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Jolly Roger Sailing Club (DOC)


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									Jolly Roger Sailing Club

Winter Boat Storage Application
Date _______________________ Name _______________________________________________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ State & Zip ___________________ Home Phone ________________________ Work Phone ______________

License Plate Number on Boat Trailer ______________________________________________________________ Boat Name _________________________________ Boat Registration Number _________________________

I hereby agree to familiarize myself with and to abide by all the Dock, Bulkhead and Summer/Winter Storage rules of the Jolly Roger Sailing Club, including those set forth in the current JRSC Dock and Storage Agreement on the back of this form. Signature ____________________________________________________________________________________

Who and where to notify in case of emergency: Name ___________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ Home Phone _______________________ Work Phone ________________________

Make of Boat __________________________

Length _______________

Beam ______________________


Winter Boat Storage Length_______


$4.00 = $_____________

+ 6.75% Tax $________________

Fee enclosed with this Application


Date Application received by Financial Secretary ______________________ Date Money received by Financial Secretary __________________________ Give to Financial Secretary at General Meetings or put in club mail box or mail to: Financial Secretary Jolly Roger Sailing Club 12044 Soul Rd. Swanton, Ohio 43558

DOCK and STORAGE AGREEMENT The contents of this document is agreed upon between the SIGNEE and JOLLY ROGER SAILING CLUB. Heretofore to be known as (I), (me) or (my) and (JRSC), respectively. For being allowed to store a boat on JRSC property, or dock a boat on the JRSC dock system, I hereby agree to the following: 1. I will remit by October 1st with a fully completed application, the fee which has been accessed as the beam multiplied by the length of the boat. I acknowledge the security on the JRSC property consists of a fence and a locked gate. I understand and agree JRSC does not furnish any additional security other than that previously described. I agree to this arrangement, and in so doing, also agree JRSC is not responsible to secure the boat or any property I choose to leave in or on the boat. I hereby state I will only store, or dock, a boat I have title or documented in my name, and I will provide adequate shoring (cradle, trailer, stand) for winter storage. I will remove my boat and any gear from JRSC property by May 15th of the season ending this agreement. If I fail to remove my property by the agreed date, I shall pay an additional $10.00 per day for each day past the agreed date. JRSC will provide a space on the ground to store my boat and/or a space on the JRSC dock system if my application is successful. No other services are offered under this agreement. I waiver all claims against JRSC, its officers, trustees and members that may have or later may arise out of storing my boat on JRSC property, or docking my boat on the JRSC dock system, including all claims arising from loss, theft, or damage to my boat or any property connected or associated with my boat. I release JRSC, indemnify JRSC, its officers, trustees, and members and hold JRSC, its officers, trustees, and members harmless from all liability, claims and expenses in any way arising out of storing my boat and gear on JRSC property. I am solely responsible for preparing my boat for haul out and launching, transporting the boat to and from the JRSC property, and properly preparing the boat for storage use. This includes marking all trailers and cradles with the owner’s name in one inch high letters. I will maintain public liability and property damage insurance covering casualties to my boat and liability to others in amounts and coverage satisfactory to JRSC. I shall give to the Commodore and his/her designated representative proof of the required insurance upon request. JRSC’s decision on the adequacy of insurance shall bind me to comply with their decision. I will insure the cradle, trailer, or shoring is in good repair and is of adequate size and strength for my boat. I will not store my boat on JRSC property until a space has been allocated to me by the Yard Chairman. I will store my boat in the designated area assigned to me by the Yard Chairperson and will move my cradle, trailer or shoring to the designated storage area when I have launched or removed my boat from JRSC property. Boats or trailers should not be left in the yard for more than one night without reservations. No fees will be charged members of another yacht club for dry sailing space used for a limited period not to exceed three days. Extensions will be considered upon application to the Commodore. Similar courtesies are offered to JRSC members who make use of club facilities during local AYC regattas. Any other days (excluding winter storage) will have a charge of $5.00 per day. I will dock my boat in the designated area assigned to me by the Dock Chairperson and will move my boat to another area if directed by the Dock Chairperson at any time.





6. 7. 8.


10. I Will have my name painted on my trailer/cradle or pay $25.00 fee for the club to do so.

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