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									Baa Baa Black   White and   Slightly Smarter Have You      Did We
Faced Sheep      Wooly        Than Rocks     Any Wool?   Learn This?

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 This Breed of Sheep
       has a mild
  disposition, good
carcass qualities, and
 a white top knot on
   it’s black head.
What is the
   The most common
   breed in the U.S. ,
accounts for 40 % of all
  purebred sheep, the
   most popular Buck
What is the Suffolk?
  Most black faced
 lambs are born this
color, and turn white
      with age.
What is Black or
Black face sheep are
know to lack herding
instinct, also known
     as being…
What is Gregarious?
When classified by their
type of wool, most black
 face breeds are known
as _______________ wooled
What is Medium?
The largest breed of
 sheep in the world,
has a white face, and
     long wool.
What is the
   This small adaptable
  breed is good for very
little other than its large
   number of offspring.
What is the Finn Sheep?
This breed, noted for good
wool and carcasses, was
developed by the USDA in
  1912 and is especially
 suited to western range
What is the Columbia?
A large meaty white face
 breed which produces
 especially white wool.
What is the Montadale?
 In the Blood system of
grading wool, grades are
based on the percentage
of blood of this breed the
       animal has.
What is the Merino?
   Sheep see you as a
_______________ and try to
   run away from you.
What is Predator?
When working sheep
  remember that
“Slow is ____________”.
What is Fast?
  Name three of the 6
factors to consider when
building a sheep handling
       What are …
Cost, weight and strength
of construction, moveable
   and breakable parts,
 portability, noise, speed
       for working?
When designing a sheep
corral it is important to
  keep shadows to a
   minimum. This is
Sheep will refuse to
move through them.
If you can get one
sheep moving, the
    others will…
What is follow?
Dyeability refers to …
What is the wool’s
ability to take dye.
Crutching or tagging
     refers to…
What is shearing of
the rear rump area?
Dipping or spraying
for parasites should
  be done when in
   relationship to
What is after?
Worsted yarn is…
What is hard wearing and
good for socks and rugs?
Define subjective and
Objective- uses concrete
facts (Micron Classification
Subjective- open to
interpretation and error
(Blood system and Spinning
count systems)
Three parts of the sheep
that are of the greatest
   economic value…
What are the Leg, Loin,
   and Shoulder?
Name of pen where
ewes are placed to
What is a lambing jug?
Name of the tool we
used in class to dock
 and castrate lambs.
What is an Elastrator?
Scientific name of the
   domestic sheep.
What is Ovis aries?
This occurs every
     16 days
  and last for 3
What is Estrus?

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