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									Anthony Dawson
Personal Particulars
Position sought: Executive / Program Management / Solutions architect Age: 46 years Availability: 4 weeks notice BSc. Hons. Computer Science (London), MBCS (Member of the British Computer Society) CITP (Certified IT Professional) English and Italian (fluent), some French, a little Thai, Tagalong Over 25 years experience in the I.T. industry of which 14 in Telco as an integration and solution architecture specialist. Engaged in a number diverse rules including CTO, CIO, program manager, , solutions architecture, business continuity, system design and developer, business development and product marketing, chief consultant to EDS, Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, The Bank of England, Lloyds of London, Qantas Airlines, Chrysalis Multimedia, Ericsson, And tier 1 Telecom companies; MTN Group SA, Telecom Italia, Noos, UPC France, British Telecom. Security and business continuity – Disaster recovery design, implementation, process and procedures. ISO 27001 auditing, compliance and policy implementation. Business Development: business development techniques as employed in product and services marketing of medium to large companies; gained though experience in business building roles in the IT world. Telco billing integration and Architecture: Expert knowledge of EAI including experience with WebLogic, Vitria, Seebeyond, Singl.eView, Arbor BP and FX12, Informatica. Acquired in roles of program manager, project manager solutions architect, developer and consultant on large Telco projects for Botswana Telecom, Lyonnaise Cable, ACEA Telefonica, PLDT, Telecom Italia, Lucent, Technologies, TOT and MTN SA. Financial: Expert knowledge of financial markets, including stocks, derivatives and fixed income instruments, front and back office. Contact:
Anthony Dawson
Any of the following phone Numbers: Tel: +39-06-90-28-99-08 (IT) Tel: +44-13-72-42-25-28 (UK) Mob: +39-3476810172 (IT) Current Mob: +66-81-30-40-378 (TH)

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anthony.dawson@bcs.org aegdawson www.linkedin.com\in\anthonydawson


SEP07 – SEP09

MTN through Atos Origin (Johannesburg, South Africa) Management/Consulting/Solutions Architecture/Business continuity Engaged by Atos Origin to work on their MTN SA project. This project implements one of the largest Singl.eView solutions in the world. During this engagement Anthony Initially designed and implemented POCs for the Operational Data Store. Later worked on several enterprise architecture and integration aspects of the solution. Finally designed and implemented a specialist business continuity and disaster recovery architecture, processes as well as policies and tests. Including managing the implementation of MTN’s dark fibre implementation. MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING,, DISASTER RECOVERY ISO27001, IMPLEMENTATION ROAD PATH, ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE. OPERATIONAL DATA STORE DESIGN.


COMVERSE (Rome, Italy) Principle Solutions Architect for Telecom Italia Project Engaged by Comverse to work on Telecom Italia’s Kenan FX2 upgrade and integration with legacy systems. TIBCO, SONIC ESB, Kenan Service Broker (Mediation Zone), WEB LOGIC, TUXEDO HPUX, Kenan FX 2.0


THELASIS (Bangkok, Thailand) CIO / Technical Director / Program Manger Anthony was involved in several aspects of Thelasis. The company is primarily concerned with offshore development of Telco projects specializing in Telco billing systems (FX Kenan & Singl.eView) and their integration within the Telco environment. Pioneering SIP based VOIP technologies, using a combination of open source tools and technologies. INFRASTRUCTURE MANAGEMENT, STRATEGY, RECRUITMENT, TECHNICAL DIRECTION

AUG05 –FEB06

COVANSYS / LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES (Rome, Italy) Senior consultant / Technical management offshore development Originally employed to supplement the management effort for the development and deployment of the IPCentrix (VoIP) product developed by Covansys (CVNS) for Lucent Technologies (LU) and deployed at Telecom Italia. This challenging project uses the latest Voice over IP technologies and protocols including SIP and Parlay. The development involved managing and coordinating project teams in China, India, US and Italy and Spain.

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SoftBolts Technology (London, England) EAI / Architect and product developer / Project Manager / Business developer This was a major development effort to design, develop this integration platform. Born from work carried out originally for Ericsson then later for EDS. This work resulted in the in the production of a real time EAI engine. Anthony was involved in the Design, development and marketing of the Thunderbolt integration platform. The system is essentially an integration server and TP monitor which may also be used for B2B, B2C and other EAI projects spanning intranet and extranet domains, involving a number of differing network media Through this engagement Anthony designed and developed considerable parts of the main system in C++ and Java as well as the Arbor/BP, JDBC and HTTP connector sets. In the last year development has shifted to the implementation of web services within the product and has involved the use of Java and sun’s JWSDP including J2EE, SOAP and XML in Sun’s JAXB, JAXR, JAXM, JAXP, using TOMCAT Servlets as Thunderbolt Integration server clients. JAVA, J2EE, JWSDP, TOMCAT, XML, SOAP, ARBOR/BP & APIs, LINUX, ORACLE, MYSQL, C & C++, NETWORKING HARDWARE CONFIGURATION.

JULY00 – JAN01

ANDERSEN CONSULTING / ACCENTURE (Paris, France) VITRIA Support Team Manager / Technical Expert Engaged to work on Accenture’s UPC project. During this time Anthony managed the VITRIA middle-ware support team as well as to act as a technical expert on other areas of this integration project for Accenture on this Multinational Telco Company. Involving ARBOR/BP, CLARIFY and various other peripheral systems. The middleware solution chosen uses VITRIA technologies Business Ware and a number of Java transformers and connectors. During this engagement Anthony also developed significant parts of the solution (workforce mgt tool ClickSchedule) using Vitria, Java and IDL. KENAN-ARBOR/BP & APIs, TUXEDO SUN-UNIX, PRO-C, & ORACLE, CLARIFY, VITRIA BUSINESS WARE, CORBA, JAVA, C


SMARTEN SOFTWARE (Rome, Italy) Senior business development manager for VOI billing software Hired to research and build awareness in the Asian markets for this state of the art billing system provider. Target countries Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines and Australia. During this period of time Anthony was based in Thailand where he opened a temporary office. During this time he forged contacts and alliances with local system integrators in each country and travelled to Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia where he opened and organized Smarten permanent Asian office. The project culminating with the Kuala Lumpur billing exhibition. At the end of this fixed length contract Anthony was offered a permanent position with the company.

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EDS (Rome, Italy) Interim Startup management/consultancy. After a period travelling in the far-east Anthony was engaged to EDS/Rome for a 1 month consultancy to recruit and train EDS members on a ARBOR/BP, Vantive, and UHPT integration project. KENAN-ARBOR/BP & APIs, HP-UNIX, UHPT, VANTIVE


EDS (Paris, France) Project Manager / Solution Architect / Middle-ware Specialist Initially employed as consultant to help EDS France define the start-up phase of the Lyonnaise Cable project. Then appointed as middle-ware Project Manager with overall responsibility for integrating a number of different systems, including Arbor/BP, with a Vantive application. During the project Anthony covered the roles of project manager, team leader and developer. He was responsible for designing and developing the solution. The resulting middle-ware solution integrates Arbor/BP, Vantive, a mediation platform and delivery database. The system can be used to model and re-model business events as required as well as extend its connectivity though the development of other connectors. KENAN-ARBOR/BP & APIs, KENAN-ARBOR/OM, HP-UNIX, C/C++, TCP-IP, IPC, PRO-C, & ORACLE, VANTIVE, TUXEDO

NOV 98 – APRIL99

X-TENSION Ltd. (London, England) Consultant / Integration / Middle-ware Specialist Anthony was called back by X-Tension to work as a consultant on the Ericsson Botswana Telecom (BTC) project . The work involved the use of Kenan Arbor/OM, Kenan Arbor/BP, a bespoke Customer Trouble Ticketing (CTT) system built with Remedy/ARS and the real time middle-ware integration system previously built by himself. Further work involved analysis, design and configuration of Arbor/BP & OM to meet deployment specific requirements for BTC as well as occasional business analysis and consultancy work for Diamond Cable at their site in Nottingham. This site deploying IBM’s Cable Master billing system with Tertio provisioning on GTP and DMS switches. HP-UX (UNIX), KENAN-ARBOR/OM, KENAN-ARBOR/BP & APIs, TERTIO PROVISIONING, REMEDY, HP-UNIX, C/C++, TCP-IP, IPC, CORBA, PRO-C, & ORACLE, SWITCHES (GPT & DMS)

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MAY 98 – SEP 98

CONSULTANCY AND PROJECTS SRL (Rome, Italy) Consultant Working in Rome (Italy) for Consultancy & Projects Srl. On a pilot project to design and implement trading/risk management software in Java C++ and using OOC’s Corba 2. The project uses a distributed architecture and push technology on multiple UNIX platforms. Previous work with CPG involved carrying out upgrade modifications to credit card transaction approval software, previously designed and (in part) implemented by himself for CILME Srl. (the final client). The upgrade, in two parts, involved modifications to ensure Euro/Lira currency compatibility and an upgrade to the banking approval protocol module to adopt the new ISO 8583 standard. The credit card transaction approval software mediates between the credit card issuing banks and the various points of sale (POS) systems residing with the vendors. The system is capable of providing authorisations though a number of different credit card agencies including AMEX, JCB, MC, VISA and supports different points of sale systems including NEC and HGE. SUN-UNIX, BANKING PROTOCOLS, C++, TCP-IP, ORACLE PRO-C, CGI, CORBA, JAVA, HTML

NOV 97 – MAR 98

X-TENSION (London, England) Consultant Anthony worked for X-Tension (Brighton) on an Order Management (OM) billing system integration project involving Remedy and Arbor/BP. He was responsible for the overall solution, analysis, design and development of the middle-ware system built to integrate the Remedy/ARS OM component to the Kenan Arbor/BP system. The resulting Middle-ware integration consists of three units: the middle-ware engine, the Kenan/BP adapter and the Remedy adapter. Anthony was responsible for the design and development of the engine and Arbor/BP adapter. The development involved extensive use of IPC, Kenan Arbor/BP APIs and SQL/Pro ‘C’. Anthony is now contracted out until the end of March to present, install and hand over the project to Ericsson Stockholm (the final client). HP-UNIX, C & C++, TCP-IP IPC, CORBA, KENAN-ARBOR BP & APIs, REMEDY

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MAR 97 - SEP 97

FINSIEL SPA (Rome, Italy) Consultant / Team Leader FINSIEL Spa. is part of the Telecom Italia group of companies. On this project Anthony specified, designed and implemented an Intranet pilot project to be used as the basis for further development. Development was carried out on a Sun Ultra Spark stations. As team leader of a group of four Anthony Installed and configured the web server and proceeded to develop three Web/Java applications including a slide show engine, a system to access Telecom Italia’s SMS (Short Messaging Service) interface and a stock quote/screening service. SUN/OS, NETSCAPE, HTML, JAVA, C++ , CGI, CORBA, PERL

SEP 96 – FEB 97

TELECOM ITALIA (Rome, Italy) Consultant During this period Anthony has was employed to develop part of an Intranet application for Telecom Italia Networks. Anthony's task was to develop and code a Java application to connecting a Sybase customer database to an HTML/Java browser based application. The project was carried out in a distributed environment using Sun Sparc stations, JAVA and Orbix-Web’s CORBA technology. C++ UNIX ORBIX-WEB JAVA HTLM SYBASE

JUL 96 - AUG 96

TECNO MULTIMEDIALE SRL (Rome, Italy) Consultant After a further three months in the Philippines Anthony was engaged to resolve a technical problem involving TCP/IP communications through serial port using a free-ware product called TCOM. TCOM substitutes the Microsoft Windows COM driver and enables window applications to view an Ethernet card as a modem. The requirement was to enable two applications to share the same port in a coherent manner. The solution finally implemented was the development of windows serial port communications manager. Developed in C++ this product, complete with documentation, has been distributed to every Telecom Italia Mobile agent as part of the system used for telephone contract signups. MS WINDOWS FWG, MICROSOFT’S C++, MODEM, ETHERNET

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JAN 96 - MAR 96

CONSULTANCY AND PROJECTS SRL (Rome, Italy) Consultant After three months in Australia Anthony was engaged to convert a Unix based multi-user Fax server into a Telex server. The program was completed and installed at the Italian Merchant navy headquarters (the final client). C, UNIX AIX

JUL-95 TO SEP-95

CONSULTANCY & PROJECTS SRL (Rome, Italy) Consultant Anthony was engaged by C&P Srl. in Rome to port a FAX program from the SUN Open-View environment to the Motif/X11 on HP workstation. Interfaces were generated using UIMX 2.9. And RPC functions enabled communication between the client and server parts of the application. A centralised server application running on a separate platform across a network was responsible for sending all Faxes. Communication between this and the Clients was achieved via RPC calls. C, HP UNIX, X11, MOTIF, UIMX 2.9

SEP-94 TO JUN-95

DBC Live signal feed installation and set-up Omega Trade-station software VB and C Trading system development For the last 6 months Anthony has been developing programs used for the tracking and estimating stock market movements. Anthony has been successfully day trading stocks and Options on the US market. Using Data Broadcasting Corporation’s (DBC) live feed Anthony has developed a number of programs both in Visual Basic and in Omega Research Propriety Easy language. During time considerable practical and theoretical experience has been accumulated in the complexities of trading stock markets using electronic order placement systems and statistical analysis packages. MSFT VB, DBC FEEDS, C, MSFT WINDOWS, EASY LANGUAGE

OCT-94 TO DEC-95

TECNO MULTIMEDIALE SRL. (Rome, Italy) Consultant Anthony was engaged for a period of time to resolve technical issues involving ODBC, Microsoft Access on MS Windows and DB/2 on OS/2. An application created in Visual Basic (VB) running on MS Windows required access to data in a DB/2 database. Interconnection between these two systems was achieved by the use of an ODBC interface. Several performance issues had to be addressed including some requiring the direct use of ODBC DLL functions. MS WINDOWS FWG, OS/2, DB2, ODBC, ETHERNET

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FEB-94 TO SEP-94

BOROS LTD. (London, England) Design & Development. Engaged as a consultant and developer for a project involving the development of a stock keeping system similar to those found in many supermarkets. The system was developed in C++ using object design and development methodologies. The system incorporates multimedia elements including sound and images. MS WINDOWS 3.1, VISUAL BASIC, ACCESS, PARADOX, VISUAL C++ OBJ


LASALTECH INC. (Bacolod City, Philippines). Anthony is involved in organising an offshore software development centre in collaboration with an already established company in the Philippines. The task involved winning projects in Europe and carrying out the majority of the development in the Philippines where labour costs are reduced. Anthony is involved in both sales/client liaison and is also involved in some of the development aspects.

MAY-93 TO AUG-93

MICROSOFT, DATAPOINT, QANTAS (Sydney, Australia). Software Consultant/Developer In October 1992 Anthony decided to do some travelling. He first visited California, then Asia and Australia. On his travels Anthony visited a number of software companies and built up a large number of contacts. Once in Australia Anthony was offered contract work with, Data-point. Through Data-point Anthony worked on projects for Microsoft and Qantas. A major part of work involved developing software for a telephony project using 'C' on IBM PS/2s running the OS/2 operating system with Presentation Manager (PM). The objective of the project was to deliver telephone calls with their associated caller information to a human answering agent (CTI). A number of tricky interconnectivity problems between OS/2, Windows NT, SCO UNIX and AS/400 platforms were resolved. The caller would call into an automated Voice Response Unit (VRU) and be requested to enter his membership number. This number would then be verified against an AS/400 based database. The caller would then be allowed to request further information though the VRU or chose to be transferred to a live agent. On requesting the agent transfer the call is queued on a software controllable Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and tracked along the queue by a SCO UNIX system. At the same time a Windows NT database is queried for caller information. As the agent answers the call the caller's details are married to the call and displayed on the agent's terminal. Anthony's task involved the development of a DLL module to be used by the Intervoice software, running on the PS/2, for the transfer of caller ID via a serial line to the UNIX host. The developed software involved two parts: the DLL to be loaded and used by the Intervoice software and a serial server module. The implementation involved the use of shared memory under OS/2. The project was completed successfully and on schedule. CTI, TELEPHONY, C, OS/2, SCO UNIX, WINDOWS NT, INTERVOICE VOICE RESPONSE UNIT

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FEB-92 TO APR-93

CHRYSALIS MULTIMEDIA LTD. (London, England) Software Manager In this role Anthony was responsible for the continued development of the multimedia software department at Chrysalis. Responsible for some fifteen software and graphics development staff. Responsibilities ranged from advising management on software and hardware related issues to recruitment of staff and purchase of software and hardware. During this period Anthony was responsible for setting up software quality standards and bridging the gap between sales led management and the technical development team. Considerable communication skills were acquired during this work. Technical skills acquired were Windows 3.1 development using Microsoft C/C++, SDK, and MDK. During the last months CD-RTOS (Philips CD-i technology) on a Sun OS (UNIX) workstation environment. C, C++, SDK, MDK, UNIX, SUN/OS

NOV-91 TO JAN-92

LLOYD'S OF LONDON (London, England) Analyst/Designer Programmer. During this short contract Anthony worked in the City of London to produce a training Simulation of the forthcoming Electronic Placement Support (EPS) system. The EPS system is a new introduction to the London insurance market. Utilising IBM's LIMNET network it enables brokers to offer risk packages directly to the underwriters at Lloyds. During this period Anthony gained substantial knowledge of how the insurance brooking market operates.

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JUL-91 TO OCT-91

CHRYSALIS INTERACTIVE LTD. (London, England) Project Leader. OS2 / LAN manager / OS/2 Presentation Manager Again Chrysalis extended Anthony's contract for three more months. During part of this period Anthony helped Chrysalis set up their CDI development kit based around four SUN Spark Stations. Subsequently Anthony designed and implemented a Presentation Manager Interface to the AVC synchronisation aid he had previously developed for IBM. During the last month and a half Anthony helped Chrysalis prepare IBM's exhibits for Telecom 91, first on location at the IBM lab in La Gaude (South of France) and subsequently at the PALEXPO exhibition centre in Geneva. During the preparation to this exhibition, for which IBM had been working on for the last two years, Anthony set up a network involving some forty PS/2 machines. The network spanned two sites and involved two 16 Mbit Token Ring LANs and one FDDI 100Mbit WAN section interconnecting the LANs. During this period Anthony gained an exposure to some of the latest technologies including FFDI, ISDN and Ericsson's 2Gbit Broad Band technology with which IBM had a joint demonstration. Finally Anthony wrote a major section of a proposal for a Chrysalis bid based around DVI technology. IBM, TOKEN, RING / IBM/C2, AVC.

JAN-91 TO JUN-91

CHRYSALIS INTERACTIVE LTD. (London, England) Project Leader. Chrysalis extended Anthony's contract, initially to help in the development of the Colonial Mutual Group (CMG) training database and subsequently to develop a key part of one of IBM's network exhibits for Telecom 91. The first two months of the contract were spent analysing, and designing several components of the CMG database. Subsequently the analysis work was handed over to the implementation team. Several complex data integrity issues involving data capture had been resolved. Finally Anthony designed and developed the data capture component of the system. The IBM project for Telecom 91 Anthony implemented software enabling an exhibit to deliver a controlled performance of an audio-visual presentation running concurrently across five audio-visual stations. Anthony was responsible for the correct synchronisation of the five stations though his software as well as all the network components of the project. Anthony designed and implemented a synchronisation service enhancement to IBM's own Audio Visual Connection (AVC) system. The synchronisation service uses Server/Client processes across an IBM token ring network to co-ordinate the delivery of the five AVC stories. The resulting work was then taken by IBM and further developed into a product. OS/2, LAN MANAGER, OS/2, PROGRAMMING TOOLKIT, IBM TOKEN RING, IBM/C2

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SEP-90 TO DEC-90

CHRYSALIS INTERACTIVE LTD. (London, England) Network Designer / Programmer and general support During this period of time Anthony's role was one of general technical support. During this time Anthony provided maintenance and technical support for interactive video installations based at the various nuclear power station sites around England. Subsequently Anthony designed and implemented a window based student record keeping application for the Halifax building society. Other tasks, which were carried out during this period, were the analysis and part specification for a student database for the Colonial Mutual Insurance Group (CMG). The writing of client proposals for the CMG database and the network component of the Stansted Airport information system and the costing of a possible project involving a weather forecast exhibit. Anthony was also used as a network consultant during a proposal made to IBM for the production of several network oriented exhibits. The exhibits will appear at the Telecom 91 exhibition in Geneva some time in summer 91. IBM accepted the proposal and the contract has been awarded to Chrysalis. Most of the exhibits involve the utilisation of IBM's new digital image and sound capture system known as the AudioVisual Connection (AVC). The exhibits are based around the IBM PS/2 and various types of network technologies such as ISDN and TCP/IP. MS-DOS, OS2, C

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MAY-90 TO AUG-90

CONSULTANCY AND PROJECTS S.R.L. FOR BRITISH TELECOM INTERNATIONAL (London, England) Project Manager. After a period of studies to complete his Honours Degree in Computer Science Anthony was engaged by C. & P. in Rome (Italy) to help complete a project for British Telecom International. He was overall responsible for the project. The human resources consisted of two analyst programmers and three junior programmers. His tasks were to co-ordinate the overall project as well as develop certain modules. The objective of the project was to produce a system which would enable radio calls from ships, to be automatically connected to BT's land public switched telephone network (PSTN) using custom built hardware provided by CIMAT s.p.a. The coastal stations, receiving radio calls were linked together using an X25 based network. A facility enabled each of the remote coastal stations to link up to the central management unit in London in order to exchange subscriber information. This was implemented by using the UNIX uucp facilities and modems. At each coastal station, radio to PSTN connections were handled by a group of server processes implemented using shared memory semaphores and message queues for synchronisation. Anthony was involved in designing and implementing several parts of the system, including several server processes, the link to the central management unit and the interface between some of the server process and the Informix database holding customer information. In his last week he commenced a feasibility study for the CONSOB a client of C&P. The CONSOB is the Italian stock exchange control body. The hardware resources consist of an AMDAHL mainframe several MicroVAX’s, PCs and a number of AT&T 3B2s. These systems are distributed over several thin Ethernet local area networks all linked together by one major thick Ethernet network. The study was to establish the feasibility of creating an Ethernet network monitor. SCO UNIX V 3.2 / C / INFORMIX SQL

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AUG-89 TO OCT-89

BLACK ROD VIDEO INTERACTIVE SERVICES (London, England) Senior Designer/Programmer. During this period Anthony was contracted by BlackRod Video Interactive service (a member of the Chrysalis group of companies) to work on an advanced interactive video for the Colonial Mutual Group. This project was of particular interest because of the nature of the system involved. The interactive station besides providing the usual tuition delivered through controlled viewing of a videodisk also recorded the user responses during the leaning sessions. This was achieved through the use of a micro video camera attached to a VHS recorder. Anthony's tasks comprised the design and coding of several parts of the program. The work was carried out following the interactive video script and implemented using strict structured programming methodologies. The project was awarded the prise for technological innovation by the British Interactive Video Association (BIVA) MSDOS / C

MAY-89 TO JUL-89

M.E.T. S.R.L. (Rome, Italy) Project Manager From the beginning of May to the end of July Anthony was in charge of a project for MET s.r.l. in Rome, Italy. This assignment involved the setting up of a networked medical database. Anthony was responsible for all aspects of this project, including costing, designing, planning, purchasing and installing a fifteen station PC network based around Novell's Netware. The human resources comprised a team of four people for the development and installation of the network and medical database. The project involved considerable managerial skill in order to maintain it within the budget. The project was completed successfully on schedule and within the budget. NOVELL / C / RBASE

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FEB-89 TO APR-89

CONSULTANCY & PROJECTS S.R.L. (Rome, Italy) Systems Analyst / Programmer. From January 89 to the end of April Anthony worked as a consultant for Consultancy & Project Group in Rome. During this assignment he developed a systems orientated application for the CONSOB (The equivalent of the English stock exchange control body) This project was initially developed on AT&T 3B2 machines and then at a more advanced stage ported on to the CONSOB's AMDAHL (an IBM plug-compatible mainframe) running under UTS (a UNIX V derivative). The project involved the development of a batch job scheduler program. This program would set off a number of batch jobs, which would run concurrently. The batch scheduler would monitor the programs progress and report on their outcome to the users. A feature of the system developed, enabled it to monitor the mainframe's load so as to maintain reasonable response times during the hours of peak load. AT&T UNIX V 3.2 and UTS (AMDAHL UNIX) C / ORACLE


BLACK ROD VIDEO INTERACTIVE SERVICES. (London, England) Consultant. For a short period during this month Anthony was contracted by BlackRod Video Interactive Services to do a hardware feasibility study in order to assess the possibility of porting an interactive video application from a Sony View system to a Philips leaning centre. MSDOS, C

JUN-88 TO SEP-88

BLACK ROD VIDEO INTERACTIVE SERVICES. (London, England) Designer / Programmer From the beginning of June 88 to the end of September Anthony was contracted by BlackRod Interactive Services a member of the Chrysalis Group plc. During this period he developed a control system for an interactive video commissioned by the Bank of England for its museum which was due to open some time in December 1988. The project was developed in the 'C' language on Sony's PC based View system. The system controlled a Sony video disk player and used a touch screen as input interface. The project entitled "The Bank Today" was awarded the silver disk by the British Interactive Video Association (BIVA). MSDOS, C

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JUN-87 TO NOV-87

MAXIS LTD. (London, England) Designer / Programmer. During this six-month period Anthony worked for a small company in SouthEast London. During his placement with Maxis Ltd. he undertook both design and programming work in 'C' language using a XENIX Based development system. The project involved the development of a multi-lingual multi-currency financial package. SCO UNIX- XENIX / C

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