Start Your Gardening in January This Year

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					Start Your Gardening in January This Year
Gardens help you de-stress when things become overwhelming. They work well as aids to help you think
about a problem.

They also offer a great feeling of success to those that like to take care of things. Gardening offers you
the chance to nurture a plant from a seedling to the end of its life.

Gardening in Winter
Some dread winter because it keeps them out of the garden, where they long to be throughout the
year. Many assume that the gardening bug can only thrive from the early spring until late fall.

The three months of winter are the sad months that keep your from the plants you love. This doesn’t
                                                    have to be the case.

                                                         There is such thing as winter gardening. In fact,
                                                         there are many things you can still plant this late
                                                         in the year.

                                                         The only catch is that you would want to start the
                                                         plants indoors as opposed to outside. But luckily
                                                         there’s a way to do just that.

                                                      Prepare to plant cool season crops like Broccoli,
                                                      Cabbage, and Celery. Gather the seedlings you
need and then get to work on getting a starter pot for your seedlings.

Choose an egg crate, pea pot or deep ice cube tray. Make sure the container will be able to drain well.

Punch through your own holes if there are none given. Fill it with uncontaminated growing medium and
then plant them according to the directions given.

Next, stick your container into a large, loose, transparent plastic bag. Stick that bag in the window if

The benefit of the bag is that it can capture and retain heat easily. It also aids in the creation of
humidity, making the environment a more livable place for your plant.

As it grows, prepare a cold frame or cloche to put your youngling into once it’s ready to leave your tiny
container—usually around February or March. This will help the plant acclimate to a new environment.

A cloche can be made of most any material. Use an empty 2 liter bottle.

Cut off the bottom and cover your seedling with the open end. Put a stick in the center and cover the
whole contraption with plastic.
From the Pot to the Plot
As it grows, your plant will soon be ready to be on its own in the ground. This process is a great way to
get started on the planting season as soon as possible.

The warmth of your home combined with the heat of the sun can do wonders for starting new life, even
when the weather outside is cold enough to freeze your wet hair. You just have to be a little non-
traditional to get the job done.

These are great starters for mobile home dwellers wherever they may be. Go find your cool weather
seedlings today and begin planting again.

Luxury Homes is in the business of making the best of mobile homes in Utah. Keeping up a garden
during the winter is enough to raise everyone’s spirits in the coldest months.

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