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         Anticipation Guide: “Exercise May Help Beat the Common Cold”

Directions: Before you read the article, read the statements below and mark them as True
or False in the Before column. After you read the article, reread the statements. Using
your new knowledge, mark the statements again as True or False in the After column. Be
sure to provide evidence from the article to validate your True or False answer.

Before                                                      After   Evidence
          1. In the U.S., on average adults catch 6-10
          colds per year.

          2. People who exercise 5+ times per week get
          fewer colds.

          3. There is no difference in the number of
          colds caught between people who exercise 5+
          times per week and those who exercise 1 day
          per week.
          4. People who exercise suffer less severe
          colds than those who do not.

          5. Factors that affect colds are exercise, age,
          BMI, and education.

          6. Exercise activates the immune system at a
          higher rate than normal, causing immune cells
          to attack viruses.

          7. Being younger, female, and married
          reduces the frequency of colds.

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