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Food and Wine
The Languedoc Roussillon is one of Frances up and coming wine regions and a great place to explore ones taste buds and the local wines, impress your friends with your
knowledge of fantastic but little known wines. The numerous chateaux and wineries are more than willing to share their knowledge and wines with you.

Stunning wineries can be found in the Languedoc Roussillon area, growing a variety of grapes and producing very different wines. This enables the visitor to explore the
region and its beautiful wines without travelling great distances, whilst ones tastebuds are taken on a gastronomic tour.

Earl spends his winter months learning about, and searching out new wines and wineries (A tough job!!!). His selection is impressive and he encourages you to taste and
comment. Earl has visited the wineries of all the wines we carry on board, for him knowing the winery and wine makers is a big part of enjoying the wine.

Wine and cheese are a natural combination. We offer a variety of cheeses from all regions of France, our emphasis is on small regional producers, local where appropriate,
and preferably organic.

French cuisine
Inspired by thousands of years, French cuisine is truly world-renowned. A highlight of each day will be the lavish meals created for you, using regional flavours and
incorporating traditional dishes. The emphasis in the cuisine on board is the use of fresh, locally produced ingredients. We use organic products where possible, flours, oils,
vegetables, meats and cheeses. We will not say that we are wholly organic; however we consciously bring the best elements for taste and health into our dishes.

Lunches are an assortment of salads and platters served ‘family style’ so you may help yourselves and enjoy the relaxed informal setting. Dinners are four course feasts,
using the best ingredients to produce fine dining. Desserts are a favourite course of Fiona’s, they are all delicious and ‘mostly fruit’!

                                                                                Sample Menu
                                                                  Caramelised Pear and Blue Cheese Salad
                                                             Poussins with Crunchy Country Ham & Sage Butter,
                                                            Rosemary Potatoes Sauté Mediterranean vegetables
                                                                    Lemon Ricotta Flan With Red Berries
                                                                     Selection of Local Cheeses and Figs

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