for sharing a wireless Internet connection      DO, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and LTE technologies
                    between multiple equipment at home
                                                                                 and come in 7-inch and 10-inch
                    Wireless Internet access modules are widely applied in
                    consumer products such as laptops, netbooks, e-book          versions. The most advanced dual-
                    readers and advertising machines. In the future, wireless
  Commercial        Internet access modules will be embedded into more mobile    core CPU, DLNA media sharing,
  users             and fixed terminals with the development of automotive
                    informatization, smart residences, home appliance            Pixel Qi screen, and HDMI output
                    informatization, and Internet of things
                                                                                 technologies are applied.

0                June 2011
     ZTE is planning to launch accessories and customized services to             Differentiated services can be developed in the future to help operators
meet demands in different scenarios. These include:                               encourage customer loyalty and increase revenue.
• Light Tab + bluetooth-enabled phone. Light Tab can be transformed                   For families, ZTE plans to launch a smart Internet box that connects
into a smartphone. Calls can be made or received on the move                      the TV to the Internet. It has a smart OS and wireless keyboard input
• Light Tab + car dock. Light Tab can be used as a car-mounted                    and provides a better Internet audio visual experience.
information platform. Other than GPS services, video-based remote                     The smart Internet box will help operators compete in the family
maintenance and customer support can be developed with automobile                 market. By bringing the Internet into the living room, information of daily
manufacturers                                                                     life, such as weather, news, and games, is available in a more direct
• Light Tab + bluetooth keyboard. Light Tab can be transformed into a             way. There is also more opportunity for real-time interaction.
laptop—the foremost choice of mobile office for businessmen
• Light tab + HDMI dock. Light tab can be used as a family multimedia
platform that supports HD Internet video/TV output                                Conclusion
• Light Tab + ebooks. Light Tab can be used as an ebook reader                        ZTE’s "3+2" product solution combined with a ubiquitous wireless
• Light Tab + games. Light Tab can be used for gaming                             network provides mobile Internet access in the last 10 meters. The
• Light Tab + public information services. Light Tab can be used as a             solution will help activate the existing terminals so that customers are
POS machine for DIY services such as airport check-in and banking                 encouraged to spend more time using mobile Internet services. It will
    ZTE Light tab has the portability of a smartphone and provides a more         also provide differentiated products and contents that cater to user
comprehensive Internet experience. It is the best terminal for mobile Internet.   needs, improve customer loyalty, and generate revenue for operators.

                                                                                                                             June 2011               

      Mobile Phone Services
      Extending Your Sensing Abilities
       By Wang Jin

                  n June 23, 2010, Google announced its new voice service with a blog post titled “Google Voice for
                  Everyone.” At the end of the article, there is a section “A Modern History of Human Communication,”
                the upper part of which presents the history of long-distance communication. Voice communication
      has been a mainstream form of communication for a long time. As landlines and mobile phones have become
      commonplace, people have been trying to extend their sensing abilities in listening and speaking.

Mobile Phone as                                    mobile phones in just a few years. People now
                                                   take mobile phones with them wherever they go,
                                                                                                       has been incorporated into the mobile phone
                                                                                                       industry. All kinds of innovative sensing devices
Sensor                                             as if their mobile phone is a part of their body.   are finding their way into mobile phones, and this
     The greatest leap forward took place               The cultural and technological significance    is greatly promoting man-machine interaction.
between the late 20th century and the early 21st   of mobile phones increase with each passing             Mobile phones provide more natural and
century, when use of mobile phones grew rapidly.   day, and mobile phone functions have exceeded       direct man-machine interaction. It seems that
Reduced call costs and the increasing need for     basic communication. Innovation in consumer         users are communicating with mobile phones
communication led to the widespread use of         electronics, entertainment, and industrial design   rather than operating them. Touchscreens, force

               June 2011
feedback, and haptical input are used for tactile perception, and voice
control and synthesis technology are used for listening. In most cases,
the sensing ability of mobile phones has been strengthened and has
even extended human sensing abilities, compensating for what human
beings naturally lack. A typical example is a set of components (or sensors)
related to space and position. A GPS unit allows perception of absolute
geographic position, a compass provides direction, and a accelerometer
and gyroscope can measure human body movement. Humans lack such
sensing abilities, and there is great enthusiasm for innovation in the field of
mobile phone sensors.

Service Innovation to Advance
Mobile Phone Sensing
     Mobile phones have gained sensing abilities because of innovation in
and renewal of hardware. But it is software that brings these abilities into
full play. This is the field where mobile Internet applications and services
can strut their stuff. In recent years, big strides have been made with           new functions. These two basic applications have been greatly improved.
components and sensors, and the capabilities of mobile phones have                Shooting functions are catching up to those of a specialized camera,
improved greatly. This has undoubtedly been one of the drivers of growth in       and photo management and browsing functions are becoming more
the mobile Internet industry. Exploring the sensing abilities of mobile phones    like those of PC software. Mobile phone cameras have also finished the
will greatly promote service innovation.                                          transformation from photography to expanded visual functionality. To
     There are usually two types of application or service innovation for         make use of these new capabilities, a number of applications have been
enhancing sensing in mobile phones.                                               developed that go far beyond mere photography and extend into barcode
     1. Exploring one kind of ability. The basic functions of a mobile phone      reading, QR codes, movement sensing, and facial recognition.
camera include capturing, managing, and browsing photos. But new                        2. Combining several sensing abilities. As far as mobile phone
demands are being made of these two functions, and this has resulted in           applications are concerned, most sensing can be done using a specific
                                                                                  interface. If necessary, a mobile phone can obtain different information at
                                                                                  one time. This type of service innovation has brought about effects that
                                                                                  were unimaginable in the past. Augmented reality technology is the best
                                                                                  example of this. A picture taken with the camera can be analyzed, and
 Mobile phone service development                                                 the mobile phone can gain location, position and orientation using GPS,
 1. In 2000, President Bill Clinton opened up GPS signals to public access
                                                                                  compass and gyroscope. What the user sees on the screen is a composite
 2. EyeToy Play, released in 2003, introduced visual interaction
                                                                                  of a real scene and a virtual scene, which creates an amazing experience.
 3. On 31 October, 2005, the iQue M4 became the first PDA that did not
                                                                                  To implement the technology, mobile phones need to have the ability to
 require a PC to preload maps
                                                                                  collect, analyze and process a large amount of perceptual information.
 4. Wii, released by Nintendo on November 19, 2006, introduced motion
                                                                                       Mobile phones are first equipped with sensing abilities (hardware),
                                                                                  and then invested with abundant functions (software applications). When
 5. The first iPhone, released on June 29, 2007, introduced touch control
                                                                                  combined with online systems that have various services, users are
 6. iPhone 3G, introduced on June 9, 2008, has GPS support
                                                                                  presented with a realistic experience. Users can obtain information and
 7. iPhone 3GS, announced on June 8, 2009, sports a digital compass
                                                                                  interact with the external world. In this way, mobile phones extend people’s
 8. iPhone 4, released on June 24, 2010 has gyroscope support that
                                                                                  sensing abilities.
 allows for precise tracking of the phone’s movement
 9. Kinect, launched on November 4, 2010, introduces more complex                 Summary
 visual interaction                                                                    The evolution of mobile phone sensing gives birth to all kinds
 10. The future of service innovation—mutual promotion between                    of innovative mobile phone services or provides key and necessary
 hardware and software                                                            experience for service innovation. In turn, service development pushes
                                                                                  forward innovation in sensing components.

                                                                                                                                June 2011                  
   June 2011

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