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					Minutes of NAG Executive Committee Meeting Tuesday January 20th 2009 at the Art House, Wakefield
1. Present:
Paul Dalton, (Chair), Claire Dowbekin, Ruth Dale, Heather Sherman, Stuart Halliday, Alyson Hogarth, Maggie Sumner, Liz Neville, Jane Butler (Administrator)

2. 3. 4.

Sarah Armitage, Mark Merrill, David Pearson, Eileen Hiller, Paul Dibble

Minutes of the meeting held on October 24th 2008
Accepted as a correct record

Matters arising from action points
10.1 PMD had tried to contact Tim Cotterall at Askews re AS School venues with no success but would keep trying


Treasurers report
In the absence of MM Jane gave brief feedback. Outstanding debts older than 3 months, £7K approx, but still being chased. Sale of publications, now almost none existent with no relevant current print formats, four in total at £260. Written off, almost exclusively membership cancellations, see membership later in agenda. Bank balance, much healthier now with steady increase from low point of £15K April 2008 to current £42K though big VAT liability of £3.5 as a result of last quarters income to be taken into account. Increased income as a result of profitable Conference 2008 (currently £9K), profit from 2008 seminars, and more realistic membership subscription, now having an effect.

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Admin report
As agreed at last meeting Jane and Chris now looking for more cost effective office premises with parking and meeting space. Investigation re replacement printer for 6+ year old OKI continues Also replacement sought for lap top computer, must have wi fi and plenty of memory Very quiet Christmas period but work in office increasing with upcoming spring seminars and update process for Directory Action JB


Education and Research

7.1 Seminars 2009 Public Library sector Planning for Welsh seminars (Supply Specification in March and Electronic Supply Chain in June) funded by Cymal now progressing reported MS. Venues in Llandrindod Wells confirmed and advertising to be undertaken at Consortium meeting shortly. Maggie proposed her charges for the first seminar to be (£250 plus £125 = £375.) This was agreed. Both seminars to be charged to Cymal at 2K each. Chair needed for June, Jane to approach David/Mark. Cymal also interested in staging Fact Not Fiction in 2010. NAG Fact Not Fiction (Perth March 5th and York 19th) now progressing but still hard to get involvement of all LMS suppliers. PMD to talk to Civica (Will/Kay) Liz suggested Sunderland as Sirsi users and she will contact. Jane to send promo F not F blurb to PMD for info. Academic sector Ruth may have 3 speakers for E book Acquisitions seminar, but everyone very busy till June so may best be staged early July in York and November in London Action RD, HS Action EN, MS, AH, JB PMD

7.2 Acquisitions Training Academic Libraries Heather had done further work and decided on two sessions in total, basic/managers. May be best to stage first one in November Public Libraries MS will check Jane’s work re introductory level 2 day sessions to arrive at a finished set of presentations to be given to potential presenters, possibly Alyson and 1 or 2 others for each day. Maggie will chair if needed. Discussion re venue, esp day 1 with visit to showroom. If not Askews/ Bertrams (?) then nearby location, at Lancashire libraries/or hotel? Paul to continue trying Askews. Action PMD, MS, AH, EN 7.3 Conference 2009

Clarification re venue with Paul’s visit to Chester to check accommodation on 21.1.09. (Later: PMD instructed JB to go ahead with Chester on 23.1.09.)
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Papers Definite Mick Fortune re RFID ISO 28560 data standard implications Other possibilities include: Developments around Google and implications for libraries Effects of credit crunch on libraries especially re currency Ruth, second life especially social networking Facebook etc. Phil Bradley may have overview Paul, Northern Ireland co-operative venture, problems, benefits, implications. Maggie to approach Gail McKinley in first instance Heather, drivers re Oxford centralised acquisitions process and shelf ready Maggie, Bowker and whole process of catalogue appearance and accessibility. Dave Pattern may be possibility. Workshops National tender Extended use of quotes Legacy of NYR, may be preferable to Headspace which is still progressing, Liz to approach Jaci E4 Libraries accreditation scheme AV management especially spoken word, conflict of formats etc. After Dinner speaker – must move on this quickly Action EN, CD, MS, HS 7.4 Conference 2010 Is Scotland appropriate to get to? Yes, good links to both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Stick to mid-week days, ie Weds/Thurs. Jane to progress at Strathclyde and look at Herriott Watt and Napier. Action JB 7.5 BIC E4Libraries Working Group Subject Categories - Now finished, Maggie reported. Paul on Accreditation Committee, and work progressing, will report as and when. Nonbook currently excluded but some merit in having them in. Paul confirming the importance of NAG in this process as a platform and formulating/disseminating practitioner literature and practice.



Action PMD

8.1 Membership. Jane handed out a sheet of cancelled and new memberships. Increased fee does not appear to be detrimental. Watch this space for effects of credit crunch.

8.2 Website Promotion via reciprocal buttons on contact web sites – Nielsen in progress. Query others in pipeline. If so separate web page may be needed. Action JB 8.3 Taking Stock Winter edition awaiting quotes, distribution by end January. Summer 2009 articles sought by Stuart. He asked for names and ideas. Names mentioned included, Ian Downie, Gerry Torley, Hazel Woodward and Mick Fortune. Fact Not Fiction write up needed. Action MS, AH 8.4 Advertising rates, Directory, website, events. Existing affiliation with CILIP re training prompts their involvement in the AS training, possible advertising in the first instance. Other possibilities include: BIC with whom a good relationship already exists. SLAINTE Ireland – Heather will distribute NAG Promotional material at forthcoming meeting Action HS, PMD

9. 10.


Date of Next Meeting
March 23rd at Art House, Wakefield

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