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									International Newspapers and Magazines
Newslink Links to 8,000 newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide, however, main focus is on the USA. Magazine sites are organised by subject. Main features: SITES Newspapers US and the Americas. By categories, eg. Full service, partial service. Most sites linked-to local news sites in USA by type, eg. Daily, non-daily, alternative, national. Magazines Popular Magazines: US and Canada. Lists the top US circulation magazines, 23 of which are available on-line. Titles include Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, Better Homes and Gardens.

News/Opinion a broad range of titles in categories General – has links to The Atlantic Monthly, Time, US News, Australian Observer as well as some magazines in German, Der Spiegel, and Chinese and Finnish. General Interest–links to Billboard, Town & Country, Cosmopolitan Business/Professional: General – includes Advertising Age; AdWeek; Barron’s; Brandweek; Far Eastern Economic Review; Forbes; Fortune; Money; and Smart Money.

Computing: General –consists of quite a large list including Byte; Computerworld; and Infoworld; Internet – consists of a very long list including CyberAtlas; Internet Magazine; Internet World; iWORLD; Netsurfer Digest; Online Magazine; Webmaster; and Web Developer.

Gaming –another fairly long list including Coming Soon; Computer Gaming World (GameSpot); Electronic Gaming Monthly (; Games Domain; Online Gaming Review; PC Gamer; and Quandary.

Entertainment: General –includes Entertainment Weekly; Life; Penthouse; People; Playboy; and Time Out. Cuisine – includes Bon Appetit (Epicurious Food); Cocktail Magazine; Wine and Dine; and Wine Trader. Film/theater/dance – includes Box Office and Hollywood Online. Lifestyle/people/activities General –includes Elle; Essence; Orient; Paper Mag; Salon; and Saturday Evening Post. Auto/aviation –includes Air & Space; Autoweek; Car and Driver; Indy Car Racing; Motorcycle; Motor Trend; TruckWorkd and US Aviator. Crafts and Hobbies – includes Antiques and the Arts Weekly; Everton’s Genealogical Helper; Growing Edge; High Times and Linn’s Stamp News. Sports and Recreation – includes Golf Illustrated; Golf Magazine; Scuba Diving; Ski; and Tennis Magazine. Exercise: Have a look at: News/Opinion: Science and Technology: Scientific American. Click on Advanced Search – Check (tick) all options, select the Advanced search method, then look for: Dark matter  Return to Netlinks-Newspapers-International

Crayon Follow Crayon’s “Links” (located at the bottom of the home page) to access the many excellent links. There is a list sorted by popularity among CRAYON subscribers. If you wish, you can even construct your own newspaper! United States – lists the most popular US sites amongst Crayon subscribers. Canada – lists the most popular Canadian sites.

Local – lists the most popular local news sources grouped by US state. World – top news sites from around the world arranged in order of popularity. Politics as Usual – has links to The New York Times; The Washington Times; CSPANs Congress Today; and US House proceedings. OpEd – links to editorials and columnists from around the US. Weather – very Amerocentric, but does contain some international sites. Includes 48-hour weather outlook; 7-day highs and lows; Satellite photo; Intellicast International Weather; Weather Fronts; and Ray-Ban UV Index. Business – a very good listing containing all the usual suspects such as Business Week; USA Today; Money Magazine; Fortune; The Financial Times; Forbes Market Review; Knight-Ridder Financial News; CBS Market Watch News. InfoTech – again, all the usual suspects are present, such as PC World Online; PC Magazine; Web Review; PC Week; BrowserWatch; WebWeek and many more. Science – a smallish collection of the top titles such as Discovery Online; Popular Science; Scientific American; Nature; ScienceDaily Magazine; Earth & Sky; Astronomy Magazine; New Scientist and Outbreak. Religion – consists of religious news and “thought of the day” type sites. Health – a fairly small selection of health news sites. Lifestyles – mainly entertainment, with a sprinkling of other sites such as Swoon: Dating, mating, relating SportsDay – focuses on US sports and scores, but also has links to sites like Global Soccernet; CricInfo – Cricket News; and Runner’s World. Snippets Corner – a grab-bag of sites including quote of the day; this day in history; thought of the day; current world and US population; and free & cool stuff. Funny Pages – all your favourite cartoons (with the exception of Swamp) are here: Calvin and Hobbs; Dilbert; Garfield; Peanuts; Doonesbury; Wizard of Id; B.C.; Hagar the Horrible; Andy Capp. Tabloid – has a few links to tabloids and tabliod-type sites such as News of the Weird; The National Enquirer; Drudge Report; and some horoscope and astrology sites. Web Spotlight – mainly “site of the day” sites; hot sites; cool sites; what’s new on the Web. The “Ref Desk” is definitely worth a look.

Inkternational News Links by The Flying Inkpot Sites are grouped by region. Lists English and foreign language publications as well as radio stations and wire services. Doesn’t list every online newspaper, but concentrates on the major publications for the selected region. Clicking on Major International Newspapers will display a list of Major International News Sources. Exercises: 1. Locate a copy of the Vladivostok News (from Russia) 2. Go to the AsiaWeek home page at Have a look at the home page, then search for articles on “making sense of China” or “feng shui”. Hint: Once you have executed the initial search, you have access to the “advanced search” option – either by clicking on the advanced search link or by scrolling to the bottom of the screen. Note: The AsiaWeek archive extends back to 1995. Note: Time Inc. Asia, based in Hong Kong, publishes Asiaweek and the Asian editions of TIME and Fortune magazines, as well as Japanese-language President, Dancyu and Bises. Chinese-language ventures include Fortune China, TIME Express and TIME Digest.

Info USA: media in the United States The main features of this site are the Newspapers and Newswires and the Magazines and Journals sections. Newspapers and Newswires leads to individual titles from the US, and a handful of good megasites. Magazines and Journals is arguably the most useful feature. Media USA organises titles by topic in a similar manner to AJR/Newslink, but with fewer titles in each category. American Culture includes The New York Review of Books; New York Times Book Review; and Rolling Stone. Exercise: Use the Rolling Stone network to find a biography of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd

American Politics and Government includes the New Republic and Political Science Quarterly. Business and Economics includes Business Week, Forbes and Fortune. Foreign Affairs includes Arms Control Today; Foreign Policy; Stanford Journal of International Relations; World Policy Journal. Information Technology includes PC Magazine Online, PC Week, PC World Online, and Internet World. News and Social Commentary includes Newsweek and Time. Travel includes National Geographic and Web Travel Review. Exercise: Click on the National Geographic Magazine link, then click on the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC .COM link in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Search the site for information on “human evolution”.  Return to Info USA: media in the United States Magazines and Journals Magazines & Journals Megasites These sites provide access to 1000s of magazines. Features Ingenta -, an online article delivery service, table of contents database, and keyword index to nearly 17,000 periodicals Ingenta, describing itself as the most comprehensive collection of academic and professional publications, provides bibliographic citations and article summaries free of charge. Exercise: Search for “human genetic cloning” and “obesity and children” .  Return to Info USA: media in the United States Online Links to Broadcast Media – links to the major US TV and radio networks. Online Links to News Resources – leads to major directories of newspapers and magazines, including News Directory, with over 7,000 links to newspapers and magazines around the world. This is a very extensive resource. Go to Oceania, and then Australia. Have a look at the range of newspapers.

MIT Libraries: Foreign Language News and Newspapers

Electronic journals, newspapers and magazines are available in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. All links are annotated. Newspapers Browse newspapers by country. Coverage is rather patchy; Australian and British coverage is very good, while listings for some major European countries are virtually non-existent.

Resources  Breaking News – Connects to AP, Reuters and UPI Headline Ticker; stock quotes; Network TV News Sources; and Daily Papers Late News.  Business Newspapers – these are arranged by region and provide good international coverage.  Searchable archives – cover American City Business Journals and a selection of US Daily papers.  Coffee Break consists of Funny Pages and Light Browsing such as horoscopes, crosswords, word of the day, movie news, TV guide and ratings, columnists, and weather. Television Lists Broadcast TV stations, Network News and TV Networks. Browse Magazines by subject The magazine subject directory is not restricted to the USA, but included titles from around the world. When you select a particular subject, you are presented with some related subjects, followed by the list of magazines for the subject. For example, related subjects for “Culture and Society” are “African American”; “Asian”; “European”; “Hispanic”; “India”; “Native Peoples”. Major subject areas are:            Arts and Entertainment Automotive Business Computer Culture and Society Current Issues Health Home Industry Trade Publications Pets and Animals Religion

 Science  Sports  Travel  . . . more subjects Magazines can also be browsed by region.

The Washington Post on the Web The Washington Post has an online archive dating back 1877 and as current as two weeks ago. Click on the Archives link in the left-hand column. Select Advanced Search, which will appear below the Archives link. While there is no fee to search The Post archives, a fee will be charged to retrieve the full text of any article in the archives. To retrieve the full-length story you must establish an archive account. The full-text of stories published during the last 2 weeks can be retrieved free of charge. Exercise: Use the Archives: Advanced Search option to search the Washington Post archives for: nuclear winter And cold war Note: Washington Post holdings at State Library: 1st Jan. (1983)-

The New York Times on the Web The New York Times maintains a complex site. The home page has many links which are well worth exploring. Stories are updated every 10 minutes. By the way, sooner or later you could be prompted to register. Don’t worry, it’s quick and free. You will find a subject directory in the left-hand column, covering the following topics: NYT Front Page – is your gateway to the contents of the newspaper. It offers headlines and brief summaries of all the front page articles and a few other stories of note from the Times' national edition. International (registration required to access articles) National – national news from the USA. Business – contains articles on business and personal finances, along with stock quotes, share market indexes, a glossary of business terms and more. Technology - the Technology section of The New York Times on the Web provides a collection of breaking news, original features found only on the Web and articles from

the newspaper. It includes the original daily content of CyberTimes, frequently updated news from CMPnet and special features. The section is also the home of The New York Times Navigator, a guide to the Internet used by Times reporters and editors for research, exploration and amusement. A 7 Day Index (i.e. to the previous week’s articles) is also available. Science – includes earth science, genetics, life science, physical science, social science, space, health. Sports – Mainly from the USA - includes the latest scores and statistics. Weather – weather information for 800 US and 700 international cities. Opinion – includes “Today’s Editorials”; “Op-Ed Contributors”; “OP-Ed Columnists”. FEATURES: Arts – this is quite a rich site which includes news, reviews, interviews and forums. Books – the archive contains over 50,000 reviews starting 1980. Exercise: Find reviews for The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold Crossword/Games – crossword puzzles; bridge, chess and games columns; trivia quizzes; cartoons; contests and TV listings. Fashion & Style – as the name suggests. Dining & Wine – dining; cooking; wine reviews. Home & Garden Travel – travel stories and forums. Includes “Destinations”; “What’s Doing”; “Frugal Traveller”; “Practical Traveller”. Week in Review – the main stories from the previous week. Learning Network – contains resources for students, teachers and parents. Exercise: See what you know: Take the Daily News Quiz or Who’s Who and What’s What news quiz  Return to the New York Times home page

SERVICES Archive: Exercise: Locate an article by William J Broad published sometime during 2000 titled: “Maybe we are alone in the universe after all”. Note: State Library holds New York Times on microfilm Vol. 6, no. 1868 (14th Sept. 1857)-. Receipt of microfilm is about one month after publication date.  Return to the NYT home page and logout

Political Resources on the Net Although mainly a political site, fairly good access to media sites is also provided. Select International or a country, then click on the “Media” button to display links to news resources for the selected region. Countries with few links will not have a separate Media category, and may in fact be lacking media links altogether. Exercise: Follow the links: Europe –> the United Kingdom –> Media –> The Media UK Internet Directory. Follow the Magazines link to the subject index. by Web Wombat An Australian site with links to 5,000 online newspapers searchable by region. Links are quite extensive, but not annotated. You can select a country from a region or browse a list of countries. Please note that not all countries appear under a designated region. Note that not all of the newspapers listed provide online news content. Exercise:

Select a country you are familiar with and have a look at the newspapers available. If you are stuck for a country, try Australia or Germany.

The Paperboy Provides access to over 5,000 online newspapers from around the world. You can search by newspaper name, city of publication and country. A headline search facility of Yahoo and MSNBC is also provided. The advanced search allows you to limit your search by language and country. Exercise: Does Australia have any online Finnish newspapers? From the publishers of the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph, this fairly dense resource is well worth exploring. The Electronic Telegraph went online in November 1994, launching the digital era for the British newspaper industry. It is now one of the UK's leading web sites, awarded Best Newspaper on the World Wide Web in 1997, 1998 and 1999 at the National Newspaper Awards. Go to the Site Map link found near the bottom of the left-hand column for a description of the various sections. Main feature of the site is arguably the easily searchable archive extending back to November 1996. Exercise: Search for articles from1996 mentioning Boris Yeltsin, or look for any articles on Kylie Minogue Hint: Click on the very small Search link located near the top left-hand corner of the page. You will be required to register (it’s free) to search the archives.

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