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The Marketing Prowess Of Empower Network


Shortly after The Empower Network (EN) launched and quickly grew to over 10,000 members in less than 6 weeks.

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									                    The Marketing Prowess Of Empower Network

Shortly after The Empower Network (EN) launched and quickly grew to over 10,000 members in less
than 6 weeks. Social media was buzzing with the introduction of this new marketing model; and with all
the promotion, word of mouth social media acclaim that was broadcast by satisfied members; The EN
quickly exceeded its technical capacity to serve all the willing potential members.

The Network founders concentrated their energy on expanding their technological capacity, tweaked
their application and member advancement structure to permit more people to enjoy success with less
hurdles. With those moves The EN demonstrated the efficiency of the revolutionary business model;
quick and agile adaptability to the prevailing environment. A re-launch in March of 2012 rewarded its
loyal marketers and bloggers with a robust technical network and streamlined road to success.

The Empower Network Process

The common network marketing structure offers its member anywhere from 1% to 10% commissions
for sales and recruiting; The EN allows its bloggers and marketing members 100% of what they sell or
the traffic they attract. How is this possible? The EN is a viral blogging network structure that provides it
members with an in place online market to offer products, trainings and services. Let's examine the
process --

• There is a $25 fee to have your business join the network. You are then guided to their blog network
where you gain access to the blogging platform and the Fast Track Training series.

• The Blogging platform and Fast Track training are the fundamental building blocks you'll need for
success with the network. Your blog is provided with all the elements to create a high volume traffic
flow and it is immediately set up once you enroll and comes with a bundle of 8 Fast Track training
videos. The videos intuitively provide you with all the knowledge and training to ensure your success.

• The EN benefits from an excellent Google page rank which is much better than someone could enjoy
starting on their own from scratch. Even if you've never blogged before, your blog will already come
highly ranked and visible on Google searches.

• Although technically The EN can be called a network marketing approach due to the fact that you get
paid for every new member you recruit, in actuality it is much more. The expertise, trainings and viral
blogging platform that The Empower Network offers goes so much further than other network
marketing strategies. It can be likened to being presented with a store in a high traffic part of town and
having experts in the business world as consultants to help you operate it.

Start Blogging and Making Money

The process is that simple; you sign up, start blogging and start making money. Every sale you make is
deposited right into your own account in e-Wallet, no waiting for checks in the mail. Your return on
investment can not be better; you're earning 100% commissions. Your promotions are not wasted
energy, you have access to a viral blogging network to market yourself and your product.

The EN offers unlimited possibilities; if you're already a presence in the social media scene, then you
already have a loyal following to promote your new blog and product. You can guide your facebook and
twitter followers to money making opportunities by signing up with the EN under you. The major
component for success in the network is promotion and you won't have to start from scratch one
person at a time; you'll have access to innumerable eyeballs instantly. If you're seeking financial
freedom, being your own boss and making your way on your own merits then The Empower Network is
what you've been looking for.

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