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Jolly Grammar is


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International Centre for Excellence Pty Ltd

Professional Development for Teachers

Jolly Grammar is:  a multi-sensory method that opens the door to reading for ALL students  The JOLLY PHONICS and JOLLY GRAMMAR approaches to literacy will enable ALL students to read, spell and write  The follow-on from Jolly Phonics By attendance at this thought-provoking and practical seminar you will learn:  why this approach is so effective  multisensory methods to introduce spelling and grammar concepts  which grammatical structures to introduce and a suggested order  practical, structured strategies to improve spelling skills, grammar and therefore written expression Who should attend? Teachers and teaching assistants from grade 1 grade 4 and any staff who work with children with learning difficulties.
Date: Friday 21st August 2009 Time: 9am -3pm Venue: 19 King William St. Bayswater Investment: $180.00 (incl GST) includes Notes and lunch

Places are limited for this seminar so please ring or fax your details to ICE as soon as possible. Phone: 9271 4200 Fax: 9271 4211
Name: ___________________________________ JG21Aug09 School: __________________________________ Payment form: cheque or credit card (please circle). Please make cheques payable to the International Centre For Excellence and post to ICE, 19 King William Street, WA Bayswater 6053 Credit Card Number: _______ _______ _______ _______ Expiry Date: __/__ Name on Credit Card: _____________________________ Amount: _________

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We believe that all kids are smart! 19 King William Street, BAYSWATER WA 6053 Phone: (08)9271 4200 Fax: (08)9271 4211 Email: info@ice-au.com Web: www.ice-au.com (ABN 77 116 660 345)

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