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This spreadsheet was created to allow users to input stock information thereby enabling Excel to gather and analyze information on the investments over time. This system is commonly known as a decision support system (DSS). Listed below are some instructions regarding the user input requirements that will allow the user to customize the input to suit their individual needs. Begin by clicking the link on the Home Page titled “Stock Portfolio.” Once the spreadsheet is open click on the (blue) tab titled “Current Quotes.” It is here that the user will edit the desired stock names. The spreadsheet will automatically link the information provided to the “Stock Analysis” (green) tab. While clicked within a cell inside the table on the “Current Quotes” tab data sheet the user can automatically refresh current prices by clicking the [!] icon on the External Data toolbar. Enjoy using this spreadsheet as one of many tools necessary to make educated investment decisions. The author assumes no responsibility for errors contained within the spreadsheet or conclusions made by the user.


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