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									What uses more energy, making coffee or 6 hours of using a laptop computer?

This worksheet shows the steps needed to calculate the energy use of making coffee compared to running a laptop. You can

                                                                     watts           hours of use

Electricity use with a coffee maker, 15
                                              coffee maker            900                0.25
minutes of run time

Electricity use with stovetop, 5 minutes
                                             electric burner         2500               0.083
of use to boil water

Electricity use of a laptop under heavy
                                                 laptop               45                  6

Data Sources             How much electricity do household items use?                      US EPA eGrid database - provides emissions rates for each M

Spreadsheet by Karin Kirk, Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College. Feel free to use and modify this spreadshe
red to running a laptop. You can change some of the variables to calculate different scenarios.

                                               Megawatt      CO2 output
                watt-hours                       hours       (lb CO2 per       CO2 emissions (lb)
                                hours (kWh)
                                                (MWh)           MWh)

                     225            0.225       0.000225        1,329                  0.3

                   207.5           0.2075      0.0002075        1,330                  0.3

                     270            0.27        0.00027         1,329                  0.4

usehold items use?

ovides emissions rates for each MWh of electricity generation, 2005 data, US average

to use and modify this spreadsheet for educational use.

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